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04-09-17, 05:07 PM
Mangers love their projects, don't they? In truth, most of the time the players of such projects outlast the manager...

After the rather enjoyable project of managing a blank squad and investing 20m in players and taking Legia Warsaw from Division 2 to Division 1, having missed out early doors on the teams in the lower leagues, it's time to earn my corn. While other managers squandered their 20 million on ageing, overpaid dross and jumping ship because they went into debt, the challenge ahead is definitely tougher than the initial challenge of Division 5.

Looking at the squad, I have 5 players who would be worthy of Division 2/3 (great management there!) but because of the 8.8m debt and negative weekly balance I will have to sell. Half thinking of keeping 89 rated Kostas MITROGLOU, but selling him pretty much wipes the debt as Marseille have a bid of 8.7m. He was a class act in one of the CM0102 updates if I recall. 49k wages is enough for me to say 'Get rid!'.
Chelsea legend Yuri ZHIRKOV, rated 88 is next on the chopping block along with WBA legend Brown IDEYE, rated 88. Selling those 3 should take the club out of the red, but I'm going to have to crunch the numbers to see if I need to flog some more to gain a positive weekly balance...

04-09-17, 06:47 PM
Bitter pill to swallow but getting the club out of debt is surely the correct first step
Good luck

05-09-17, 09:59 AM
Good luck to you! I'd definitely sell the 3 biggest rated/earning players and look for gems out there, that's what it's all about after all!

05-09-17, 01:24 PM
Good luck on this first step on a new challenge be interesting to see what happens

18-09-17, 09:55 AM
Kostas MITROGLOU was easily moved on to Marseille for 8.7m, a "profit" of 3m. It wasn't enough to take the team out of debt. Bids for my other listees weren't forthcoming either. It was a waiting game. I went about scouting hoping that the cash would roll in soon... Having dropped the ranks I pondered what ratings do I need? What's the highest rating I could afford wagewise?

Finally, as the season appraoached, a few bids came through, I figured If I lost 2x88s and 1x89, I could afford to gamble on 1 x86 with potential to rise. 30 year old Martin HARNIK, once rated 89, performed admirably in the second tier of German football and helped get Hanover promoted. He appeared to bring his form with him to the Bundesliga. Here's hoping!

With Tom Heaton getting injured I took a punt on Nick POPE (80). I went stateside and picked up Ben SWEAT (72), who moved from Tampa Bay and was playing most matches for NYC. Eriq ZAVALETA (78), who has been overlooked as he played a few matches for Toronto II, has been a feature for the main team this year. Michael PARKHURST (83) is abit long in the tooth but he's been one of the first names on the teamsheet since his move to Atlanta. Jukka RAITALA (82) is a big money move for us, 1.1m. He's brought in for his versatility. That concludes the shopping in the US. Better spread the purchases in the hunt for a ratings rise.

Tony RALSTON (73) was charged with a tough one as he went head to head with Neymar. Conceding 5 isn't usually a trigger to buy a defender but the fact his gaffer has faith in him at such a young age, I'm hoping for a bit of an increase. With Leeds flying high, albeit early doors, I once again gamble on youth, Jay-Roy GROT (78) has been getting game time and goals. Jordan TELL (75) has been making inroads for Rennes. Andrew SURMAN (85) was another big purchase but I'm confident of an increase. Joe RALLS (82) was brought in from Cardiff and I probably should have waited until after his birthday... MArcos TAVARES (83) was old and cheap... maybe the champions league might stand to him... :lol:

18-09-17, 10:04 AM
The chairman wants us to battle against being bottom of the table. I should be able to do that...
A baptism of fire at the hands of Nkana. Still waiting to sell a few... need an upgrade on the defence

18-09-17, 10:52 AM
I don't know much about some of those signings but Pope certainly looks like a gamble. Would be surprised if he gets a rise in all honesty!

Ralston though, he'll definitely get a boost at some point. He has age on his side and will undoubtedly go on to become a regular.

