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02-10-17, 10:50 PM
October 2017 Data Update Preview Save

https://s6.postimg.org/o5hhzq4vl/unclesamfeedback.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Click the link below to Download the October 2017 Data Update Preview Save


Simply extract the files from the zip folder and add them to your Championship Manager 01-02 folder. This won't work with saturn's 2.21.1+ v3 patch

We are in the home straight for getting the October 2017 data update out but we need your help too :ok: This a great community and hopefully we will get the great response we got here (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=3825), here (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=5650), here (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=7445), here (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8953) and here (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9441) ;)

What we want from you:

- Missing players
- - Clubs are limited to 50 players so we can't every youngster to the database. There is no need to fill out each club with 50 players either
- Missed transfers
- Missed loans (we don't add loans that last less than 3 months unless they are to the end of the season. So month loan long/emergency aren't added)
- Incorrect positions
- - 2 games in one position in 2 years for a regular doesn't warrant that position showing
- - - this site is great to help out too even 433 is misrepresented on it http://www.football-lineups.com/
- Incorrect staff - managers, coaches, scouts, physio's, chairmen
- Leagues without anyone dedicated to updating them - Argentina, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, N. Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea
- Duplicate players - there are a lot in the database at the minute. We'll reveal more when the full database is out

What is still outstanding or not in the preview save:

- Player and Club Competition Histories
- Future transfers from reserve teams
- International caps
- Testing the database
- Correcting line-ups
- Correcting positions
- Adjusting players Current Ability (overated/underated)

This save was loaded on a just the 3.9.68 patch with no Tapani patch so it starts in 2001/02 and without the additions of a Tapani patch. Nor with the renaming or saturn's patches. We really just want data from you guys are we'll be doing plenty of testing ourselves over the next few weeks. If you are unsure what a data update actually changes http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=3589

Preview Save thread closes: 11/10/17

Full Data Update release date: 22/10/17

03-10-17, 02:06 AM
Will have a scout at Swansea, rest of Prem league and anything else over next few days but for now a few thoughts on Liverpool.........

This one needs to go first – Ben Woodburn – REMOVE ENGLISH :) Now fully fledged Welsh International :cool: I know you have to update Int’l caps etc but just wanted to shout this one out :lol: :pound: Would say he can play anyone where in front 3 so make a R as well – so F (LRC). But to be honest I think we’re going to get him playing deeper (which he already is now in U23’s) so I reckon in next update he may even be a AM/F. Decisions up a couple as doesn’t waste the ball

Joe Gomez – got an injury in the game? Assume that will be removed? Remove Gambian from Nationality as he’s Engalnd U21 Captain? Influence up a few. Would suggest his defensive att’s up a couple as well. Klavan seems better than him in game which is probably the other way around now. Long shots of 17 can come down! Teamwork of 6 seems a little harsh

Andrew Robertson – is he both footed? Thought he was a proper lefty?! Crossing needs to go up by quite a few points. If he carries on like he has done in the few games he’s had, I’ll be suggesting an upgrade next year but certainly fair the way he looks now over his career.

Ragnar Klavan – General defensive att’s down a couple (would suggest to swap them with Gomez). Influence can go up though as he’s Estonia captain and experience. Pace/Acceleration/Creativity down a bit

Joel Matip – Strength and Aggression down a bit.

Jordan Williams – he’s on loan to Rochdale for the first half of the 2017-18 season to build up more senior experience.

Trent Alexander-Arnold. Wouldn’t say he’s a D/DM (R), I’d say D/M (R) as he’s never played DM but has always (until first team) been a right midfielder. Also – nudge his set pieces up a bit as if Coutinho not playing he has been given responsibility in first team. He’s still raw but will be the real deal so good to see his att’s have had an improvement :clap: Influence of “1” is a bit low  as I reckon he does have leadership skills in him

Jon Flanagan – good work on reducing him down as he’s not particularly near first team, did bugger all at Burnley and when given a chance not impressed and showed his limitations.

And while I’m praising you, good work on giving Albie Moreno a slight nudge back up. Been very good since pre season and so far this season. Does take wedge of set pieces so nudge up a few there

Emre Can – I’m not hot on him playing for Germany, but if he still plays RB/defence for them (if/when he does play) then D/DM sounds good. Otherwise would suggest to get rid of the “D” as even though as shite as our defence is, it’s very very rare he plays there now. Heading and Jumping up at least 1 as he’s very good at winning majority of high balls in middle of parl

Degsy Lovren – Passing down a couple as loves kicking straight out to touch.

Marko Grujic – Teamwork up a bit. I like this kid whenever I see him but he’s a fecking hothead and loves a booking. Looks good for now

Phillipe Coutinho – Long Shots and Set Pieces up – score more outside box than anyone else in Prem League. Influence up? He’s Brazil’s Captain and has captained Liverpool before.

Adam Lallana – Influence up a bit – used to be Southampton captain and still a leader in his own right with how he plays on the pitch. Teamwork up a couple. Can’t think of anyone who works harder for us. Out injured for another couple of weeks at least though

Gini Wijnaldum. Jumping and Heading down. Flair down a bit. He’s a really tough one to attribute whereby he does a lot that is not obvious to the eye but then just completely goes missing in some games (usually away from home)

Ryan Kent – signed a new 4-5 year deal but in game his contract runs out in 6 months! He’s also on loan at Frieburg in Germany. He has very good close control skills so whatever they are in CM a nudge up on then!

Dominic Solanke – Does his Nationality need to be just English given he just won U20 World Cup with them? (not sure if he can still switch after that?!). Heading and Jumping up. Not seen him take a set piece so down a few? He’s a bit like Defoe/Studge whereby he seems a natural striker that always knows where the goal is with regards to having a quick pop and not messing about. Does a rather good job holding it up and bringing others into play as well so to contradict myself he reminds me of Crouchie as well where for a relatively big lads he has good feet. Christ - think I've made im sound like the original Ronaldo now :rofl:

Daniel Sturridge – Pace/Acceleration/Agility can all come down a couple – think he’s lost that now. Would suggest creativity/flair up a bit as still capable of producing something from nothing. Infleuence up a bit in regards to he is seen as mentor to younger players in academy and in first XI. So not, captain material but it’s a different level of influence

It should be MATT Konopinski and not Mike

Liverpool Reserves
Not sure if you need some of these “culling” if they cannot go into Liverpool club and don’t want loads of them in the “reserves” club which has all different youth players from different teams? If so, i'm sure a few of us could advise

Shamal George – he signed a new contract an then joined Carlisle on loan until January

From the 4 ‘keepers in the reserves, Kamil Grabara is the best prospect and playing the U23 games and doing decent. Kelleher looks better than him in update so I’d flip ‘em.

Brookes Lennon - rejoined Real Salt Lake City on loan in a deal that will run until December 31 2017.

Toni Gomes is at Forest Green Rovers on a season long loan

Allan is on season long loan to Apollon Limassol ...

Sam Hart made a permanent move to Blackburn Rovers

Harry Wilson could do with an upgrade. Since last season in U23 he has 34 goals and 17 assists in 43 games. For some reason he’s not close to getting in first team but I think we may loan him in Jan

Ovie Ejaria and Yan Dhanda maybe a slight increase as well and maybe Cameron Brannagan down a bit as has been curtailed by injury for a while now (but now back and playing)


Craig Forrest
03-10-17, 04:34 AM
Mexico - Chiapas FC no longer exists. Replace them with Tuxtla FC. Same city, same stadium..... but in the 3rd division now

Toronto FC - Vazquez needs better passing and teamwork... every game I saw him play his passes were spot on and key to unlocking defences.... there's a reason TFC finished first in the league this year..... between him, Bradley guarding the defence, and Altidore and Giovinco socring almost at will, it was a ridiculous year. They broke records

Osorio is turning into more of a box-to-box midfielder, rather than a straight up AMC

Giovinco's finishing and long shots should go up a few notches

Bono should be equal rep to Irwin..... Irwin began the year as a starter, but got hurt..... Bono replaced him and then didn't give up his spot when Irwin came back


03-10-17, 04:49 AM
Radko Mutafchiyski to Vitosha
Khaled Ayari from Orleans to Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Martin Stankev from Etar to Lokomotiv Sofia
Emil Gargorov to CSKA 1948
Bozhidar Vasev from H. Acra to Dunav 2010
Hussein Sulimani from Al Nassr (KSA) to Vereya - 1 year contract
Ulysse Ndong to Slavia Sofia
Mihail Minkov from Etar to Litex
Georgi Stavrev to Vihren
Efthymios Gamagas from AOK Kerkyra to Lokomotiv Sofia
Ivan Kirev from Botev Plovdiv to Bansko
Viktor Shishkov Player/Ass. manager to Pirin GD
Georgi Chilikov - Ass.manager to Levski
Angel Granchov from Neftohimik to Stal Mielec
Hristiyan Vasilev from Vitosha to Kariana
Daniel Pehlivanov from Ruch Chorzуw to Vihren
Samir Ayass from Dunav Rousse to Al Ahed
Iliyan Iliev from Cherno more to Academica
Steven Petkov from Montana to Botev Plovdiv
Petar Kazakov from Dobrudzha to Lokomotiv GO
Dimitar Nikolov from Neftohimik to Lokomotiv GO
Mariyan Ivanov from Botev Vratsa to Lokomotiv GO
Hristo Spasov from Botev Vratsa to Spartak Pleven
Anatoli Todorov from Oborishte to Spartak Pleven
Ivelin Iliev from Beroe to Botev Vratsa
Ruslan Ivanov from Kariana to Bansko
Svetoslav Chitakov from Litex to Maritsa
Milcho Angelov from CSKA-Sofia on loan to Slavia Sofia
Eray Karadayi from Nesebar to Oborishte
Tsvetomir Tsonkov from Nesebar to Oborishte
Kiril Lichev from Beroe on loan to Oborishte
Georgi Stefanov from Oborishte to Arda
Dimitar Iliev from Pomorie to Dobrudzha
Zhivko Iliev from Pomorie to Neftohimik
Lyubomir Iliev from Sozopol to Minyor
Erik Pochanski from Beroe to Etar
Tihomir Todorov from Spartak Pleven to Litex
Radoy Bozhilov from Tsarsko selo to Litex
Borislav Baldzhiyski from Cherno more to Montana
Ivan Kokonov to Montana
Lyubomir Genchev from Lokomotiv GO to free
simeon Mechev from Lokomotiv GO to free
Nebojsa Ivancevic from Montana to free
Nemanja Scekic from Montana to free
Yulian Chapaev from Montana to free
Nikolay Parnarov from Montana to free
Svilen Shterev from Montana to free
Hristo Stamov from Maritsa to free
Mario Kirev from Slavia Sofia to free
Antonio Tsankov from Oborishte to free
Danill Maykov from Slavia Sofia to free
Martin Vasilev from Pomorie to free
Vladimir Zafirov - free
Jean Patrick from Septemvri rename Jean Patric Lima dos Reis - Jean Patric

Henrik Ojamaa - free
Blazo Igumanovic to Buducnost
Anestis Chatziliadis to Agrotikos Asteras
Ross Jenkins to Viking
Sergiu Homei to Pandurii
Nikola Trujic to Tosno
Nuriddin Davronov to Istiklol

Mario Petkov from Dunav Ruse is DRC, not а MC.
Orlin Starokin is DMLC, not AML
Тhe colors of CSKA 1948 Sofia are red/white - white/red


03-10-17, 10:34 AM
AFC Wimbledon

Andy Barcham is primarily a left winger but can also play up front in a 3. I would change his position to AM/FLC.
Neset Bellikli has only made one appearance for the senior side which was an EFL trophy match. Not sure if that justifies his inclusion in the database?
Darius Charles is a CB but is occasionally thrown up front as a target man late in the game. I would change his position to CB.
Dan Gallagher has left the club and now plays for Leatherhead.
Anthony Hartigan is probably one to add. He has played half a dozen times in League One this season. He is a MC. His date of birth is 27.1.2000.
Kaja has been duplicated so delete Egil. Change position of Egli Kaja to AM/FC.
Paul Kalambayi has only made one appearance for the senior side which was an EFL trophy match. Not sure if that justifies his inclusion in the database?
Meades has been duplicated so delete Jonathan (the MC).
Change position of Will Nightingale to DC. He is highly rated.
Tzanev has been duplicated so delete Nik.


03-10-17, 11:02 AM
Stevie may from Preston plays for Aberdeen after moving for 300k.

K Tierney from celtic plays on the left but has played for Scotland on the right so maybe put an R in his playing position


03-10-17, 01:19 PM
Phillipe Coutinho – Long Shots and Set Pieces up – score more outside box than anyone else in Prem League. Influence up? He’s Brazil’s Captain and has captained Liverpool before.

Just for you to known Red, Coutinho is not Brazil's captain. Tite make it random, so every game is a diferent one. Dani Alves, Miranda, Neymar, Renato Augusto, all where captain. Don't known about being captain at Liverpool, but you known that better than me for sure :ok:
Agree with long shots and set pieces though. And maybe add favourite club Barcelona? :D

03-10-17, 02:04 PM
Vainquer (Roma) - to Antalyaspor
Antonio Letizia (Foggia) - loan to Catanzaro
Angelo de Almeyda (Foggia) - to Matera
Luca Pompilio (Foggia) - for free


03-10-17, 02:16 PM
Trent Alexander-Arnold should have higher set pieces. Scored a belter in Champs League and is meant to be good at them in training.


03-10-17, 02:55 PM
Just for you to known Red, Coutinho is not Brazil's captain. Tite make it random, so every game is a diferent one. Dani Alves, Miranda, Neymar, Renato Augusto, all where captain. Don't known about being captain at Liverpool, but you known that better than me for sure :ok:
Agree with long shots and set pieces though. And maybe add favourite club Barcelona? :D

Cheers for the info on Brazilian captaincy - thought it was odd when I heard it :lol:
He has captained Liverpool though and as well as that his general influence on the pitch is high

FUUUU in Barca :)

03-10-17, 04:39 PM
Bristol City

Jens Hegeler is a CB and DMC, not AMC.
Jonny Smith is a LM and LW - not LB. Also drop the 'h' in Johnny, and he is currently on loan to Fylde 'til January.
Tin Plavotic is a CB, not DMC.
Nathan Battersby no longer plays for City, believe he is in non-league somewhere.
Aden Baldwin is on loan at Weston Super-Mare 'til January.
Jack Batten now plays for Bath City.
Jack Challis has been released.
Wade Elliot has retired from playing. He is now U23 manager at Southampton.
Bobby Reid can also play as an FC. His finishing should also be higher than 11 given the start he's had this season!
Josh Brownhill can also play at RM.
Diego De Girolamo is on loan at Chesterfield.
Arnold Garita is listed twice, both incorrectly. He is known as just 'Arnold Garita', and is Cameroonian/French.
Lloyd Kelly is not on the game - promising young LB who is part of the first-team squad (https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/first-team-squad/25-lloyd-kelly/)
Freddie Hinds is also not on the game - promising young FW who is currently on loan at Cheltenham. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/first-team-squad/33-freddie-hinds/
Joe Bryan should be listed as English, not Scottish/English.
Wes Burns now plays for Fleetwood Town.

Dean Holden is assistant manager, not Jamie McAlister.
Luke Williams is on the coaching staff. He is unattached on the saved game.
Peter Amos is no longer on the coaching staff.
Mark Ashton is Managing Director - more here: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/board-of-directors/

Also - stadium capacity is 27,000, and I hope the away colours are Purple/Lime.


Mohammed Eisa is listed twice.

Keep up the great work guys!


03-10-17, 05:56 PM
http://answers.opencv.org/m/default/media/images/flags/tr.gif?v=6 October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [1]

Shortname Akhisar Bld. > Akhisarspor
Longname Kasimpasa > Kasimpasa SK
Longname Gaziantep Futbol Kulübü > Gazisehir Gaziantep FK
Longname Manisaspor > Grandmedical Manisaspor
Shortname Karagümrük > F. Karagümrük
Longname Fatih Karagümrük > Ottocool Karagümrük
Longname Alpedo Kahramanmarasspor > Kahramanmarasspor
Longname Amed Sportif Faliyetler > Amed Sportif Faaliyetler
Shortname Bodrum Bld. > BB Bodrumspor
Longname Bodrum Belediyespor > Bodrum Belediyesi Bodrumspor
Longname Keçiörengücü > Keçiörengücü SK
Shortname Dardanelspor > Ç. Dardanelspor
Shortname Orhangazispor > Orhangazi Bld.
Longname Orhangazispor > Orhangazi Belediyespor
Longname Birlik Nakliyat Düzyurtspor > Baysal Insaat Düzyurtspor
Longname Karaköprü Belediyesi > Sanliurfa Karaköprü Belediyespor
Transfers of Sanliurfa Karaköprüspor are mixed up with Sanliurfaspor (needs to be sorted out, will try to take care of this)
Longname Osmaniyespor > Osmaniyespor FK
Longname Kahramanmaras Büyüksehir Belediyespor > 1920 Marasspor
Shortname K. Maras BB > 1920 Marasspor
Shortname Y.Kirikkalespor > Y. Kirikkalespor
Longname + Shortname Carsambaspor > Çarsambaspor
Yeni Orduspor still missing in database (as well the transfers of the scout thread) plays in the professional leagues of Turkey (≠ Orduspor). Suggest to change place with Bursa Nilüferspor (same club as Karacabey Birlikspor as mentioned in Researching thread)
Transfers of Yeni Orduspor are mixed up with Orduspor (needs to be sorted out, will try to take care of this)

Create Cahit Terzi manager Yeni Orduspor dob 29/3/1959 CA 30 PA 35 CR 30 fav. club Zonguldak Kömürspor
Anadolu Üsküdar 1908 Spor (Turkey Lower) is same club as Anadolu Bagcilarspor replace with another to be created club as suggested in Researching thread
Hikmet Sevim manager of Sancaktepe Belediyespor
Mustafa Capanoglu manager Keciörengücü
Create Serdar Bozkurt manager Sivas Belediyespor dob 28/04/1977 CA 40 PA 50 CR 40
Ilker Erdem manager 1461 Trabzon
Özgür Zengin manager Bayburt OI
Nevzat Dincbudak manager Orhangazi Belediyespor
Turhan Sen manager Yesil Bursa
Bahri Kaya manager Sariyer
Levent Devrim manager Manisa BB
Fetih Cokkeser manager Karacabey
Create Egemen Urhan manager Muglaspor dob 22/7/1982 CA 30 PA 40 CR 30
Taner Öcal manager Düzcespor
Bayram Toysal manager Diyarbekirspor

The allocation of clubs in Turkish 2. Division Category B in the five regional groups is far from accurate. Suggest to reconsider my post in Researching thread.


03-10-17, 06:03 PM
Junior Mapuku is a SC, not DMC. Nation Democratic Republic of Congo.
Igor Djoman from Lokomotiv GO to Gibraltar Utd
Tsvetan Genkov and Cvetan Genkov are the same person. Delete one. :)


03-10-17, 06:08 PM
I am unable to find a ton of indexes and save doesn't load

03-10-17, 06:47 PM
Changes in Brazil

São Paulo FC
have 2 Brunos (Bruno and Bruno Vieira is the same guy)
Eder Militão - Currently he is part of the initial XI playing as right back, so adds "right" in his position.
Romário Leiria - A little mess here: he is in São Paulo from Rio Grande do Sul (São Paulo-RS)
Rodrigo Caio - Last time he played in right side was in 2012. Maybe consider remove "right" in his position.
Cícero >>> Grêmio
Lucão - his loan is for Estoril, not Gil Vicente

SC Corithians P
Guilherme > Atlético Paranaense(Loan)
Cristian > Grêmio(Loan)

SE Palmeiras
Robinho >>> Cruzeiro
Luan(Lázaro Luan Scapolan) >>> Avaí
Have two Tchê Tchê: delete one.

Fluminense FC
Osvaldo >>> Sport Recife

Botafogo FR
This year the Botafogo stadium officially changed its name to "Nilton Santos"

Cruzeiro EC
Mayke > Palmeiras(2 years Loan)
Have two Fábio: delete one.

C Atlético Mineiro
Rómulo Otero (free agent) to Atlético-MG
Carlos > Internacional(Loan)

C Atlético Paranaense
Marcos Guilherme > São Paulo(Loan)

A Portuguesa D
Another mess: has a lot of Venezuelan player plus some Argentines. These players are from a club called Portuguesa, but from Venezuela.


03-10-17, 07:44 PM
No Cavani? Am I being blind.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles > DMC is his natural position although Wenger has played him LWB, RWB and RB.
Theo Walcott > He's only ever played a handful of games at left wing and was poor so not a natural start position, F RC is more like it.
Rob Holding > Never played at LB for Arsenal, not sure about Bolton but a DC only?
Cohen Bramall > Super speedy.

Henry Onyekuru - played mostly through the middle so FLC?

Adam Davies - club captain so influence has increased.
Adam Hammill - Played several games at number 10 so AM RLC

Real Madrid
Has Varane ever played at sweeper, does anyone anymore?

more to come - awesome work so far!


03-10-17, 08:21 PM
Quick one from me; Philip Wollscheid (Stoke City) was released and has signed for Metz (Germany)


03-10-17, 08:34 PM
No Cavani? Am I being blind.

more to come - awesome work so far!

can't find him either. Thanks, we will bring him back!

03-10-17, 09:20 PM
can't find him either. Thanks, we will bring him back!


Neymar's even snuffed him out of CM :lol:

03-10-17, 10:02 PM


03-10-17, 10:06 PM
Rodrigo Bentacur for Juventus it's not some DMC and CM.

Douglas Costa for Bayern loan for Juve, option to buy for and of season for 40mln.


03-10-17, 10:34 PM
I think Dybala needs better stats, like better creativity, finishing, set pieces and flair.


03-10-17, 11:14 PM

Paul Williams no longer a coach and Nelson Jardim is Youth Coach so remove him as well. Check official page and only 3 coaches and Makelele so no need to replace them

Remove Jon Grey and Gary Richards as Scouts


Alfie Mawson – this kid is the real deal. Certainly worth and increase on defensive att’s. He is very good on the ball (a la Rio Ferdinand – not that good yet tho :lol:) so passing up a bit. However, he still is liable to the odd “brain” fart so decisions down a couple and hopefully it improves with experience.

Mike Van Der Hoorn – Heading and Jumping up a bit as to be fair he’s ok at that which makes up for his other flaws

Kyle Bartley – Bravery and Jumping up a bit. He recently signed a new 4 year deal as well. In the DB he’s out of contract after 1st season. Knee ligament injury util Novemeber though - not sure if that needs to be put into DB?

Botti Biabi is on loan at Hamilton Academicals until January

Jordan Ayew – Teamwork and Work Rate up a few notches – grafts very well up top and runs the channels down

Nathan Dyer was injured until last week with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Not sure if it needs chucking in DB?

Ki Sung - was injured until last week with a knee injury. Not sure if it needs chucking in DB?

Luciano Narsingh – looks overrated to me and if he doesn’t start performing this season I’ll suggest a decrease for him in April update

Tammy Abraham – Teamwork and Workrate up – doesn’t stop running all game. I think this kid has it to be a good striker – shame he’s not getting any service from Swans midfielders :lol:

Wayne Routledge – general decrease across the board – not sure how he got a new contract when he doesn’t deliver numbers

Keston Davies on loan to Yeovil for the season

Connor Roberts on loan to Middlesborough for the season


03-10-17, 11:49 PM
Lucas Perez (Arsenal) should be on loan to Deportivo

Callum Wilson (Bournemouth) has a 11 month injury - remove?

Chris Wood (Leeds) should be at Burnley

2 Willy Cabalerro at Chelsea - 1 is called Wilfredo :lol:

Morata finishing up a bit at Chelsea?

Loic Remy should be at Las Palmas on 2 year deal

Victor Moses AML? - Shouldn't he be a bit defensive as a position as well? Not sure how you nest do a wing back position?

Mammadou Sakho influence 3?! Should be a good 15+ I'd say

Ashley Williams has been pretty poor at Everton. Certainly his pace has dropped big time and he's playing deeper and deeper

Dominic Calvert Lewin - Teamwork and Work Rate up? Seems to run his guts out every game!

Gylfi Sigurdsson - Leadership should be at least 13. Captained Swans many times and a leader on the pitch.

Yannick Bolasie - knee injury until November needs to be put in?

Mo Besic - has been beastly on previous DB's but been injured for about 2 years. Does look to have been reduced a bit though

Danny Drinkwater should be at Chelsea (and maybe his injury?)

Adrien Silva - did his transfer actually go through to Leicester? Thought it did but not until January?

Does Paul Pogba's injury need to go in given Mourinho said it was longer term last week?

Danny Rose been injured for ages and still no comeback date - needs to go in? Same for Erik Lamela?

