View Full Version : Tips for getting a player to reconsider retiring?

07-11-16, 05:34 PM
Does anyone have any tips for when a player you really like, (for example say is 31) and announces theyare retiring at the end of the season, they best way to try and stop them retiring? I have tried offering a new contract and also freeing the player and resigning them but both rarely ever work.

Does anyone else have any tips?

07-11-16, 05:51 PM
Not really much you can do once they've made up their mind mate, without using a saved game editor anyway.

Is the player playing regularly for you? Players who don't seem to be playing much tend to retire earlier than those playing as they obviously feel unwanted/past their best.

08-11-16, 11:15 AM
Sometimes you can offer them a new contract, like, make them an assistant manager/player.