View Full Version : Grey Players

Dr. Conquest
06-11-16, 05:57 AM
So I've been itching to ask this forever, but perpetually putting it of. I remember from my teens playing earlier versions of Championship Manager (CM2/CM97/98 . . . ?) that you were able to use the 'grey' players that appeared in your squad if you lacked enough 'real' players. In CM 00/01, if you inherit a squad with any grey players, or indeed, composed entirely of them, they don't stick around once you take control of the club. If you get to the last screen before a match, there is literally no way to proceed because you cannot meet the minimum team selection requirements. However, if you go on holiday, I recall that the assistant manager happily gets a plethora of grey players to choose from where needed. Also, the grey players stick around in the reserve team if you choose to manage that. Shouldn't the grey players fill out your first team squad to offset any significant deficiency in player numbers? I thought that was their purpose, even though they're pretty rubbish. Is there a way of getting them to remain? Otherwise, are you doomed to hit an impasse on match day if you have an empty squad?