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02-01-17, 03:05 PM
TOURNAMENT #69: Dynomite

As the winner of Tournament #68, gazzas1uk has opted to select an existing game in the Classic Arcade for our next tournament.

Please register to participate in this tournament here (http://champman0102.co.uk/arcade.php?&do=viewtourney&tid=77).

Eight players are required and you will have three attempts to get the highest score.

The winner will then be able to select a game for the next tournament whether it be one of the existing games within the Arcade or a new one that will be added to our collection. They will also win 100 vCash added to their current stash for 0102Bet.

03-01-17, 11:30 AM
All set. Looks like I'm playing the Dazzler, Daryl Fitton

03-01-17, 12:04 PM
Done with my go - thrown a marker down to beat

03-01-17, 12:39 PM
Ditto - Had 1 turn so good luck to trunky :D

03-01-17, 01:07 PM
Oh God!

03-01-17, 01:17 PM

03-01-17, 02:06 PM
Are Tournament Games more difficult?

I played the other day and got above 50k multiple times. Today I got three crap boards.

Either way, cheers, here's to the next tournament!

04-01-17, 11:54 AM
ooooooh - through to next round :dance:

04-01-17, 01:36 PM
That's me outta the game! Didn't even get 40K+ in the next 2 goes!

04-01-17, 04:27 PM
no messing about and quick off the Mark is the way to go - and some accurate/tactical shooting

05-01-17, 10:36 PM
balls - went close in last game - well in Dermo

to the next tourney!

05-01-17, 11:11 PM
Now keep this tempo up all 2017 :ok:

06-01-17, 10:12 AM
balls - went close in last game - well in Dermo

to the next tourney!

Thought my score in the final would have beatable, happy days. 3/3 in Dynomite tournaments.

I'll fish out a new game but I'll be away next week so may as well post it as soon as you set it up Mark :ok:

13-01-17, 04:15 PM
Dermo back - new game?

15-01-17, 11:52 PM
I sent Mark a msg to crack on while I was away, sent a game too

16-01-17, 12:27 PM
My bad, slipped my mind last week as been very busy!