View Full Version : Great game but cannot hire any staff!

07-09-17, 11:01 AM
Playing as Sparta Prague I offloaded the worst coach with the expectation of being able to hire someone better fairly easily. I have tried with 18 different people, starting with decent staff to just anybody with a pulse and every one of them rejects the contract. Some of them wanted more money than I can afford so I am fine with that but even the worst coaches in the world turn me down.

I notice in one of the information panels for the Coach it says 'Current Offer from Sparta Prague - 0' :shocked: does this mean that the game is not recognising the contract values I am trying to offer?

Any advice would be much appreciated

07-09-17, 02:37 PM
Found the answer....You can't exploit that part of the game like 01/02 anymore :cry: Coaches with any kind of decent stats will have a comment saying they expect a substantial contract, they aren't kidding! Anyone with 15+ ratings across the board demand more than my top player earns (the great Poborsky, obviously) - no more Miles Bloke with 20's across the board asking for 200 quid a week...

07-09-17, 02:45 PM