View Full Version : Tactic for 3.81 version

23-09-17, 08:38 PM
Hello. I am playing the 3.81 version. The tactic that I use is swanswong much like the SW23311. But I like to play a more realistic tactic. If you have like a 442 or something. I know I should make it my self, but I really don't have the nerv. I use to have something like 4132 from the standard tactic, but know it isn't working anymore. I play this game in holliday mode, in background of my work aplication. Thank's in advance

25-09-17, 09:27 AM
The Urban Legend tactic from 01/02 works well which is a realistic tactic, back four, DMC, MC X 2, AML, AMR and SC.

14-10-17, 06:16 PM
thank's. I'll try it.