Kevin Wimmer should be at Stoke City

Richarlison (Watford) finishing a bit higher than 10 (as Tom Cleverley is 11 for example)


04-10-17, 11:40 AM
I realise this might be too late but the Guardian have published their 2017 best young talents


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04-10-17, 11:50 AM
I realise this might be too late but the Guardian have published their 2017 best young talents


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We will sure take a look at this before the release! Thanks for the link

04-10-17, 01:24 PM

Liga NOS 17/18

Desportivo das Aves

Lito Vidigal coach (its a new coach, it was announced yesterday (i put that in portugal transfers)) (free agent)
Tiago Aguiar assistent coach (need to be created) BD: 1988-11-06(28 years) Portuguese
Maurício Vaz fitness coach (free agent)
Tiago Castro fitness coach (free agent)
Vitor Pimenta Physiotherapist (need to be created) BD: 1973-02-03(44 years) Portuguese

Mama Baldé is missing (loan from sporting) (he is in game free)
Carlos Ponck is missing (Loan from Benfica) (need to be created) - He is the best central defender of Aves
Name: Carlos dos Santos Rodrigues
BD: 1995-01-13(22 years)
Nationality: Cape Verde

Carlos Falcão is missing (need to be created) (MDC)
Name: Cláudio Falcão Santos
BD: 1994-07-03(23 years)
Nationality: Brazil

Cristián Arango is missing (loan from Benfica) (need to be created) - Regular option for ST
Name: Cristián Daniel Arango Duque
BD: 1995-03-09 (22 anos)
Nationality - Colombian

Need Improve:
Nelson Lenho
Rodrigo Soares
Carlos Ponck* (promise)
Ryan Gauld* (promise
Paulo Machado
Gonçalo Santos
Salvador Agra
Alexandre Guedes

Carlos Ponck
Paulo Machado
Salvador Agra


Hugo Viana geral director (free agent)
Artur Alexandre assistant coach (free agent)
Bruno Moura fitness coach (free agent)
Luís Diogo fitness coach (free agent)

André Geraldes is missing (loan from sporting)

Need to Improve:
André Geraldes
Nuno Tomás* (promise)
Bouba Souré
Filipe Chaby

Nuno Tomás
Miguel Rosa
Diogo Viana


Chris Willock is missing (free agent)
Ruben Dias is missing (free agent)
André Carrillo is in Watford

Need to Improve:
Ruben Dias* (promise)
Diogo Gonçalves* (promise)
André Horta* (promise)

Need to Lower:
Júlio Cesar
Paulo Lopes



Álvaro Pacheco assistent coach (free agent)
Elias Nunes assistent coach (free agent)

Raphael Rossi is missing (Jeunesse Canach)
Flávio Silva is missing (free agent)

Need to Improve:
Vitor Bruno
Raphael Rossi
Fabio Espinho
Renato Santos
Leonardo Ruiz* (promise)

Need to Lower

Fábio Espinho

Sporting Braga

Vítor Castanheira fitness coach (free agent)
João Martins fitness coach (free agent)
Carlos Martinho fitness coach (need to be created)
Name: Carlos Filipe Rodrigues Martinho
BD: 1984-05-02 (33 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

André Moreira is missing (loan from Atlétic Madrid)
André Horta is missing (loan from Benfica) - change name for "André Horta"
João Carlos Teixeira is missing (loan from Porto)

Need to Improve:
Ricardo Ferreira
Raul Silva
Xadas* (promise)
André Horta* (promise)
João Carlos Teixeira* (promise)
Ricardo Horta* (promise)
Fabio Martins
Dyego Sousa
Bruno Jordão* (promise)
Pedro Neto* (promise)
Artur Jorge* (promise)


Desportivo Chaves

Vítor Severino coach assistent (need to be created)
Name: Vítor José Santos Severino
BD: 1983-08-16 (34 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Filipe Çelikkaya fitness assistent (need to be created)
Name: Filipe Çelikkaya
BD: 1985-01-19 (32 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Need to Improve:
Domingos Duarte* (promise)
Maras* (promise)
Pedro Tiba
Matheus Pereira* (promise)

Pedro Tiba
Domingos Duarte

Vitória Guimarães

Nélson Oliveira Scout (free agent)

Miguel Oliveira is missing (he is in team B) (GK)
Pedrão - change name for "Pedro Henrique"
Chico Ramos - change name for "Francisco Ramos"
Bongani Zungu is missing (Amiens SC)
Kiko is missing (need to be created) (MDC)
Name: Francisco Daniel Simões Rodrigues
BD: 1997-02-27 (20 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Need to Improve:
Miguel Silva* (promise)
Vitor Garcia* (promise)
Vigario* (promise)
Pedro Henrique
Helder Ferreira
Xande Silva
Raphinha* (promise)
Estupinan* (promise)

Pedro Henrique


João Ricardo fitness coach (Moreirense)
Bairrada Scout (Oliveirense) - change name for "Pedro Oliveira"
Rui Xavier assistent coach (need to be created)
Name: Rui Xavier Ferreira Silva
BD: 1975-07-02 (42 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Paulo Correia fitness coach (need to be created)
Name: Paulo Jorge da Costa Correia
BD: 1975-01-26 (42 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Pedro Nuno is missing (free agent)
Murilo is missing (Murilo from Mirassol)

Need to Improve:
Claudio Ramos
David Bruno
Nick Ansell
Claude Gonçalves
Pedro Nuno* (promise)
Miguel Cardoso

Ricardo Costa
Miguel Cardoso
Pedro Nuno

Vitoria Setubal

João Teixeira change position for MC
Rafinha (need to be created) (MAC/MAE)
Name: Sandro Rafael Veiga Cunha
BD: 1992-04-30 (25 years)
Nationality: Portuguese
Contract (2020/06)

Need to Improve:
Nuno Pinto
Vasco Fernandes
Pedro Pinto
Andre Pedrosa
Tomas Podstawski* (promise)
João Teixeira* (promise)
João Amaral
Gonçalo Paciencia* (promise)

Pedro Trigueira
Tomas Podstawski
João Teixeira


Virgílio Fernandes assistant coach (Apollon Limassol)
André Galbe fitness coach (free agent)
Rui Gomes fitness coach (free agent)
Luís Miguel (free agent) - (portuguese and 46 years)

Rafik Halliche is missing (Qatar SC)
Lucão is missing (Loan from São Paulo)
Fernando Fonseca is missing (Loan from Porto) (Free agent)
Eduardo Teixeira change position for (MC/MAC)
Duarte Valente is missing (need to be created) (MDC)
Name: Duarte Urtigueira Gouveia Beirao Valente
BD: 1999-11-02 (17 years)
Nationality: Portuguese
Wesley Dias is missing (need to be created) (MC)
Name: Wesley Dias Claudino
BD: 1995-06-22(22 years)
Nationality: Brazil
Pedro Rodrigues is missing (need to be created) (Loan from Benfica) (MDC) - got contract with Benfica until 2020/06
Name: Pedro Filipe Figueiredo Rodrigues
BD: 1997-05-20(20 ANOS)
Nationality: Portuguese

Need to Improve:
Fernando Fonseca* (promise)
Abner* (promise)
Pedro Rodrigues* (promise)
Lucas Evangelista* (promise)

Lucas Evangelista
Pedro Monteiro


Samuel Correia assistent coach (free agent)

Dele Alampasu isn't loaned to Cesarense, he was back for be 3rd GK
Diga - Change name for "Diogo Almeida"

Need to Improve:
Caio Secco
Tiago Gomes
Flavio Ramos
Bruno Nascimento
Tiago Silva
Edson Farias
Etebo* (promise)
João Silva

Need to Lower
Luís Machado

Tiago Silva
João Silva


Renato Pontes assistent coach (Santa Clara)
Tiago Sousa fitness coach (Santa Clara)
José Manuel fitness coach (need to be created)
Name: José Manuel Camacho Neves
BD: 1975-11-30(41 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Luís Martins is missing (Loan from Granada)

Need to Improve:
Luís Martins
João Gamboa* (promise)
Fabio Pacheco
Edgar Costa
Ricardo Valente
Rodrigo Pinho

Edgar Costa
Ricardo Valente
Jean Cleber


José Augusto assistent coach (Nacional)
Basílio Marques fitness coach (Nacional)
Zé Nando fitness coach (free agent)
Bruno Ribeiro fitness coach (free agent)

Ronaldo Peña is missing (loan from Caracas)

Need to Improve:
Ruben Lima
Alfa Semedo* (promise)
Bruno Ramires* (promise)
Zizo* (promise)
Ronaldo Peña

Need to Lower:
Filipe Garcia

Ruben Lima
Alfa Semedo

Paços Ferreira

Filipe Ribeiro fitness coach (free agent)
Mauro Silva assistent coach (need to be created)
Name: Mauro Ricardo Silva
BD: 1983-09-30(34 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Miguel Moreira fitness coach (need to be created)
Name: José Miguel Carvalho da Mata Gomes Moreira
BD: 1974-03-17(43 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

João Góis is missing (Free agent)

Need to Improve:
Bruno Santos
Rui Correia
Vasco Rocha
António Xavier
Diogo Medeiros
Bruno Moreira

André Leão


Inácio is missing (loan from Porto) (DE) got contract with Porto until 2021/06
Name: Inácio Carneiro dos Santos
BD: 1996-01-29(21 years)
Nationality: Brazilian

Need to Improve:
Ruben Fernandes
Pedro Sá

Need to Lower
Ricardo Pessoa

Pedro Sá


Siramana Dembélé assistant coach (Nantes)
Vitor Bruno and Diamantino Figueiredo fitness coaches (Nantes)
ps: Vitor Bruno is duplicated in game

Nabil Ghilas isn't in Porto - He is in Goztepe.

Need to Improve:
José Sá
Ricardo Pereira
Alex Telles
Oliver Torres
Sergio Oliveira
Tiquinho Soares


Rio Ave

Jorge Maciel fitness coach (free agent)
João Moreira da Silva fitness coach (free agent)

Yuri Ribeiro is missing (loan from Benfica) (free agent) got contract with Benfica until 2022/06
Chico Geraldes - Change name for "Francisco Geraldes"
Óscar Barreto is missing (loan from Milionarios) (need to be created) (MAE/MAD)
Name: Óscar David Barreto Pérez
BD: 1993-04-28(24 years)
Nationality: Colombian

Need to Improve:
Nelson Monte* (promise)
Francisco Geraldes* (promise)
Rúben Ribeiro
Oscar Barreto

Francisco Geraldes
Rúben Ribeiro

Need to Lower


Need to Improve:
Palhinha* (promise)
Fabio Coentrão
Jonanthan Silva
Bruno Fernandes* (promise)
Gelson Martins* (promise)
Daniel Podence* (promise)

Need to Lower:
Pedro Silva* (promise) - he is good, with a lot of pot. ability and it's possible to be a great gk in future but not so good like at this moment

Rui Patricio
Gelson Martins

LedMan LigaPro 17/18 (i will not put the staff that need to be created, only players) (i will not say nothing about teams B's because i made a special note for them)


Márcio Rocha assistent coach (free agent)
André Mota fitness coach (Tondela)

Lucas Silva is missing (need to be created) (DE) got contract with Ac.Viseu until 2020/06
Name: Lucas Silva dos Santos
BD: 1997-02-19(20 years)
Nationality: Brazilian

Need to Improve:
Fernando Ferreira

Fernando Ferreira
Sandro Lima


Filipe Nogueira assistent coach (free agent)
Vitor Alves fitness coach (free agent)

Guilherme Oliveira is missing (loan from Sporting) got contract with Sporting until 2019/06 (free agent)
Pedro Empis is missing (loan from Sporting) got contract with Sporting until 2019/06 (free agent)
Tiago Duque is missing (loan from Belenenses)
Ricardo Guima is missing (loan from Sporting) (need to be created) got contract with Sporting until 2019/06 (MC/MAC)
Name: Ricardo Martins Guimarães
BD: 1995-11-14 (21 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Need to Improve:
Ricardo Ribeiro
João Simões* (promise)
Zé Tiago
Chiquinho* (promise)
Tozé Marreco

Zé Castro
Ricardo Ribeiro


Marco Leite fitness coach (free agent)

Rui Areias is missing (loan from Vit.Guimarães)
Vitor Costa is duplicated

Need to Improve:
João Amorim
Palocevic* (promise)
Barnes Osei
Bertaccini* (promise)

Hugo Basto
Nuno Coelho

Cova da Piedade

Rafael Floro - change position for DE/MAE
Adilson - change position for DD/MAD

Need to Improve:
Pedro Alves
Willyan Rocha
Hugo Firmino

Pedro Alves


Dito Coach (free agent)

Need to Improve:
Jorge Miguel
Angelo Meneses
Wilian Dias

João Faria

Gil Vicente

Jorge Casquilha coach (União Madeira)
Maykel Moreira fitness coach (Port Vale)
Manuel Ribeiro fitness coach (free agent)

Jonathan Rubio change name for "Jonathan Toro"

Need to Improve:
Rui Sacramento
Vitor Tormena* (promise)
Sandro Costa* (promise)
James Igbekeme* (promise)
André Fontes

Rui Sacramento
James Igbekeme
Rui Miguel

União da Madeira

José Viterbo coach (free agent)
Ricardo Vaz fitness coach (free agent)

Need to Improve:
Rodrigo Henrique
Flavio Silva* (promise)

Need to lower:
Danilo Dias



José Serrão fitness coach (Farense)
Alberto Carvalho fitness coach (Gil Vicente)

André Ferreira is missing (loan from Benfica) (need to be created) got contract with Benfica 2021/06 (GK)
Nome: André Filipe Magalhães Ribeiro Ferreira
BD: 1996-05-29(21 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Need to Improve:
Jorge Silva
João Lucas
Luis Silva
Evandro Brandão
Ricardo Barros

Evandro Brandão
Ricardo Alves

Real Massamá - Turn club in a professional team

Filipe Martins coach (need to be created - he is the exception, because i think every team should go at least the right coach ahah)
Name: Filipe Gonçalo Pinto Martins
BD: 1978-05-29(39 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Paulo Silva is missing (need to be created) (DD/MC)
Name: Paulo Jorge Almeida Silva
BD: 1992-03-19(25 years)
Nationality: Portuguese

Carlos Vinícius is missing (need to be created) (ST)
Name: Carlos Vinícius Alves Morais
BD: 1995-03-25(22 years)
Nationality: Brazilian

Dmytro Lytvyn is missing (need to be created) (loan from Fafe) (DC)
Name: Dmytro Lytvyn
BD: 1996-11-21(20 years)
Nationality: UKrainian

Need to Improve:
Jorge Bernardo
João Basso
Marcos Barbeiro
Marcelo Lopes

João Basso


Nuno Capucho coach (free agent)
David Lima fitness coach (Rio Ave)

Abegunrin Lukman (need to be created) (AE/AC)
Nome: Abegunrin Lukman
BD: 1994-03-13(23 years)
Nationality: Nigerian

Shin Il-Soo (need to be created) (MDC)
Name: Shin Il-Soo
BD: 1994-09-04(23 years)
Nationality: Rep. Korea

Need to Improve:
Nelson Agra
Tiago Valente
Leonel Olimpio

Leonel Olimpio
Diogo Ramos
Paulo Vitor

Nacional da Madeira

Nuno Pinto fitness coach (free agent)
Ricardo Moniz assistant coach (free agent)

João Camacho isn't loaned to Celta B, he is in squad of Nacional.
Okacha Hamzaoui is no longer player of Nacional, he is in USM Alger.
Júlio Cesar (need to be created) (loan from Gremio Anapolis) (DC)
Name: Júlio César de Freitas Filho
BD: 1995-03-21(22 years)
Nationality: Brazilian

Need to Improve:
Murilo Costa
João Camacho
Ricardo Gomes

Ricardo Gomes
Murilo Costa

UD Oliveirense

Bruno Sousa assistant couch (free agent)

Need to Improve:
Ricardo Tavares
Sergio Silva
Amorim* (promise)
Serginho* (promise)
Sergio Ribeiro
Diogo Valente
Riascos* (promise)



Gabriel Pinto fitness coach (União Montemor)
Gonçalo Monteiro fitness coach (Sertanense)
Luís Baltasar fitness coach (free agent)

Ivo Gonçalves isn't loaned to Ac.Viseu, he as return recently for Penafiel for be the 1st option for GK.
Kalindi change position for DD/MAD
Gustavo Hebling isn't loaned to Penafiel, he is in squad of Portimonense.
Daniel Alves is missing (need to be created) (AE/AC)
Name: Danilo Alves Rodrigues
BD: 1996-04-15(21 years)
Nationality: Brazilian

Need to Improve:
José Costa* (promise)
Luís Dias
José Gomes
Luís Pedro
Jules Diouf
Tiago Ronaldo
Rafa Sousa
Gustavo Costa
Fabio Fortes

Fabio Fortes
Jules Diouf

Santa Clara

Marco Louçano assistent coach (Paços Ferreira)
Emanuel Konde fitness coach (free agent)
Pedro Machado assistent coach (Paços Ferreira)

Marco Rocha change name for "Marco Pereira"
João Ventura change position for DE/MAE

Need to Improve:
Dani Coelho
Thiago Santana

Thiago Santana
Marcelo Oliveira

Sporting Covilhã

Sérgio Carvalho fitness coach (Académica)
Leandro Monteiro scout (free agent)

Igor Rodrigues is missing (free agent) (GK)
Reinildo Mandava is missing (free agent) (Loan from Benfica)
Renato Reis is duplicated
Erivelto is missing (Persib)

Need to Improve:
Igor Rodrigues
Paulo Henrique* (promise)
Makouta* (promise)
Fatai* (promise)
Adul Seidi


Other portuguese players transfers - I took a quick look picked up some quick changes that can be made.

Neca (Pinhalnovense)
Jorge Ribeiro (Atlético Portugal)

Diogo Pires (Oriental)

Free Players:
Orlando Sá - Standard Liége
Vitor São Bento (is duplicated) - delete
Talocha (is duplicated) - delete
Carlos Manuel - Camacha
Miguel Angelo - Pinhalnovense
João Botelho - Operário Lagoa
Paulo Renato - Operário Lagoa

Teams B (there i give my feedback about some players that are good pot ability that are playing in B teams of them clubs. I know that most of them are already created but dont have space in teams, but i will let you some feedback some of them are better then others and maybe when got some space can be in club.)

Sporting B
Pedro Silva (already in team)
Ivanildo Fernandes
Merih Demiral
David Sualehe
Mauro Riquicho
Bruno Paz
Ary Papel (already in team)
Jovane Cabral (need to be created) Name: Jovane Eduardo Borges Cabral BD: 1998-06-14(19 years) Nationality: Cape Verde (AE/AD/AC)
Rafael Barbosa
Pedro Delgado
Edu Pinheiro
Ronaldo Tavares
Pedro Marques (already in team)

Porto B
Diogo Costa
Diogo Dalot
Luís Mata
Jorge Fernandes
Rui Moreira
Rui Pires
Fede Varela
Galeno (already in team)
André Pereira

Benfica B
Ivan Zlobin
Alex Pinto
Pedro Amaral
Francisco Ferreira (need to be created) Name: Francisco Reis Ferreira BD: 1997-03-26(20 years) Nationality: Portuguese (DC)
Florentino Luís (in game with name "Florentino" - change for "Florentino Luís")
Kalaica (already in team)
Gedson Fernandes
Heriberto Tavares
Keaton Parks
Alan Jr. (already in team)

Braga B
Tiago Sá
Lucas Ferrugem (already in team)
Inácio Miguel (already in team)
André Ribeiro (already in team)
Edilino Ié (alredy in team)
Luther Singh (already in team)
Crespo (already in team)

Guimarães B (all already in team) - ps: Vitor Campelos coach (free agent)
Miguel Oliveira
David Luiz
Dénis Duarte
Mimito Biai
Tiago Castro
Rui Gomes

About 2nd Division B i already do a post in Portugal reasearch about this and they should be something like that because i checked and some teams are out of place in terms of region and others that dont belong/deserve be in that division. I put my suggestion again:

Campeonato de Portugal 2017/18 (2nd Division B (North, Center and South))
These divisions are currently organized differently. Nowadays, there are 5 groups in this division (A, B, C, D, E) with 16 teams each, out of a total of 80 teams. Our game only allows 3 groups (North, Center and South) with 20 teams each, with a total of 60 teams.

In line with past-season rankings and recently promoted and relegated clubs, also the history of that clubs, I suggest organizing these 3 groups in this way:

Merelinense Futebol Clube - short name: Merelinense
Sport Comércio e Salgueiros - short name: Salgueiros
Club Sport Marítimo - short name: Marítimo
Sporting Clube de Espinho - short name: Sp.Espinho or Espinho
Amarante Futebol Clube - short name: Amarante
Associação Desportiva Oliveirense - short name: AD Oliveirense
Futebol Clube de Vizela - short name: Vizela
Associação Desportiva de Fafe - short name: Fafe
Sport Clube Freamunde - short name: Freamunde
Vilaverdense Futebol Clube - short name: Vilaverdense
Centro Desportivo e Cultural de Montalegre - short name: Montalegre
Associação Desportiva da Camacha - short name: Camacha
Futebol Clube de Pedras Rubras - short name: Pedras Rubras
Mondinense Futebol Clube - short name: Mondinense
Grupo Desportivo de Bragança- short name: Bragança
Futebol Clube Felgueiras 1932 - short name: Felgueiras
Associação Recreativa de São Martinho - short name: São Martinho
Aliança Futebol Clube de Gandra - short name: Aliança de Gandra
Juventude de Pedras Salgadas - short name: Pedras Salgadas
Gondomar Sport Clube - short name: Gondomar

Grupo Desportivo da Gafanha - short name: Gafanha
Clube Desportivo Trofense - short name: Trofense
Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense - short name: AD Sanjoanense
Clube Desportivo de Cinfães - short name: Cinfães
Associação Desportiva Nogueirense - short name: AD Nogueirense
Sporting Clube Coimbrões - short name: SC Coimbrões
Atlético Clube Marinhense - short name: Marinhense
Anadia Futebol Clube - short name: Anadia
Recreio Desportivo de Águeda - short name: Águeda (in game are two Águedas with the same name, need to correct that)
Futebol Clube Cesarense - short name: Cesarense
Centro Social e Desportivo de Câmara de Lobos - short name: Câmara de Lobos
União Desportiva de Leiria - short name: U. Leiria or União Leiria
Sport Benfica e Castelo Branco - short name: Benfica C. Branco
Sporting Clube Ideal - short name: Sp. Ideal
Sport Clube Lusitânia - short name: Lusitânia dos Açores
Sertanense Futebol Clube - short name: Sertanense
Centro Desportivo de Fátima - short name: Fátima
Clube Operário Desportivo - short name: Operário Lagoa
Caldas Sport Clube - short name: Caldas SC
Lusitano Futebol Clube de Vildemoinhos - short name: Lusitano FCV

Sport Clube Praiense - short name: SC Praiense
Sporting Clube Farense - short name: Farense
Sport Grupo Sacavenense - short name: Sacavenense
Louletano Desportos Clube - short name: Louletano
Sporting Clube Olhanense - short name: Olhanense
Sporting Clube de Portugal B - short name: Sporting B
Clube Desportivo de Mafra - short name: Mafra
Atlético Clube Alcanenense - short name: Alcanenense
União Desportiva Vilafranquense - short name: Vilafranquense
Eléctrico Futebol Clube - short name: Electrico
Grupo Sportivo de Loures - short name: Loures
Casa Pia Atlético Clube - short name: Casa Pia
Sport União Sintrense - short name: Sintrense
Clube Oriental de Lisboa - short name: Oriental
Lusitano Futebol Clube - short name: Lusitano VRSA
Moura Atlético Clube - short name: Moura
Clube Desportivo Pinhalnovense - short name: Pinhalnovense
Sociedade União 1º Dezembro - short name: 1ºDezembro
Sociedade Recreativa Almancilense - short name: Almancilense
Sport Clube União Torreense - short name: Torreense

List of clubs that belonged to this division but for lack of space were left out:
Sport Clube de Mirandela - short name: Mirandela
Grupo Desportivo União Torcatense - short name: União Torcatense
Mortágua Futebol Clube - short name: Mortágua
Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Oleiros - short name: ARC Oleiros
Arões Sport Clube - short name: Arões SC
Atlético dos Arcos Associação Desportiva - short name: Atl. Arcos
Centro Cultural e Desportivo Minas de Argozelo - short name: Minas Argozelo
Clube Futebol Canelas 2010 - short name: Canelas 2010
Grupo Desportivo Águias do Moradal - short name: Águias do Moradal
Clube Recreativo de Ferreira de Aves - short name: Ferreira de Aves
Associação Desportiva de Fornos de Algodres - short name: Fornos de Algodres
Grupo Desportivo Sourense - short name: Sourense
Grupo Desportivo O Coruchense - short name: Coruchense
Clube Atlético de Pero Pinheiro - short name: Pero Pinheiro
Sporting Clube de Guadalupe - short name: Guadalupe
Clube Olímpico do Montijo - short name: Olímpico Montijo
Lusitano Ginásio Clube Moncarapachense - short name: Moncarapachense
Estrela Futebol Clube de Vendas Novas - short name: Estrela Vendas Novas
Futebol Clube Castrense - short name: Castrense
Clube de Futebol Os Armacenenses - short name: Armacenenses


04-10-17, 01:30 PM
Léo Principe - Corinthians FC is DL Position only
Have two Cristian in squad (loan for Gremio FC is right)
Have two Guilherme Fowards (loan for Atlético Paranaense FC is right)
Pablo (DC) Bordeaux FC Loan >>> Corinthians FC 6 mounts
Maykon (AML) is (DMC)
Alan Mineiro (AMR) Loan >>> Ferroviário FC
Jô (FC) is (SC)
Gustavo (Loan Bahia) (SC) is (FC)
Have two Tchê Tchê in the Palmeiras FC
Keno Palmeiras FC is (SC / Right / Left / Center)
Nilmar Santos FC is (SC only)


04-10-17, 02:02 PM
Guardian also have a top 20 premier league up and comers list https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2017/oct/03/next-generation-2017-20-of-the-best-talents-at-premier-league-clubs

Looked at

04-10-17, 02:26 PM
Dutch League

Ebeuhi, fastest player at Ado, acc 18 pace 17
El Khayati, long shots 13, crea 14
Hooi acc 14 pace 15

Friday, more acc + pace, 15 16
Stengs AMRC, lot of potential, too bad this injury, potential International
Levi Garcia, acc + pace 14 15

Cerny, acc + pace down, 16 15
Sinkgraven, acc pace up 14 14
Kluivert, acc + pace 18 17, determination 12
Johnson, tech 14
Orejuela acc 14 pace 15

St Juste DRC, acc 14 pace 16, dribb 12, stamina 14, influence 8
Botteghin acc 10, pace 8
Vente, in general upgrade, big talent

Mahi finishing 14, tech 16

Dumfries D/DMR, no caps, acc 16, cross 16, drib 14, heading12

Pelupessy, DM M RC
Kuwas, acc 15, pace 15, jump 14, long shots 15

Manu Garcia, potential best player and ManCity loan player missing

Paal, acc 12
Isimat, pass 10, pos 8
Bergwijn acc 16, determ 14
Rosario, acc 14, pace 15

Schahin acc 11, pace 10

Labyad acc 14 creat 16, drib 15, pace 14, long shots 14, flair 16
Dessers Striker, acc 14 pace 14, finis 15
Ayoub, flair 16, influe 18, set pieces 14

Van Crooij, acc 14, pace 14, crea 12, stamin 14
Leemans, set pieces 15, long shots 16, crea 14

Kashia acc 12 pace 11
Rashica, acc 17, pace 17

Jong Ajax
Dani de Wit, in general stats much up
Mazraoui, DMRC Acc 12 pace 14, dribb 14


04-10-17, 02:33 PM
Amato Ciciretti: Attacker wing right - centre (improve a bit) – left foot
George Puscas – improve a bit
Raman Chibsah – improve a bit

Alberto Gilardino – to Spezia
Felice Evacuo (Parma) – to Trapani
Leonardo Nunzella (Parma) – to Pordenone
Francesco Galuppini (Parma) – loan to Modena


04-10-17, 03:01 PM
Leeds United
Expected to stay clear of relegation at start?
Ouasim Bouy Season long loan at Cultural Leonesa
Lewie Coyle Needs improving a bit, on loan at Fleetwood, hes one of their best players.
Toumani Diagouraga He's been released by Leeds and does not appear to have found another club. He is duplicated in game, both contracted to Leeds. Correct D.O.B. is 10.06.1987
Ezgian Alioski is a AMR, he should have DL AML and SC as hidden positions.
Andy Lonergan signed as 2nd choice GK.
Chris Wood Moved to Burnley in the summer.
Madger Gomes is duplicated, sort of. Both at Leeds, but one has a nickname of Madger Antonio. IRL Full name is Madger Antonio Gomes Ajú, nickname Madger Gomes. Plays across midfield, has made a couple of 1st team substitute appearances.
Souleymane Doukara was released and signed for Osmanlispor in Turkey.
Kalvin Phillips needs improving, hes very much first choice alongside O'Kane in midfield, ahead of Klich. Best attributes, long shots, tackling, passing, hes a ball winning midfielder.
Jay-Roy Grot Increase strength, his best attribute, hes a beast.
Fotis Kezos signed from Ermis Aradippou in the summer.
Oliver Sarkic signed in the summer, he is a free transfer in game.

