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27-10-16, 01:26 AM
after playing championship manager italia and cm italia 95 for about 20 years, I'm playing for the first time with cm 93 94 end of season.
my questions:
1) how many foreign players can play the national leagues?
2) how many foreign players can play international cups?
3) scottish, welsh, irish players are considered foreign players?

in the italian version you can buy all the foreign players you want, but only 3 can play italian league and italian cup, 4 foreign players can play uefa/cwc/ec

27-10-16, 01:48 AM
This help: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Championship_Manager_93/Walkthrough

19-08-17, 09:44 PM
I've got a question. Is there any manual with some kind if tips how to play cm93. Tactics etc.?

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Cam F
20-08-17, 02:12 AM
I played 1-


or 1.4.5.


20-08-17, 07:31 AM
I use 433, midfielders and attackers centralised and pass-to-feet.

16-12-18, 01:31 PM
just use tactics 343 all forward arrows, personnel doesnt matter still romp home