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17-12-16, 12:31 PM
So I got back up an running and started up a network game with my mate Dave.
He plays CM every day while I haven't played in years and it shows :lol:

I chose Juve, Dave is Bayern and we have agreed to meet in the EPL after a few years reputation building :D

In the first season Bayern won league and Champions League double, looking good again for the league title retention and through to the semi of Europe again this season. He picked up a few youngsters to add to the star studded squad:


I haven't had it so easy, finishing 3rd and winning the Italian cup in the first season.
Ended up in the UEFA cup 2nd season after drawing Leverkusen in the ECL quali3 and having a very unfit squad that couldn't match them on the day but that may not be a bad thing, we're now in the final of the competition having just despatched Barcelona.

I signed one young, one older and am currently dealing with all the noobs that are scheduled to come in at the end of the second season from JUVE(R) :doh:

I had to narrow it down because there's half a squad there so some of the deals were cancelled, but the clear out is underway. By the end of next season this will be my squad (Chiellini and Bonnuci are trending downhill now :()


Looking like I will finish 2nd-4th this year, Napoli have run away with it!

I'll keep this up to date when we play again.

Offside Trap
17-12-16, 02:23 PM
Looking good guys - meeting in the EPL is a good idea, reminds me of the 'Nationals' challenge, its not easy to move to another country in the hope of getting a decent top flight team. Keep them screenies coming -

I had Juventus and struggled, but blamed the tapni 2.21, even though its no baring on the match engine, but im a typical bad loser. Have you any other rules, Wibwobs? Transfer limitations etc......

17-12-16, 03:27 PM
We never use the wibwob in any game http://champman0102.co.uk/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

No other restrictions either I was just looking to get back into playing and familiarise myself with some of the decent players these days.

My old formatinos don't work the same as they used to and Juve are turning out to be more of a challenge than i thought, some good players in there though, Lemina and Rugani are the future and Leali and another youth Keeper will fight it out to replace the legend:

Offside Trap
17-12-16, 06:09 PM
Lemina and Rugani are the future and Leali and another youth Keeper will fight it out to replace the legend:

Yep, they're decent, and could be world class within couple years. I actually started using that type of formation, using wing backs, is that what you been with through-out?

17-12-16, 07:16 PM
Aye that's my fave setup with 3 CBs and wingbacks

2 AMCs and a SC is the usual attack line up but it wasn't working the best so I've went for a DMC.

21-12-16, 06:13 PM
Dave's Bayern continue the domination of Germany and the Champions league, as well as the extra cups, beating me in the supercup and taking all the others :lol:


He got a few good signings as well.

21-12-16, 06:16 PM
I feel like the team's my own now, going OK this season, won the UEFA last season and in it again.


A couple of the youth players that could be promising:

I got another guest star in for this season as well :cool:


Offside Trap
22-12-16, 12:28 PM
You'll get a good year out of him easily :)

Kean looks a little gem -

29-12-16, 11:40 AM
Cristiano played for my Lyon side until 38 and went back to Sporting after that. He looses acceleration and pace but hes still on an other planet.

29-12-16, 06:02 PM
Aye he's a weapon for sure but I like to bring young players through and having Ronaldo there doesn't help with that. He's not the best as a staff either, Barzagli though :eek: what a guy, he's the new assistant.

05-01-17, 02:57 PM
I was starting the game in 2016 which means it's doomed to crash.

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Offside Trap
05-01-17, 04:04 PM
No Wayyyyyyy