View Full Version : First and Second Names in the Database

Dr. Conquest
27-08-16, 06:11 AM
Here's one for the modders. In the stock DB editor, each first and second name entry includes that indicates how many players have that name. Collyer, for example, is use twice, for Paul and Oliver. However, if you add or remove players, the indicated number of uses does not increment or decrement accordingly. If I delete Paul and leave Oliver, it still says that Collyer has two related records. This holds true even if you exit and reload the DB. Does anyone know why this happens, whether it causes any problems and if the values can be made to accurately relect the number of entries? Version 01/02 has its built-in validation tool. I don't know if this resolves that issue, but it can't be used on 00/01 because it corrupts the DB. What does a blank DB that's been manually filled show? I don't have a blank copy to try for myself.