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12-12-16, 07:32 PM
Let's get a larger scale game going again like the old days :cool:

In the new year, I'll host a weekly game, everyone is welcome to join and there's 3 groups set up for it on hamachi.
That's room for 12 players. The game holds 16 but I don't realistically expect to get that many.

New players, check the tutorials and threads for getting set up, all the info is already on here and if anyone wants to test connecting send me a PM.

Just looking for interest at the minute, if there's a decent squad playing we'll hash out the day and times etc, then get everyone into the hamachi groups.

A chance for the old legends to return perhaps?
Clay and Luis are certs for this :)

Who's in??


Offside Trap
12-12-16, 08:41 PM
Oh go on then you smooth talking Irishman - I'm in

13-12-16, 08:53 AM
Already said. Im in if it fits. (not same GMT/France)

14-12-16, 01:48 PM
Come on....

There's more than 2 of you :lol:

:director: Janis! London! Coys? :wave:

:heh:Did myself a wee test yesterday and I can host so here's the groups:


the password for all is "cm0102"

fill #1 up first before moving to #2 and so on. We may not need 3 (if 8 or less play) but you never know.

I will add poll threads for the leagues once we get a few more but how about the day to play?
I would have to rule out Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and I think the best time is always going to be in the evenings (7pm onwards)

What is the difference to France Al? 1 Hour or something?
Stick in when you prefer to play lads. I'm also thinking if we can keep the thread active and in the latest posts at the front of the forum a few times a day more will get the chance to see it. :ok:

15-12-16, 09:40 AM
7-10 pm London Time is the best time for me.

I can Play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

15-12-16, 01:22 PM
I could be persuaded. Free most evenings. Usually drunk. After 7 until whenever.

15-12-16, 01:25 PM
Happy days trunky are you set up with Hamachi or do you need any help testing etc?

15-12-16, 01:31 PM
I have no idea what that is. I'm guessing a small Japanese toy popular in the 90's?

15-12-16, 01:43 PM

hamachi connects us up so that we can play in the same game. It makes the computer think it's LAN'ed up with the others on the group, so allows cm0102 to be played online :ok:

I have a windows 7 walkthrough here

(http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4632)Offside trap has helped the guys on windows 10 in this thread


15-12-16, 01:56 PM
I could be persuaded. Free most evenings. Usually drunk. After 7 until whenever.

playing cm drunk is one of the best things i have ever experienced

15-12-16, 02:33 PM

hamachi connects us up so that we can play in the same game. It makes the computer think it's LAN'ed up with the others on the group, so allows cm0102 to be played online :ok:

I have a windows 7 walkthrough here

(http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4632)Offside trap has helped the guys on windows 10 in this thread


And Linux?

15-12-16, 03:39 PM

15-12-16, 06:04 PM
I might be in. Gonna depend on what time the sessions will be on.

15-12-16, 10:46 PM

if you book them they will come :D

Offside Trap
16-12-16, 12:42 PM
Well I'm game, never one to back out of a network game, UK Time

At the moment, Sunday/Monday Evenings

Or Tuesday - Friday after 10.30pm, (I know thats pretty late though)

16-12-16, 12:50 PM
Is everyone using 800x600 resolution?

I'm going to be in the house today and playing with a mate so i'll test to see if it matters :ok:

Offside Trap
16-12-16, 12:55 PM
Yes mate I am

16-12-16, 01:20 PM
Me too

16-12-16, 01:30 PM
800x600 seems the best one to use then.

16-12-16, 01:32 PM
and Speed x4 ?

16-12-16, 02:18 PM
Yeah, That's what I have it on :ok:

16-12-16, 07:52 PM
count me in

most evenings free...

17-12-16, 08:42 PM
yeh same

18-12-16, 12:37 PM
Nice one.

Remember to let us know in the thread if you aren't 100% ready to go now (HAMACHI installed and join the group etc)

7 Interested, plus Mark and Red, who aren't sure yet. Filling up nicely now.

18-12-16, 01:29 PM
so 9 all playing at the same time...on the same day?

do these work?

18-12-16, 09:00 PM
I have 2 other possible players, one definite from the DC game.

with the addition of "greenboots" (asa?)

champserver1 is now full, join champserver2 when you're ready.

You can play up to 16. It may take a session with no days passing til everyone gets their training and staff etc sorted, we can sort that out nearer the time, we need to pick a few leagues first.Yous can fill them in on etiquette, do your shit while they play their match etc :heh:

Looking good :ok:

18-12-16, 09:05 PM
so thats gonna be 11 players all online at same time...all playing the same game...

and that will work???

18-12-16, 09:17 PM

Took you out of the groups then London as you said you weren't interested in a big game on the chat :ok:


trunky - Linux :confused:
Redknapp69 - ?
Mark - ?

Offside Trap
19-12-16, 06:53 PM
Depending on day/time Pepe am pretty sure will be a yes, although he cant really start sessions until 9pm.

22-12-16, 06:04 PM
OK so thinking 8-10PM, I think we've narrowed the day down to Tuesday as that's the only one everyone has agreed on :ok:

How many leagues?
Restrictions - no wibwob is all i would suggest
Do we all play in the same league?

Still haven't heard from Greenboots, it's probably asa but we need communication on here to make this work.
I'll remove inactive players that are taking up spots if we don't hear from them so identify yourself :spy:

Anything else I've forgot?

22-12-16, 06:29 PM
OK so thinking 8-10PM

not sure about that..

How many leagues?

England, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany ?

Restrictions - no wibwob is all i would suggest

no wibwob ?
2 wide Players somewhere ?
only 2/3 Bosmans per year ?

Do we all play in the same league?

Ill do what the majority wants

Anything else I've forgot?

Rules ? Players too late and so on... ?
Hide Bids or not ?

22-12-16, 06:53 PM
Yes I'm Greenboots

22-12-16, 10:13 PM

Tuesday evenings?

22-12-16, 10:15 PM
The game gets scheduled, if you're late you're holidayed so it's a good idea to set holiday settings as a precaution

(we will bid for your players :heh:)

Could restrict the bosmans that's a good idea and the at least 3 at the backline and some kind of wide men :doh: i knew i forgot stuff :D

23-12-16, 01:18 PM
Tuesdays 8-10PM sounds good to me, means I should more often than not be available to participate :)

Count me in then, may not be able to start over Xmas but certainly once the festivities are out of the way.