Leeds made several signings for the U23s during the summer, none are too close to the first team at the moment but maybe in future so perhaps should be added. Afraid I dont know much about them, but got their DOBs and positions.
Jack Vann 12 jun 1998 DRC
Adrian Balboa 17.2.98 Spain FC
Hugo Diaz 9.2.97 Spain DC
Amadou Haidara 1.1.94 French DC
Alex Machuca 15.1.98 Spain MC
Clarke Odour 25.6.98 Kenya AMR
Oriel Rey 25.2.98 Spain DC
Ousama Siddiki 13.4.98 Morocco FC
Kun Temenuzhkov 1.2.00 Bulgaria FC


(we'll add the u23's in next DB)

04-10-17, 03:43 PM

Giacomo Murelli is assistant manager, not Victor Sanchez Llado.

there are 2 directors of football: Walter Sabatini and Piero Ausilio.

Pavel Nedved as managing director instead of Aldo Mazzia;
Roberto Sassi as coach;
Mandzukic uses right food;
Bentancur is a MC or an AM, but not a DM;
Sturaro is also a DR.

Li Yonghong is chairman, not Robin Li;
Marco Fassone is managing director instead of Adriano Galliani;
Barbara Berlusconi no longer has jobs in society.

Niang is a F LC, not F RC.

Walter Sabatini no longer has jobs in society (now he works for Inter);
Totti is a sort of scout.


04-10-17, 08:34 PM
Huddersfield Town

Luke Coddington - Transferred to Northampton Town
Sean Scannell - Season long loan to Burton Albion
Nahki Wells - Transferred to Burnley
Flo Bojaj - Released on a free

Phil Billing - Has represented Denmark U21
Tom Ince - Has represented England U21


05-10-17, 03:06 AM
Blackburn Rovers:

Missed transfers
Sam Hart (must transfer from Liverpool Reserved)

Duplicate players
Liam Feeney (on team & on loan)



05-10-17, 04:32 AM
Kamil Glik seems free transfer


05-10-17, 11:23 AM
some quick notes on huddersfield

Sean Scannell - Season Long loan to Burton Albion
Nakhi Wells - sold to Burnley
Elias Kachunga - has played last 2 seasons as primarily Right winger not striker
Collin Quaner - primarily left/right winger, secondary position as striker
Aaron mooy -controls the game against all but the very best teams his stats should show this.
Lossl, Schindler & Mooy the 3 players in the team who are currently premier league quality (others ave potential) but these 3 should have CA stats to show premier league ability also schindler is a very good passer of the ball
Hogg - not technically gifted but a workaholic his determination stamina and work rate should all be very high

Phil Billing & kasey palmer should have high PA stats

thanks for the good work guys


05-10-17, 11:34 AM
Kolo Toure is now Ivory Coast Assistant Manager

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


05-10-17, 12:29 PM

O'Halloran on loan to St Johnstone
Windass playing more as an AM LC over the last 2 seasons
Beerman Malta internationalist now
Haliday over rated no way the 2nd most valiable player in the squad
Barjonas maybe needs a stats upgrade as he is reguarded as a one of the best prospects


05-10-17, 12:52 PM
I work on the French Championship, I post the changes in the weekend

05-10-17, 03:10 PM
Torino Staff

Baldi Renato (staff)
Raimondi Diego (staff)
Tanjga Miroslav (staff)
De Leo Emilio (tactics)
Di Sarno Paolo (keeper trainer)
Bovenzi Antonio (athletic trainer)
Manzi Vincenzo (athletic trainer)
Solustri Paolo (athletic trainer)
Lamberti Davide (scout)

the others i don't find anythingh...may-be for free
Giacomo Ferri (for free) for sure


05-10-17, 04:07 PM
Hi, thanks again for your tremendous work. A few bits on Southend.

Nile Ranger is not banned, he's back playing again. Should have higher technical stats (he really is too good for League One) and his work rate is excellent. His off field skills though are clearly lacking, although to be fair to him once he crosses that white line he is a model pro, good temperament and doesn't get involved in any aggro. Sounds odd, not sure what can be done about this really. Perhaps low professionalism and determination might be enough?
There seems to be two Jason Demetrious but one is spelt wrongly (remove the one spelt Dimitriou)
Harry Kyprianou is a D LC, he has been playing CB for the first team this season. Good pace, anticipation and positioning. Prone to an error though.
Anton Ferdinand's pace should be much lower, his mobility is poor.
Amadou Ba should have very high pace and movement but he's still very raw so low current ability.
Best players are Ranger, Anthony Wordsworth and Ryan Leonard, Michael Kightly should also be strong but think he's a tad overrated on the save game.
McLaughlin should be better than McGlashan, but he is very injury prone.
John White can play anywhere across the back four and has been playing CB this season. Would change him to D RLC
Please add Dru Yearwood, a very promising central attacking midfielder. Age 17, not sure of DOB I'm afraid. Good vision, long shots and passing, but still needs to work on his defensive play. Was handed a 4-year pro deal in the summer to ward off interest from Spurs.
Also please add Elvis Bwomono, who has played half a dozen times for the first team this season at right back. Good going forward, low strength. Unsure of DOB but he is 18.
Sadly injury proneness should be high for Turner, Kiernan and Kightly as well as Ferdinand.


05-10-17, 07:08 PM

what happened here? :rolleyes:

05-10-17, 07:42 PM

what happened here? :rolleyes:

That's not what he looks like in the editor we use now so maybe you look at the other one with all random stats that were deleted, there were two at one time in the DB.

05-10-17, 08:51 PM
http://answers.opencv.org/m/default/media/images/flags/tr.gif?v=6 October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [2]

Hasan Ali Adigüzel cruciate ligament injury out till mid-February 2018
Lower CR of Petar Grbic and Enoch Kofi Adu 5-10 points (both ineligible)

Carlos Garcia (Alanyaspor) > unattached
Uygar Üstün (Alanyaspor) > unattached
Murat Simsek (Alanyaspor) > Inegölspor 3 yc (delete loan)

Create U21 2016-17 Top scorer Ahmet Sun CA 90 PA 130 CR 45 Finishing 12
“Luíz Carlos” Martins Moreira (unattached) > Osmanlispor 1 yc
Raul Rusescu (unattached) > Osmanlispor 1 yc
Souleymane Doukara (Leeds United) > Osmanlispor 2 yc
Tolgahan Erbay (Osmanlispor) > Sanliurfaspor 2 yc (delete loan)
Yalçın Eycan Kaya contract till June 2022 at Osmanlispor
Ahmet Kesim (Osmanlispor) > Gazisehir Gaziantep FK 2 yc (delete loan)
Santiago Mele contract till June 2022 at Osmanlispor
Oguz Yildirim contract till June 2020 at Osmanlispor

William Vainquer (AS Roma) > Antalyaspor 3 yc
Bahadir Öztürk contract till June 2019 at Antalyaspor
Kamil Yüksel contract till June 2019 at Antalyaspor

Oguzhan Özyakup disliked staff: Robin van Persie and vice versa
Ibrahim Anil Tekeli (Besiktas) > Halide Edip Adivarspor 2 yc (delete loan)

Theo Bongonda (Celta de Vigo) > Trabzonspor loan
Jose Sosa (AC Milan) > Trabzonspor loan till 15/1/2018 !
Mert Yildirim (Trabzonspor) > 1461 Trabzon loan
Yunus Emre Çakir contract till June 2021 at Trabzonspor
Yagizcan Erdem contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Bahadir Güngördü contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Melih Kabasakal contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Semih Karadeniz contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Ramazan Övüç contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Abdülkadir Parmak loandeal with Adana Demirspor till June 2019 contract till June 2020 at Trabzonspor
Aytaç Kara contract till June 2019 at Trabzonspor
Sefacan Taskolu contract till June 2019 at Trabzonspor
Ali Han Tunçer contract till June 2019 at Trabzonspor
Ramil Sheydaev loandeal with Qarabag till 30/06/2018

Serdar Kurtulus (Bursaspor) out with chronic knee injury
Create Gökhan Berkay Yildiz (made his debut last season in Cup games) CA 80 PA 125 CR 40 Tackling 12 Passing 10
Create Yusuf Abdullah Muhammed CA 75 PA 125 CR 40 Finishing 11
Emirhan Aydoğan contract till June 2020 at Bursaspor
Ibrahim Serdar Aydin contract till June 2019 at Bursaspor
Berat Jonathan Ustabasi contract till June 2019 at Bursaspor
Enes Ata contract till June 2020 at Bursaspor
Furkan Ünver contract till June 2020 at Bursaspor
Ismail Can Cavusluk contract till June 2021 at Bursaspor

Create 4th GK Ahmet Kivanç (Turkey U19 international) CA 80 PA 130 CR 50 Handling 12 Anticipation 10
Serhat Akyün contract till June 2021 at Basaksehir
Atabay Çiçek contract till June 2022 at Basaksehir
Cheikhou Dieng contract till June 2019 at Basaksehir
Cerem Talha Dinçer contract till June 2021 at Basaksehir
Baris Güral contract till June 2021 at Basaksehir
Alper Karaman contract till June 2020 at Basaksehir
Recep Kusçu contract till June 2022 at Basaksehir
Engin Berk Nebioglu contract till June 2021 at Basaksehir
Altug Tas contract till June 2019 at Basaksehir

Yasir Subasi contract till June 2019 at Fenerbahçe
Erdi Şehit contract till June 2019 at Fenerbahçe
Beykan Şimşek contract till June 2019 at Fenerbahçe
Caner Koca contract till June 2020 at Fenerbahçe
Ramazan Civelek contract till June 2020 at Fenerbahçe
Murat Batuhan Abdikoğlu two-year loan to Anadolu Bagcilar Spor
Ahmet Köse HR overrated (becoming a national team player very early in the save game/ should be a Turkey U21 payer)

Donyell Malen (Arsenal R) > Jong PSV 3 yc
Delete Yunus Akman
Delete Yavuz AygÃ1/4n (unattached) is same player as Yavuz Aygün playing at Göztepe
Vjekoslav Tomic (Sanliurfaspor) > unattached
Merih Demiral should be at Sporting B (regular starter), yet he’s given a free agent status. Some atts Heading 13 Jumping 13 Marking 11 Tackling 12 Aggression 11


05-10-17, 10:27 PM

CRISTANTE: improve his skills, he's one of the best young italian midfielder (underated)
VERDI: improve his skills, he's a very good player.
ROMAGNA is on loan from Juventus
JOAO PEDRO: improve (not too much) his skills
Let down som skills of PUCCIARELLI (a little bit overated imho)
MEGGIORINI: change his role in Forward (Right/Centre)
INGLESE: change his role in Striker
HETEMAJ: change his role in difensive Midfielder (he's not offensive)
NALINI is a Forward (R/C), not an offensive midfielder
GIL DIAS: change his role in Forward (R/C)
BENASSI: change his role in Midflield (L/C), but not defensive
PEZZELLA is on loan from Betis.
PELLEGRI: improve his skills, he's the most interesting italian forward under 18. He has various record on scoring, he's the youngest footballer to score double goals in a match (UNDERATED).
SALCEDO: improve his skills, he's a very good player and many teams are interesting to him.
LAXALT: change his role in Midfield (S/C), not offensive.
SKRINIAR: improve his skills, he's a good defender, one of the surprises of this beginning of season.
RANOCCHIA: let down his features, he's very overated.
DYBALA: improve (a little bit) some his features.
IMMOBILE: improve his speed (14) and
JORDAO and PEDRO NETO: very underated, Lazio paid them €25M. Improve his features, they'll be interesting.
DI GENNARO: change his role in defensive midfield (L/C)
CALABRIA: let down some skills, he's a little bit overated
RODRIGUEZ: add defensive midflielder (L) as other role
REINA: he's overated, he isn't more the goalkeeper of some years ago. Let down his skills.
ZUNIGA: overated
MAGGIO: a little bit overated
MERTENS: improve some offensive skills (a little bit). Change his role in FORWARD (L/C/R), not more offensive midfielder: He's a "falso nueve".
ALISSON: underated. Improve his skills, he's a reliable GK
EMERSON: he's injured for some months
UNDER: add forward (R/L) as other role
DEFREL: he's a right/centre forward
MERET: underated, he's a promising goalkeeper
LAZZARI: underated, in his team he's a reliable player
FERRARI: underated, improve some of his defensive skills
ALVAREZ: he's only offensive midfielder, not forward.
FALCINELLI: improve some of his offensive skills, he plays a good season with 11 goals last season
LETSCHERT: knee injury, out for 5 months
BERENGUER: he's not a defender, he's an offensive midfielder (R/L)
BOYE: very underated, the skills of last year were exact
LJAJIC: a little bit underated
SAMIR: add Left in his position. He's a defender (L/C)
BARAK: too much underated. He's a good midfielder, he scord 4 goals in 4 match in its National team.
LASAGNA: change his role in forward (R/C)

LEE is on loan from Barcelona


05-10-17, 10:41 PM
Where is CAVANI?? He isn't in the database!! :o

05-10-17, 10:42 PM
Kevin Wimmer should be at Stoke City (signed from Spurs this summer).
Couple of young players who should be added if possible; Tom Edwards and Harry Souttar (Stoke City) should be in the game. Both have been on the first team bench a few times and will play in the Premier League this season. Edwards is a pacey RB https://www.transfermarkt.com/tom-edwards/profil/spieler/430788

Harry Souttar is a LB/CB/RB, tall (6"6'), good in the air, good heading and anticipation.


05-10-17, 10:46 PM
Future trasnfer of VINICIUS JUNIOR to Real Madrid: €45 MLN, not €30K!!


05-10-17, 11:28 PM
Future trasnfer of VINICIUS JUNIOR to Real Madrid: €45 MLN, not €30K!!

30k would be wrong, it will probably be set around half of €45M, since the game uses 2001-values.


05-10-17, 11:30 PM
ROMAGNA is on loan from Juventus

No. He is a permanent Cagliari player, signed on a 5 year deal this summer. Please be 100% certain before you post.

06-10-17, 12:37 AM
Daniel Hoban - Loan to Brora Rangers from Inverness CT
Lewis Horner - Inverness CT to Blyth Spartans
Josh Meekings - Inverness CT to Dundee 1 year deal
Dean Ebbe - Inverness to FREE
Ross Draper - Inverness CT to Ross County
Falkirk Manager - Paul Hartley


06-10-17, 12:41 AM
Duncan Shearer and Maurice Malpas no longer at Inverness. Coach Scott Kellacher instead


06-10-17, 12:51 AM
Canadian Charlie Trafford at Inverness


06-10-17, 01:15 AM

Review of some Portuguese players (i will not mention players that i already said in my last post):

Diogo Jota is on loan in Wolves (ENG).
Gui (Benfica MAC) is no longer there some years ago. He plays nowadays in amateur championship in Lisboa. Put him as a Free Agent.
Marco Bicho (free agent) - Oriental
Simão Saborosa is already retired.
João Real is duplicated (one free agent/other in Académica)

Nélson Semedo
João Cancelo
Gonçalo Guedes
Rony Lopes
Rui Fonte
Nélson Oliveira
Bruno Gaspar
Fábio Cardoso
Pedro Santos (Columbus)
Afonso Figueiredo
Pedro Rebocho
Gil Dias
Jorginho (Saint-Etienne)
Rui Pedro
Diogo Verdasca
Hugo Vieira
Marco Paixão

Need to Create
Aurélio Buta (Benfica loaned to Royal Antwerp) (DD) - promise*
Name: Aurélio Gabriel Ulineia Buta
BD: 1997-02-10(20 years)
Nationality: Portuguese/Angolan


06-10-17, 01:15 AM
Ross Callachan two year deal at Hearts from Raith Rovers


06-10-17, 11:04 AM
Sacha Molders is duplicated at 1860 Munich


06-10-17, 11:17 AM
Patrick Roberts Man City to Celtic Season long loan
Jamie McCart loan celtic to St Mirren (6 months)
Jon Aurtenetxe Signs for Dundee
Botti Biabi on loan from Swansea to Hamilton
Brandon Barker on loan to Hibs from Man City
Add Kevin Dabrowski to Hibs (Polish GK)
Stuart Findlay Newcastle to Kilmarnock loan
Liam Grimshaw signs for Motherwell from Preston
Add Jamie Semple to Motherwell Scottish Striker
Add Alfredo Agyeman to Motherwell (Italian Striker)
Add Kyle MacDonald to Motherwell (Scottish Midfielder)
Add James Scott to motherwell (Scottish Striker)
Add Dylan Falconer to Motherwell ( Scottish Striker)
Liam Brown signs for Motherwell from Queens Park
Add Dylan King to Motherwell (Northern Irish Midfielder)
Add Adam Livingstone to Motherwell (Scottish Defender)
Jordan Turnbull on loan to Partick from Coventry for 1 year
Paul McGinn signs for Partick from Chesterfield on 1 year deal
Michael O Halloran on loan to St Johnstone from Rangers for 1 year


06-10-17, 11:23 AM
Just curious, Do the colours of each teams kits etc need updating?

06-10-17, 11:31 AM
Hello, thank you for your hard work.

I d like you to fix Turkish Premier Division foreign player limitation. It seems 6 player in the match like every update before. In reality, it is 14 foreign player in general squad, and 11 foreign player out of 18 in the match squad.

Otherwise, to play Turkish P.D. is really boring.. Every team has a lot of foreign players as you see.

I hope you take this into consideration in this update.

Thank you,
Best regards,

06-10-17, 11:33 AM
I don't think there is any possibility for them to change the rules over the foreign rule.

06-10-17, 11:36 AM
That can't be changed in a Data Update.

06-10-17, 01:48 PM
I don't think there is any possibility for them to change the rules over the foreign rule.

I have checked this after posting. There is a dowloadable tool in the site, called flex. I saw a video on youtube to change this restriction by using that tool. If they do not change it on update, I will try that..

06-10-17, 01:49 PM
Isn't it sorted with saturn's patch?

06-10-17, 01:55 PM
You are right, I have seen that too.

Craig Forrest
06-10-17, 02:51 PM
I have checked this after posting. There is a dowloadable tool in the site, called flex. I saw a video on youtube to change this restriction by using that tool. If they do not change it on update, I will try that..

We cannot change it on the update. You will have to use a patch or a tool to do it yourself :ok:

06-10-17, 06:13 PM
I know the opening post says that Player Histories haven't been included in this save game, does that mean that a lot of them have been done but not implemented in the save game? Noticed players like Jermain Pennant has no career history at all and quite a lot of others. Also Paul Konchesky and Jamie O'Hara of Billericay should have Gillingham on their playing histories.

06-10-17, 06:21 PM
French Ligue 1

- Crivelli needs better work rate/teamwork/determination (its own qualities :boink: )
- Fulgini : D/DM RC

- Geubbels is a hot prospect, maybe -2 on potential ?
- Ndombélé same thing, good beginnigs with Lyon

- jordan Amavi is definitively at Marseille (https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-jordan-amavi-est-vraiment-marseillais/840422)

- The bad Kamil Glik play in reserves and the good is free agent
- Adama Diakhaby has bad attributes, I think is better in overall
- MBappé future transfert 8,5 millions ? I understand it's complicated to put the real amount but maybe increase actual finances of Monaco ?

- Awaziem is a good prospect, upgrade potential ?
- Same for Leo Dubois
- Rongier is underrated, for example Maxime Lopez is better than him on the game but in real it's the opposite. He's a very elegant player, with much teamwork, passing, creativity or anticipation
- Moutoussamy : D/DM LC, good prospect
- Kolo Muani : F RLC, better prospect in attack in Nantes with Elie Youan (https://www.transfermarkt.fr/thody-elie-youan/profil/spieler/465715)
- Thomasson is better but inconsistent
- Emiliano Sala deserves better positionning, workrate and teamwork. He's a correct player with much combativity (better than his technique)
- You can create Abdoulaye Dabo who is professional ( https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Nantes-abdoulaye-dabo-passe-professionnel-a-16-ans/839825 ) He's the better prospect at Nantes, he's a kind of Paul Pogba (MC) and Juventus offers 7 millions on him last summer ( https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/football/fc-nantes/fc-nantes-une-offre-de-7-millions-pour-abdoulaye-dabo-u17-5230087 ) sorry for the only French source

- Wylan Cyprien is still injured I think, his return is for the beginning of 2018
- Saint-Maximin needs more potential, he is impresive since the beginning of th season
- There is a Lees-Melou free agent but the real is already in Nice (without the "-")

- Bourigeaud is an good player IRL, very elegant player (passing, creativity, etc. and good free-kick)

- Janko is a first-team player IRL but he's very bad on the game

And last question, I saw few times on the editor that mental attributes are very bad for random player (ex for loyality or determination) but it's not necessarily the truth. Those mental attributes are important for performances or not ? If its are, I think is embarrassing than players no famous are penalized for that (maybe a patch can change that for all players, that is betters random mental attributes ?)

Finally, big thanks again for that update, I am very impatient to play with it :ok:


06-10-17, 09:02 PM

Mike Rigg left the club.

New Director of Football is Tony Khan (born on October 10, 1982).

Craig Kline is the Club’s director of statistical research, or you can put him as a scout perhaps.

Tim Flowers left Fulham.

Jose Sambade is a new Goalkeeper coach.

Remove the word S in Alistair Mackintosh surname. It`s MackinStosh in database.

Dennis Adeniran was sold to Everton this summer.

Matt O'Riley should be made in database. The biggest talent in the club (alongside Ryan Sessegnon), 16 years old (born November 21, 2000) and already has played for the first team this season. Midfielder in a Michael Carrick mould. Creative, tall, is a terrific passer and makes intelligent decisions on the field.

Ragnar Sigurdsson is on a season-long loan at Rubin Kazan.

Sone Aluko was sold to Reading this summer.

Ibrahima Cisse is a DMRC (mainly a defensive midfielder but can also play on the right of the defence). Improve his stamina, tackling, teamwork, workrate, aggression, technique.

Denis Odoi can also play at DC (make it 20 for DR, 18 for DL, 14 for DC). Pace and acc should be around 14 mark.

Michael Madl - pace and acc at 13, stamina 15, strength 12, technique 12. A decent defender who can play with the ball.

Kevin McDonald - improve teamwork and workrate slightly.

Tom Cairney is a AMC mainly (20 for AMC, 20 for MC, 14 for AMR).

Jordan Graham is on season-long loan at Fulham from Wolves.

Larnell Cole is no longer at Fulham.

Sheyi Ojo is left-footed.

Mattias Kait is a AMRLC, can play anywhere as a offensive midfielder.

Mikolaj Kwietniewski, same as above, AMRLC.

Rui Fonte needs improvement, an inteligent striker with good technique and teamwork. Technique (from 13 to 15), teamwork (from 9 to 13), passing (from 9 to 13), dribbling (from 11 to 13), determination (from 11 to 13), finishing (from 12 to 14). Should be a FC (20 for SC, 15 for AMC). Lower his influence (from 20 to 14).

Aboubakar Kamara also needs improvement, especially pace, acceleration, stamina and strength. A rapid, pacy and strong striker.


06-10-17, 09:39 PM
Rhian Brewster and Liam Coyle should be in Liverpool reserves

Sam Hart has left Liverpool to join Blackburn


06-10-17, 09:48 PM
I think that clubs like City, chelsea, united, real madrid, psg, barcelona, ​​bayern, milan, inter and juventus should have more money available to spend, especially the manchester city that was the team that spent the most 10 years in the world , should have infinite money due to the large amount of money that the owners own.


Game maximum is 150m

06-10-17, 11:17 PM
Ruben Dias is at Benfica, not a free agent.

Frederico Venâncio is at loan at Sheffield Wednesday not Sheffield United.

Simão Sabrosa at Northeast UTD retired, you can turn him into a scout.

Giorgi Makaridze at Moreirense should have a CA of 115 and a PA of 135.

Andrés Madrid is not the manager at Vianense, José Pequeno is his replacement.

Rui Carvalhal (DOB 16.04.1988) is the manager at Ponte da Barca

Andrés Madrid is the manager at Rebordosa


07-10-17, 11:33 AM
Donyell Malen has joined Jong PSV
Joe Willock should be at Aresenal Reservers


07-10-17, 11:45 AM
Thomas Evrard has left Bournemouth
Marc Wilson has joined Sunderland from Bournemouth


07-10-17, 11:58 AM
can you post all in one post in stead of many ones with 2 rules? this will be very handy for us!

07-10-17, 11:59 AM
Edinson Cavani is missing..... LOL

07-10-17, 12:37 PM
Edinson Cavani is missing..... LOL

Blame Neymar...

