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13-04-17, 05:46 PM
Network Game using Hamachi

Ok Cats and Kitties, here is how to use Hamachi and get yourself playing CM0102 online with
network games. I am using windows 7 so all screenshots will be from that, however there isn’t much
difference and anyone should be able to follow this.

First things first, if you are going to play a network game using Hamachi the compatibility of your
champ man application needs to be set to NT framework 4.0. To do this you can use either the
shortcut on your desktop for champ man or to be super sure you can go to the actual application the
shortcut refers to (cm0102.exe) in the Championship Manager 01/02 directory.


Once you find this, right click it and choose properties. Next select the tab for compatibility and
choose NT framework 4.0 as shown below:
(I have renamed my .exe due to having a few different versions installed, yours will usually say
cm0102 (in the directory folder) or Championship Manager 01/02 (shortcut on the desktop)

Ensure while in this screen that "run as administrator" has been selected, then apply your changes.

Network Game using Hamachi

Ok now you need to download and install Hamachi.

Hamatchi Download (http://www.filehippo.com/download_hamachi/6193/)
(use this link and choose "this version" in the top right of the screen -

Now this next bit may be a bit controversial as there was a whole tutorial dedicated to configuring
Hamachi by AK 16 that I am going to skip at this point! I think this may be possible due to windows
7 being more open and compatible, effectively sorting itself out, however windows xp should work also if all steps of this tutorial are closely followed.

But what we need to do now is sort out the ip address that your PC will use for Champ man, which
sounds much harder than it really is.

First, If you haven’t done this already, go to the champ manager data folder and delete the
cpuinf32.dll file in there.

[C:/Program Files/Championship Manager 01-02/Data/ cpuinf32.dll] delete this file

Now run the IP application that sits in the main Championship Manager folder by double clicking it
(shown highlighted below)


It may seem like nothing happens, this is fine. (All this does is gives the game your Hamachi ip

Network Game using Hamachi

As a quick check, you can open the ~net file in the same folder. This is where the ip application from
before stores the data it created. You will see something like this:


Only one field seems to have been filled in. Surely this will never work? It does though. As long as
the ip address shown here is the same as the one shown here:


And as we can see in the example it clearly is!

Network Game using Hamachi

You are now ready to play the network game of Champ Man online! So use the chat function
in Hamachi to chat with the members of the group and agree on what update you’re
playing, then someone hosts and the rest join. To join a game, all you have to do is choose
network play at the main menu and join network game. When asked what to join in this


Quickly flick to the above screen and check the ip address in Hamachi of the host of the game and
input that in order to join. Simples!

Network Game using Hamachi

For best results, I would normally run the network game in windowed mode, which you can choose
in game options when you start up the game. This will allow you to check the Hamachi ip address of
the host easier, but I also do this to have the likes of skype or msn open at the same time. No-one
likes that horrible black screen resolution changing moment when you need to pop out of the game
to check something else.

13-04-17, 05:49 PM
If you have followed all the steps above and are still having problems with hosting or joining a game here are a few tips that the guys have worked out over time.

The first thing to check is whether or not ChampMan is using the correct ip address (ie. the Hamachi one)
Easiest way to check this is to start up a network game on your own and then go into Game options and Manager Status screen.
At the top of the screen there will be a server ip address, which must match the Hamachi address.

here is what it should look like (with your own hamachi address obviously)

If you have a server ip address in this screen beginning with 192. then chances are it will not work.

Turn off ANY firewall and antivirus software running on your computer and retry hosting. (This includes windows firewall)
It's probably best to sty off internet browsers while doing this just in case. Now if you are able to host/join with the firewalls and antivirus turned off then the problem has been isolated and you simply need to create exceptions in these programs to allow cm0102.exe and Hamachi through in future.


this is the solution in 90% of users so check it out first

IP Application disable

Barney figured out how to ensure the outgoing IP (which Championship Manager uses to allow you to host) remains constant and on the correct one you need. Wato sums it up in the next post.

13-04-17, 05:50 PM
Go into the Champ Man folder on your computer.
C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02

Remove the ip application (shown highlighted in the images)
Delete it or save it elsewhere if you want to keep it.


Then edit the ~net file and put the IP address from hamachi in it...


Next, right click the ~net file andchoose properties
Check the radio button for "Read Only"

done :ok:

then run Champ Man as Admin.

Restore Network game.
It shud be the right IP address.