Restricting transfers and playing 3 at the back sounds challenging, I love a good challenge so sounds good to me :ok: I would also advise (if using Tapani patch) to disable unprotected contracts and to allow public bids?

Offside Trap
23-12-16, 01:23 PM
Tuesdays will be tough for me, but I know thats gonna be the case with any day for people, therefore, Im happy to purely observe if thats ok, ensuring rules are being met etc... if you upload a save etc.... Ideally for me, Sun/Mon or any other day after 10.30pm but I get thats abit late for some guys

Leagues, I feel the main few should be good, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland,

Deffo no wibwobs, and ensure everyone loses the default GK WibWob (lets not get started on that) :) :)

I agree, maximum on bosmans/freebies, possibly 4. I'd also say to cap number of paid transfers too, possibly 6 in any 1 calendar year - this ensure people choose carefully who they buy and not buy for the sake of it

Anyone being given a youth player via Academy, this is a pure bonus and does not count as a freebie purchase

2 Wide players, either Full Backs, DM, Mid, or AM

IMO, I think hide bids, and ensure from the off about doing stuff primarily when others have a game etc...

23-12-16, 02:22 PM
OK Cheers gents :yo:

Mark: It's a minimum of 3 at the back. There were some dubious formations WelshRed played in the first ever game with 2 CBs only on the backline. The formation was successful but people were pissed :lol: So the min of 3 was introduced. You can go with 4 or even flat back 5 if you wish but the rule doesn't specify you use 3 CBs, it's a minimum requirement :ok:

Also, have you had a look at Hamachi yet?

OT: I wouldn't want to limit the transfers that you pay for but this does affect the topic of game flow. If you are signing a player every week I couldn't care really but as soon as it starts slowing the game down because players are scouting all the time and not hitting continue then it becomes an issue.

As for the bids, I usually just leave it and it's up to the player if they wanna show or hide their bids. Unprotected contracts aren't something I use and no-one seems to want them either so skip them.

Game Flow

Pre Season
We want the game to flow at a moderate pace. Everyone playing should understand that it will not be quick paced by any means but we will arrange a pre game session for players to restructure their squad (indispensable - not needed), sort out staff, put together a shortlist and enact their training regime. No days will pass in this session it will be purely for getting ahead of the game prior to kick off. While this does help cut a bit of time wastage out, the first session will typically be very slow and with little or no games being played. There's no way round this because it takes time for everyone to wait on transfer responses etc

Main Season
Once the season kicks off it's expected that you generally "dig on" ;)
This means we shouldn't be waiting on anyone for more than a minute between matches. I'm not saying don't do any managing during the season, there will be time almost every week in game when someone else is playing their match and whoever isn't playing has to sit and wait for the match to finish. This is the time to do all your management, scouting, refreshing contracts, etc. Once we all get into that groove the game can actually start to progress at a faster speed.

BTW, 8-10 was a suggestion, I could do 9-11 or 10-12 but was just kind of trying to split the difference of what everyone said they could do.

OK well in the next week or so I'll set up a game and get players to join and choose a team. this can double as testing that everyone can join the game :ok:
Watch out for PMs from next Monday :ok:

Offside Trap
24-12-16, 07:51 PM
Nice one Chris -

27-12-16, 01:17 PM
I'm not 100% on the whole wib/wob thing... the tactics packs that you can download on here are they wib/wob?

27-12-16, 06:28 PM

yeah i reckon they probably do use it. Its the with ball/without ball part in the tactics screen.

You need to sort your own tactics out in game, or if you have a non wib/wob one that you've saved, send me it and I'll add it to the folder so it appears in game :ok:

:gossip: you can chaeck if a formation is wibwobbed by looking at the circles on the pitch that represent the players in your tactic. When a player is wibwob'ed then the outline of this cirlce is bold, if not it's a normal line.

Can anyone advise about the GK wibwob issue or has the new patch removed that?

Offside Trap
28-12-16, 12:15 PM
With re: GK WibWob, I dont think any patch can remove it, so I suggest, you have an agreement, that from when you start the game, anyone use the default 4 4 2 (or any of selected default tactics) always ensure, you right click the GK, this removes the WibWob from the Keeper.

28-12-16, 06:41 PM
There's only 3 people in the groups at the moment.
I'll get Dave to join this week.

To confirm you're playing, can everyone jump into the groups, starting with champserver2.

Next Tuesday I'll come online and open the game for players to join. No days will pass in that session. As no other time was suggested i'll go with 8-10pm GMT. I'll keep the game open for the two hours but it'll probably take me 10 or 15 mins to sort things out, maybe half an hour at the most.

Anyway, I'll run the following leagues:


I left France out because I think it's causing a problem in my other games, crashing mid season 2.

If you want you can pick your team in the thread here and provisionally reserve them, but you need to be on the hamachi group by next Tuesday (near a week away) for the team to be held for you. So when you pick your team just post what your name is on hamachi as well :ok:

Let's get this show on the road.

:director: Can everyone make it next Tuesday?

29-12-16, 09:12 AM

We did not decide if we all Play in the same league... I assume it would be the EPL ?

If the EPL it is, iŽll go with Manchester Utd

29-12-16, 06:03 PM
Do you all want to play the same league?

30-12-16, 01:51 PM
I'm in champserver 1 is that ok?

Tues should be fine with me. I'll have Arsenal if possible then as I'm probably going to be the weakest player.

30-12-16, 02:23 PM
Yeah champ1 is cool :ok:

Everyone else start from champserver2 though, password "cm0102" I'm going to add Dave to champ1 and that will fill it.

(Dave wants Chelsea, he's called DG MCClellamd).

So we're going for the Premier league then it seems. Don't be so sure you're the weakest player asa :lol: (I'm playing)

I'll reserve Spurs, get the london rivalry going :brick:

01-01-17, 12:21 PM
2 days to go, no new additions to the groups though last week.

Sure if there's 4 or 5 of us that'll do anyway.

All good to go for Tuesday?

02-01-17, 08:58 AM
Tomorrow, 8pm GMT :ok:

02-01-17, 02:45 PM
I can't make it tomorrow - Stoke at home against Watford.

02-01-17, 04:56 PM
I'll be on at 9.45pmish to take control & sort formation. I will be very Wengeresque in the transfer market I wont need much time.