07-10-17, 01:31 PM
Jonah Ayunga should be at Brighton
Chike Kandi has left Brighton
Jordan Maguire-Drew should be at Brighton
Casper Ankergren has retired

Chris Wood has joined Burnley
Nahki Wells has joined Burnley

Danny Drinkwater has joined Chelsea
Loic Remy has joined Las Palmas
Willy Caballero is in Chelsea twice
Kylian Hazard should be in Chelsea Reserves
Jared Thompson should be in Chelsea Reserves
kyle jameson has joined west brom
Tika Musonda has left Chelsea

Juan Foyth has joined Tottenahm

Levi Lumeka should be at Crystal Palace
Dion Curtis-Henry should be at Crystal Palace
Hiram Boateng has joined Exeter

Leandro Rodríguez has left Everton
Matty Foulds is at Everton twice
Dennis Adeniran should be at Everton

Flo Bojaj has left Huddersfield
Luke Coddington has left Huddersfield


07-10-17, 01:58 PM

Jordy Clasie is on loan at Club Brugge not the other way around
Sam McQueen is a wing back not a left winger

Thanks for all of your hard work!


07-10-17, 03:18 PM
create Luis Longstaff for Liverpool Reserves

Djair Parfitt-Williams has left West Ham
Declan Rice is in West Ham twice
Jaanai Gordon has left West Ham

Jack Hallahan has left West Brom
Chay Tilt has left West Brom
Callum McManaman has joined Sunderland

Orestis Karnezis, Molla Wague and André Carrillo should all be on loan at Watford

Charlie Rowan should be at Watford
Dion Pereira should be at Watford

Kevin Wimmer has joined Stoke
Anton Walkes should be at Tottenham
Connor Ogilvie should be at Tottenham
Tom Glover should be at Tottenham
Shilow Tracey should be at Tottenham
Kazaiah Sterling should be at Tottenham
Jack Roles should be at Tottenham
Japhet Tanganga should be at Tottenham
Brandon Austin should be at Tottenham
Alfie Whiteman should be at Tottenham
Nick Tsaroulla should be at Tottenham
Anthony Georgiou should be at Tottenham
Jaden Brown should be at Tottenham
George Marsh should be at Tottenham
Joe Pritchard should be at Tottenham
Dylan Duncan should be at Tottenham
Cy Goddard should be at Tottenham
Keanan Bennetts should be at Tottenham
Samuel Shashoua should be at Tottenham

Robin Deen should be at Brighton
Max Sanders should be at Brighton
Ben Barclay should be at Brighton
Billy Collings should be at Brighton
Bailey Vose should be at Brighton
Reece Meekums should be at Brighton
Steven Alzate should be at Brighton
George Cox should be at Brighton
Daniel Mandroiu should be at Brighton
David Ajiboye should be at Brighton
Owen Moore should be at Brighton
Will Collar should be at Brighton
James Tilley should be at Brighton
Jason Davis should be at Brighton
Rian O'Sullivan should be at Brighton
Robert Sanchez should be at Brighton
Dylan Barnett should be at Brighton
Danny Barker should be at Brighton

Ben White should be at Brighton
Nya Kirby should be at Crystal Palace
philipp wollscheid has left stoke
Cameron McJannett is at stoke twice

Devonte Redmond is at Man Utd twice

Jordy Clasie on loan at Club Brugge from Southampton
Will Ferry is at Southampton
Yan Valery should be at Southampton
Tyreke Johnson should be at Southampton
Thomas O'Connor should be at Southampton
Aaron O'Driscoll should be at Southampton

Grant Hanley has joined Norwich
Ben Smith has left Newcastle
Otto Huuhtanen should be at Newcastle


07-10-17, 03:32 PM
First, sorry my engilsh not very good.

UEFA European Under-17 Championship Turkey play semi-final. but playing players missing in game.

Malik Karaahmet He plays 10 Game 5 goals in championship good talent, good forward.
Atalay Babacan 10 Game 5 Goals 3 Assists he playing Galatasaray - offensive mid really good talent. / Create in Galatasaray, 28/06/2000 he is born.
Recep Gül 5 Games 1 Goal 2 Assists he playing Galatasaray - offensive mid and right wing / Create in Galatasaray. he was born 2000.
Ahmed Kutucu 1G 1G 0A he playing Schalke - forward
Berk Çetin he is left back, he playing Borussia Mgladbach
Umut Güneş he playing Stuttgard - deffensive mid
Abdulkadir Ömür best talents I thinks he should be increased

www.transfermarkt.com.tr/turkei-u17/startseite/verein/22462 ıf you look informations in here.

Merih Demiral not club is wrong he play Sporting Lisbon and good central deffender

Orkan Çinar not Def- Right/Lef He Play Right/Left Wing and good player

I don't understand every year turkey league players too much awful.

broadcast selling 600M € I think you are unrealistic build players.

Please looking Turkey League players, turkey resources.

And last one ı have questions

In turkey foreign restriction in 2001 max 8 but now 14 how can be change this ?


Youngsters added in next database

07-10-17, 05:45 PM
Marlos Moreno should be at Man City
Arijanet Muric is at Man City twice (one is a future transfer)
Denzeil Boadu has joined Dortmund

Kamil Glik is in the game twice


07-10-17, 06:05 PM
I don't understand every year turkey league players too much awful.

Maybe watch Turkey - Iceland again and judge again... Imo most of the Turkish players are still far overrated. Also remember the first post we haven't done reviews of players skills + we don't have no updater for the Turkish league.

07-10-17, 06:21 PM
Maybe watch Turkey - Iceland again and judge again... Imo most of the Turkish players are still far overrated. Also remember the first post we haven't done reviews of players skills + we don't have no updater for the Turkish league.

Totally agree.

Even the club teams like Gala and Fener went out in qual. in European competions this season against a Swedish 5th placed team and a Macedonia team.

07-10-17, 09:46 PM
Maybe watch Turkey - Iceland again and judge again... Imo most of the Turkish players are still far overrated. Also remember the first post we haven't done reviews of players skills + we don't have no updater for the Turkish league.

Unfortunately ı watching. But I say earlier Turkey U17 I was just trying to help you for database. For example last year Beşiktaş Uefa Europa League playing quarter final. This year, this year UCL 2 match 2 victory from Porto and RB Leipzig. Turkey league champion for 2 years.

Maybe Cenk Tosun much better scorrer.

I just saying beacuse, I'm Turkish men maybe I am exaggerating. So your views are important to me. :)

07-10-17, 10:10 PM
Unfortunately ı watching. But I say earlier Turkey U17 I was just trying to help you for database. For example last year Beşiktaş Uefa Europa League playing quarter final. This year, this year UCL 2 match 2 victory from Porto and RB Leipzig. Turkey league champion for 2 years.

Maybe Cenk Tosun much better scorrer.

I just saying beacuse, I'm Turkish men maybe I am exaggerating. So your views are important to me. :)

My reaction was a bit bad. Thanks for helping us :) All feedback is welcome and I should try not to be a wise guy.

07-10-17, 11:59 PM
Is there a reason for so many duplicate players in the database at the moment? Hasnt been this bad before.

Or is it just human error people creating the same players twice?

08-10-17, 01:00 AM
Is there a reason for so many duplicate players in the database at the moment? Hasnt been this bad before.

Or is it just human error people creating the same players twice?

I could ask a similar question about you posting things I already posted in this thread previously [emoji4]

Am sure the update team will give a more accurate answer to your question though :ok:

Also - see this in the opening post of this thread

Duplicate players - there are a lot in the database at the minute. We'll reveal more when the full database is out

08-10-17, 07:16 AM
Matt Clarke, Dion Donahue, Jamal Lowe, Drew Talbot all duplicated
Brett Pitman should be a star player, he's our captain and far-and-away our best player
Oliver Hawkins in from Dag & Red (permanent transfer)
Add Joe Hancott (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Hancott)
Tom Davies is now at Coventry
Joe Gallen is Assistant Manager
John Keeley is Coach
Add Robbie Blake as Coach (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robbie_Blake)
Maybe increase the cash a little - the new owner isn't splashing the cash but we're not under the financial constraints we have been in previous years

Great work everyone - really looking forward to the update!


08-10-17, 07:44 AM
Is there a reason for so many duplicate players in the database at the moment? Hasnt been this bad before.

Or is it just human error people creating the same players twice?

There's a reason for that yes. That's why we need as much scouting as possible to find all these so we can get rid of them. Great findings so far here!

08-10-17, 07:46 AM
How does the reserve team work? Are they just a place holder for young talent? none of the players seem to have a future transfer to there parent club.

08-10-17, 08:35 AM
How does the reserve team work? Are they just a place holder for young talent? none of the players seem to have a future transfer to there parent club.

There is a max of 50 players in the game for a squad, so to get all the players in the game the resereves squads were created. Future transfers will get added.

08-10-17, 09:43 AM
Pirlo retiring at the end of the MLS season (December)


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08-10-17, 10:46 AM
I could ask a similar question about you posting things I already posted in this thread previously [emoji4]

Am sure the update team will give a more accurate answer to your question though :ok:

Also - see this in the opening post of this thread

Duplicate players - there are a lot in the database at the minute. We'll reveal more when the full database is out

Rubbish reply, you're a VIP....

yes I can read, I'm asking why if you can read my actual question.

08-10-17, 11:19 AM
It's managed by people and where people are involved mistakes are made. Nobody is perfect, but the update team will make sure the new release will be as good as ever. You can trust on that.

Noods III
08-10-17, 05:04 PM
Some thoughts on Sunderland:

Josh Maja - There are two of him in the squad. I like the lad, but having two of him really ruins the possibility of an “only one Josh Maja” chant.

Lamine Kone – Change from DRC to DC. He's never played RB while he’s been here. I would also lower his professionalism.

John O’Shea – Change from DRC to DC. It’s been a few years since he played RB.

Tyias Browning – Change from DR to DRC. He plays CB for us.

Paddy McNair – Change from DRC to D/MRC. He sees himself as a midfielder, and that was where he usually featured last year before getting injured.

Billy Jones – I would increase his jumping. Having the ball launched at his great head was one of Moyes’s favourite "tactics".

Didier Ndong – Seems a little underrated, and shouldn’t struggle to get in the team so much. He’s comfortably first choice in real life. I would also raise: bravery, tackling, and professionalism, and lower: set pieces.

Ellis Short – I would lower his ambition. His tenure as chairman has largely been a case of surviving as cheaply as possibly, and unsuccessfully at that!

Steve Staunton is no longer employed as a scout.

George Honeyman – Could do with improving his ability. He’s no world-beater, but he’s been a regular in the squad this year, and is better than his current attributes make out.

Jack Rodwell – His ability/reputation definitely need to take a hit. He should NOT be a star player. I cannot stress this enough. The part of him that was a footballer died a long time ago. The man we’re employing is just an empty shell.

And re: the missing transfers that have already been pointed out, Callum McManaman should be on a two-year contract, and Marc Wilson should be on a one-year contract.

Money - You see that £16m or so that’s sitting in the bank? Well it’s about £16m too much. We basically have no money in real life, and even that’s probably putting it generously

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has put the effort into working on the update. I can assure you that I’ll put just as much effort into playing it. :ok:


08-10-17, 06:49 PM
Hello, I'm a Middlesbrough season ticket holder, and have contributed to previous updates on here. Just a couple of points from me:

Marvin Johnson from Oxford (permanent)
Ryan Shotton from Birmingham (permanent)
Lewis Baker from Chelsea (season loan)
Connor Roberts from Swansea Reserves (season loan)

Leo Percovich no longer a coach

How are the 3 star players selected? None of the 3 selected for Boro (Barragan, Downing and Forshaw) are in the match-day squad let alone the first eleven. I would suggest the following 3 considered... Ben Gibson; Martin Braithwaite; and either Darren Randolph or Adam Clayton.

With regard to attributes, I won't go through each player and attribute. However, in my opinion:

Dael Fry has played all but one league game at centre back. I would suggest increasing most attributes by +2
Adam Clayton is probably one of the first names on the team sheet, more of a defensive centre midfielder. I'd suggest Influence/Teamwork/Tackling be closer to 15, with work rate 18.
Braithwaite and Bamford, creativity and finishing to 15.
Tavenier is an attacking midfielder, not defensive.

I hope that helps... Keep up the good work.


08-10-17, 07:59 PM
Eder on loan at Loko Moskow from Lille


08-10-17, 10:50 PM
Add Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Man Utd (he is retired in the save)


08-10-17, 10:51 PM

Ross McCrorie - should be D C. Excellent prospect, already getting starts in first team and should be much, much better.

Bates - should be D C

Jack - should be DM C

Danny Wilson - should be D C

Pena - should be AM C

Windass - should be AM LC

Morelos - should be S C, increase finishing

O'Halloran - should be on loan at St Johnstone

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Add stevie may

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Boyata - should be D C
Ntcham - should be M C
Rogic - should be AM C, and should be improved.
McGregor - should be improved
Aitchison - downgrade a bit, not near first team

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Add brandon barker on loan
Improve simon murray, improve finishing

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08-10-17, 11:04 PM
Just edit your original post rather than post individual ones mate :ok:

08-10-17, 11:55 PM
http://answers.opencv.org/m/default/media/images/flags/tr.gif?v=6 October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [3]

Bady (ineligible for Genclerbirligi) > lower CR 10-20 points
Ramazan Özcan should be player of Darica Gençlerbirliği 3 yc (the one who is at Genclerbirligi in the Save Game)
Alaaddin Okumus loan to Hacettepe
Ryan Donk,Nigel de Jong, Hakan Balta & Endogan Adili ineligible (decrease all CR 10-20 points)
Nabil Ghilas > Göztepe 3 yc
Hakan Baris (Göztepe) > unattached
Hakan Ertürk coach at Kayserispor (not Konyaspor)
Devlet Karatas on loan at Arsinspor (not Darica Genclerbirligi)
Lower CR Ali Ahamada (10 points?/ should not be 2nd GK > ineligible)
Delete Muhammed Ertürk (unattached) > double
Create young Macedonian center forward Erdon Daci (Konyaspor) Left foot 20 Right foot 10 CA 80 PA 130 CR 40 Finishing 10 Passing 12 Strength 11
Ibrahim Isci (unattached) > Sivasspor 5 yc (benchplayer made already six app. For the club) CA 85 PA 125 Heading 11 Jumping 11 Marking 12 Tackling 11
Mert Hakan Yandas (Sivasspor) upgrade CA ~105 PA ~145 Right foot 20 Left foot 15 Dribbling 14 Workrate 15 Determination 15 Tackling 12 Flair 13 Finishing 14
Muhammet Sait Özvardar (Altay) > Sivasspor 3 yc (rotation player atm) PA ~140
Create Ömerhan Ayin (Sivasspor) contract till June 2022 (made his debut in a cup tie this season/rotationplayer) CA 75 PA 115 Left footed Passing 12 Tackling 10
Create promising striker Tunahan Nazli (Sivasspor) scored 40 goals in 80 U21 games and played in several cup ties past season. CA 100 PA 135 Finishing 15 Heading 13 Jumping 12 Movement 12

Create Büyükçekmece Tepecikspor manager Sertan Güriz (dob 19/4/1976) & Dir. Of Football Recai Şahinler (dob 19/7/1948 Loyalty 16)

Süperlig squads(transfers) are pretty much covered


the villan
09-10-17, 01:50 AM
Aston Villa
Leandro Bacuna - should be at Reading on a 4 year contract.
Jordan Amavi - contract length should be 3 years. Marseille are supposedly obligated to buy him next season for £9M.
Carles Gil - contract length should be 2 years. Deportivo are supposedly obligated to buy him next season for around £2M.
Matija Sarkic - should be on loan at Wigan until January.
Kevin Toner - should be on loan at Stevenage until the end of the season.
Jordan Lyden - has a duplicate, delete the one with squad no. 25
Pierluigi Gollini - contract length should be 3 years.
Sam Johnstone - increase positioning and reflexes. Has been impressive this season.
Ahmed Elmohamady - should just be defender/midfielder right as he rarely plays on the left.
James Chester - increase influence as he was captain last season.
Henri Lansbury - should just be midfielder centre, lower pace and accceleration slightly.
Conor Hourihane - should be mainly left footed. Increase off the ball and set pieces, lower agility and jumping.
Aaron Tshibola - contract length should be 3 years.
Andre Green - should be mainly right footed. Increase agility, dribbling and off the ball.
Ross McCormack - lower dribbling, increase teamwork and creativity.
Jonathan Kodjia - increase most attributes but teamwork and strength should be a bit lower. Should be a star player.
Keinan Davis - increase CA/PA. Now a first team regular and playing well in the championship. Has a good all round game, is strong and good in the air.

Missing Transfers
Viktor Gyokeres (IF Brommapojkarna) future transfer to Brighton in January on a two and a half year contract.
Ryan Kent (Liverpool) to SC Freiburg on a season long loan.
Hiram Boateng (Crystal Palace) to Exeter on 1 year contract.
Kyle Jameson (Chelsea) to West Brom on a 1 year contract.
Cohen Bramall (Arsenal) to Birmingham on a season long loan.
Maxime Colin (Brentford) to Birmingham on a 4 year contract.
Harlee Dean (Brentford) to Birmingham on a 3 year contract.
Jota (Brentford) to Birmingham on a 4 year contract.
Liam Walsh (Everton) to Birmingham on a 6 month loan.
Craig Noone (Cardiff) to Bolton on a 2 year contract.
Antonee Robinson (Everton) to Bolton on a 6 month loan.
Jay Spearing (Bolton) to Blackpool on a 1 year contract.
Emile Heskey (Bolton) has retired.
Rory Holden (Derry) to Bristol City on a 2 year contract.
Tyreeq Bakinson (Luton) to Bristol City on a 3 year contract.
Diego De Girolamo (Bristol City) to Chesterfield on a season long loan.
Wade Elliott (Bristol City) has been released.
John Brayford (Sheff Utd) to Burton on a 2 year contract.
Sean Scannell (Huddersfield) to Burton on a season long loan.
John Mousinho (Burton) to Oxford on a 2 year contract.
Omar Bogle (Wigan) to Cardiff on a 3 year contract.
Jordan Graham (Wolves) to Fulham on a season long loan.
Jackson Irvine (Burton) to Hull on a 3 year contract.
Sam Winnall (Sheff Wed) to Derby on a season long loan.
Nouha Dicko (Wolves) to Hull on a 3 year contract.
Ola Aina (Chelsea) to Hull on a season long loan.
Bersant Celina (Man City) to Ipswich on a season long loan.
Callum Connolly (Everton) to Ipswich on a season long loan.
Cameron Stewart (Ipswich) has been released.
Andy Lonergan (Wolves) to Leeds on a 2 year contract.
Toumani Diagouraga (Leeds) has been released.
Ryan Shotton (Birmingham) to Middlesbrough on a 3 year contract.
Marvin Johnson (Oxford) to Middlesbrough on a 3 year contract.
Calum Butcher (Millwall) to Mansfield on a 2 year contract.
Alfie Pavey (Millwall) to Dartford.
Grant Hanley (Newcastle) to Norwich on a 4 year contract.
Tristan Abrahams (Norwich) to Leyton Orient on a season long loan.
Kieran Dowell (Everton) to Nottm Forest on a season long loan.
Lica (Nottm Forest) to Granada on a 1 year contract.
Matty Fryatt (Nottm Forest) has been released.
Stephy Mavididi (Arsenal) to Preston on a season long loan.
Stevie May (Preston) to Aberdeen on a 4 year contract.
Paul Smyth (Linfield) to QPR on a 2 year contract.
Sone Aluko (Fulham) to Reading on a 4 year contract.
Marc Wilson (Bournemouth) to Sunderland on a 1 year contract.
Callum McManaman (West Brom) to Sunderland on a 2 year contract.
Lewis McGugan (Sheff Wed) to Northampton on a 6 month contract.
Clayton Donaldson (Birmingham) to Sheff Utd on a 1 year contract.
Diogo Jota (Atletico) to Wolves on a season long loan.
Leo Bonatini (Al-Hilal) to Wolves on a season long loan.
Willy Boly (FC Porto) to Wolves on a season long loan.
Alfred N'Diaye (Villareal) to Wolves on a season long loan.
Ruben Vinagre (AS Monaco) to Wolves on a season long loan.
Alex Bruce (Bury) to Wigan on a 1 year contract.
Alex Gilbey (Wigan) to MK Dons on a 3 year contract.
Manny Onariase (Brentford) to Rotherham on a 2 year contract.
Conor Grant (Everton) to Crewe on a 6 month loan.
Reice Charles-Cook (Coventry) to Swindon on a 2 year contract.
Duckens Nazon (Wolves) to Coventry on a 6 month loan.
Kellan Gordon (Derby) to Swindon on a season long loan.
Tom Davies (Portsmouth) to Coventry on a 2 year contract.
Oliver Hawkins (Dagenham) to Portsmouth on a 3 year contract.
Harry Middleton (Doncaster) to Port Vale on a 1 year contract.
Lee Novak (Charlton) to Scunthorpe on a 2 year contract.
Jesse Starkey to Gillingham on a 6 month contract.
Abdelhakim Omrani (Sedan) to Oldham on a 1 year contract.
Kyle Edwards (West Brom) to Exeter on a 6 month loan.
Paul McGinn (Chesterfield) to Partick on a 1 year contract.
Jaanai Gordon (West Ham) to Cheltenham on a 1 year contract.
Freddie Hinds (Bristol City) to Cheltenham on a 6 month loan.
Alex Davey to Cheltenham on a 1 year contract.
Adam Mcgurk (Cambridge) to Morecambe on a 2 year contract.
Max Stryjek (Sunderland) to Accrington on a season long loan.
Callum Johnson (Middlesbrough) to Accrington on a 6 month loan.
Jordan Williams (Liverpool) to Rochdale on a 6 month loan.
Charlie Wakefield (Chelsea) to Stevenage on a season long loan.
Toni Gomes (Liverpool) to Forest Green on a season long loan.
Will Randall (Wolves) to Forest Green on a season long loan.
Isaiah Osbourne to Forest Green on a 1 year contract.
Josh Doherty to Crawley on a 1 year contract.
Eberechi Eze (QPR) to Wycombe on a 6 month loan.
Dave Tarpey (Maidenhead) to Barnet on a 2 year contract.
Aaron Jarvis (Basingstoke) to Luton on a 1 year contract.
Michael Ledger (Sunderland) to Hartlepool on a season long loan.

Player info
Jacob Murphy (Newcastle) increase attributes.
Lloyd Dyer (Burton) should be mainly left footed.
Marvin Sordell (Burton) should be mainly right footed.
Liam Boyce (Burton) is set to miss most of the season with a serious knee injury.
Kenneth Zohore (Cardiff) increase attributes.
Nathaniel Mendez-Laing (Cardiff) increase attributes.
Callum Robinson (Preston) has 20 dribbling in preview save?
Defender Tom King does not play for Millwall (they have a goalkeeper with the same name)
Goalkeeper Mike Green does not play for Eastleigh (they have a left back with the same name)

Emilio Nsue (Birmingham)
Derik Osede (Bolton)
Josh Clarke (Brentford)
Kieffer Moore (Ipswich) should be on loan at Rotherham.
Toumani Diagouraga (Leeds)
Jonny Howson (Middlesbrough)
Wes Hoolahan (Norwich)
Nelson Oliveira (Norwich)
Sean Raggett (Norwich) should be on loan at Lincoln.
Gboly Ariyibi (Nottm Forest) should be on loan at MK Dons.
Mustapha Carayol (Nottm Forest)
Lica (Nottm Forest) should be at Granada on a 1 year contract.
Matt Mills (Nottm Forest)
Daniel Johnson (Preston)
James Perch (QPR)
Danny Lafferty (Sheff Utd)
Jake Wright (Sheff Utd)
Josh Maja (Sunderland)
Liam Feeney (Blackburn) should be on loan at Cardiff.
Jamille Matt (Blackpool) should be on loan at Grimsby.
Adam Chicksen (Bradford)
Jacob Hanson (Bradford)
Daniel Pybus (Bradford)
Amari'i Bell (Fleetwood)
Cian Bolger (Fleetwood)
Ashley Hunter (Fleetwood)
Jack Sowerby (Fleetwood)
Greg Cundle (Gillingham)
Brad Garmston (Gillingham)
Brandon Thomas-Asante (MK Dons)
Oliver Banks (Oldham)
Anthony Gerrard (Oldham)
Rob Hall (Oxford)
Brad Inman (Peterborough)
Junior Morias (Peterborough)
Alex Penny (Peterborough)
Matt Stevens (Peterborough)
Josh Tibbetts (Peterborough)
Leo Da Silva Lopes (Peterborough)
Matt Clarke (Portsmouth)
Dion Donohue (Portsmouth)
Jamal Lowe (Portsmouth)
Drew Talbot (Portsmouth)
Jim McNulty (Rochdale)
Jordan Williams (Rochdale) might be a duplicate of the Liverpool player?
Neal Bishop (Scunthorpe)
Charlie Goode (Scunthorpe)
Jonny Margetts (Scunthorpe)
James Bolton (Shrewsbury)
Jon Nolan (Shrewsbury)
Aristote Nsiala (Shrewsbury)
Josh Bexon (Southend)
Jason Demetriou (Southend)
Rory Oliver (Walsall)
Jordan Sangha (Walsall)
Egil Kaja (Wimbledon)
Jon Meades (Wimbledon)
Nikola Tzanev (Wimbledon)
Ryan Colclough (Wigan)
Donervon Daniels (Wigan) should be on loan at Rochdale.
Michael Jacobs (Wigan)
Terell Thomas (Wigan)
Thomas Dallison (Brighton) is duplicated at Accrington.
Ephron Mason-Clark (Barnet)
Michael Nelson (Barnet)
Craig Ross (Barnet)
Fumnaya Shomotun (Barnet)
Brad Halliday (Cambridge)
Richie Bennett (Carlisle)
Mohamed Eisa (Cheltenham)
Harry Pell (Cheltenham)
Bradley Barry (Chesterfield)
James Pearson (Coventry)
Bilal Sayoud (Coventry)
Chris Stokes (Coventry)
Thomas Verheydt (Crawley)
Will Jaaskelainen (Crewe)
James Jones (Crewe)
Brad Walker (Crewe)
Lloyd James (Exeter)
David Wheeler (QPR) is duplicated at Exeter.
Emmanuel Monthe (Forest Green)
Danny Wishart (Forest Green)
Chris Clements (Grimsby)
Harry Clifton (Grimsby)
JJ Hooper (Grimsby)
Sam Jones (Grimsby)
Sam Habergham (Lincoln)
Callum Howe (Lincoln) should be on loan at Eastleigh.
Elliot Lee (Luton)
Dan Potts (Luton)
Omari Sterling-James (Mansfield)
George Taft (Mansfield) should be on loan at Cambridge Utd.
Andy Fleming (Morecambe)
Ben Hedley (Morecambe)
Aaron McGowan (Morecambe)
Steve Old (Morecambe)
Mickey Demetriou (Newport)
Matt Dolan (Newport)
Tom Owen-Evans (Newport)
Lamar Reynolds (Newport)
Jamie Turley (Newport)
Robbie Willmott (Newport)
Lewis Alessandra (Notts County)
Haydn Hollis (Notts County)
Nicky Hunt (Notts County)
Rob Lainton (Port Vale)
Nathan Smith (Port Vale)
Matt Godden (Stevenage)
Luke Wilkinson (Stevenage)
John Goddard (Swindon)
Will De Havilland (Wycombe)
Will Evans (Aldershot)
Jim Kellerman (Aldershot)
Moussa Diarra (Barrow)
Tyrone Sterling (Bromley)
Luke Wanadio (Bromley)
John McCombe (Chester)
Harry White (Chester)
Elliot Justham (Dagenham)
Luke Pennell (Dagenham)
Elliott Romain (Dagenham)
Craig McAllister (Eastleigh)
Joshua Ezewele (Fylde)
Dan Hanford (Gateshead)
Elliot Green (Guiseley)
Danny Lowe (Guiseley)
Kayode Odejayi (Guiseley)
Will Wells (Guiseley)
Luke George (Hartlepool)
Josh Hawkes (Hartlepool)
Kenton Richardson (Hartlepool)
Adrian Clifton (Maidenhead)
James Mulley (Maidenhead)
Ryan Peters (Maidenhead)
Shomari Barnwell (Solihull)
Luke Benbow (Solihull)
Kalern Thomas (Solihull)
Dean Beckwith (Sutton)
Bradley Hudson-Odoi (Sutton)
Dan Spence (Sutton)
Jake Gosling (Torquay)
Mitch Duggan (Tranmere)
Oliver Norburn (Tranmere)
Bobson Bawling (Woking)
Fabio Saraiva (Woking)
Chris Dunn (Wrexham)