28-09-17, 10:09 PM
Squad depth with potential risers is the order of the day.
French youngster MickaŽl CUISANCE (73) is getting a few minutes off the bench for Mongladbach.
Denis VAVRO (76) recently moved to KÝbenhavn and is playing regularly.
Jamie HOPCUTT (73) is rocking up in the Europa league for ÷stersunds FK
Charlie COLKETT (75) is on loan from Chelsea to Vitesse. He played a bit last season for Swindon. Overlooked in the past.
Kaylen HINDS (70) has played 90 mins in the Bundesliga for Wolfsburg.
Nathaniel MENDEZ-LAING (78) is in and out of the Cardiff side battling for the Championship.
C.HAZARD (70) is a cheap and cheerful Celtic GK. I'm not expecting much outta this guy.
Mattias SVANBERG (73) has clocked up over twice as many minutes this season than last, albeit for Malmo.
Dennis HADZIKADUNIC (73) another Malmo youngster. On the fringes of the squad yet though.
Tom PETTERSSON (80) is another man rocking it up for ÷stersunds FK
Onto Brazil for our final two purchases...
Bezerra PATRICK (78) and Lťo PEL… (70) ...hopefully they'll get a + soon.

19-10-17, 10:09 PM
10 games in and things are going better than I had hoped. 8 wins and 2 loses. Definitely better than the chairman had wished for(avoid finishing bottom). In third, behind arguably the strongest teams in the league, who I've already played and lost too. I'm aiming for a playoff spot but even if that happens, promotion will not be easy. I'm missing the squad I've left behind in Division 1, it seems like a long time ago. Having said that Division 5 is a bit of craic because I know I could freefall at any moment. I'm definitely punching...

Financially, I'm walking a fine line between black and red... I really need a decent cup run as just as I'm in the red, a cup match bumps the coffers. With 24 players valued collectively at 15.2m, I may have pushed the club into a worse situation it was in before I arrived.

No players have gotten a rise... or fall... but I know there'll be a sense of satisfaction when there's a +2 or +3... This is probably the only way I can strengthen the squad but I'm confident in my purchases...

07-12-17, 07:23 PM
23 games in and it's pretty clear cut that our defence is atrocious. We're the 8th worst. Attack on the other hand we're in the top 3. That equates to 6th on the table and just inside the play off spots.
Considering the Chairman wanted us to avoid finishing last, that's an impossibility. I do miss my Warsaw side. :lol:

We recently broke our attendance record with 3,109 fans showing for our game against Township Rollers. We're nearly 700k in depth but at least we've a squad of 24 players valued at 17.7m with the top 3 players worth 5.7m. Worst case scenario, I'll flog them.

Jordan Tell +1 to 76 +360k
Kaylen Hinds +6 to 76 +560k
Mickael Cuisance +4 to 77 +460k
Nick Pope +3 to 83 +1.1m
Charlie Colkett +2 to 77 +400k

Pondering on whether or not to sell the improved players and top earners to balance my defence and more importantly the books!

07-12-17, 09:33 PM
Nice update. Keep wheeling & dealing.

20-12-17, 08:12 PM
4 games on. 2 wins, 1 draw & 1 loss. With 11 games left to play I'm hoping to stay in the play off spots. 1m in the red and I've a 2.6m bid on the table for Harnik. He's No.3 in the goalscoring charts.

A couple more risers.

Bezerra Patrick +5 to 83 +1.42m
Leo Pele +12 to 82 +1.86m

Patrick was in around the first team but with that boost he's nearly the first name on the teamsheet. I don't think I'm gonna sell anyone as I just don't have time to research replacements/potential risers.

I should go to the Chairman looking for a boost to the coffers. Cheapskate!:rant:

18-02-18, 05:36 PM
Well, selling Harnik seemed to kill any momentum we had going into the final games of last season. We'd a shocking run off form and fell out the play off spots. We needed to move him on as we were going deeper into the red with every game week.

I do think this challenge is a bit bigger than me. Having said that the team is now liquid. There's money in the bank and the wages are not crippling the club.

The time to research the next breakthrough star is one thing but having the patience to wait for a rise is another. Will ponder my future at the club but I don't it's possible to make them anyway competitive in the near future. I think here is where the squad cap impedes progression.

19-02-18, 11:01 AM
That's the troubling I'm having. I'm keeping things ticking over by buying decent-ish players and then selling them on once their transfer bans are up but occasionally, I'm signing players that are for the future too which isn't going to get me promoted. I'm usually very patient but I keep changing my mind on holding on to the youth players and sell them on right away. Going to have to settle on a long-term plan eventually.