Offside Trap
02-01-17, 07:23 PM
I'm actually free tomorrow night to get on this, don't know my working patterns going forward though

02-01-17, 08:10 PM
OK then, we're good to go then tomorrow night.

316: Spurs
asa: Arsenal
Alco: Man Utd
DGMcC: Chelsea
OT: - ?


Offside Trap
03-01-17, 12:19 PM
I'll take Man City then mate if ok

03-01-17, 04:55 PM
Yeah no sweat, if you miss 3 sessions in a season you lose your team though.

I'm gonna open it back up after each season as well if people want to jump on later after seeing the fabulous success of the game :D
(this session that's happening tonight will happen at the end of the season as well to allow anyone else that wants to jump in)

Last minute suggestions for the new guys, using windowed mode on the game is better for networking so you can chat on hamachi at the same time. I'll open the group chat a few minutes before opening the game. It should be good craic in the chat when we play each other etc.

I'm creating the game at the moment so it's quicker to load up later, I'll add myself but not even looking at the team or anything yet, 2 hours is a long time to do that later.

03-01-17, 05:05 PM
No wibwob - ask if not sure in the group chat later
Widemen required
Max 4 buys per season (doesn't apply to free transfers)
Set up holiday settings in case you need them
Try to do your deals while others play (more relevant from next week)
Max 2 Friendlies in pre season (1)

grab your own screenshots and show them off here etc, get the rivalry and the buzz going around the game :ok:

Does anyone have a tacitc they want to share so it's available in the game?

Offside Trap
03-01-17, 06:30 PM
Sounds good mate, a few ideas though

- in order for all participating players to communicate together (as we all may be in different Hamachi groups) use the CM Chat, and the banter can kick in there, with all involved

In the event a player is booted (where he suddenly appears in holiday mode) ideally chat to him on Hamachi, as he may not know, (its happened before) but hold fire everyone continuing until hes back, maybe give him 5 mins tops

Prior to start, everyone, refresh their Internet connection

03-01-17, 06:57 PM
refresh your internet connection? Don't know what you mean by that, never had to do anything with my connection, it's a 15 year old game, it uses no bandwidth whatsoever so there's no special requirements for your internet connection. Don't be adding extra things that aren't needed :ok:

I don't like the chat in the CM game, because it just slows the game down when everyone's in that screen instead of playing. There's only 5 playing anyway so we are all in the same group tonight. No days are going to pass either so it doesn't really matter this week.

See yous at 8PM

Offside Trap
03-01-17, 06:58 PM

Offside Trap
03-01-17, 07:26 PM
Mate can you store this tactic


03-01-17, 07:38 PM
Done :ok:

Offside Trap
03-01-17, 08:16 PM

03-01-17, 09:22 PM

03-01-17, 10:11 PM

03-01-17, 10:50 PM
Back in action once again.

Grenboots just arrived so:


The Forum network game is back underway :horn:

Happy days are here again :clap:

Tune in next week to see the action kick off proper :ok:

04-01-17, 12:45 AM
Good Luck Boys! Maybe someday I'll join this ;)

04-01-17, 01:01 PM
I spent 2 hours yesterday explaining my People what im expecting from them I hope they checked because Id like to win something this year and it starts with the charity shield against Leicester on the 16th August.

WeŽll then receive McMahons Tottenham at Old Trafford, a very strong side wich is trying to attract some worldclass players and this will be a huge challenge to start our Premier League season !

04-01-17, 02:00 PM
https://s14-eu5.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.f4wonline.com%2Fsi tes%2Fwww.f4wonline.com%2Ffiles%2Ffield%2Fimage%2F vince-mcmahon-money_0.jpg&sp=f7b648645c34846e9feed6ef4dddd371

04-01-17, 02:42 PM
Will keep a keen eye on this

Offside Trap
04-01-17, 03:10 PM
I've had a chat with the lads at City, told them my expectations, else heads will role come the Jan window - youth will be given a chance at some point, some guys will stay out on loan, and hopefully a few new boys will arrive

05-01-17, 06:22 PM
The Board have demanded at least one cup this season which I have happily guaranteed them, I hope they value the Emirates Cup as much as I do :first:

07-01-17, 06:04 PM
I have bad news :(

I loaded up the game to take a few screenshots and I was the only manager. I didn't save the game correctly at the end of the session :doh:

Basically because no days had passed, hitting exit game didn't trigger the save game screen, so I've lost the lot, and wasted 2 hours of your time on Tuesday.

What do you want to do now?

09-01-17, 10:50 AM
I need about 20 minutes to do what i did last week...

09-01-17, 11:04 AM
Yeah I guess we were all done by half eight last time :lol:

Sorry about this guys, I guess we'll just dig on from the start tomorrow. I feel stupid as fuck :brick:

09-01-17, 02:30 PM
Oops, bad news!

Hopefully I'll be around to join in from the start tomorrow then.

Offside Trap
10-01-17, 11:38 AM
What a 42 carrot plonker you really are :heh:

Yeah, start it again then, I'm about tonight

I'm Man City :)

10-01-17, 12:30 PM
Aye I know, shouldn't of bothered with that session but at least the boss man can join in now as well.

Janis and Clay can also jump on tonight if they want, see you all at 8 :ok:


I've applied the Saturn gear to my game and reloaded it up to include France and start in 2016.

Mark you aren't on any hamachi group yet, the first one is full so the details to use are:

group name: champserver2
password: cm0102

10-01-17, 05:10 PM
Just set myself up using your guide: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4632&p=147321#post147321

No problems as far as I'm aware! Also in the group you've posted for me :ok:

10-01-17, 05:18 PM
Nice one.

I can fire the game up now to make sure you're good to go.
Will jump on hamachi now :ok:

edit - you're away on, no worries it should be dead on anyway, not had any probs with hamachi so far (just idiot moderator/host issues :lol:)
I've started the game up anyway, just leaving it open

Offside Trap
10-01-17, 07:27 PM
My heart skipped a beat, got in and Virgin was down (fault in the area), after ringing them, they said it would be fixed 'tomorrow night' I was not a happy chappy - but it appears that if you rant at them and ensure you state, that your kids will struggle to go to sleep, they will make it a priority - and 1 reboot later, TV and Internet now working

Bring on 8pm

10-01-17, 07:35 PM
How does the internet help kids sleep?