09-10-17, 07:07 AM
Federici loan got cancelled due to injury


09-10-17, 09:48 AM
Changes to the France championship :

Jordan Amavi : augmenter stat et potentiel
Jordan Amavi : Belongs to Marseille ( https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-jordan-amavi-est-vraiment-marseillais/840422 )
Hiroki Sakai*: Position*: D RC
Boubacar Kamara*: Position*: D/DM C
Boubacar Kamara*: + ability and + potential
Luiz Gustavo : Position*: DM LC
Bouna Sarr*: Position : D/AM R

Samuel Guibert PSG not PSG II
Antoine Bernede PSG not PSG II
Hicham M'Laab PSG not PSG II
Abdallah Yaisien PSG not PSG II
Jésé*: Position : F RLC
Callegari Lorenzo*: + ability and + potential
Callegari Lorenzo*: Italian nationality
Weah Timothy : + ability and + potential

Mateo Pavlovic : strong head
Letellier Alexandre*: holder, stronger than the substitute (Mathieu Michel)
Karl Toko Ekambi*: + ability and + potential
Traoré Kalifa*: not loan, transfer to Les Herbiers
Stade Jean Bouin*: new name «*Stade Raymond Kopa*»

The Team play in 5 division, not the 3 division
Alexis Thébaux*: free

Igor Lewczuk : Position*: D C
Pablo*: loan Corinthians SC
Diego Rolan*: new Contract 2020
Gaetan Laborde*: Position*:SC
Jonathan Cafu : buy for 7M€ : + ability*: position F LRC
François Kamano*: + ability and + potential

Max Gradel*: Position*: F LRC
Max Gradel*: good name*: Max-Alain Gradel
Kelvin Amian : + ability and + potential
Andy Delort : + ability and + potential

Benjamin Angoua*: player of Guingamp loan to New England
Pedro Rebocho*: + ability and + potential
Denis Petric*: end contract 2019
Nakibou Aboubakari : Guingamp not Guingamp II

Yann Karamoh*: + ability and + potential
Ivan Santini*: International Croatian, strong head

Naim Sliti*: end contract 2019
Xeka*: end contract 2019
Martin Terrier : Position*: AM/F LC*: + ability and + potential
Anwar El Ghazi*: Position*: AM RC
Nicolas Pépé*: Position*: AM LRC
Nicolas Pépé*: buy for 10M€ : + ability and + potential
Thiago Maia*: buy for 15M€ : + ability and + potential
Eder*: loan to Lokomotiv Moscow

Denis Bouanga*: Position*: AM/F RC
Denis Bouanga*: + ability and + potential
Waris Abdul Majeed*: good name*: Abdul Majeed WARIS

Jérémy Morel : end contract 2019
Lucas Tousart : Position*: DM LC
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa : Position*: D C
Mariano Diaz : not international spanish
Willem Geubbels*: Position*: AM/F LC*: + ability and + potential
Pape, Chiekh Diop*: good name*: Pape Cheick, Diop
Myziane Maolida*: + potential
Amine Gouiri : + potential, futur Karim Benzema
Jean-Philippe Mateta : end contract 2020

Elderson*: not loan, buy by Sivasspor
Danijel Subasic*: Benaglio was subtitle but i was best*: + ability
Jordy Gaspar*: end contract 2021
Youssef Ait Bennasser*: end contract 2020
Keita Baldé*: end contract 2022
Rachid Ghezzal*: + ability and + potential
Adama Diakhaby*: Position*: AM LR*: + ability and + potential
Kylian Mbappé*: transfer for just 13M€*???
Kamil Glik*: double creation (Monaco / Free)

William Remy*: position*: D/DM RC
Daniel Congré *: position*: D C
Bryan Passi*: position *: D/DM C*: + ability and + potential
Nordin Mukiele *: + ability and + potential
Pedro Mendes*: position*: SW/D C

Léo Dubois*: + ability and + potential
Lucas Lima*: + ability and + potential
Alexis Alégué : + ability and + potential
Andrei Girotto*: + ability and + potential

Maxime Lemarchand*: end contract 2019
Yoan Cardinale*: end contract 2019
Allan Saint-Maximin*: + ability and + potential
Saïd Benrahma*: Position*: AM/F LRC
Marcel Vincent*: Position*: AM RC
Arnold Lusamba*: Position*: M RC
Pierre Lees-Melou*: double creation (Lees Melou)
Pierre Lees-Melou*: Position*: AM LC
Alassane Pléa*: end contract 2021
Wylan Ciprien*: Position*: AM C
Adrien Tameze*: + ability and + potential
Marlon *: from Barcelona and Bresilian*??

Aurélien Montaroup*: Rennes not Rennes II
Tomas Koubek*: from Sparta Prague
Joris Gnagnon : + ability and + potential
Faitout Maoussa*: Position*: D/M L
Faitout Maoussa*: + ability and + potential
Benjamin Bourigeaud*: + ability and + potential
Ismaïla Sarr*: Position*: F LRC*: + ability and + potential

Problem with ASSE II*: a lot of inversion

Ibrahima*Niane*: + ability and + potential
Philipp Wollscheid*: Metz not Stoke City
Vincent Thill*: Position*: AM C

Frédéric Sammaritano*: Position*: AM LC
Naim Sliti*: Position*: AM RLC
Arnold Bouka Moutou*: Position*: D/AM L

Hattabiou Barry*: Troyes not Troyes II
Stéphane Privat*: Troyes not Troyes II
Adama Niane : + ability and + potential

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact me.


09-10-17, 10:06 AM
Zidane, Luis Enrique and Guardiola never (NEVER !!!!) get fired.

09-10-17, 10:20 AM
Zidane, Luis Enrique and Guardiola never (NEVER !!!!) get fired.

who does Enrique sign for then as he's with no club at the mo?

John Warrington
09-10-17, 06:53 PM

Missed Transfers

Lee Vaughan is now at Kidderminster
Lois Maynard is now at Salford
Louis Almond is now at York


Ollie Norburn and Mitch Duggan have been duplicated


Mitch Duggan can also play RWB
Evan Gumbs can also play CB
Connor Jennings can also play on either wing
Adam Dawson should be RM rather than a CM

09-10-17, 09:11 PM
Alexis Alégué : + ability and + potential

Alegue is lost for football at this time, Profesionnalism : 1/20 (le mec se prend des bordées tous les weekends, s'embrouille avec des contrôleurs de tram qu'il n'a pas payé, bref... Tant qu'il aura une mentalité de merde comme ça il ne fera rien)

09-10-17, 09:35 PM
Oxlade is not showing in windowed version, maybe shorten his name.... its only a blank space where his name should be.

09-10-17, 10:36 PM
Oxlade is not showing in windowed version, maybe shorten his name.... its only a blank space where his name should be.

It's a charachter limit - happens a lot with players with double barreled names etc

Could just shorten it too Alex Chamberlain I guess

09-10-17, 10:46 PM
Oxlade is not showing in windowed version, maybe shorten his name.... its only a blank space where his name should be.

I just edit their nicknames ingame. If you click on top right of player profile there is a drop down menu, and says edit nickname

09-10-17, 11:36 PM
Boa noite,

Faltou o Douglas, volante do Vasco, que foi pro Manchester City, e depois foi emprestado ao Girona.

10-10-17, 07:56 AM
Hiroki Sakai : Position : D R
( Pour Sakai j'ai surtout pensé a enlevé le fait qu'il soit milieu dans le jeu...)

M'Laab : pour moi çà ne sert a rien de mettre des joueurs en réserve pour les clubs Français vu qu'il n'y a pas de passerelle entre les deux...

FC Nantes : par rapport aux autres joueurs du club, les 2 Brésiliens ont largement le niveau.


10-10-17, 08:34 AM
Changes to European competitions for French clubs :

1 Monaco Champions L - Good
2 PSG Champions L - Good
3 Nice Champions L - Good
4 Lyon UEFA First Round - Good
5 Marseille UEFA First Round - Good
6 Bordeaux UEFA First round - Good

7 Nantes - No competition - Not good – UEFA Qualifying round
8 Saint-Etienne - Intertoto First round - Not good - Intertoto Third Round

9 Rennes - Intertoto Second Round - Good
10 Guingamp - Intertoto Second Round – Good

11 Lille – Intertoto Third Round - Not good - Intertoto First Round
Montpellier - UEFA Qualifying round - Not good - No competition

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact me.

10-10-17, 08:44 AM
I have a question, can you guys use English? Or whatever you are posting in French will likely be ignored. Merci beaucoup.

10-10-17, 12:15 PM
Boa noite,

Faltou o Douglas, volante do Vasco, que foi pro Manchester City, e depois foi emprestado ao Girona.

Você deve digitar em inglês por favor - Google Translate

Hiroki Sakai : Position : D R
( Pour Sakai j'ai surtout pensé a enlevé le fait qu'il soit milieu dans le jeu...)

M'Laab : pour moi çà ne sert a rien de mettre des joueurs en réserve pour les clubs Français vu qu'il n'y a pas de passerelle entre les deux...

FC Nantes : par rapport aux autres joueurs du club, les 2 Brésiliens ont largement le niveau.

Vous devez taper en anglais s'il vous plaît - Google Translate


10-10-17, 12:32 PM
In Argentina

Fernando Gago suffered another serious knee injury (ACL)- expected to be out a minimum of six months :(

Facundo Castillon is on loan at Lanus for a year

Lucas Alario completed a transfer to Leverkusen and signed a contract until 2022

Jonathan Maidana is duplicated in the River squad

Talleres de Cordoba
Incorrect colours - home colours are navy blue and white


10-10-17, 12:48 PM

PELLEGRI: improve his skills, he's the most interesting italian forward under 18. He has various record on scoring, he's the youngest footballer to score double goals in a match (UNDERATED).

As mentioned by Sam. He is one of the most exciting talents in Italy.

See here:

10-10-17, 01:31 PM
Some adjustmens for german clubs:

Werder Bremen
Pavlenka - seems underrated, many stats (Strength, Teamwork, Technik for example)) are too low i think
Augustinsson – gave 20 assists in 50 games last season in denmark, i think set pieces and crossing should be higher
Lamine Sane – Heading should be way higher
Jesper Verlaat - listed with no club, but hes backup in werders first team
Kainz – Creativity, Crossing und Set pieces should be higher
Junuzovic – Creativity is too low
Bartels – he is he fastest player of werder and with kruse a top player in counter attack
Belfodil – werder has a option to buy him next summer (7 mio)
Mbom - is one of the top talents in germany and is missing in werders second team
Josh Sargent – listed with no club, but he plays in college and will be playing in bremen when he turns 18
Gondof – Contract till 2020
Delaney – Contract till 2021
Frank Baumann - replaced Schröder -> Schröder replaced Heidel in Mainz -> Heidel replaced Heldt in Schalke -> Heldt now works in Hannover
Marco Bode - replaced Lemke

Bayern München
Jupp Heynkes is now trainer from Bayern and Peter Hermann from Düsseldorf takes the job as his Co-Trainer
James – Bayern has an option to buy him at the end of the loan (35 mio)
Tolisso – should be CM
Rudy – doesnt play in defense, just CDM/CM
Costa – Juve has an option to buy him for 40 mio

Finanzen are just listed as "ok", but because of the Dembele deal they should have much more money
Reus - injured for 11 months is too much, 5-6 months should be more realistic
Guerrerio – same thing, should be 1 month
(In general the heavy injuries are too high i think, for example it isnt realistic that Ibrahimovic and Mendy cant play for 11 month)

Lucas Alario transferred from River Plate to Leverkusen

At the end i have to say thank you for your hard work and I hope you can understand my quite bad english :ok:


10-10-17, 01:54 PM
Hi! Guess who's back? :)
Before the save game was released, I was preparing enormous feedback! :)

Firstly, add these second nations (mainly top four English leagues + top two German one):

Ousmane Dembélé - Mauritania instead Mali
Elias Abouchabaka - Morocco
Mathew Ryan - England
Alphonso Davies - Liberia + needs improving, PA -2, he's like a Canadian Pulisic, some info: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/meet-alphonso-davies-16-year-old-gold-cup-sensation-being-linked-europe
Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee - Nigeria, was on their squad
Landry Nany Dimata - Democratic Republic of Congo
Luiz Gustavo (23.07) - Germany
Kevin Kampl - Germany
Nathan Aké - Ivory Coast
Dominik Reimann - Poland
Salih Özcan - Turkey
Jannik Vestergaard - Germany
Naldo (Schalke 04) - Germany
Djibril Sow - Senegal
Goran Karacic - Croatia
Daniel Didavi - Benin
Kaylen Hinds - Jamaica
Mamadou Doucouré - Senegal instead Mali + PA -2
Simon Skarlatidis - Greece
Fabian Benko - Croatia
Emil Berggreen - Croatia
Edgar Prib - Russia
Andreas Beck (13.03) - Russia
Orel Mangala - Democratic Republic of Congo
Felipe (15.05) - Italy
Marcel Titsch-Rivero - Spain
Ohis Felix Uduokhai - Nigeria
Anto Grgic - Croatia
Khaled Narey - Togo
Renat Dadashov - Germany
Dennis Aogo - Nigeria
Simon Falette - French Guiana
Jan Gyamerah - Ghana
Maecky Ngombo - Democratic Republic of Congo
Leon Guwara - The Gambia
Hayk Galstyan - Greece
Murat Saglam - Germany
Sébastien Haller - Ivory Coast
Jasmin Fejzic - Germany
Leandro Putaro - Italy
Domi Kumbela - Germany
Osayamen Osawe - Nigeria
Ulrich Bapoh - Cameroon
Ali Ibrahimaj - Albania
Philipp Mwene - Kenya
Borys Tashchy - Bulgaria
Mete Kaan Demir - Germany
Max Schijns - Germany
Leroy Kwadwo - Ghana
Frederic Ananou - Togo
Kenneth Kronholm - United States
Kik Pierie - United States
Jeremy Ebobisse - France
Georgi Makhatadze - Georgia
Armando Sadiku - Bulgaria (he holds the passport)
Todd Kane - Scotland
Jean Marie Dongou - Spain
Joël Piroe - Surinam
Michel Vorm - Surinam
Christian Maghoma - Democratic Republic of Congo
Paulo Gazzaniga - Italy instead Spain
Moussa Dembélé (Tottenham) - Mali
Dele Alli - Nigeria
Ederson Moraes - Portugal
Ethan Ampadu - Ghana or England
Loïc Rémy - Martinique
Jason Denayer - Democratic Republic of Congo
DJ Buffonge - Antigua & Barbuda
Alex Chamberlain - Jamaica
Chuba Akpom - Nigeria
Shani Tarashaj - Kosovo
Rhoys Wiggins - England
Jermain Defoe - Saint Lucia
Callum McManaman - Ireland
Jonathan Leko - Democratic Republic of Congo
Jay Rodríguez - Spain
Guillermo Varela - Spain
Arthur Masuaku - Democratic Republic of Congo
Mark Noble - Republic of Ireland
Andy King - England
Thibaud Verlinden - France
Patrick van Aanholt - Curacao
Hiram Boateng - Ghana
Jonny Williams - England
Jay Fulton - England
Georg Byers - England
Adrian Mariappa - England instead Fiji!
Andre Gray - Jamaica
Karl Darlow - Wales
Florent Hadergjonaj - Kosovo instead Albania
Aaron Mooy - Holland instead England
Abdelhamid Sabiri - Germany
Elias Kachunga - 1 cap for Democratic Republic of Congo, second nation Germany
Jon Toral - England
Lewis Baker - Jamaica
Josh Maja - Nigeria + DOB 27.12.1998
Morgan Fox - England
Slavisa Jokanovic - Spain
Aboubakar Kamara - Mauritania
Andy Lonergan - Republic of Ireland (not shown in Transfermarkt, but he's eligible to play for this country)
Jay-Roy Grot - Surinam
Ikechi Anya - Nigeria
David Nugent - Republic of Ireland
Kamohelo Mokotjo - Holland
Chris Maxwell - Scotland
Tom Barkhuizen - South Africa
Sean Morrison - Republic of Ireland
Mark Bunn - Republic of Ireland
Jordan Lyden - England + correct DOB 30.01.1996
Scott Hogan - Republic of Ireland
Dimitri Kevin Cavaré - Guadeloupe
Ryan Hedges - England
Roderick Miranda - Brazil
Ivan Cavaleiro - Cape Verde instead Angola
Michael Crowe - Norway
Jamie Paterson - Scotland
Paul Garita - France
Steven Caulker - Sierra Leone
John Bostock - Trinidad & Tobago
Jamie Mackie - England
Tomasz Kuszczak - England
Che Adams - Antigua & Barbuda
John Mousinho - Portugal
Sean Scannell - England
Lucas Akins - Grenada
Jamal Blackman - Jamaica
Samir Carruthers - Morocco
David Brooks - Wales + 115/-2, been very impressive for England youth teams, got player of the tournament for England U20s in Toulon Tournament; some info: https://sofifa.com/player/220196
Fred Onyedinma - Nigeria
Aiden O'Brien - Republic of Ireland
Dominic Samuel - Antigua & Barbuda
Callum Elder - England
Michael Ihiekwe - Nigeria
Ryan Williams (28.10) - England
Rory McArdle - England
Hakeeb Adelakun - Nigeria
Luke Williams (11.06) - Republic of Ireland
Tom Field - Republic of Ireland
Dominic Poleon - Saint Lucia
Michael Timlin - England
Jermaine McGlashan - Grenada
Marc-Antoine Fortuné - French Guiana
Christian Ribeiro - Portugal
Jimmy McNulty - Scotland
Keith Keane - England
Joe Partington - Wales
Ryan Tafazolli - Iran
Jermaine Anderson (16.05) - Jamaica
Adil Nabi - Pakistan
Aaron Tshibola - Democratic Republic of Congo
Connor Furlong - Scotland
Jay Dasilva - Brazil
Liam Kinsella - England
Amadou Bakayoko - England
Shaun Donnellan - England + correct DOB 16.10.1996
Adedeji Oshilaja - Nigeria
Nikola Tzanev - England
David Buchanan - England
Raheem Hanley - Jamaica
John-Joe O'Toole - England
Anthony Gerrard - England
Gyamfi Kyeremeh - Ghana (despite not shown in Transfermarkt)
Aaron Amadi-Holloway - Nigeria
Adam Thompson - England
Craig Jones (20.03) - Wales
Rohan Ince - Jamaica
Conor Wilkinson - England
Nathan Thompson - Wales
Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain - Jamaica + DOB 24.06.1998, brother of Alex Chamberlain
Kyle Bennett - Jamaica
Yann Songo'o - France
Antoni Sarcevic - Serbia
Joe Wright (26.02) - England
Rodney Kongolo - Democratic Republic of Congo
Bright Osayi-Samuel - Nigeria
Jimmy Ryan - England
Armand Gnanduillet - Ivory Coast
Andre Blackman - Jamaica
Richard Brindley - Grenada
Nana Kyei - Ghana
John Akinde - Nigeria
Simeon Akinola - Nigeria
Leon Legge - Saint Lucia
Jake Carroll - England
Liam O'Neil - Wales
Piero Mingoia - Italy
Medy Elito - Democratic Republic of Congo
Emmanuel Osadebe - Republic of Ireland
Adam McGurk - Republic of Ireland
Gozie Ugwu - Nigeria
Drey Wright - Jamaica
Corey Addai - Ghana
Dominic Hyam - England
Liam Kelly (10.02) - England
Bilal Sayoud - Germany + DOB 05.05.1997
George Ray - England
Perry Ng - Singapore
Lloyd James - England
Lee Collins - Republic of Ireland
Alex Iacovitti - Italy
Dale Bennett - Trinidad & Tobago
Drissa Traoré - Ivory Coast
Rhys Murphy - Republic of Ireland
James McKeown - England
James Berrett - England
Matt Green - Wales
Frankie Musonda - Zambia
Pelly Ruddock - Democratic Republic of Congo
Malvind Benning - India
Johnny Hunt - England
Marlon Jackson - Jamaica
Michael O'Connor (06.10) - Republic of Ireland
Callum Saunders - Turkey
Dale Gorman - Republic of Ireland
Sido Jombati - Angola
Paris Cowan-Hall - Jamaica

Delete second nations of:

Amadou Diawara (doesn't have an Italian citizenship yet)
Jeremy Toljan
Rico Benatelli
Davie Selke
Gotoku Sakai
Timothée Kolodziejczak
Darren Randolph
Jack Harrison + should be in England U21
Harry Kyprianou
Saulo Decarli
Dominik Wydra
Idrissa Sylla

Nationality changes/fixes:

Adam Davies (Barnsley) should be Welsh/German
Arthur Gnahoua should be French/Ivorian
Tammy Abraham - first nation Nigeria, second nation England, decided to represent Nigeria
Amine Harit - first nation Morocco, second nation France, capped to Morocco national team
Bailey Peacock-Farrell - first nation Northern Ireland, second nation England (was on a training camp in May and called up for world cup qualifications)
Ryan Sweeney - first nation Republic of Ireland, second nation England, Ireland U21 international
Chadrac Akolo should be Democratic Republic of Congo with 1 cap
Amine Linganzi - first nation The Congo instead Democratic Republic of Congo!
Moritz Bauer - 1 cap for Austria, second nation Switzerland
Tom Flanagan - 1 cap for Northern Ireland, second nation England
Jayson Leutwiler - 2 caps for Canada, second nation Switzerland + fix PA?
Omari Sterling-James - 2 caps for St Kitts & Nevis, second nation England + DOB 15.09.1993
Kai McKenzie-Lyle - 2 caps/1 goal for Guyana, second nation England
Jeremie Boga - 1 cap for Ivory Coast, second nation France
Peniel Mlapa - 1 cap for Togo, second nation Germany
Sead Haksabanovic - 1 cap for Montenegro, second nation Sweden, big talent
Elias Kachunga - 1 cap for Democratic Republic of Congo, second nation Germany
Benik Afobe - 1 cap for Democratic Republic of Congo, second nation England
Yeni N'Gbakoto - 1 cap for Democratic Republic of Congo, second nation France
Dom Dwyer - 3 caps and 2 goals for the United States, second nation England
Kenny Saief - 1 cap for United States, second nation Israel
Tom Flanagan - 1 cap for Northern Ireland, second nation England
Marlos - first nation Ukraine, second nation Brazil, capped to Ukraine national team
Ronaldo Vieira - first nation England, second nation Guinea-Bissau, England U20 international

Name changes:
Ngolo Kanté -> N'Golo
Moussa Dembélé (Tottenham) -> Mousa
Wilfredo Caballero -> Willy
John Anthony Brooks -> John Brooks
Landry Nany Dimata -> Nany Landry Dimata
Ederson Moraes -> common name: Ederson
Joe Gómez -> Gomez
Andre Green -> André
Daniel Williams -> Danny
Seyi Ojo -> Sheyi
Arne Meier -> Maier
Phillipp Schobesberger -> Philipp
Didier Ibrahim Ndong -> Didier Ndong
Daniel Batth -> Danny
Paul Garita -> Paul-Arnold Garita
Emilio N'Sué -> Nsue
Cheikh Ndoye -> N'Doye
Kristopher Twardek -> Kris
Donervan Daniels -> Donervon
Bailey Cargill -> Baily
Thimothee Dieng -> Timothée
Nikola Tzanev -> Nik
Danny Potts -> Dan
Luca De La Torre -> de la Torre
Amara Conde -> Condé
Federico Palacios-Martinez -> Palacios
Cristoph Bühler -> Christoph
Nilas Klinger -> Niklas
Caniggia Ginola Elva -> first name: Caniggia, second name: Elva
Matthias Fichner -> Fichtner
Kwasi Okyere Wridt -> first name: Kwasi Okyere, second name: Wriedt
Kara -> first name: Kara, second name: Mbodj, delete common name

Fix DOB:
Ethan Horvath - correct DOB 09.06.1995
Lukas Gerlspeck - correct DOB 27.09.1998

Retired from international football:
Radja Nainggolan
Markus Suttner
Roland Müller

Patryk Mucha - delete that one with lower PA
Andreas Lambertz - delete that one nicknamed Lumpi
Stephan Andrist - delete that one in Aarau
Marco Königs - delete that one in Wehen-Wiesbaden
Marco Kofler - delete that one in Wacker Innsbruck
Grischa Proemel and Grischa Prömel are the same player - delete Proemel
Ronny Lekaj

Nawalka not Poland national team manager? :confused:
Leroy Sané became the quickest Premier League player with speed 35,48 km/h.
Zlatko Dalic new Croatia national team manager (Croatian, 26.10.1966, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Delete Konstantin Sarsaniya, RIP
Cristian Zaccardo - free -> Hamrun
Alberto Gilardino - free -> Spezia + PA -2
Rickie Lambert - retired
Marvin Plattenhardt - new 3 year deal
Manuel Neuer - foot injury, expected to return next year
Reto Ziegler: free -> Luzern, 1 year deal
Benjamin Mendy - long term injury
Raphael Holzhauser is very arrogant and he doesn't want to play for Austria national team, just put him international retirement
Xabi Alonso retired and decided to become a coach
Javier Saviola retired and started a coaching career
Remove ban from Hakan Calhanoglu
Danny Ward (22.06 one) has got wrong history and 09.12 one doesn't have it
Christofer Heimeroth, Axel Bellinghausen and Stefan Kießling - retirement next season
Esteban Cambiasso retired and make non-player
Ivo Pekalski missing 1 cap for Sweden
Jiri Pavlenka missing 3 caps for Czech Republic
Thomas Christiansen (11.03) missing 2 caps/1 goal for Spain
Nick Taitague should be in Schalke 04
Tottenham stadium - Wembley
United States' and Spain's home stadiums should be Various
Mercedes-Benz Stadium - retractable roof and under soil heating
Meppen: Semi-pro -> Professional
Sligo Rovers: Semi-pro -> Professional
Bohemians: Semi-pro -> Professional
Derry City: Semi-pro -> Professional
Basel II, Zurich II, Sion II, Young Boys II, Grasshoppers II - change II to U21 in both names and short names e.g. Basel II -> Basel U21

If we have good players, why shouldn't we have some good staff too? :)
All list above are from FM 2017. ATM just tweak these who exist in DB and copy and paste into editor all mentioned stats. About creating, I'll post FM 2018 best staff lists after their release:

And here's how in-game German Regionalliga should look IMO:


Cottbus (2nd place in Regionalliga Nordost)
Dortmund (A) (2nd place in Regionalliga West)
Fortuna Köln
Viktoria Köln (1st place in Regionalliga West)
Weiche (2nd place in Regionalliga Nord)
Werder Bremen (A)


1860 München
Augsburg II (3rd place in Regionalliga Bayern) + make it linked to the first team, if you can't, put Nürnberg (A) instead
Elversberg (1st place in Regionalliga Südwest)
FC Bayern (A) (2nd place in Regionalliga Bayern)
FSV Frankfurt
Hoffenheim II (4th place in Regionalliga Südwest) + make it linked to the first team, if you can't, put VfB Stuttgart (A) instead
Illertissen (5th place in Regionalliga Bayern)
Mainz II + make it linked to the first team
Mannheim (2nd place in Regionalliga Südwest)
Memmingen (4th place in Regionalliga Bayern)
Saarbrücken (3rd place in Regionalliga Südwest)
Steinbach (5th place in Regionalliga Südwest)
Würzburger Kickers


Except for FM stuff

10-10-17, 01:54 PM
Boa noite,

Faltou o Douglas, volante do Vasco, que foi pro Manchester City, e depois foi emprestado ao Girona.