If we abolished the 25 man rule, I wouldn't have a problem then :D

07-03-18, 06:05 PM
Trimmed down the squad. Can't help but wonder if I'd kept Harnik, could I have pushed for the play offs...

Decided to go with this team for another season. At the very least I'll leave them in a better situation than I found them. It's play-offs or jump ship to takeover another struggler and make them liquid.

08-03-18, 10:35 PM
With money in the bank and gate receipts covering wages I decided to gamble:

Nils PETERSEN has completed his move to El Jaish SC from Freiburg for 3,676,000

I'm hoping he can get the +1 to bump him to 88 and sell him on for £5m+ offsetting what his wages are going to set me back. :lol:

I'm not saying he is paying dividends but we were 2-0 down at halftime versus Al Karamah and the new boy turned it on in the 2nd half as he scored 2 and assisted the 3rd. We got the 3 points.

07-09-18, 03:33 PM
A whole year has passed... Might do a recap some evening.

07-09-18, 04:14 PM
Crikey, it doesn't seem like a year!

08-02-19, 11:17 AM
I regret not documenting this more, if not for others , then just for myself... it's been a slog but the wheeling , dealing and managing the finances is rewarding or at least has been for me. One tip I have for people is to be ruthless when it comes to transfers. It's no place for nostalgia. Always be selling. Buy an 83 rated player sell him as soon as he gets a rise unless your lucky enough to get a neymar or raheem who look destined for astronomical rises. Check what level the average squad in you league is and work towards a starting XI above that. Everyone else in the league is happy to wait for the end of season big 4 league reviews but there are other leagues being updated continuously. Obviously it takes a bit of time but soccerway and trabsfermarkt give a decent representation of how a player is developing. Whoscored is decent too.

It's also a nice way to get clued into players who might be the next big thing...Other than the wonderkid thread on the best website there is, this one.

08-02-19, 02:15 PM
How are the finances looking? I keep building up a nice stack at FC Kallon but then blow it on a new signing :D Mind you, once their TB's are up, I'll often get a small profit so it's just a matter of ensuring they don't see their rating drop in that time.

08-02-19, 02:28 PM
2/3m in the bank. Team is worth 80.5m. Wage is 481k. Average rating 85. Highest rated 90.

Wage bill us a tad high for my liking but if you wheelndeal it isn't really an issue.

I did bring in two players that I anticipated, incorrectly, would get a rise. They didn't so that'll cost me as they are both 49k earners... Might have a chance at promotion though.

08-02-19, 02:30 PM
Crikey, that's a good valuation of the squad.

08-02-19, 02:34 PM
Ryan Fraser was rated 86, cost 4m. Increased to 88 and is worth 8m.

08-02-19, 03:04 PM
Nice :ok: Hoping for a similar boost for Brooks soon :D

23-03-19, 09:13 AM
So, as we run into the final 6 games, El Jaish find themselves in the automatic promotion spot. Deportivo Mongomo have an insurmountable lead of 16 points. They will be crowned champions with one more win. We are an uncomfortable 5 points ahead of 3rd place and 10 points clear of 7th.

In the next 6 games we play 3rd, 4th & 5th so we could well drop 9 points. Having said that I didn't expect to be fighting for promotion so soon after winning division 5.

Value of the squad sits at 85.5m. with 4 players on loan the average rating of the squad is 87 but the wage bill is as per usual too high 620k. We have slipped into the red but that'll be rectified at season's end. We gambled by bringing in some older talent to push for promotion. Wayne Rooney and Dante some of the aforementioned older talent.

11-04-19, 08:30 PM
So having dropped to 3rd after two draws and a loss I had all but given up on automatic promotion. Al Ain had turned on the style. We went into tonight's game looking to solidify 3rd. Keeping an eye on the match cast Al Ain scored early doors away to Barracuda. Garcia converted a penalty to put us up 1 nil. But the unthinkable happened... Al Ain conceded. A draw might be enough...

That tie wasn't over though as Barracuda scored again. If that result stayed the same and we could see out our side of things we'd be golden. Our tie wasn't over though... Another goal... El jaish scored it... Minutes ticking down... Final whistle. We'd done it promotion from league 4.