I have worked in call centres and I used to laugh my ass off at people saying that type of thing.
I was in EE provisioning and they always used to say that "kids need the internet for school" etc.

Anyway glad to hear it buddy, the game is currently open if people want to sort anything out before the off at 8.
(you can only do your own team, no bids yet as we haven't hit finish - basically the same point as last week)

10-01-17, 07:40 PM
Once 8PM comes this week it's "dig on" time.

We'll just shout at each other to hurry up for the first month :D :D

Offside Trap
10-01-17, 08:00 PM
Hahahahah, normally this works

"FFS :) "

10-01-17, 08:29 PM
Sorry 316, was playing my own game of CM in full screen mode so missed you earlier.

About now to try and log in? What's the IP address to join in?

EDIT: What teams are free to manage?

10-01-17, 08:36 PM
We have a few on at the minute Mark.

Just jump on hamachi and we'll get you sorted. Everyone's sticking with their same teams I think so there's still Liverpool, Leicester or Stoke.... :D

10-01-17, 08:38 PM
I'm already logged into Hamachi, in champserver2?

10-01-17, 08:41 PM

There's no connection to you mate.
Do you have a great antivirus app that's stopping it maybe?

10-01-17, 08:46 PM

10-01-17, 08:49 PM
I'll try disabling it and restart, brb.

10-01-17, 09:06 PM
I'm also opening a party on PS4 with Dave, if you wanna join that even.

invite sent on playstation :ok:

10-01-17, 09:10 PM
My hamachi says no connection for you too, tried sending a message.


Anti-virus definitely disabled and I've also made sure cm0102 and logmein is enabled in Windows firewall.

If Hamachi is just for chatting, why don't we use the chatbox for the site? :D

10-01-17, 09:41 PM
This time it's really really on:


10-01-17, 11:09 PM
Finally underway, this session was the slow one that is expected. At the end of the night we were up to the euro quali games and the guys got a few friendlies in as well.
I didn't get many screenshots during the session but there was one team that was noticably active in the transfer market.


Man Utd were also active but in the other direction if I remember right Chelsea were selling on a few as well. I'll get a look at the save tomorrow and give you a few more screens :ok:

Offside Trap
10-01-17, 11:36 PM
Onwards and Upwards - after the window shuts, we should see a speed up in the game.

My first 3 league games are against 3 of the gang, I could be sacked by the end of August

11-01-17, 09:57 AM
Alright so not a lot happened in the first session, but here's a few teasers to wet your whistle.

Arsenal (asa)
Not much to report here, Asa has flew under the radar so far, only one real signing to report, and he wasn't a player:


Chelsea (Dave)
A couple of big names jettisoned in the early going and a decent transfer kitty to play with because of this. There will surely be a few new faces at the bridge but at this stage everything is very cloak and dagger in the transfer dealings.

Man City (Offside Trap)


Man Utd (alcoolix)
Bit of a clearout at first:
I would have bought at least 2 of those players, but if i remember right in the failed game I bid and was refused. The cerebral Man U manager does the same tricks I do! (send players out of your league if you know they are quality and may elevate a rival team). Only one signing confirmed so far for big Al, but the Old Trafford faithful are pleased with his work:

A couple of friendlies to get warmed up:

Liverpool (Mark)
Mark was last to join and basically was still kind of taking stock and sizing everyone up. Not a lot to show for him but I'm positive that will change next week. He did have a match though :D

Spurs (316)
I've bought 1 player, but only because some Spanish club bid for my loanee keeper. I like the look of him and made him a permanent fixture, looks like he could be good in a few seasons:

The main focus when taking over a club for me is making it my own, coaches are a big part of that:


There are plenty of other deals ongoing behind the scenes and I've no doubt that there will be plenty more to show next week. The league should kick off as well so stay tuned!

11-01-17, 10:21 AM
Once again gents if you grab screenshots during the game and save them you can post them here and show stuff that I may miss but you want to be known :D

I'm not going to share the save because then you could all just troll each other's shortlists etc (this has actually happened before!)
This won't happen with me holding the save because I'm not super competitive, especially with champ - I just want to get people playing it online, don't care if I get hammered and to be honest I probably will :fear:
(haven't played in a couple of years at least)

So, if you grab screens you want to show and post them here, or you can nudge me to include any image you want in the write up :ok:

Offside Trap
11-01-17, 10:43 AM
Good write up Chris

I got 2 more players in the the pipeline to get my quota of 4 purchases, have got a freebie on his way, although gotta get a work permit for him, which I hope will be okay. The with whatever arrives that was pre-arranged, should hopefully make me a strong candidate

11-01-17, 04:32 PM
Good summary, indeed not a lot to mention on my side in taking over Liverpool. I was tempted to be Stoke but as everyone else went with the big guns, I thought I'd do likewise.

Made an immediate impact in transfer listing a few youngsters, selling two already in Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold. I have 3 bids in for players which I hope to complete soon to boost the squad somewhat.

Two friendlies lined up and indeed one already completed in a 1:1 draw against Palermo. I gave what is likely to be a fringe team a run out from the beginning and Mignolet got sent off, giving away a penalty too. Ward came in though and saved the spot kick.

That's about it from me! At least I'm all sorted and can join in easily next time after a few hiccups!

11-01-17, 08:09 PM
The Arsenal board and I seem to be cut from the same cloth, the real trophy is the profit come the end of the season. If i can scrape champions league this year me and the board are laughing ourselves to the bank with the bonuses that come with it!!

I did have a Ł1Mil offer with bonuses flat rejected for a 16 yr old United youngster. I thought the offer was more than reasonable, I wont be dealing with that Alcoolix again he obviously isn't a business man.

I just hope the pressure doesn't build and I have to do a transfer deadline day madness..although it is actually in march I think.

12-01-17, 08:41 AM
New Arsenal Boss should know he wont win anything with Kids. Wenger tried it long enough. Fans wont appreciate if he does the same mistake again.

Maybe I made him a favour turning the offer down...

Offside Trap
12-01-17, 02:50 PM
I just hope the pressure doesn't build and I have to do a transfer deadline day madness..although it is actually in march I think.

I think we're on the latest Tapni which means the transfer windows are as in real life, end of August then again in Jan

12-01-17, 03:06 PM
The restriction of 4 transfers includes Bosmans right ?