He said that Douglas from City should be loan at Girona.


10-10-17, 01:58 PM
I have some more thoughts on French football. I play the game in french so sorry in advance if the technical terms are not exactly accurate, especially for the stats.

Like others said, Sakai is definitely a pure D/DM R (no C to see here)
B Sarr plays regularly at right full back position this season. but still a AM RL (no C). Would give him D/AM RL status or something like that.
Kamara: no Libero, D/DM C
Germain is pure stricker.
Amavi has got a definitive transfert now. Also, Evra is a tad overrated and Amavi is way better than Evra now. He's been called in the last national team gathering when Mendy and Kurzawa were injured. Amavi should have about the same general level as Lucas Digne.

What's with Neymar stats? He's supposed to be just below Messi and CR7, a potential ballon d'or winner. Should have 20 or close to 20 in Passes, Set Pieces, Dribbles, Finishing, Acceleration, Balance, Creativity, and be better in offensive stats in general.
Rabiot is kinda underrated I think. Also should probably be only CM not LCM
Mbappé should be way better. I'd give him 20 in pace and creativity. Also, he is a LRC player. He can play on both wings.

Falcao is underrated. He should have way better stats than Bacca for example. his finishing should be 20 or close to 20.
Former Monaco player Bernardo Silva (now at Man City) is incredibly underrated imo. He was elected best player in the league last year and was one of the key players in Monaco's season.

Bruno Génésio has 18 in tactical knowledge. That's a laugh. He should have 8 at best.
Ndombélé: Long shots ++
Like someone else said, Geubbels should definitely have PA -2. He's a really hot prospect.
Aouar is an Attacking Midfielder. (LC)
Ferland Mendy should be better. Also increase potential ability?

Ivan Santini should have better overall stats I think.

That might sound minor, but Amadou should have better determination. He his at 4 currently. He should have more like 13 or something.

Some thoughts on the French national team.
General thought: I think that french players from the PL tend to be overrated compared to other leagues. (and, to be perfectly honest, PL players tend to be overrated in general. But I guess that's in the spirit of the original game.) In last year update, Emmanuel Rivière used to be a national team regular when in real life there are like 30 french strickers better than him. By the way, in this update he's still way overrated.
Ribéry shouldn't be called, he's retired from national team.
Martial is kinda overrated in think. In the game it feels like he is better than Dembélé, Coman, Lemar, when in all honesty they're all about the same level (depending on current form, etc.). Once again, Mbappé is probably better than any of them. (in game he is currently one step behind)
Mangala is waaaaay overrated. Or maybe Umtiti, Kimpembé and Rami are underrated. It's one or the other.
Schneiderlin is ultra overrated too. Compare his stats to Matuidi's for example. Matuidi is 3 leagues above him. Even Rabiot is better than him irl.
Aréola is overrated. In the current state, he's the second best french gk after lloris. Mandanda, Ruffier and Costil are all better than him.

Also, Lucas Silva (Real Madrid B) is on loan to Cruzeiro.

Thanks for this update, can't wait for the final version :)


10-10-17, 02:51 PM
Now there is another gigantic part!

Germany won Confederations Cup and U21 Euro, so I think most of players from the squads deserve upgrade. Same thing with England as they won U19 Euro and U20 World Cup.
Pulisic lower strength and heading + at least 17 agility and balance
Benjamin Kirsten is GK, not S C! + favourite club Dresden, favourite staff Ulf Kirsten and vice versa
Manuel Neuer - improve penalties: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/manuel-neuer-bayern-munich-goalkeeper-revolutionary-changing-way-we-see-football-461172.jsp
Robert Lewandowski should have 20 penalties - he hasn't spoiled any penalty for 3 years! http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/bayern-munich-robert-lewandowski-world-s-best-penalty-taker-ronaldo-messi-459848.jsp
Zlatko Dedic is overrated
Pascal Testroet - CA 120, long term injury
Damir Vrancic - delete
Fabian Götze - retired
Aytac Sulu - high loyalty, favorite club Darmstadt
Justin Eilers - injury prone
Kevin Kampl - not bad in defending, amazing work rate, however his biggest problem is mentality
Kwame Yeboah shouldn't be transfer listed

Sandro Wagner: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/sandro-wagner-starring-for-germany-and-hoffenheim-world-cup-squad-461257.jsp
Joshua Kimmich: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/joshua-kimmich-bayern-anderlecht-champions-league-lahm-muller-458824.jsp

CA/PA suggestions:
Dennis Aogo: 136/143
Timo Baumgartl: 133/-2 + 15 passing
Rick van Drongelen: 130/-2
Gian-Luca Itter: 115/-2
Fynn Arkenberg: 115/140
Justin Hoogma: 130/-2, he played 90 minutes in all 34 games, favorite club Heracles, favorite staff: Nico-Jan Hoogma and vice versa; some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/231823
Lucas Klünter: 130/-2, was one of the greatest breakthorughs last season and he also outpaced Gerrit Holtmann, who is one of the fastest Bundesliga players, club-intern sources say he ran the 100 meters in 10.6 seconds; some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/229487
Jordan Torunarigha: 120/-2, played well when Hertha needed him, one of the biggest defender talents in Germany and played well on U20 World Cup despite Germany was shitty; strengths: pace, acceleration, strength, stamina, natural fitness, heading, marking, anticipation, tackling, determination, left foot
Gregor Kobel: 115/155, currently second choice GK in Hoffenheim
Arne Maier: 115/-2 + 16 vision, 16 technique, 14 decisions, 13 crossing, 10 heading, 20 right foot, 10 left, plays like Toni Kroos
Timo Werner: 162/180
Jonathan Tah: 158/180
Julian Brandt: 158/180
Carles Alena: 120/175
Christian Pulisic: 160/185
John Brooks: 160/170
Matthijs de Ligt: 140/180
DeAndre Yedlin: 140/160
Ederson Moraes: 167/186
Kai Havertz: 135/180, Germany U19 captain, he's just too good for the U19 national team, combination of Ozil and Ballack
Panagiotis Retsos: 135/-2
Marc Stendera: 135/170
Tom Baack: 95/150
Kik Pierie - 120/-2, played some pre-season games as a left back
Romano Schmid - 105/-2, already played for first team; some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/239701
Xaver Schlager - 115/155; some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/233195
Maximillian Wober - 120/155; signed by Ajax and called up for senior national team; some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/231838
Thiago Maia - 133/-2: http://outsideoftheboot.com/2017/09/11/scout-report-thiago-maia/

Nico Perrey: 105/115 + move to Bonn
Lennart Thy: 120/130
Max Dittgen: 110/-1
Özkan Yildirim: 120/135
Nico Brandenburger: 105/125
Vincent Sierro: 128/154
Dren Feka: 120/145
Patrick Fritsch: 104/-1 + injury prone
Benedikt Gimber: 110/150
Lennart Grill: 95/-1
Hendrik Hansen: 115/125
Phillip Menzel: 102/-1
Philipp Ochs: 120/155 + high set pieces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWpY1WS9pTU
Leandro Putaro: 115/145
Sam Schreck: 110/155
Idrissa Touré: 95/-1
Timon Wellenreuther: 120/145

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Dortmund: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/pierre-emerick-aubameyang-borussia-dortmund-are-my-family-460903.jsp
Mats Hummels - FC Bayern should be favorite club instead disliked
Edison Cavani - disliked staff Neymar
Neymar - disliked staff Edison Cavani
Shinji Kagawa - Dortmund
Christian Pulisic - favorite clubs Dortmund and Man Utd (it's said that he's a big fan of the club), disliked club FC Bayern
Gianluigi Donnaruma - favorite club Milan, disliked club Inter, favorite staff Antonio Donnaruma and vice versa and Gianluigi Buffon
Benedikt Höwedes - favorite club Schalke 04, disliked clubs Dortmund and FC Bayern
Christian Früchtl - favorite club FC Bayern, favorite staff Manuel Neuer
Martin Männel - Aue + high loyalty + captain
Timo Horn - 1.FC Köln
Timo Werner - VfB Stuttgart
Andreas Lambertz - Dusseldorf + high loyalty
Marco Hartmann - Halle and Dresden + high loyalty + captain
Marc Schnatterer - Heidenheim + high loyalty and low injury proneness, captain
Johannes Eggestein - Werder Bremen, Maxmilian Eggestein
Maxmilian Eggestein - Werder Bremen, Johannes Eggestein
Sven Bender - 1860 Munchen and Dortmund, Lars Bender (27.04) instead Rafael
Lars Bender (27.04) - Sven Bender + favorite clubs 1860 Munchen and Leverkusen instead Shakhtar, delete Dynamo Kiev from disliked clubs
Felix Götze - Mario Götze
Mario Götze - Felix Götze
Aytac Sulu - favorite club Darmstadt + high loyalty + captain + very high determination, aggression, bravery, teamwork and work rate
Olivier Hein - Regensburg + high loyalty
Toni Kroos - Felix Kroos
Felix Kroos - Toni Kroos
Lucas Röser - Martin Röser
Martin Röser - Lucas Röser
Leon Tigges - Steffen Tigges
Steffen Tigges - Leon Tigges
Bastian Schweinsteiger - Tobias Schweinsteiger
Tobias Schweinsteiger - Bastian Schweinsteiger
Rani Khedira - Sami Khedira
Sami Khedira - Rani Khedira
Christian Frydek - Martin Frydek
Martin Frydek - Christian Frydek

FIFA 18 Top 30 Bundesliga players: https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-player-ratings-top-30-bundesliga

Fritz-Walter Medal U19 2017:
Gold: Salih Özcan (132/-2)
Silver: Aymen Barkok (127/-2)
Bronze: Gökhan Gül (100/good PA but 168 seems too high IMO)

Werder Bremen feedback:

Felix Wiedwald - although he's not in the club anymore, he has been amazing and managed to save almost everything. Still has some things to improve such as kicking though.
Milos Veljkovic - good for his age but he still has a lot to do to become a solid defender.
Zlatko Junuzovic - he was crucial and played great in the new 3-5-2 system, amazing passing, creativity and set pieces.
Fin Bartels - has been amazing in the second part of the season. True fighter, super speed and stamina and very dangerous while attacking.
Max Kruse - top player of the club, has been a beast alongside Bartels. He is a complete striker, great at almost everything.
Niklas Moisander needs improving - he was the best defender of the last season for sure.
Florian Kainz - although he played for 300 minutes more or less, he managed to score 2 goals and 3 assists and played really good when he was on the pitch. Has got a potential to be as good as Gnabry in the first part of the previous season or even better.
Maxmilian Eggestein - really good for his first season as a pro and proved himself enough to be a starter, but still has to improve in an almost every aspect. Good in offensive and defensive, some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/226168
Gebre Selassie should have better agility - he does the werdiest moments. :D
Lamine Sané - sometimes plays pretty good but sometimes he literally sleeps on the pitch and makes stupid mistakes.
Raif Husic doesn't play for Werder for one year, he plays in Aalen.
Robert Bauer could be improved a bit - been very solid last season, some info for stats: https://sofifa.com/player/223765
Thomas Delaney could be improved - he's quite like Iniesta/Xavi of the club.
Izet Hajrovic should be better a bit - showed some interesting skills during the first part of the last season.
Luca Zander should be better and he shouldn't be transfer listed - was a regular player of the reserves last season and now he's loaned to St. Pauli for the season.
Aron Jóhannsson should be worsen - he had a horrible season and scored only one goal - and it was from a penalty.
Staff will be mentioned with the real top three divisions staff research including rivals and favorites.

20 Bundesliga U20 players to look out for:

Jann-Fiete Arp:
PA -2 or 180
the biggest Germany U17 talent and probably the biggest German striker talent since years
the first player to play in Bundesliga who was born in 2000's
current Germany U17 captain
awarded with gold Fritz-Walter Medal U17
scored 12 goals in 12 games for Germany U17, 26 goals in 21 Bundesliga U17 matches last season and already scored 7 goals in 3 U19 Bundesliga matches
an idol of Harry Kane and he tries to play in his style (it's also mentioned that his playing style is similar to the Dennis Bergkamp's one)
Strengths: finishing, movement, heading, jumping, strength, stamina, natural fitness, decisions, technique, passing, penalties, long shots, determination, mental stats, right foot
needs to improve left foot (20 right, 10 left)

Arp is perhaps the hottest prospect in German football and received the golden Fritz-Walter-Medal from the German FA as the best under-17 talent in 2017 – an accolade that has been won by Mario Götze, Emre Can and Leon Goretzka. Arp scored 26 golas in 21 games for Hamburg's under-17s last season and his role model is Tottenham's Harry Kane. "He plays the way I want to play. He's pacy and very comfortable with and without the ball," said Arp, a tall, strong striker who always gets into the right positions and can find the net from anywhere if given an inch. Hamburg will have to work hard to keep Arp amid interest from top clubs in Europe, including Chelsea.
some articles: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/bundesliga-stars-of-tomorrow-hamburg-germany-jann-fiete-arp-445845.jsp http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/jann-fiete-arp-leads-germany-u-17-world-cup-squad-460292.jsp and http://www.uefa.com/under17/news/newsid=2465790.html
FIFA profile: https://sofifa.com/player/239981
Transfermarkt profile: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fiete-arp/profil/spieler/343337

Christian Früchtl:
PA -2 or 180
named as a future replacement of Neuer
represented Bayern at every youth level, won U17 Bundesliga last season, made few appearances for Bayern first team during pre-season
the youngest player ever to be called up to Bayern's winter training squad
Strengths: strength, determination, mental stats, positioning, reflexes, handling, agility, right foot
plays like Lloris

When Bayern Munich arrived in Doha for a training camp in January 2016, all eyes were on a 15-year-old who was already 6ft 3in tall. So young was Früchtl at the time that he required the permission of his parents to fly to Qatar but the then Bayern manager Pep Guardiola had indentified the Bavaria-born goalkeeper as an uncut rough diamant. Since then, Früchtl has been learning quickly in every training session with Manuel Neuer, who has been deeply impressed by his potential successor. "His shoe size is 48 and two-thirds [UK size 13]: I checked it," said Germany's No1. "I can't loan him my shoes. I think I was about a half a head shorter than him at his age." Neuer's long-term injury has seen Früchtl called up to the bench for Bayern's first team as understudy to Sven Ulreich, which is why he will miss the under-17 World Cup in India.
FIFA profile: https://sofifa.com/player/235266

FIFA 18 stats (integrate them with the descriptions above) + suggested CA/PA:
Emghames: https://sofifa.com/player/239330 110/-1
Queiros: https://sofifa.com/player/239949 115/155
Danso: https://sofifa.com/player/237985 125/-2

Also create/improve these American talents in Bundesliga:

Jonathan Klinsmann:
PA -1
American/German, favorite staff Jürgen Klinsmann and vice versa
strengths: handling, reflexes, positioning, strength, jumping, right foot
plays like Timo Horn

Weston McKennie:
PA -2 or 150+
played few games in Schalke first team, one of the biggest club talents
strengths: pace, acceleration, stamina, strength, natural fitness, technique, passing, set pieces, vision, movement, teamwork, determination, ambition, professionalism, right foot
article about him: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/schalke-s-weston-mckennie-next-usa-star-after-dortmund-s-christian-pulisic-460304.jsp

Haji Wright:
PA 150+
strengths: pace, acceleration, strength, stamina, natural fitness, technique, heading, long shots, finishing, both feet (20 right, 15 left)

Brady Scott:
PA -1
strengths: stamina, strength, natural fitness, agility, handling, reflexes, right foot

Create/Improve these players below:

Partially moved to Minus PA thread

10-10-17, 03:59 PM
Updating staff of German top three real divisions since they look quite outdated. I was basing on the official sites of the clubs and partially on Transfermarkt. Suggested attributes were taken from FM 2017 lists:


FC Bayern:

Egon Coordes - 18 judging ability, 16 judging potential

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge - change to chairman
Uli Hoeneß - change to managing director
Hermann Gerland - ass.manager

Add Jupp Heynckes manager (yes, he's back from the retirement! German 40 caps/14 goals, 09.05.1945, favorite club M'gladbach, master of man management and tactics, recover him from March 2013 update)
Add Peter Hermann coach/ass.manager
Add Thomas Wilhelmi rehab coach
Add Udo Bassemir youth coach/youth coordinator
Add Marco Neppe scout/scouting manager (German, 14.06.1986)

Davide Ancelotti - free
Giovanni Mauri - free
Willy Sagnol - free
Heiko Vogel - free
Delete Volker Braun and replace him with one of these actual physios: Gerry Hoffmann or Stephan Weickert (both in DB; delete one who is left on free transfer)

RB Leipzig:

Ronny Zeiß - better youngsters, youth GK coach

Add Nicklas Dietrich fitness coach + should be very good, he's also a fitness coach of Germany national team
Add Kai Kraft fitness coach (German, 02.07.1977)
Add Sascha Lense mental coach (German, 05.10.1975)
Add Johannes Spors scout/scouting manager
Add Wolfgang Geiger scout
Add Sebastian Buttkus scout (German, 30.09.1985)
Add Nikolaus Schmid physio
Add Stefan Scheufele physio (German, no DOB)
Add Christopher Weichert physio (German, no DOB)

Frank Leicht - Frankfurt (A) youth coach
Ulrich Nikolinski - delete
Arne Strobel - delete (can't find any info)


Andreas Beck - fitness coach
Gerd Pieper - vice-president, delete in order to make place for actual general manager Watzke
Reinhold Lunow - tresaurer, delete in order to make place for managing director Tress
Florian Wangler should be very good fitness coach
Waldemar Wrobel - 20 adaptability, 13 determination, 16 tactics, 17 motivating, 17 judging ability, 17 judging potential, 16 man handling
Sven Mislintat - 16 judging ability, 19 judging potential
Wolfgang De Beer - favorite club Dortmund

Add Hans-Joachim Watzke general manager
Add Thomas Tress managing director + second name: Treß
Add Albert Capellas fitness coach/ass.manager
Add Matthias Kleinsteiber GK coach
Add Markus Pilawa scout/chief scout (German, 06.09.1977)
Add Massimo Mariotti scout (Swiss/German, 22.11.1961, former youth team manager)
Add Edwin Boekamp scout/youth coordinator
Add Swantje Thomßen physio (German, 30.11.1984)

Peter Kuhnt - free


Thomas Richter - change to managing director
Michael Rechner - GK coach
Hans-Martin Kleitsch - 19 judging ability, 20 judging potential

Add Matthias Kaltenbach coach/ass.manager (German, 03.03.1985, good youngsters and man management, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Christian Weigl fitness coach
Add Christian Neitzert rehab coach
Add Martin Siegbert scout/chief scout (German, no DOB)
Add Michael Mutzel scout/head of scouting (German, 27.09.1979)
Add Michael Schuhmacher (+ DOB 27.09.1984) or Manuel Kreuzberger physio and delete one who is left on a free transfer

Peter Rettig - delete
Nicklas Dietrich - RB Leipzig fitness coach
Markus Zidek - move to Hoffenheim II
Johannes Spors - RB Leipzig scout/scouting manager
Christopher Vivell - Red Bull Salzburg scout
Guido Kandziora - free
Henning Ott - free

1.FC Koln:

Add Alexander Wehrle general manager (German, 11.02.1975)
Jörg Jakobs - change to DoF
Add Yann-Benjamin Kugel fitness coach (German, 16.12.1979, very good, he's also a fitness coach of Germany national team)
Add Nils Schmadtke scout (German, 16.03.1989)
Add Thorsten Klopp physio (German, 29.01.1975)
Add Paul Schiedges physio (German, 06.01.1980)
Add Klaus Maierstein physio/head physio

Delete Peter Schäferhoff and Paul Klein
Ralf Aussem - move to (A) team
Toni Schumacher - delete, only vice-president
Frank Schaefer - Dusseldorf head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Siggi Marti - Mainz scout
Stephan Engels - free
Kai Ruge - free/delete
Julian Holtz - free


Sven Kretschmer - chief scout
Add Ingo Schiller managing director (German, 18.06.1965)
Add Admir Hamzagic coach/ass.manager (Serbian, 23.11.1985, good adaptability)
Add Henrik Kuchno fitness coach
Add Hendrik Vieth fitness coach (German, 18.09.1983)
Add Dominik Wohlert scout/chief analyser (Germany, 10.09.1993, favorite staff Torsten Wohlert, good and talented)
Add Torsten Wohlert scout/scouting manager (German, 10.12.1965, favorite club Duisburg, favorite staff Dominik Wohlert)
Add Frederick Syna physio (German, no DOB)

Andreas Thom - move to (A) team
Michael Schweika - Bielefeld physio
Richard Golz - free (IRL Romania national team GK coach)
Rob Reekers - free
Hendrik Herzog - delete, only kit manager IRL

SC Freiburg:

Oliver Leki - change to managing director
Klemens Hartenbach - change to DoF
Add Florian Bruns coach
Add Robert Piller scout (German, 02.07.1950)
Add Babacar Wane scout (Mauritanian/German, 06.12.1964)
Add Torge Schwarz physio (German, 29.10.1969)

Iraklis Metaxas - Leverkusen (A) manager/ass.manager

Werder Bremen:

Alexander Nouri - second nation Iran
Markus Feldhoff - change to ass.manager
Hubertus Hess-Grunewald - change to general manager
Christian Vander - better youngsters, former Germany U16 and U20 GK coach

Add Marco Bode chairman (German 40 caps/9 goals, 23.07.1969, high loyalty, favorite club Werder)
Add Klaus Filbry managing director (German, 09.01.1967)
Add Frank Baumann DoF + favorite clubs Nurnberg and Werder
Add Günther Stoxreiter fitness coach (Austrian, 30.11.1980, good youngsters)
Add Axel Dörrfuß fitness coach
Add Björn Schierenbeck youth coach/head of youth + 20 loyalty + favorite club Werder Bremen
Add Dieter Eilts youth coach/director of academy + favorite club Werder Bremen, former Germany U19, U20 and U21 manager
Add Tim Steidten head of scouting (German, 27.04.1979)
Add Sven Meusch scout (German, 29.09.1981)
Add Christoph Fastenau scout (German, 06.07.1987)
Add Sebastian Hartung scout
Add Mario Baric (10.11) scout + first nation Croatia instead Serbia + good adaptability
Add Heiko Flottmann youth coordinator/scout
Add Sven Plagge (German, 31.08.1983) or Adis Lovic physio (German, 06.10.1982)

Willi Lemke - delete
Karl-Heinz Kamp - delete
Rouven Schröder - Mainz DoF
Reinhard Schnittker - Bielefeld fitness coach


Mario Vossen - 16 judging ability and potential
Max Eberl - change to DoF

Add Stephan Schippers managing director (German, 01.09.1967)
Add Andreas Schlumberger fitness coach + should be very good + better youngsters, former coach in Germany youth national teams
Add Markus Müller fitness coach (German, 27.09.1985)
Add Benedikt Bohnen physio (German, 08.05.1986)
Add Dirk Müller physio, very good
Add Adam Szordykowski physio + good adaptability
Add two of these scouts from below (all in DB). After you choose them, delete the rest from DB:
Dirk Jahnke, Norman Wittekopf, Michael Korb, Maurice Freitag, Michael Seehafer

Delete Heribert Ditzel and Stefan Porten
Siegfried Söllner - vice-president, delete in order to make place for Schippers
Peter Gebele - free
Andreas Bluhm - free/delete
Oliver Neuville - move to (A) team; favourite clubs Leverkusen and M'gladbach, delete Ruben Cuesta from favourite staff.