Back to back promotions seemed like an impossibility when I took over this bunch of misfits...

Now decision time. Stay and see how far I can go. Drop back to 5 and see can I repeat the feat. Or take over my old side Legia Warsaw who have sunk to division 3...

14-04-19, 10:50 AM
Congrats! Well deserved!

27-04-19, 11:50 AM
Sold a few, bought a few. No cash injection apart from my prize money which was half gone as we had drifted in to the red. It was a gamble that I could cover by selling players. I was hoping the chairman might throw a few quid our way.

Currently have 23 players worth 85.8m with 16.6m in the bank. One transfer incoming while pondering on downgrading my expensive aging DCs, not my shoes...My stalwarts Dante and Garcia. Both 88 rated but on 36k wage each.

Our wage bill currently sits at 550k which is the most it's ever been. We did splash the cash on record signing Centiz Under for 14m. 89 rated, 49k. It was an investment in the hope he'll hit 90 in the summer. At the very least we can sell him on in July at no loss and he should be a staple in the first team. Our other 89 rated player is Roman Burki. When I purchased him Dortmund were looking unstoppable, hoping he can justify a +1 come the end of the season.

A mix of youth with Dwight McNeil a bright talent for Burnley, Skipp from spurs on the fringes IRL. Was hoping some of the higher ups would take a punt on Ryan Fraser but I may as well hold on to him now.

Hoping for a Ukraine update if only to sell on Junior Moraes. Stuani is our highest rated at 90 with 65k in the bank. Banging them in real life but his team are on the verge of relegation. Sell or keep?

27-04-19, 12:04 PM
Funnily the first league game is against my, once all conquering, Legia Warsaw. They are from the team I built, unrecognisable. The talent that was spread across the top 2 tiers of the league is consolidating in the top tier. Congealing... Solidifying... the top tier. Unbreakable. A long term project to win Division 1 would take years.

The team building, the assembly of the squad not that nonsense that's sold like the emperors new clothes to multinational conglomerates, is a nice aspect to the game. A bit of research can unearth "the next Messi" or at least a young Argentine player who can dribble. :D

Sell him on for a profit, invest that profit, and sell that investment and maybe buy the initial player again before he gets his next rise. Rinse and repeat. The advantage in the lower leagues is you can buy a 75 rated player and expect to have him on the fringes of you starring XI... This is one that I'm torn between as I get dragged into competitive mode.

When I started this project it was to turn around the club's finances and fortunes. Achieved more than I set out to... Retaking legia would be a folly. A shedload of cash but no one to buy. Could we even compete in division 2?

10-05-19, 11:26 AM
Squad worth 102.5m with 2.4m in the bank. Wages at 617k. Average age 25. Average rating 85. Quietly confident that we'll be competitive this year. I feel we have reached peak in that we'll challenge for promotion to division 1 over the next 2-4 seasons but the squad rating won't improve much.

The average rating for my top 15 players is 88 with an average age of 28. 3 older 88 players will need replacing.

22-08-19, 11:13 AM
Threw my financial template out the window in a bid the get promoted in the playoffs... 9x 90 rated players. Wages just short of 1m...

22-08-19, 08:23 PM
Hahaha Danny Rose making his 2nd appearance for us gets injured for 4 weeks.

09-09-19, 06:47 AM
Threw my financial template out the window in a bid the get promoted in the playoffs... 9x 90 rated players. Wages just short of 1m...

Fell in the playoffs straight off the bat. Definitely more deserving tacticians in the league.

Now to rebuild or jumpship.all but our goalie is rated 90, but our two DCs are definitely dropping soon...

10-03-20, 05:11 PM
Team worth 109.3m. Wages 787k. AVG of first team 88. 50m in the bank. I feel we've peaked so 90% certain this will be the last season I'm at the helm here promotion or not.

10-03-20, 09:48 PM
Team worth 109.3m. Wages 787k. AVG of first team 88. 50m in the bank. I feel we've peaked so 90% certain this will be the last season I'm at the helm here promotion or not.

I understand how you feel. Finding the time & motivation to attempt to break in to the top half of division one is a task you can't attempt halfheartedly; is it better having a bit of fun buying & selling, dragging a team up from the lower divisions?