Offside Trap
12-01-17, 03:16 PM
I don't think so, 4 purchases, and as many freebies/bosmans as you want, and also any pre-arranged deals that are already set, dont count towards any totals

12-01-17, 06:54 PM
I was really looking forward to working with young Tahith Chong, I really could of erected his career! But I dont blame you Alcoolix I wouldnt let anyone else fiddle with my own children either. ;)

12-01-17, 07:24 PM
:doh: that's who you remind me of...

Joseph Fritzel!

12-01-17, 10:32 PM
:redface::redface: May of over done it then!! Was trying to be Wengeresque.. i do like to keep it realistic as possible though. Quite interested to see who you all sign as I didn't have too many rivalling clubs interested in any of my targets. Feel like I'm missing a trick, maybe I need to find the hot prospects thread... looking forward to the season.

13-01-17, 08:35 AM
I don't think so, 4 purchases, and as many freebies/bosmans as you want, and also any pre-arranged deals that are already set, dont count towards any totals

Is that right Chris, didnt understand it that way. I loved the idea of only 4 purchases a year...

13-01-17, 09:38 AM
That's it exactly.
I don't like restricting transfers at all but wanted to make sure the game moved at a decent pace, We'll see how this goes but I was thinking to remove all transfer restrictions in season 2.

I just don't want the scenario of sitting waiting all the time because people are scout obsessed :)

So for now, 4 purchases, no limits on free/bosman/youth and if your club had pre-existing deals they aren't counted as one of your purchases.

13-01-17, 04:35 PM
Couple of big matches right away when the league kicks off.
Within the first month some of the guys play 3 of the other teams, there's gonna be plenty of PvP games in the write up next week :ok:


13-01-17, 04:38 PM
:redface::redface: May of over done it then!! Was trying to be Wengeresque.. i do like to keep it realistic as possible though. Quite interested to see who you all sign as I didn't have too many rivalling clubs interested in any of my targets. Feel like I'm missing a trick, maybe I need to find the hot prospects thread... looking forward to the season.


I have just sent a couple of scouts out. My knowledge of world football is minimal these days but there's tons of smashing players in the database. Holland does seem to be a good place to buy good youngsters for reasonable prices.

Offside Trap
13-01-17, 05:18 PM
Without doubt, you can pick some gems in Holland, Belgium too, and South America if you can pass the work permit

13-01-17, 06:42 PM
I think we're on the latest Tapni which means the transfer windows are as in real life, end of August then again in Jan

Thats pretty good, I always thought it was one of those things that couldnt be changed like the European club comps format Phase 1 & 2 etc

Offside Trap
13-01-17, 07:29 PM
I love the concept of the transfer windows match reality, not sure if thats the case with France though, but I think.... theres a few issues with the french

13-01-17, 07:33 PM
Tapani 2.21.1+ (v2) by Saturn with exe number 6 :ok:


I don't know when the windows are though, because this is the first game I've played with it.

16-01-17, 12:31 PM
Looking forwards to this tomorrow :)

Offside Trap
16-01-17, 08:02 PM
Here Here!

17-01-17, 11:05 AM
Roll on 8pm, hope we get the season kicked off :ok:

17-01-17, 05:03 PM
Ye ha! Great to see the enthusiasm guys, it does become even more addictive as a multiplayer, gonna be a good un tonight.
I'm dying of a cold today too, lemsips by the square yard :tea:

I'll stick up a post when it's live :ok: See yas later

17-01-17, 05:21 PM
That was me last week mate, took me 5 days to get rid. Keeps lingering!

17-01-17, 08:43 PM
Game is up :ok:

Big Al is on already!

17-01-17, 09:00 PM
I'll be on the forum's chatbox all evening, makes it easier to chat :)

17-01-17, 09:03 PM
Continuing as per rules, this is unfortunate as PvP games are immediate :(

17-01-17, 09:07 PM
Seems my laptop doesn't want to turn on...good luck lads

17-01-17, 09:09 PM
Seems my laptop doesn't want to turn on...good luck lads

:confused: What's going on? Post on the chatbox on the home page, we'll try and help you out.

19-01-17, 11:22 AM
No update from Tuesday's session yet?

Probably a good thing - It's not pretty viewing for me or any Liverpool supporters :lol:

22-01-17, 04:44 PM
I'm uploading the pics now, doing it in the build up to the next one is the strategy :D

Liverpool :tsk:

22-01-17, 05:27 PM
So the league was kicked off, first few PvPs, some of the P's not there though http://champman0102.co.uk/images/smilies/frown.gif

Letting the pitures do the talking this week for the most part. A few signings to report as well.


asa gets his first signing and it was worth waiting for:





Dave made a couple of signings:


first week of the season a big match against man u. the man u manager wasn't on the touchline for the match.


Man City

One more signing for OT and a great start on the pitch, here are the euro quali games, City were also successful in PvP games.


Man Utd

Another signing to report for Man U:


The community shield was the next game:

With that he was gone :noidea:
(ragequit?) :lol:
only messing ya al, what did you mean about the connection? are you playing this week?


Hmm, not a lot to report here. No deals, nor a win yet. It's getting tense.


I signed another striker and qualifies for the group stage. Kane is ridiculous.


League Table


Champions League


The first fixture on Tuesday is the European ties, game starts at 8 don't risk assistant picking the team for you.

Keep digging on :D


23-01-17, 11:06 AM
Had a shitter of a transfer window - Had my eyes on 3 new signings who all showed up as interested in player search. Took a while to negotiate a fee for them and then when it came to discussing contracts, it then said they weren't interested even after picking that they'd be indispensable to the club. The same thing then happened to 5 other players that I tried to sign before the window shut so I didn't manage to get anyone in :confused:

Games themselves have been poor. Had a tough start indeed to play Man City and Arsenal first but we conceded late goals to draw against Stoke and Sunderland, I think. We also lost Matip, Mane, Klavan and Coutinho to an injury in each of my games so far too.

It's going well!

24-01-17, 08:07 PM
Let's be having it this week boss man.

Game is up and running everyone. I'll be back at 8 :ok:

Offside Trap
24-01-17, 08:19 PM
Mate have you got a hamachi group with a spare space so I can join it from my PC, its cool if not and Ill fire up the laptop

24-01-17, 09:35 PM
Very strange session tonight - What happened? :D

24-01-17, 10:08 PM
why what happened?!?!?

