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13-04-17, 05:49 PM
Sharing tactics / sharing game data
Most people have their own tactics, sometimes myriad versions of the same tactic for different times in the game. Examples include pressing for 10 minutes of a match, defending a slender lead with 10 to go etc.
One of the problems we encountered playing the game online was that the only available tactics from the load option in the tactics screen are the ones that the host has saved on their hard drive. Jonny McGraw who plays in the clan game suggested to me that the host should be able to install the guestsí tactics into their game before starting, therefore saving time when it comes to matches.

Here's how it's done

1.Non-Hosts (harvesting your tactics)

First go to your Championship manager directory
on your computer and locate the tactics folder


Open this to see all the formations that you have created and saved in game


Hold in CTRL and click all the tactics that you want to be able to use in the online game, then right click any of the highlighted files and choose Add to archive. (You should already have Winrar as all the updates etc are compressed in this format)
Next you will see this screen below, click Browse (highlighted)


and choose desktop from the drop down menu. This is where the archive will be saved


Click OK. Tactic files will take seconds, even if you are adding 30 different tactics it should be so quick you donít see it happening. Check your desktop for the compressed version


et voila!
You donít necessarily need to compress the tactic files as they are very small anyway, but this is a quick way of grabbing all your existing tactics and having a neat package to send to the host of your game.

2. Hosts Ė ( Inserting their tactics into your champ manager)


Ok, now from the hosts side of things, you have the files sent to you by the other players in the game, ours here is again called tactics.


click and choose extract files...


From your computerís tree menu find your own Champ manager tactics folder.


highlight it and click ok at the bottom and bingo! The files will now be in your folder and available to all managers that join your games.
The save game data is done by using the exact same process, the only difference is that save games are very large files in comparison and if they are not compressed they will be too large to be emailed. If you have a few people in your game you may want to share the save game data with each other, allowing each manager to look over the stats etc while the game is not in session.

Transfer of data between players
You can of course share email addresses and simply email the necessary files to each other as required. If you donít want to give out your email address (itís a work one or something) then there is always the option of using a storage / file sharing facility. There are loads of these online, the first one I found was 4shared. It allows you to upload up to 10Gig of data on the free service, all you do is share the link to your download with your friends and they can instantly access the data.

Check out 4shared here (http://www.4shared.com)