Peter Peters - change to general manager
Ruwen Faller - fitness coach
Christian Wetklo - retired, GK coach in (A) team

Add Christian Heidel managing director
Add Axel Schuster DoF (German, 26.02.1973)
Add Daniel Behlau fitness coach (German, 24.08.1988)
Add Max Balster youth coordinator/youth coach
Add Mathias Schober youth coordinator/youth coach + good GK coaching
Add Uwe Vester scout (German, 14.05.1971)
Add Holger Remmers physio

Holger Genius - move to (A) team
Sven Hübscher - Werder Bremen (A) youth coach
Henrik Kuchno - Hertha BSC fitness coach
Horst Heldt - Hannover 96 managing director
Seppo Eichkorn - free
Markus Zetlmeisl - move to (A) team


Fredi Bobic - delete second nation, favourite clubs: VfB Stuttgart, Dortmund
Niko Kovac - favorite clubs: Hertha BSC, FC Bayern, favourite staff: Robert Kovac
Robert Kovac - favorite clubs: Leverkusen, FC Bayern, favourite staff: Niko Kovac

Add Bruno Hübner DoF + favorite clubs: Kaiserslautern, Wehen
Add Klaus Luisser fitness coach
Add Armin Kraaz youth coach/head of youth
Add Daniel Hertwig scout (German, 17.11.1975)
Add Ben Manga scout/chief scout
Add Matthias Hamann scout
Add Thomas Stubner physio

Delete Wulf Schwietzer
Michael Fabacher - move to (A) team
Heribert Bruchhagen - HSV chairman
Bernd Hölzenbein - delete, only a club representative IRL
Mathias Hönerbach - Matthias, free
Christian Kolodziej - Vaduz fitness coach
Bernd Legien - free
Hans Werner Moser - Kaiserslautern (A) manager
Bernd Pfeifer - free
Ralf Ochs - free


Thomas Hörster - 16 judging ability, 17 judging potential

Add Michael Schade general manager (German, 22.12.1952)
Add Jonas Boldt managing director (German, 19.01.1982, former manager of scouting department)
Add Heiko Herrlich manager
Add Nico Schneck coach/ass.manager (German, 06.10.1987)
Add Schahriar Bigdeli fitness coach
Add Daniel Jouvin fitness coach (Brazilian, 16.06.1978, good adaptability, former personal coach of Renato Augusto and former Flamenco fitness coach, was working alongside famous doctor Dr. José Luiz Runco)
Add Claus Costa scout (Viktoria Koln player in DB) + delete Forfar from favorite clubs
Add Hans-Peter Lehnhoff scout/team manager + 15 judging ability and 16 judging potential
Add Sven Elsinger physio/head physio
Add Stuart Rickards physio (English, 41 years old, good adaptability)
Add Tobias Schäuble physio (German, no DOB)

Delete Karl-Heinrich Dittmar
Daniel Niedzkowski - free + should be very good ass.manager
Oliver Bartlett - Beijing Guoan fitness coach
Stefan Studer - St. Pauli scout/chief scout
Steffen Lutz - Beijing Guoan physio
Bodo Kuczmann - free or delete


Alexander Frankenberger - change to youth coach

Add Tobias Zellner fitness coach/ass.manager (German, 11.09.1977, former Markus Weinzierl ass.manager in Augsburg, Schalke and Regensburg)
Add Andreas Bäumler fitness coach (German, 02.02.1985)
Add Markus Zeyer physio
Add Michael Deiss physio (German, 01.01.1980)
Add Martin Miller physio (German, 05.08.1988)

Delete Andreas Weigel
Manfred Paula - Kaiserslautern head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Thomas Barth - free
Oliver Beer - 1860 Munchen ass.manager
Dieter Märkle - Stuttgarter Kickers head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Wolfgang Geiger - RB Leipzig scout
James Morgan - Nurnberg physio + second nation England


Nuni Kucukovic - add YOB 1968
Jens Meier - add DOB 19.07.1966

Add Heribert Bruchhagen chairman
Add Jens Todt DoF
Add Bernhard Peters youth coach/head of youth + 14 adaptability, 18 determination, 19 motivating, 20 discipline, 19 man handling, 15 judging ability, 18 judging potential, 20 youngsters
Add Daniel Müssig fitness coach (German, 05.03.1982)
Add Sebastian Capel rehab coach (German, 22.08.1985, good youngsters)
Add Benjamin Schmedes scout/chief scout (German, 28.02.1985)
Add Ervin Lamce scout (Albanian 3/0, 11.09.1972, favorite club Neumünster)
Add Matthias Kreutzer scout/video analyst
Add Benjamin Eisele physio (German, 05.06.1983)
Add Andreas Thum physio (German, 18.04.1978)

Peter Knäbel - Zurich managing director
Markus Günther - move to Amateure team
Carsten Schünemann - move to Amateure team
Bernhard Trares - free
Erdinc Sözer - free
Borislav Djordjevic - free
Christofer Clemens - free (Germany national team scout IRL, so he should be very good)
Thomas Hengen - West Ham scout
Jörg Fick - free
Andrea Himmelspach - free


Axel Busenkell - fitness coach
Jonas Grünewald - fitness coach + DOB 08.05.1984

Add Johannes Kaluza chairman (German, no DOB)
Add Rouven Schröder DoF
Add Siggi Marti scout
Add Stefan Stüwe physio
Add Nico Hölzel physio (German, no DOB)

Delete Stefan Mattyasovszky
Harald Strutz - delete
Peter Arens - delete
Karl-Heinz Elsäßer - delete
Christian Heidel - Schalke managing director
Sebastian Hartung - Werder scout
Benjamin Weber - free
Patrick Ingelfinger - delete


Olaf Rebbe - change to DoF
Michele Putaro - change to rehab coach

Rudolf Wojtowicz - add Germany second nation + favorite clubs Dusseldorf and Leverkusen + delete Cícero from favourite staff + 16 judging ability and potential
Pierre Litbarski - favourite club 1.FC Koln

Add Wolfgang Hotze general manager (German, 09.07.1952)
Add Tim Schumacher managing director (German, 17.02.1974)
Add Stefan Sartori ass.manager (German, 27.07.1974, good man management and youngsters, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Pascal Formann GK coach (German, 16.11.1982)
Add Stephan Kerth fitness coach (German, 23.09.1988)
Add Fabian Wohlgemuth youth coach/head of youth
Add Bogdan Komorowski scout (Polish/German, 22.11.1985)
Add Sascha Weiß physio/head physio (German, 28.02.1976)
Add Jörg Drill physio

Delete Günther Pfeiler
Dirk Bremser - M'gladbach coach
Freddie Ljungberg - free
Uwe Speidel - free
Ton Lokhoff - move to (A) team
Oliver Mutschler - unknown
Andreas Steppat - can't find him, delete
Klaus Allofs - free

VfB Stuttgart:

Hannes Wolf - better youngsters, former Dortmund U19 and U17 manager

Add Thomas Hitzlsperger managing director + favorite club VfB Stuttgart
Add Michael Reschke DoF + 17 judging ability and potential
Add Marc Kienle DoF/sports coordinator
Add Miguel Moreira ass.manager (correct DOB 11.08.1983, good adaptability and youngsters, former Dortmund U19 and U17 ass.manager)
Add Marco Langner GK coach
Add Andreas Schumacher coach/individual coach (German, 02.06.1981, good youngsters)
Add Matthias Schiffers fitness coach (German, 27.04.1982)
Add Guido Buchwald scout + favorite clubs VfB Stuttgart and Stuttgarter Kickers
Add Herbert Maronn scout (German, 15.11.1956)
Add Sascha Koch scout (German, 15.03.1978, very good, former Leverkusen scout)
Add Gerhard Wörn physio
Add Matthias Hahn physio
Add Manuel Roth physio

Delete Raymond Best and Heiko Striegel
Robin Dutt - free
Bernd Wahler - delete
Ulrich Ruf - delete
Andreas Menger - free
Armin Reutershahn - Frankfurt coach/ass.manager
Adrie Koster - free (IRL he's Saudi Arabia national team ass.manager)
Christos Papadopoulos - free (IRL he's a coach in Romania national team)
Ralf Becker - Kiel DoF
Ben Manga - Frankfurt chief scout
Detlef Müller - delete (can't find any info)

Hannover 96:

Rainer Feuerhake ain't chairman, delete him
Martin Kind - move to chairman + second nation Switzerland

Add Horst Heldt managing director
Add Gerhard Zuber DoF
Add Asif Saric coach/ass.manager + good adaptability
Add Tobias Stock fitness coach + DOB 26.10.1979
Add Timo Rosenberg fitness coach
Add Michael Tarnat scout/head of youth + favorite staff Niklas Tarnat and vice versa
Add Steffen Gniesmer physio
Add Jens Vergers physio

Delete Axel Partenheimer
Stefan Mertesacker - delete in order to make place for Heldt and Zuber
Christian Möckel - free
Julen Masach - free
Heiko Sander - free
Kai Timm - free
Bernd Brexendorf - delete



Harald Gärtner - change to managing director
Manfred Linzmaier - 15 judging ability, 17 judging potential
Jörg Mikoleit - fitness coach

Add Angelo Vier DoF (German, 23.04.1972)
Add Stefan Leitl manager (caretaker; German, 29.08.1977, high loyalty, favourite club Ingolstadt, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Martin Scharrer GK coach (German, 23.02.1983)
Add Florian Zehe chief scout (German, 12.12.1981)
Add Thomas Finck scout (German, 11.08.1969)

Thomas Linke - free + favorite clubs Schalke and FC Bayern


Torsten Frings - favourite clubs: Aachen and Werder
Ramon Berndroth - change to scout

Add Kai Peter Schmitz ass.manager/fitness coach (German, 07.07.1971)
Add Björn Müller coach (German, 25.01.1977, high youngsters, former Germany U19 national team ass.manager)
Add Dimo Wache GK coach (German, 01.11.1973, favorite clubs M'gladbach and Oldenburg)
Add Alexander Klitzpera chief scout (German, 19.10.1977)
Add Florian Meier scout (German, no DOB)
Add Dirk Schmitt physio (German, 07.11.1978)

Sascha Franz - free


Marc Arnold - change to DoF
Jürgen Rische - fitness coach
Soeren Voigt - first name: Soeren Oliver

Add Daniel Ischdonat GK coach
Add Günter Jonczyk physio
Add David Lehmann scout (German, no DOB)
Add Heiko Hahmann scout (German, no DOB)
Add Klaus Johannes scout (German, no DOB)
Add Goce Janevski physio (German/Macedonian, 10.03.1976)
Add Philipp Glawe physio (German, no DOB)

Frank Maier - free
Henning Bürger - Braunschweig II manager
Caroline Schweibs - delete

Union Berlin:

Add Helmut Schulte DoF
Add Martin Krüger fitness coach (German, 26.11.1979)
Add Oliver Ruhnert scout
Add Theo Gries scout (German, 10.02.1961, favorite club Hertha BSC)
Add Oliver Rathenow head of scouting (German, no DOB)
Add Hendrik Schreiber physio/rehab coach (German, 11.03.1983, good youngsters)

Delete Tankred Haase
Holger Bahra - delete
Robert Jaspert - Al Muharraq manager
Daniel Stenz - Shandong Luneng director
Nico Schäfer - Wehen DoF


Uwe Neuhaus - prefered formation 4-3-3
Hans-Jürgen Kreische - 20 loyalty, favourite club Dresden
Hans-Jürgen Dörner - change to managing director, 20 loyalty, favourite club Dresden
Lars Jungnickel - U19 team ass.manager, change to youth technique coach
Ralf Minge - 20 loyalty, 17 judging ability, 15 judging potential, favorite club Dresden

Add Michael Born managing director
Add Peter Németh ass.manager + good adaptability
Add Matthias Lust youth coach/ass.manager/U19 team manager
Add Brano Arsenovic GK coach + good adaptability + should be Bosnian
Add Kristian Walter scout/chief scout (German, 14.06.1984)
Add Felix Schimmel scout (German, no DOB)
Add Dennis Wöhr physio (German, 14.06.1977)
Add Alexander Schurig physio (German, 22.06.1985)

Delete Tino Lorenz
Robert Schäfer - Dusseldorf chairman
David Bergner - Erfurt head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Thomas Köhler - Meuselwitz ass.manager/GK coach
Nico Däbritz - delete
Christian Canestrini - free
Arndt Pröhl - free


Forgot to say: Denis Thomalla - second nation Poland
Klaus Mayer - favorite club Heidenheim, favorite staff Frank Schmidt
Alexander Raaf - change to general manager
Frank Schmidt - manager for 10 years!

Add Holger Sanwald managing director (German, no DOB)
Add Christian Gmünder ass.manager (German, 12.02.1980)
Add Bernd Weng GK coach (German, 27.08.1969)
Add Said Lakhal fitness coach (German, 16.04.1970)
Add Dieter Jarosch scout (German, 14.09.1980)
Add Hans-Peter Baamann head of scouting (German, no DOB)
Add Johannes Gessler physio (German, 18.05.1989)
Add Marc Weiss physio

St. Pauli:

Ewald Lienen - change to DoF

Add Andreas Rettig managing director (German, 25.04.1963)
Add Olaf Janßen manager
Add Patrick Glöckner ass.manager (German, 18.11.1976, good youngsters)
Add Markus Gellhaus coach/ass.manager, prefered formation 4-5-1
Add Janosch Emonts fitness coach (Belgian/German, 13.04.1985)
Add Valentin Lay fitness coach (German, 14.02.1990)
Add Stefan Studer chief scout
Add Marco Feldhusen head of scouting (German, 26.11.1969)
Add Johannes Reich physio (German, 29.06.1984)
Add Petros Katsares physio (German, 09.01.1973)

Joachim Philipkowski - St. Pauli (A) manager
Timo Schultz - St. Pauli (A) youth coach
Timo Rosenberg - Hannover 96 fitness coach
Thomas Meggle - free
Michael Burmester - delete

Greuther Furth:

Add Damir Buric manager
Add Holger Schwiewagner managing director (German, 20.06.1977, favorite club Greuther Furth)
Add Martin Meichelbeck DoF (German, 21.11.1976, favorite clubs Greuther Furth and Bochum)
Add Christian Fiedler GK coach (German, 27.03.1975, good youngsters, former Germany U17 national team GK coach, favorite club Hertha)
Add Michael Schleinkofer fitness coach (German, no DOB)
Add Amir-Reza Kasraei scout (German, 13.01.1989)
Add Marius Koc physio (German, 05.09.1987)
Add Benjamin Ngarambe physio (German, 23.11.1986)

Delete Harald Hauer
Mirko Reichel - youth DoF, move to II team
Thomas Kleine - free + favorite clubs Leverkusen and Greuther Furth


Add Hans-Peter Villis chairman (German, 06.07.1958)
Add Heiko Butscher ass.manager (German, 28.07.1980, good youngsters)
Add Joseph Laumann coach/ass.manager (German, 31.08.1983)
Add Christian Mollocher coach/U17 team manager (German, 07.12.1981)
Add Jens Rasiejewski coach/head of youth/U19 team manager (German, 01.01.1975)
Add Anel Maglajlija scout (Bosnian, 07.06.1969, good adaptability and youngsters, U17 team ass.manager IRL too)
Add Sascha Zivanovic physio (Bosnian, 04.07.1972, good adaptability)

Delete Karl-Heinz Bauer
Dariusz Wosz - youth technique coach, move to (A) team
David Zajas - youth coach, move to (A) team + add Poland second nation
Frank Heinemann - free
Thomas Reis - Wolsfburg youth technique coach (move to (A) team)
Ernst Otto Stüber - delete


Kenan Kocak - second nation Germany, prefered formation 4-5-1

Add Otmar Schork DoF (German, 04.08.1957)
Add Erol Sabanov GK coach (German, 16.05.1974, favorite clubs Aalen and Heidenheim)
Add Marc Lorius fitness coach (German, 27.01.1982)
Add Sören Halfar scout (German, 02.01.1987)
Add Andy Malburg physio (German, 10.09.1970)
Add Markus Müller physio (German, 07.03.1979)
Add Franziska Wickenhäuser physio (German, 28.07.1992)

Thomas Gwechenberger - free


Add Robert Schäfer chairman
Add Erich Rutemöller DoF (German, 08.02.1945, former Germany U20 national team manager)
Add Claus Reitmaier GK coach
Add Axel Zehle mental coach (German, 21.04.1975)
Add Uwe Klein scout/head of scouting
Add Egon Köhnen scout (German, 24.11.1947)
Add Goran Vucic scout (Serbian, 05.11.1969, good adaptability)
Add Carsten Fiedler physio (German, 18.02.1966)
Add Marcel Verstappen physio (German, 20.02.1983)

Delete Ulrich Keil
Peter Frymuth - delete
Thomas Allofs - delete
Helmut Schulte - Union Berlin DoF
Joti Stamatopoulos - Offenbach ass.manager
Taskin Aksoy - Dusseldorf II manager
Axel Dörrfuß - Werder fitness coach
Simon Jentzsch - free + favorite clubs Karlsruhe and Wolfsburg
Markus Hirte - free
Mark Ulshöfer - free
Bernd Restle - free/delete


Ralf Scheuchl - better youngsters

Add Thomas Grethlein chairman (German, 05.04.1958)
Add Michael Meeske managing director (German, 27.10.1971)
Add Andreas Bornemann DoF
Add Boris Schommers ass.manager (German, 19.01.1979, good man management and youngsters, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Michael Fuchs GK coach + favorite club Nurnberg
Add Tobias Dippert fitness coach (German, 21.09.1981, good youngsters)
Add Jan Sandmann scout (German, 03.05.1978)
Add James Morgan physio + second nation England + good adaptability
Add Sascha Rurainski physio (German, 16.10.1981)
Add Milan Gubov physio (Slovakian, 03.07.1973, good adaptability)

Reinhold Hintermaier - change to (A) team coach + good youngsters + favorite club Nurnberg
Marek Mintal -> Mintál + change to (A) team coach + good man management and youngsters
Ralf Scheuchl - move to (A) team
Klaus Schramm - delete
Martin Bader - free
Thomas Brunner - delete
Daniel Klewer - free
Roger Stilz - St. Pauli head of youth, maybe as an youth coach?
Andreas Wolf - free
Marek Nikl - free
Günter Jonczyk - Braunschweig physio
Markus Zeyer - Augsburg physio


Gerald Ehrmann - favorite club Kaiserslautern
Roger Lutz - change to general manager
Boris Notzon - change to DoF + 15 judging ability, 16 judging potential

Add Thomas Gries chairman (German, 19.04.1962)
Add Jeff Strasser manager, prefered formation 4-5-1
Add Alexander Bugera ass.manager (German, 08.08.1978, good man management and youngsters, previously U17 and U19 teams manager, prefered formation 4-4-2)
Add Bastian Becker fitness/rehab coach (German, 21.06.1979)
Add Olaf Marschall scout + favorite club Kaiserslautern and Lok Leipzig
Add Norman Schild physio (German, 17.08.1967)

Dieter Rombach - delete
Norbert Meier - free
Stefan Kuntz - Germany U21 manager (free + very good as he won this year's U21 Euro + higher youngsters + prefered formation 4-5-1 + favorite clubs Neunkirchen and Kaiserslautern)
Markus Schupp - St. Pölten DoF
Oliver Schäfer - Saarbrucken U19 manager, add him as an youth coach
Guido Hoffmann - free


Uwe Leonhardt - change to chairman + first name Helge
Add Hannes Drews manager (German, 27.03.1982, good man management and youngsters, prefered formation 4-4-2)
Werner Schoupa - fitness coach
Add Ralf Schröder physio (German, no DOB)
Add Marie Koch physio (German, no DOB)
Add Nadine Dörfel physio (German, no DOB)

Delete Jens Borchert and Friedrich Ramminger
Lothar Lässig - delete
Udo Tautenhahn - free/delete


Add Markus Rejek managing director (German, 11.07.1968)
Add Gerrit Meinke managing director (German, 14.09.1967)
Add Samir Arabi DoF (German, 02.02.1979)
Add Reinhard Schnittker fitness coach
Add Rüdiger Kauf scout (German, 01.03.1975)
Add Michael Schweika physio
Add Mario Bertling physio (German, 16.05.1987)


Ilia Gruev - add Germany second nation, prefered formation 4-4-2
Add Yontcho Arsov ass.manager (Bulgarian/German, 03.12.1976)
Add Christopher Schmoldt chief scout (German, 18.04.1983)
Add Andreas Tappe fitness coach (German, 27.01.1972)
Bernard Dietz - change to director
Add Oliver Grabowski physio (German, 05.12.1981)
Add Timo Kleinefehn physio (German, no DOB)

Roland Dynio - move to (A) team
Peter Kuhlbach - delete
Daniel Felgenhauer - free
Mario Baric - Werder scout + first nation Croatia
Dieter Mertens - RIP, delete
Jens Vergers - Hannover 96 physio
Folker Franzen - free


Patrick Kohlmann - retired, non-player coach

Add Steffen Schneekloth chairman (German, no DOB)
Add Ralf Becker DoF
Add Wolfgang Schwenke managing director (German, 27.03.1968)
Add Tom Cichon ass.manager (German, 12.05.1976, good man management and youngsters)
Add Patrik Borger GK coach (German, 19.01.1979, good youngsters)
Add Timm Sörensen fitness coach (German, 26.02.1983)
Add Carsten Wehlmann chief scout (German, 27.06.1972)
Add Sebastian Süß physio (German, 17.02.1983)
Add Tim Höper physio/head physio (German, 03.11.1973)

Roland Reime - delete


Add Christian Keller DoF (German, 26.11.1978)
Add Achim Beierlorzer manager
Mersad Selimbegovic - change to ass.manager
Add Andreas Gehlen coach/ass.manager (German, 30.01.1987, good youngsters)
Add Kristian Barbuscak GK coach (Slovakian, 20.02.1977, former Germany U16 and Kazakhstan national team GK coach)
Add Ilija Dzepina chief scout (Serbian, 17.10.1962, good adaptability)
Add Markus Stegili scout (German, no DOB)
Add Wolfgang Brummer physio (German, no DOB)
Add Tobias Rutzinger physio (German, no DOB)
Add Matthias Günther physio (German, no DOB)

Hans Rothammer - delete
Ralf Santelli - delete
Franz Gerber - free

Real 3.Liga:

Wurzburger Kickers:

Robert Wulnikowski - retired, non-player GK coach
Lamine Cissé - 2 caps for Senegal

Add Daniel Sauer chairman (German, 18.10.1981)
Add Michael Schiele coach/ass.manager
Add Christian Demirtas coach/reserve team manager + second nation Turkey, retired, non-player only
Add Predrag Uzelac chief scout (Croatian, 17.02.1966, good adaptability, favorite staff Franko Uzelac and vice versa)
Add David Braunreuther physio (German, no DOB)
Add Christian Stiglus physio (German, no DOB)

Bernd Hollerbach - free
Peter Endres - free
Frank Gollwitzer - free


Michael Bischof - move to coach + good youngsters
Edmund Becker - head of youth, free or delete because there won't be anough place for real coaches

Add Ingo Wellenreuther chairman (German, 16.12.1959)
Add Oliver Kreuzer DoF
Add Alois Schwartz manager
Add Dimitris Moutas ass.manager + first name: Dimitrios
Add Christian Eichner coach/ass.manager (German, 24.11.1982, good youngsters, favorite club Karlsruhe)
Add Kai Rabe GK coach (German, 24.12.1980)
Add Florian Böckler fitness coach (German, 11.07.1988)
Add Sebastian Dirscherl scout/game analyst (German, 17.05.1986)
Add Michael Piwowarski scout (German, 14.11.1948, 16 judging ability and potential)
Add Sven Kienzle physio (German, 09.08.1983)
Add Julia Bohn physio (German, 25.08.1988)

Delete Marcus Schweizer
Mirko Slomka - free
Michael Bischof - Nurnberg (A) coach, second name: Bischoff
Jens Todt - HSV DoF
Jean-Marc Gobin - unknown


Add Dirk Keller fitness/rehab coach (German, 10.05.1963)
Add Matthias Tischer GK coach (German, 09.11.1985)
Add Silvio Bankert coach/ass.manager (German, 13.06.1985)
Add Tino Meyer physio (German, no DOB)
Add Mandy Rosenschon physio (German, no DOB)

Martin Hoffmann - delete


Add Steffen Süßner GK coach/ass.manager (German, 26.09.1977, favorite club Chemnitz)
Add Sven Schubert physio (German, no DOB)
Add Christian Puschmann physio (German, no DOB)

Gerhard Neef - delete


Joe Enochs - 1 cap for USA

Add Wolfgang Schütte ass.manager (German, 24.01.1974)
Add Rolf Meyer GK coach/ass.manager (German, 03.02.1955, favorite clubs Osnabruck and Dortmund)
Add Patrick Jochmann fitness coach (German, no DOB)
Add Lennart Bartling physio (German, no DOB)
Add Günter Schröder physio (German, 24.06.1957)

Christoph Ehrenberg - delete


Markus Hankamer -> Hankammer
Christian Hock - change to DoF
Add Rüdiger Rehm manager
Add Mike Krannich ass.manager (German, 26.06.1972)
Add Steffen Vogler GK coach (German, 17.06.1966)
Add Paul Fernie chief scout (English, no DOB, good adaptability)
Add Sebastian Wagener fitness coach (German, 09.08.1978)
Add Michaela Hiemer physio (German, no DOB)
Add Henning Scherer physio (German, no DOB)

Marc Kienle - VfB Stuttgart, Transfermarkt shows him as a sports coordinator and Sortitoutsi as a head of youth, make him free or scout
Bernd Heemsoth - Elversberg ass.manager
Gerhard Noll - free