24-01-17, 10:16 PM
There is a lot of explaining to do :lol:

25-01-17, 10:40 AM
I'm none the wiser to be honest :confused:

Joined in 3 times but the game crashed each time 316 read his news items, I think?

25-01-17, 04:49 PM
I'm none the wiser to be honest :confused:

Joined in 3 teams but the game crashed each time 316 read his news items, I think?

It was because Mrs 316 made the exe invisible while messing around with command prompts. I was using the wrong exe as I needed Saturn's one, I even downloaded a second copy of exe 6 but it still didn't work.

I just think I'll have to uninstall and reinstall the lot to fix it.

Games were appearing in the game list that were deleted last install. :confused:

Offside Trap
26-01-17, 03:28 PM
So has game gotta be restarted?

27-01-17, 09:00 AM
No :tsk:

27-01-17, 10:59 AM
That's good news then :ok: Back to it next Tuesday then?

28-01-17, 01:34 PM
Yes, sorry about that last week, the mrs is barred from the computer (after she re-appeared my exe of course;))

If there's anyone about on monday i'll test to be sure.

30-01-17, 12:38 PM
Having trouble with this. I have the save game secured but need to get the install order right with saturns gear.

Here is what i'm gonna do now:

Uninstall(keeping save game safe)
Install CM
Update to SI patch.
Update to Oct 2016 database
Copy saturns essential files
Sort the exe out
Pop the game back in the CM folder

Is this right? No patch step? Do i extract the exe into the cm folder or the desktop?

30-01-17, 12:56 PM
Looks like it to me?

Not touched saturn's patch yet myself but doesn't look like anything is missing from the steps here: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9049&p=322671#post322671

30-01-17, 12:56 PM
Instructions are in the opening post of Saturns patch thread.

30-01-17, 01:16 PM
It's still crashing halfway through Mikey's news :noidea:

I have the game and am happy to share it if anyone else has the saturn update working...

Someone please tell me it's something on my PC causing this to crash...

Edit: i've holidayed a full season of a new game with Spurs, and every league running. No issue.
OT, can you have a problem in saving an online game? Like if say a player was doing something (contract, offer, etc) while i saved the game. This is the only thing i can think of.

Ever happened in your other games?
Do we need to wait til everyone leaves then save it up to avoid this in future?

31-01-17, 07:48 PM
I have an idea, probably a daft one but here's what i'll try...

Based on my assumption above i'm gonna retire everyone and re-save it to see if this helps.

UPDATE: would you adam and eve it? :cheer:

It's only bloody worked!
OK, so I've advanced one day to the Wednesday, the Champions league matches are the first thing up.

I am convinced that how I saved the game last time (rushing to get it saved when the lads didn't want to stop, trying to get the last action in) may have been the cause of the issue.
Tonight we'll need to get everyone back into their clubs (add new manager) and this will need to be done one at a time

The game is loaded up now, let's everyone communicate on Hamachi and it'll take 5-10 mins to get it set up.

I'll save the game safely at the end so when it's time up, please all jump out of the game so I don't fuck it up again :lol:
(this has the added benefit of putting yourself on holiday, which is the optimal way to save it because no-one has to footer about next session if someone isn't present)

This is all predicated on anyone still wanting to play :)
It's been a bit melty so far to say the least.

It's been ages since i played and I'm remembering some of the pitfalls/issues in network play, but understanding how to deal with them better as well.

Hit me up on Hamachi :ok:

Offside Trap
31-01-17, 08:32 PM
To be honest - dont really have any issues at all when saving, when I do save, I tend to make 2-3 copies of a saved game, (just in case)

1 thing though Chris - not sure if this is/could be an issue - I notice you always change the name of a game, when restoring it, I was under the impression, always put in the name you put in when you first started it, like me, I always use the word 'net' for any network game i start, and use same word when restoring it

31-01-17, 08:48 PM
Good news!

I'll be signing in momentarily!

31-01-17, 09:43 PM
Ot made sure you guys (asa) keep the same squad.

We added you back and put you on holiday mode.

01-02-17, 07:30 PM
Thank you, obviously couldn't make last night but still am keen to play.

01-02-17, 07:34 PM
Thank you, obviously couldn't make last night but still am keen to play.
Glad to hear it, you'll be pleased with the update (league anyway i didn't notice how you did in europe)

02-02-17, 02:49 PM



02-02-17, 03:04 PM

02-02-17, 04:34 PM
I don't know what else to grab, I'll have a look at stand out players for each club next.

If you want to see anything post it in and I'll get the screens :ok:

02-02-17, 05:39 PM
Should probably cover it! Maybe the draw for the next round of the League Cup too?

Better viewing for me at Liverpool. Finally got some wins under our belts and almost went the entire session unbeaten until a devastating loss to Everton :doh:

Here's hoping we can get things back on track ASAP.

In the meantime, no transfer news to report although I am trying to get someone in ahead of the January transfer window and am also hoping to offload a lot of youngsters and fringe players.

02-02-17, 05:59 PM
Everton beat someone else as well, City i think.
Dark horses!

You're only one more win off being right back in there. We'll all take points off each other :D

02-02-17, 06:24 PM

02-02-17, 06:44 PM

02-02-17, 07:03 PM
Kane looks on fire!

02-02-17, 07:24 PM
Ridiculous aint he?

It's a problem though that we rely on him so heavily (although he got a new long term contract! ;))

Arsena;'s was harder to pick because their whole squad is at the same high level, consistent good performers all round where the rest of us had stand out players. Looking forward to playing asa and Mark :D

Are you gonna jump in on season 2 Janis?

02-02-17, 08:20 PM
I'd love to join in with you guys. Looks like great competition. But gonna be hard to commit to something with my current schedule.

I'll continue to lurk the thread though:D

02-02-17, 09:21 PM
who has what team?

did u all get on the same time in last session..5 players?

02-02-17, 09:59 PM

3/5 last time, Looking good for full roll call next week though.

You want in on s2 London? Pick an Italian team... :ear:

03-02-17, 12:42 PM
London/Janis - Get yourselves on! There's not much consistency at the moment anyway from those involved so far so you may as well sign up and then join in when you can make that 8-10 slot on a Tuesday?

