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23-03-17, 05:38 PM
Afternoon lads - Some of you may remember that I ran in the Potters 'Arf Marathon last year for the first time. I was raising money for my local football club which understandably didn't draw in too much money in donations. Still, the experience itself for my first event was surreal and I've decided to run it again.

But this time, I'm going to be raising money for more personal reasons. As some of you may already be aware, I was born profoundly deaf and so I've decided to raise money for the NDCS (National Deaf Children's Society). The run itself isn't until the 11st June but as my Sunday league football season is now over, I'll be starting the training for the half marathon this weekend.

If any of you would like to sponsor me for the run, that would be fantastic. I have set up a Virgin Money Giving page below where you can find out more about me and why I am doing the run :)


24-03-17, 11:29 AM
100 donated already in less than 24 hours - Amazing start :eek:

28-03-17, 10:06 AM
Started training on Monday with a 3 mile run. It felt OK but did feel my calf (which I've had problems with in the past month after injuring it in football) tighten up towards the end. I've been doing plenty of stretches since!

Today was a 5 mile run which was a struggle, think it took me 47 minutes. I went through my history to see how I got on last time I did a 5 mile run which was a long 9 months ago, back to when I was training for it last year :D Surprisingly, today's run was only 3 minutes longer.

Fundraising is going OK, 135 raised so far :ok: 165.00 if you include the gift aid donations too :)

04-04-17, 10:02 AM
Completed a full week of training with a 5 mile run on Saturday but I felt my calf tensing up again on the final mile uphill and have been limping on it ever since.

Absolutely gutted as I wanted to follow my training programme without missing any sessions but obviously wasn't able to do a 3 mile run yesterday and 5 miles today as scheduled. Before starting the programme, I had a week's rest when the football season finished to try and let the calf heal up but clearly it wasn't long enough so I'm going to give it 10 days this time (reading that grade 1 calf injuries take 7-10 days to heal).

Hopefully I'll be back up and running next Tuesday which will be exactly 2 months until the half-marathon itself.

04-04-17, 10:25 AM
Have a look into seeing a sports physio mate, I had a 16 week plan for my marathon but got an injury in the first week which kept me out for 4 weeks, but a trip to a rehab place did the trick.

Rest up in the mean time mate :ok:

11-04-17, 10:15 AM
I think you may be right, AMC... I've had 10 days of rest then went for a simple 3 mile jog this morning and only made it a mile before I felt the calf strain again.

It's exactly 2 month's until the half-marathon today too.

19-05-17, 01:46 PM
Only 23 days to go until the half marathon and I'm pleased to report that I'm up to 270 in donations so far for the NDCS :)

Also - I'm delighted to say that since my message about injuring my calf on the 11th April, I have been back running again since the 2nd May :ok: I eased myself back into it with 2 miles runs for a week (five days of running, two days rest) and have since gone up to 4 miles and am now doing 6 miles. Hopefully I'll be up to 10 miles the week before the half marathon and I'll somehow get the energy to pull through the final 3.1 miles :D

That's not to say that the calf strain is healed. I still feel it pretty much every day but had bought calf compression sleeves and it's really made a difference!

Please do sponsor me if you haven't already done so :) http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MarkHendersonFundraiser

05-06-17, 01:22 PM
Only 6 days left now until the half-marathon: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MarkHendersonFundraiser

To my delight, I've reached 630 in donations to date so I've flown past the 500 target! Anything else that comes in is just a bonus :party:

I may have been on holiday but it didn't stop me from continuing my training, running 8 miles in 30 degrees on my first day there whilst the rest sunbathed on the beach :D I stepped up to 11 miles whilst we were in Padstow:


On Saturday, I did a practice run of the full half marathon which took me 1 hour and 53 minutes - Just 4 minutes short of my official time in last year's run. I'm hoping that having fresher legs, cooler weather, better diet and a 1 week alcohol ban will help me get my target of 1 hour and 45 minutes which is the max time it takes to pick up a silver medal: https://secure-nikeplus.nike.com/plus/activity/running/detail/6812000000007892482350009198238053967445?is_new_me ta=true&ecn=true&external_share_id=EFC99A54-7872-4397-A54C-84192A591D36&origin=origin-prod&fb_action_ids=1510020219028383&fb_action_types=fitness.runs&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B1548502145169185%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22fitness.runs%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

06-06-17, 10:41 AM
Nice one with the donations :ok:

06-06-17, 10:53 AM
Thanks Derm. Should be on 670 really as I've had 40 in cash as well which I need to add on to the total.

Managed a simple 3 mile run this morning in the pouring rain :D Then only going to do a 2 mile run tomorrow and a final 1 mile run on Thursday before a two day break in readiness for the big one!

10-06-17, 12:41 PM

Tomorrow is the big day! As of right now, the donations have reached 755 :party:

I've not done a lot of running this week. Just 3 miles on Tuesday and 2 miles on Thursday as I hope to keep myself fresh for tomorrow. Hopefully all set now :)

10-06-17, 01:03 PM
Best of luck to you mate. :ok:

11-06-17, 09:35 AM
All the best today Mark, enjoy the occasion!

Are you keeping your online page up for a bit? Not got it till I get paid in a couple of weeks but will sponsor you then, we had a half and full marathon in Liverpool a couple weeks back and I had to sponsor a few in my running club for that ya see.

12-06-17, 06:51 PM
How did you go Gaffer?

Feeling it today no doubt!!

19-06-17, 12:43 PM
Sorry for late reply lads - It went very well :) My time was 1 hour and 49 minutes, beating last year's time by 7 minutes :ok: Sadly 4 minutes over in getting a silver medal but I'll take an improvement all the same! Especially after losing 4 weeks of training time due to calf issues. But it's helped me to learn a bit more about my body and what I need to do in terms of preparation which was a new thing for me. I certainly did feel it for the next few days but then I went and climbed Scafell Pike on the Wednesday :lol:

The page is indeed staying up for another month in case anyone wants to donate now that I've achieved it :) I'm now up to 895!

Some photos too:

https://s17.postimg.org/73mhdj61r/19030514_10209679914096876_7599216808286400867_n.j pg
https://s17.postimg.org/6o6m6ruqn/18952766_10209679914616889_3145281463547688087_n.j pg
https://s17.postimg.org/mxws9o5en/18951369_10209679915136902_4580505561413053144_n.j pg
https://s17.postimg.org/o2quf1rvj/19029368_10209679915496911_3354531920273325359_n.j pg

19-06-17, 01:04 PM
Good work fella :clap:

Proper football socks as well!

19-06-17, 01:58 PM
Well done Mark!! :ok:

19-06-17, 03:05 PM
Thanks chaps :ok:

Good work fella :clap:

Proper football socks as well!

Nope - Calf compression sleeves mate. They're miraculous! Wouldn't have been able to do anything without them, I even wore one of them under my actual football socks on my bad calf on my return to football yesterday to be safe.

17-07-17, 06:33 PM
Just gone to donate mate, sorry for the delay, but noticed your page is closed now :(

18-07-17, 09:33 AM
Yeah, I left it open for an extra month but money has gone directly to the charity now!

18-07-17, 09:47 AM
Sorry about that mate, I'll pay ya double when you do ya marathon next :D

18-07-17, 09:48 AM
No worries, still happy enough with that final figure :ok:

PS - Never doing a full marathon!

18-07-17, 09:57 AM
You may as well after two halves :D

Great figure raised indeed mate!