View Full Version : Edit number of Subs and Foreign Players in 00/01

09-02-17, 05:46 PM

I was wondering if anyone out there can tell me how I can edit the number of Subs and Foreign players allowed for specific leads. Actually the Japan leage which I am trying to update. I realise this is a long shot for such an old game but I still love playing this version.

Cam F
10-02-17, 07:03 PM
Better than 0102 imo. Anyway, John locke in one of his flexes in downloads you could alter subs for 0001. No idea about foreign restrictions though.

13-02-17, 12:06 PM
Thanks for your reply Cam. I have tried the Flex editor but is giving me some strange values which I believe is because it is made for cm 01/02 not 00/01


14-02-17, 06:16 AM
I could do it, but I'm not gonna waste my time in 00/01 in a near future.