From memory it's Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea that have been taken so far. Man Utd were managed earlier but the manager resigned.

No surprises to see no Liverpool players in those top stats! I've started to pick a more settled team now so hopefully that'll soon change!

03-02-17, 01:34 PM
You wanted to see the next round of the cup, but you were the first to play, so the fixtures are:


I think what you wanted to be posted was this one :D

04-02-17, 06:26 PM
London/Janis - Get yourselves on! There's not much consistency at the moment anyway from those involved so far so you may as well sign up and then join in when you can make that 8-10 slot on a Tuesday?

From memory it's Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea that have been taken so far. Man Utd were managed earlier but the manager resigned.

No surprises to see no Liverpool players in those top stats! I've started to pick a more settled team now so hopefully that'll soon change!

yeah might do....grab UTD...

origionally it was going to be a 7/8/9 player game with loads of people who hadnt networked before (my idea of hell)..which i why i didnt jump in..

but if its only 3/4 players who know what they are doing...sems to be better gameplay..

05-02-17, 02:55 PM
The idea of the game remains the same mate, there's 5 playing now but if I could get another 11 for season 2 and have a full game with max managers I would. There aren't that many around though these days

Dunno if trunky or smoggy will join then, there's a few more I will be messaging as well in the next couple of weeks as well.

I think the transfer window. closed already so if you want to take united we'll see you on Tuesday then :ok: Obviously you know the craic, we're past the mucking about stage getting into the meat of the season, I expect we'll get to Jan this week, at least Dec anyway.

05-02-17, 03:55 PM
ok cool ill join tues...

no buying players...till jan window?

05-02-17, 07:55 PM
id like to join also!!

05-02-17, 08:27 PM
id like to join also!!

Hi Antonio :wave:
What's your status, have you played a network game before?

London, there's a limit to 4 purchases for the first season only. I think al bought one player, so you could bring 3 in come January. As you know, its all about keeping the game flowing. As long as we aren't sitting waiting a lot, the restrictions on transfers can be removed at the end of the first season. :ok:

05-02-17, 08:55 PM
sounds good transfer wise....limiting the transfers keeps game flowing better as people are not just buying tons through the season....

ill boost with 3 when january comes around

05-02-17, 09:03 PM
yeh sure many times..been playing the cm series since cm9900 :)

05-02-17, 09:16 PM
Nice one, i see you are in champ1 :ok:

Tuesday 8-10Pm GMT good for you as well?

I don't know whether you want to join now or wait til the end of the season, London was replacing alcoolix and there aren't any of the 'big teams' left in the premiership now (Everton are going well though)
Also, the transfer market is closed and we're at the stage to just keep hitting Continue Game all the way now so the team won't really be your own. I will be following up with everyone that's shown interest on Tuesday when I get online to organise the 2nd country coming up shortly.

I'll be on usually about an hour beforehand to open the game up, so if needs be you guys can do anything you need to before the 8PM start time.
8-10 we want to keep her lit all the way.

06-02-17, 09:37 AM
sounds good transfer wise....limiting the transfers keeps game flowing better as people are not just buying tons through the season....

ill boost with 3 when january comes around

I already bought 2 if I remermber correctly. Dendoncker & Jose Luis Gaya

Offside Trap
07-02-17, 04:50 PM
Looking forward to this - need to get my arse in gear and get some results

07-02-17, 05:25 PM
:ok: Same, should be back in time for 8 o'clock start as usual!

07-02-17, 08:08 PM
game is open, London can get in and take man utd, sort out the stauses etc.

I'll be back at 8 :ok:

Offside Trap
07-02-17, 08:16 PM
Nice one mate, IOll be on shortly before 8ish

07-02-17, 08:39 PM
chris whats the ham login...will sort out stuff now

07-02-17, 08:44 PM
chris whats the ham login...will sort out stuff now


07-02-17, 08:55 PM
all set

07-02-17, 11:04 PM
Good game chaps :ok:

It's like you were there the whole time London, seamless transition :D

Valentines talk next week, there's no way we're getting away with cm'ing that night :smash:

08-02-17, 10:16 AM
Aye - Definitely can't do next week. We rescheduling for the 21st?

Good session indeed! Had some tasty wins myself but suffered defeat to Leicester :(

Still, I'm up from 12th for Liverpool!

20-02-17, 12:42 PM
All set for this to return tomorrow night?

20-02-17, 01:46 PM
Yeah, let's get it on.
Update will be after this week's play.

When are the other boys back on the forum then?

20-02-17, 02:58 PM
14th March...

Should still be able to view this thread though.

21-02-17, 08:13 PM
Alright then.

Game is loading, i'm gonna get a few cigs rolled ahead of time.


26-02-17, 09:41 AM
Please include a screenshot of the table Chris, I think its Stoke who are tearing away :rolleyes:

26-02-17, 07:25 PM
thats the story of the update :lol:

will be up tomorrow at some point :ok:

edit: loaded the game up and Man Utd are unmanaged :noidea:
London probably hit the wrong option again when trying to holiday/leave at the end, or maybe not as his name is still showing as manager, but no player exists :confused:

Anyway, I'll get this up in the next wee while.

27-02-17, 03:53 PM

Here's the most recent player vs player games. As you can see we're all taking points off each other.


The real story of the previous session that asa highlighted before was STOKE!
(accusations of PEDs have even been suggested in the Manchester local media around the Stoke teams performances :lol:)
Check it out:


And they are the second best form team to WBA :lol:
Six (5? :confused:) human managers and the computer tops the league with Stoke! :lol: :doh: :faint:


Euro comps should kick back in this session hopefully, as everything speeds up towards the conclusion of the season, I'll leave that til next time, I've only played two games and one of those i got absolutely pummelled by Paris. The old format played 2 games then a big break, so hoping we can get back in there by tomorrow night.

Any other screen requests?

28-02-17, 03:39 PM
It is kind of funny to see Stoke doing so well :lol: It won't last though, expect them to fall behind soon.

Back on it tonight then? Hoping to do well in the League Cup to make up for a mixed league campaign so far.

28-02-17, 08:46 PM
:typing: GAME IS LIVE gents, hop in :ok:

01-03-17, 12:15 PM
Update will be later today, I was able to do a lot of screenshots last night as you were all playing in slow motion.

