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26-07-17, 10:18 AM
I got CM 97/98 v2.93 GBR. I'm doing some changes in database, creating new players, etc. But I realized when I create more players than the original DB has, then they don't appear when starting a new game, unless I delete some existing players. So the DB always need to have certain number of players. Does anyone know if is possible to change it? Any solution?

Another question: is it possible to change the start year of the game? (Using a Hex editor)

22-08-17, 11:22 AM
I think they have bigger chance to appear, when they are from selected league, but probably not all. There are upper limits for each DB which exceeding may crash the came (for players it was 22000 if I remember correctly. Otherwise it's some random stuff, which players are selected. When I made Estonian League and added around 500 players they all appeared, when Estonian League was selected. Just testing it from other league: (Spanish)

Edit: Test results- 30 Estonians loaded and some of them are from my addings. I don't remember, did I delete some other players or not earlier.

Changing startyear has been one of my dreams, but hadn't found working way for that. Only way is changing it on savegame (with Time Traveller tool or hex editor), which makes lot of crap as cups stop working, transferred players can't play etc. Even in earlier CM2 versions I didn't find any hexadecimal-coded links to close years with Olly.

Richie Tor
06-06-20, 08:42 PM
This all depends on the Nation's reputation, as can be seen in the team editor.

For example...

Brazil's reputation is much higher than Estonia's... so if you play, let's say, a Spanish career, you'll notice more Brazilians overseas, than Estonians. If you were to set both National Reputations the same (let's say 11 each), they should roughly bring up the same number of players in the database.

Hope this helps.

As an aside, although important with International football, I think the National Reputation value is misleading and prefer to think of it as a 'League Reputation' and edit accordingly:

Spain (La Liga): 20
England (Premier League): 20
Germany (Bundesliga): 20
Italy: 18
France: 16
China: 13
USA (MLS): 12
Brazil: 10

Affecting this seems to have more bearing on attracting players to that particular league, than International competition and I've so far found it problem-free.