I thought it was only me who was :smokin:

:rant: London has a PASSWORD on his name :censored:
What is that about?

01-03-17, 02:25 PM
Sorry I wasn't on chatbox during the game - I had full screen mode on for a change.

Another mixed month for me but hopefully bought myself some time. Finally signed my first player too.

Some very strange bosman deals being lined up in the summer. Could have sworn the rule was 4 signings max per season though.

01-03-17, 02:36 PM

Alright then, my ramblings before about the business end of the season were wishful thinking as the scouting of free players took over the session, boring the balls off me :lol:
It was slow going last night.

On the bright side we got to see Liverpool make some moves and sign some players (:gossip: at last)

:cheer: and closely followed by a big money deal as well...


and then what could be a good get on a free:


Welcome to the game boss :ok:

Frenzy ensued, you should see the future signings City have :rofl:
Man Utd have locked their manager, a month and a half got played in 2 hours :faint:

It's all getting very serious :spy: :D

City got this guy from Wolfsburg lined up for next season, whiole his new year signing has bedded in well:


United got

(1 of 9 players signed, i got fed up around this point)

I had already signed Kolarov but lined up another for the end of the season:





Here's the rest of the games, threw a few Man U ones in that I didn't get last time.


Any other screen requests, let me know :cool:

01-03-17, 03:12 PM
It was 4 purchases and I wanted to leave a bit of freedom around the signings you don't pay for but the arse was absolutely ripped out of it last night.

Hopefully next week we can get towards the end of the season, I don't know what to do about transfers because that proved last night unrestricted free transfers is going to be a problem.

City signed 12 players last night, United signed 10.
I signed 1, Arsenal signed 1, Liverpool 6, Chelsea were a no show so they signed 1 from their shortlist.

01-03-17, 03:33 PM
I only signed 2, Konate and Rossi - The rest were already pre-arranged transfers from the reserves teams.

Happy to cancel them all and stick to the 4 a season rule though.

02-03-17, 12:20 PM
I only signed 2, Konate and Rossi - The rest were already pre-arranged transfers from the reserves teams.

Happy to cancel them all and stick to the 4 a season rule though.

It might have to come to that.
I think you have 6 future transfers, Mark, not certain but i checked in game before.

The Manchester teams are taking the piss though. I know there were no limits but that wss because i thought being men in our 30s we could keep control of ourselves, unfortunately not.

Season 2 onwards it will be limits on players.

02-03-17, 12:28 PM
Like I said - The others will have been pre-arranged deals put into the DB by the update team. They were already in effect when we took over, same as Man City, etc. It's when the squad sizes are maxed out so the update team put youth players in 'reserves' teams and future transfer them to their proper clubs later on in the game.

02-03-17, 05:41 PM
Like I said - The others will have been pre-arranged deals put into the DB by the update team. They were already in effect when we took over, same as Man City, etc. It's when the squad sizes are maxed out so the update team put youth players in 'reserves' teams and future transfer them to their proper clubs later on in the game.

Ah right, yeah Spurs don't have any of that, yeah i've misread yours then.
The manchesters have youth as well coming in but the 10 and 12 signings are on top of these! City has near 2 pages :lol:

The game is definitely being slowed down and that was the original deal, if it slows down we change it.

02-03-17, 05:45 PM
I'd say stick to 5 transfers max but include freebies in that too. Maybe only make an exception for those pre-arranged deals as well.

06-03-17, 10:57 PM
Unfortunately can't make tomorrow night. Will look out for the update

07-03-17, 12:41 PM
Ouch, that's a shame asa. At least I can't catch you :lol:

We all set for tonight, 316?

07-03-17, 01:42 PM
Ouch, that's a shame asa. At least I can't catch you :lol:

We all set for tonight, 316?

Locked and loaded!
Need to get the bulk of the season done tonight if we can, the second league is due to kick in next week.

From 1st July, 5 transfers per season (seeing on 1st July all the existing deals will complete)
We're allowed 5 players per 2 windows or calendar year July - July, so if you sign 5 in July you can have none on new years day.

Should work better hopefully, especially with more players joining.

07-03-17, 01:42 PM
:ok: Sounds good to me. That includes the freebies, right?

07-03-17, 01:46 PM
Aye, 5 total signings.

We restart it from July though, as if we signed 0 (so theoretically we could all sign 5 in Jan, sacrificing next July's window)

My tactic wil probably be 2 or 3 each window, leaving some flexibility.

07-03-17, 02:14 PM
Yeah, I understand mate. 5 signings across the two transfer windows each season. Makes perfect sense to me.

Think I'll cancel those Bosmans now ;)

07-03-17, 03:16 PM
Yeah, I understand mate. 5 signings across the two transfer windows each season. Makes perfect sense to me.

Think I'll cancel those Bosmans now ;)

You don't need to mate.
Keep all this seasons but start the 5 deals from July 1st. After all, there were no restrictions so nothing is wrong with any of the deals, it'll just be quicker to play from next season.

That striker you got would be a shame to cancel :D

14-03-17, 03:03 PM
Is this continuing tonight?

28-03-17, 09:59 AM
already dead ?

28-03-17, 10:00 AM
316 hasn't been online since the 13th March :(

Basically, the last time we played (3 weeks ago!) was ruined by childish bickering. So 316 cut the session short and hasn't posted since :(

It's a shame as it was an enjoyable game up to that point.

30-03-17, 09:53 AM
Yep, put me right off.
I thought of 10 better ways to spend my time and realised i wasn't enjoying the game. I'll share the save later if yous want it but i'm out.

30-03-17, 11:12 AM
Maybe start a new one mate and open it up to others to join in? No point letting one save ruin the fun for you and the rest.

30-03-17, 11:49 AM
Maybe start a new one mate and open it up to others to join in? No point letting one save ruin the fun for you and the rest.

Aye that sounds like a plan.
I'm guessing you'll be in a new one?

30-03-17, 12:51 PM
Definitely :ok:

02-04-17, 03:55 PM
I think I missed the last session, I wondered why nothing had happened since. I'm up for a the new one.

03-04-17, 11:12 AM
OK, well perhaps we could get trunky and antonito, maybe Al would try again....

WHo else is in?

If no-one else wants in we'll just go with us and Dave if he wants in again but let's give everyone a week or so to express interest.

Who else wants in the weekly champ network game?