Add Horst Steffen manager + prefered formation 4-3-3
Add Sreto Ristic ass.manager (Serbian/German, 07.02.1976)
Add Holger Hiemann GK coach (German, 12.06.1968, high loyalty, favorite club Chemnitz)
Add Lothar Hamann chief scout (German, 09.03.1952)
Add Sebastian Lange physio (German, 14.07.1979)
Add Olaf Renn physio (German, 12.10.1969)
Add Florian Braband physio (19.02.1990)
Heiko Nowak - head of youth

Hermann Kretschmann - delete


Add Sven Kmetsch ass.manager
Add Milenko Gilic GK coach (Croatian, 12.01.1972, good adaptability)
Add Matthias Haase physio (German, no DOB)
Add Christian Krabbe physio (German, no DOB)


David Yelldell - retired, GK coach

Add Sascha Hildmann manager (German, 07.04.1972, prefered formation 3-4-3, good youngsters)
Add Martin Cimander ass.manager (German, 03.10.1981, high loyalty, favorite club Großaspach)
Add Zlatko Blaskic coach/ass.manager (Croatian, 27.04.1982, good adaptability)
Add Axel Mäder fitness coach (German, 30.08.1986)
Add Sissi Stättmayer physio (German, 16.02.1988)
Add Jonas Halder physio (German, no DOB)
Add Florian Ziegler physio (German, no DOB)

Oliver Zapel - free


Add Jan Kilian ass.manager (German, 15.09.1978, good youngsters)
Add Joachim Haberle chief scout (German, 11.07.1962)
Add Felix Bauer physio (German, no DOB)

Berndt-Ulrich Scholz - delete
Rainer Kraft - free
Johannes Egelseer - fitness coach, free
Michael Schiele - Wurzburger Kickers coach
Marc Weiss - Heidenheim physio


Add Marc Fascher manager + prefered formation 4-3-3 attacking
Add André Trulsen ass.manager
Add Bastian Görrissen GK coach (German, 19.07.1983)
Add Chris Löffler fitness coach (German, 07.10.1978)
Add Melanie Hubert physio (German, 27.02.1988)

Ismail Atalan - Bochum manager


Rico Schmitt - prefered formation 4-5-1
Add Marco Kämpfe ass.manager (German, 16.11.1971)
Add Bernd Jayme GK coach (German, 29.10.1975)
Add Mario Nickeleit youth coach (German, 30.09.1969)
Add Gerd Schädlich scout (German, 30.12.1952)
Add Walter Moissejenko physio (German, 14.11.1985)
Add Steve Rohr physio (German, 26.08.1981)


Add Ronny Hebestreit ass.manager (German, 09.01.1975)
Add Norman Loose coach/ass.manager (German, 10.01.1980)
Add Christoph Rezler fitness coach (German, 11.07.1990)
Add Axel Ullmann physio (German, no DOB)
Add Daniel Knätschke physio (German, no DOB)


Add Robert Marien chairman (German, 03.02.1981)
Add Pavel Dotchev manager (28 caps for Bulgaria, second nation Germany, 28.09.1965, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Stefan Karow GK coach (German, 06.06.1974)
Add Björn Bornholdt fitness coach (German, 17.09.1982)
Add Uwe Cording chief scout (German, 03.08.1958)
Add Tobias Hamann physio (German, 15.04.1979)
Add Frank Scheller physio (German, 03.03.1966)

Christian Brand - free
Michael Dahlmann - delete

Fortuna Koln:

Uwe Koschinat - prefered formation 4-5-1
André Pogggenborg - player/GK coach
Add André Filipovic ass.manager/fitness coach (German, 13.05.1982, former Wolfsburg U17 and U19 fitness coach)
Add Christian Osebold physio (German, 24.05.1983)


Elmar Volkman -> Volkmann

Add Steffen Baumgart manager (German, 05.01.1972, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Daniel Scherning ass.manager (German, 29.10.1983, prefered formation 4-4-2, good youngsters)
Add Danilo Fernando Evangelista de Souza coach/ass.manager (Brazilian (?), 29.11.1983, good adaptability)
Add Nico Burchert GK coach (German, 24.06.1987)
Add Angela Siegel physio (German, 17.04.1981)
Add Robert Wezorke physio (German, 16.06.1991)

Delete Henrik Lange
Martin Hornberger - doubled, delete that one who is managing director
Michael Born - Dresden managing director


Add Christian Neidhart manager (German, 01.10.1968, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Mario Neumann ass.manager/GK coach (German, 15.12.1966)
Add Daniel Vehring fitness coach (German, 23.10.1976)
Add Ina Stilber physio (German, 18.10.1985)


Add Steffen Galm ass.manager (German, 20.10.1971, good man management and youngsters)
Add Sebastian Friedl coach/ass.manager (German, 21.01.1991)
Add Wolfgang Kellner GK coach (German, 14.04.1963)
Add Georg Wallner fitness coach (German, 22.10.1985)
Add Frank Thömmes fitness coach/youth team manager (German, 08.09.1968)
Add Felix Schierholt physio (German, 17.01.1991)
Add Andreas Fischer physio (German, no DOB)


Add Klaus Berka chairman (German, 27.08.1949)
Add Mark Zimmermann manager (German, 01.03.1974, prefered formation 4-4-2, favorite club Jena)
Add Martin Ullmann ass.manager (German, 11.12.1986, good youngsters)
Add Bernd Lindrath GK coach (German, 13.09.1959)
Add Miroslav Jovic chief scout (Serbian, 25.05.1971, good adaptability)
Add Fabian Carnarius physio (German, 25.07.1987)

Volkan Uluc - Nordhausen manager
Mario Röser - delete

Free transfer:

Ulf Kirsten - favorite clubs Dresden and Leverkusen, favorite staff Benjamin Kirsten, very good offensive coach
Oliver Kahn - favorite clubs FC Bayern and Karlsruhe
Thomas Schaaf - favorite club Werder
Jürgen Klinsmann - favorite club Totthenham, disliked clubs FC Bayern and Monaco, favorite staff Jonathan Klinsmann
Rudiger Vollborn - favorite club Leverkusen instead HSV

Peter Anders - delete
Bernd Andersen - delete
Franz Beckenbauer - Bayern honorary president, delete because there's not enough place
Christian Benbennek - Havelse manager
Wilhelm Bender - delete
Manfred Binz - SC Hessen Dreieich ass.manager (club not in DB, create it, plays in Hessenliga (5th tier) IRL: name: SC Hessen Dreieich, short name: Dreieich, nation: Germany, division: A Lower Division, Semi-pro, training 3, reputation 2, Purple 3/Red 2, Blue 2/Cyan 1, Grey 2/White, stadium: Hahn Air Sportpark, Dreieich, 3000 capacity, 256 seated, city: Dreieich, Germany, latitude 50,108, longtitude 8,41, attraction 1, weather GER - West, players: Pierre Kleinheider, Julian Dudda, Khaibar Amani, Zubayr Amiri, Abassin Alikhil, Leon Hammel, Tino Lagator). I'm going to do A Lower Division club review for the winter update.
Rudi Bommer - Dreieich manager
Rainer Bonhof - M'gladbach vice-president, delete because there's not enough place
Michael Boris - free (Hungary U19 manager IRL, you can make him as an youth coach)
Thomas Bormann - Man Utd scout + DOB 25.04.1965
Markus Braun - Dortmund club doctor, delete because there's not enough place
Thomas Brdaric - TeBe Berlin manager
Paul Breitner - delete
Manfred Burghartswieser - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 4 years
Jürgen Böhle - delete
Sebastian Christ - delete
Paul Colesar - free/delete
Rüdiger Degwert - delete
Matthias Dehoust - delete
Sven Demandt - Essen manager
Dietmar Demuth - Chemie Leipzig manager (dunno why this club isn't active in DB, it actually exists and plays in Regionalliga IRL)
Heribert Deutinger - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 5 years
Rolf Dohmen - delete
Hajrudin Doracic - can't find him, delete
Wolfgang Dremmler - retired, delete
Jens Duve - delete
Karl-Heinz Emig - maybe delete, free for 5 years
Frank Engel - free (Germany national team director of youth department IRL, you can make him as a very good youth coach)
Gert Engels - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 4 years
Holger Erler - delete
Michael Eyrainer - maybe delete, free for 5 years
Rainer Falkenhain - Frankfurt head of first team football, delete because there's not enough place
Ralf Falkenmayer - delete
Karlheinz Feldkamp - delete
Ralf Filsinger - can't find him, delete
Thorsten Flocken - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 6 years
Christian Fornoff - can't find him, delete
Caroline Friebe - delete
Uwe Fuchs - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 6 years
Wolfgang Funkel - delete
Karlheinz Förster - delete
Konrad Fünfstück - Wil manager
Jürgen Gede - free (Vietnam U20 technical director IRL; first name Hans-Jürgen)
Holger Gehrke - free (Hungary national team GK coach IRL)
Jürgen Gelsdorf - Leverkusen football department head, delete because there's not enough place
Thomas Gerstner - delete, he's a Germany woman national team manager
Eduard Geyer - delete
Jörg Goslar - Hildesheim manager
Matthias Grahe - delete
Frank Greiner - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Stephan Grühsem - Wolfsburg member of supervisory board, delete because there's not enough place
Florian Göttl - delete
Herbert Hainer - Bayern deputy chairman of the board, delete because there's not enough place
Steffen Hammermüller - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Sascha Haschemi-Fard - Hannover 96 club doctor, delete because there's not enough place
Wolfgang Hauner - delete
Jörg Heinrich - Falkensee-Finkenkrug manager
Sigfried Held - Dortmund fan attendant, delete
Walter Hellmich - delete
Herbert Herres - Grevenmacher manager
Stefan Hertl - M'gladbach club doctor, delete because there's not enough place
Antoine Hey - Rwanda national team manager
Dieter Hoeneß - delete
André Hofschneider - Union Berlin U19 manager, add him as an youth coach
Karl Hopfner - delete
Claus Horstmann - delete
Thomas Hoßmang - Magdeburg U19 manager, add him as an youth coach
Horst Hrubesch - free (Germany national team DoF IRL, so he should be very good)
Lutz Hänsel - can't find him, delete
Thomas Häßler - delete (manager of Bezirksliga team IRL)
Bodo Illgner - delete
Eike Immel - delete
Volker Ippig - delete
Carl-Edgar Jarchow - delete
Werner Kasper - delete (manager of Bezirksliga team IRL)
Fuat Kiliç - Aachen manager
Thomas Korompai - can't find him, delete
Frank Kramer - free (Germany U19 manager IRL, you can make him as a very good youth coach)
Marco Kurz - Adelaide Utd manager
Andreas Köpke - free (Germany national team GK coach IRL, you can make him as a very good youth GK coach)
Horst Köppel - delete
Karl-Heinz Körbel - Dreiech managing director + 17 judging ability and potential
Harry Körner - St. Gallen fitness coach
Andreas Laib - delete
Jens Lehmann - Arsenal coach/ass.manager + favorite clubs Arsenal, Dortmund and Schalke 04
Hans-Jörg Leitzke - delete
Werner Leuthard - Basel fitness coach + should be very good (there's not enough place in Basel for him, but I'll post Swiss clubs staff research in Switzerland thread, so hold off)
Dieter Lieberwirth - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Helmut Lill - Hannover 96 club doctor, delete because there's not enough place
Bernhard Lippert - delete
Corny Littmann - delete
Jürgen Lohr - maybe delete, free for 6 years
Werner Lorant - delete
Dirk Lottner - Saarbrucken manager
Karl Ludwig Kley - delete
Jürgen Luginger - Homburg manager
Michael Lusch - maybe delete, free for 6 years
Christian Lutz - delete
Fritz Lünschermann - Dortmund team manager, delete because there's not enough place
Bernd Maier - delete
Jens Maier - delete, duplicate of Jens Meier
Volker Manz - delete
Jan Mayer - can't find him, delete
Jonas Meidert - can't find him, delete
Michael Meier - delete
Werner Melzer - delete
Jens Melzig - delete
Andreas Merkle - delete
Karsten Metzger - delete
Stefan Minkwitz - free (Germany U18 ass.manager IRL)
Hans-Werner Moors - delete
Gerd Mäuser - delete
Stefan Mücke - delete
Christian Müller (15.03) - free (Germany national team physio IRL, so you can make him a very good physio)
Christian Müller (19.10) - delete
Christian Müller (without DOB) - delete
Dieter Müller - delete
Gerd Müller - delete
Joachim Müller - delete
Rene Müller - delete
Karsten Neitzel - Elversberg manager
Frank Neubarth - delete
Herbert Neumann - delete
Kurt Niedermayer - delete
Oliver Niehüser - can't find him, delete
Michael Oenning - Vasas manager
Alexander Otto - delete
Oliver Otto - VfB Stuttgart youth chief instructor, add him as an youth coach in (A) team
Wolfgang Overath - delete
Klaus-Dieter Pagels - unknown
Frank Pagelsdorf - delete
Marco Pezzaiuoli - Guangzhou Evergrande head of youth, add him as an youth coach + second nation Italy
Jan Pienta - can't find him, delete
Gustav Policella - delete
Mathias Porsch - delete
Felix Post - delete
Hans Dieter Pötsch - Wolfsburg supervisory board, delete because there's not enough place
Jürgen Raab - Tampines manager
Hubert Raase - delete
Jurgen Radschuweit - delete
Uwe Rapolder - delete
Thorsten Rarreck - delete
Ralf Regenbogen - delete
Willi Reimann - delete
Uwe Reinders - delete
Björn Reindl - can't find him, delete
Karl Heinz Riedle - delete
Michael Risse - can't find him, delete
Christopher Rohrbeck - Liverpool physio
Axel Roos - delete
Jürgen Röber - Mouscron-Peruwelz DoF
Sebastian Röttger - SC Spelle-Venhaus manager (club not in DB, so delete)
Reinhard Saftig - delete
Klaus-Peter Sauer - can't find him, delete
Rainer Scharinger - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Heinz-Günter Scheil - delete (manager of Bezirksliga team IRL)
Dirk Schlegel - delete
Alexander Schmidt - Red Bull Salzburg U18 manager, add him as an youth coach
Hans-Dieter Schmidt - delete
Roger Schmidt - Beijing Guoan manager
Oliver Schmidtlein - delete
Theo Schneider - Ferencvaros head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Thomas Schneider - free (Germany national team ass.manager IRL)
Josef Schnusenberg - delete
Christian Schreier - delete
Markus Schroth - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Hans-Hermann Schwick - delete
Günther Schäfer - VfB Stuttgart fan attendant, delete
Detlef Schößler - VfB IMO Merseburg manager (club not in DB I think, so delete)
Jürgen Seeberger - FC Kosova Zürich manager (club not in DB I think, so delete)
Christoph Seeger - Frankfurt club doctor, delete because there's not enough place
Roland Seitz - Elversberg DoF
Wolfgang Sidka - maybe delete, didn't manage a club for 6 years
Slaven Skeledzic - Guangzhou Evergrande head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Marcus Sorg - free (Germany national team ass.manager IRL)
Erwin Staudt - delete
Uli Stein - can't find him, delete
Wolfgang Steinbach - delete
Paul Steiner - maybe delete, free for 6 years
Bernd Steinhoff - can't find him, delete
Thomas Stickroth - Vaduz ass.manager
Felix Sunkel - delete
Karsten Surmann - delete
Cihan Tasdelen - Munster U19 manager, add him as an youth coach
Klaus Thomforde - free (Germany U21 GK coach IRL)
Olaf Thon - maybe delete, free for 6 years
Klaus Toppmöller - delete
Eberhard Trautner - RB Leipzig GK coordinator, delete because there's not enough place
Klaus Täuber - maybe delete, free for 6 years
Alexander Ukrow - Osnabruck head of youth, add him as an youth coach
Heiko Weber - Meuselwitz manager
Ralf Weber - SC Hessen Dreiech coach/ass.manager + 17 judging ability and potential
Ulrich Weber - delete
Holger Wehlage - delete
Patrick Weiser - Leverkusen (A) coach (IRL U17 team manager) + favorite staff Mitchell Weiser and vice versa
Michael Wenzel - delete
Andreas Wilkes - delete
Bernhard Winkler - 1860 Munchen managing director
Frank Wormuth - free or delete
Christian Wück - free (Germany U15 manager IRL, you can make him as a very good youth coach)
Uwe Zimmermann - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Rainer Zipfel - delete
Markus von Ahlen - Leverkusen (A) manager (U19 manager IRL)

10-10-17, 04:00 PM

This is great info, but even the entire team of FM and FIFA toghether won't be able to get this all in before the release date. We are only with a few guys and it's way too much info to handle. We hope to make the best of it, but please don't expect all this things to be in the db at the release date. I can understand your enthusiasm, but don't want you to get diassapointed with the release.

10-10-17, 04:05 PM
German stadiums research:

Allianz Arena - 75000 capacity, 58972 seats
Red Bull Arena - 42558 capacity, all seated
SIGNAL IDUNA Park - 81360 capacity, 53023 seats
Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena - 23400 seats
RheinEnergieStadion - 50000 capacity, 41825 seats
Olympiastadion Berlin - 74469 capacity, all seated
Weserstadion - 31500 seats
Stadion im Borussia-Park - 54018 capacity, 37869 seated
Veltins-Arena - 62271 capacity, 45962 seats
BayArena - 25410 seats
Volksparkstadion - 47000 seats
Audi Sportpark - under soil heating
Eintracht-Stadion - 23325 capacity, 12650 seats
Alte Försterei - 22012 capacity, 3617 seats, tick under soil heating
Voith-Arena - 15000 capacity, 4300 seats, tick under soil heating
Millerntor-Stadion - 29546 capacity, 12606 seats, tick under soil heating
ESPRIT Arena - tick under soil heating
Fritz-Walter-Stadion - 49850 capacity, 33165 seats
SchücoArena - 26515 capacity, under soil heating
Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena - 24500 seats
Continental Arena - 15224 capacity, 9076 seats
Wildparkstadion - 28762 capacity, 14890 seats, tick under soil heating
MDCC-Arena - 25500 capacity, 21900 seats, tick under soil heating
Stadion Zwickau - 10134 capacity, 6525 seats
BRITA-Arena - 12566 seats, 6766 seats, tick under soil heating
FRIMO Stadion - 10059 capacity
Steigerwaldstadion - under soil heating
Ostseestadion - 20000 seats
Weserstadion, Platz 11 - 1000 seats
Alpenbauer Sportpark - uncheck covering, tick tick under soil heating
Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld - 12990 capacity, 6540 seats, tick under soil heating

Name changes:

MAGE SOLAR Stadion -> Schwarzwald-Stadion
SGL Arena -> WWK Arena + 19626 seats, tick under soil heating
Coface Arena -> Opel Arena
Jonathan-Heimes Stadion am Boellenfalltor -> Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor + 17400 capacity, 3900 seats, tick under soil heating
Alte Försterei -> An der Alten Försterei (better looking)
Glücksgas-stadion -> DDV-Stadion + tick under soil heating
Trolli-Arena -> Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer
rewirpowerSTADION -> Vonovia Ruhrstadion + 27599 capacity, 14474 seats
Hardtwaldstadion -> BWT-Stadion am Hardtwald + 15414 capacity, 5608 seats, tick under soil heating
Grundig Stadion -> Max-Morlock-Stadion
Sparkassen-Erzgebirgsstadion -> Erzgebirgsstadion + tick under soil heating
Holsteinstadion -> Holstein-Stadion (better looking) + 11386 capacity, 2434 seats
Dallenbergstadion -> Flyeralarm Arena + 10006 capacity, 3214 seats, under soil heating
Osnatel-Arena -> Bremer Brücke + 16667 capacity, 6192 seats
Community4you-Arena -> community4you Arena (better looking) + 15200 seats, 8960 seats
Preußen-Stadion -> Preußenstadion (better looking)
Mechatronik Arena -> mechatronik Arena (better looking) + 7768 capacity, all seated
Scholz-Arena -> Ostalb Arena + 14500 capacity, 4865 seated, tick under soil heating
Erdgas-Sportpark -> erdgas-Sportpark (better looking) + 6155 seats
Weserstadion, Platz 11 -> Weserstadion Platz 11 (better looking) + 1000 seats
Emslandstadion -> Hänsch-Arena + 13815 capacity, 4600 seats


10-10-17, 04:08 PM
This is great info, but even the entire team of FM and FIFA toghether won't be able to get this all in before the release date. We are only with a few guys and it's way too much info to handle. We hope to make the best of it, but please don't expect all this things to be in the db at the release date. I can understand your enthusiasm, but don't want you to get diassapointed with the release.

OK, I understand your statement. :)
Well, you can't have everything, at least for now.

10-10-17, 04:10 PM
Reserve/amateur teams research:

1.FC Koln (A):

Franz-Kremer-Stadion - 5457 capacity, 1900 seats, under soil heating

Patrick Helmes - manager
Tetsuo Taguchi - GK coach
Kevin McKenna - youth coach/U19 team ass.manager
Carsten Cullman - youth coach/youth team manager
Stephan Ruthenbeck - youth coach/U19 team manager, first name: Stefan
Sebastian Nowak - free
Rolf Herings - free
Brandon Clements - free
Rainer Thomas - free
Michael Bader - better youngsters, U19 team physio

Miro Kovacic
Michael Klauß
Roman Prokoph

Marco Ban - Bonn
Bienvenue Basala-Manzana - Berliner AK + remove -1 and sort reps
David Bors - Bonn
Anil Çapkin - Sakaryaspor
Matthias Hamrol - Korona Kielce + second nation Poland
Szymon Walczak - Nest-Sotra + remove -1

Augsburg II:

create stadium: Rosenaustadion, Augsburg, 31354 capacity, 4911 seats, under soil heating

Dominik Reinhardt - retired, manager

Markus Feulner

Adem Çandir - free
Arif Ekin - Schwaben Augsburg (club not in DB)
Bastian Kurz - Erfurt
Yannic Thiel - retired

Dortmund (A):

Stadion Rote Erde - change name: Rote Erde; 9999 capacity, 3000 seats, untick under soil heating

David Solga - retired, ass.manager
Lars Ricken - coach/youth coordinator
Wolfgang Springer - coach/head of youth

Paterson Chato
Massimo Ornatelli
Patrick Pflücke + he shouldn't be in the first team
Bálint Bajner

Burak Camoglu - Karlsruhe
Mohamed El-Bouazzati - free
Nico Knystock - Rodinghausen
Alen Ozbolt - Domzale
Massih Wassey - Paderborn

FC Bayern (A):

Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße - 10500 capacity, 6000 seats, under soil heating

Tobias Schweinsteiger - ass.manager
Walter Junghans - GK coach


Tim Häussler - Nordhausen, second name: Häußler
Karl-Heinz Lappe - Mainz II
Torsten Oehrl - free + adjust reps
Patrick Puchegger - Sturm Graz

HSV Amateure:

Wolfgang-Meyer-Sportanlage - 1318 capacity, 418 seats

Soner Uysal - ass.manager

Gino van den Berg
Fabian Gmeiner
Matti Steinmann

Karsten Bäron - delete
Said Benkarit - delete
Nils Brüning - North Carolina
Kerim Carolus - free
Dong-Su Kim - Ardija
Oliver Oschkenat - Saarbrucken

Hertha BSC (A):

Amateurstadion Auf dem Wurfplatz - change name: Amateurstadion; 1100 seats

Luis Zwick - 1 year loan from Rostock
Rico Morack

Damir Bektic - free + sort PA
Mirco Born - Sandhausen
Karol Hallmann - free + remove -1
Marcus Mlynikowski - Chemnitz
Thiago Rockenbach - TeBe Berlin

Hoffenheim II:

Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion - tick under soil heating

Marco Wildersinn - manager

Marco Engelhardt

Yusuf Coban - Alanyaspor
Pelle Jensen - free + sort reps
Grisha Proemel - delete, duplicate

Leverkusen (A):

Markus von Ahlen - manager/ass.manager
Iraklis Metaxas - manager/ass.manager
Patrick Weiser - youth coach/U17 team manager + favorite staff Mitchell Weiser and vice versa

Herbert Waas - delete

Tim Queckenstedt - Lubeck

M'gladbach (A):

Grenzlandstadion - 2500 seats

Arie van Lent - manager
Marcel Höttecke - better youngsters
Giuseppe Pisano - add position S C

Janis Blaswich - 1 year loan to Rostock
Nico Brandenburger - Fortuna Koln
Florian Schikowski - Lechia Gdansk
Bilal Sezer - free
Gino van den Berg - HSV Amateure

Mainz II:

Stadion am Bruchweg - 13508 capacity, 3508 seats, under soil heating

Bo Svensson - change to coach + favorite clubs FC Kobenhavn and Mainz
Sven Hoffmeister - GK coach

Noah Korczowski
Karl-Heinz Lappe
Sebastian Tyrala

Florian Muller - move to Mainz
Maximilian Beister - free + worse CA, PA and reps
Daniel Bohl - Halle
Mounir Bouziane - Rostock
Besar Halimi - move to Mainz, 1 year loan to Brondby
Patrick Pflücke - Dortmund (A)
Petar Sliskovic - Halle
Matti Steinmann - HSV Amateure
Ilker Yüksel - Greuther Furth II

Delete RB Leipzig II

SC Freiburg (A):

Change stadium: Möslestadion, Freiburg, 18000 capacity, 1000 seats

Niklas Hoffmann

Heinz Barmettler - retired
Alec Becker - free
Dejan Bozic - Koblenz
Tim Schraml - delete
Ethan Sonis - Miami City FC (club not in DB, delete?) + second nation Argentina

Schalke 04 (A):

Change stadium: Sportpark Wanne-Süd; change its name to Mondpalast-Arena and city to Herne; 13500 capacity

René Klingenburg - remove -1

Norbert Elgert - coach
Christian Wetklo - retired, GK coach
Markus Zetlmeisl - fitness coach

Jonas Strifler
Andrejs Ciganiks
Nick Taitague

Sascha Dum - Hilden
Jan Fießer - SG Rot-Weiß Frankfurt (not sure this club exists in DB, if not, delete)
Rogier Krohne - VV Winsum (club not in DB, delete)
Christian Mauersberger - Zwickau
Michael Olczyk - Olimpia Grudziadz
Kevin Scheidhauer - free + sort reps
Oktawian Skrzecz - Slask Wroclaw + 1 year loan to GKS Katowice
Julian Wolff - Wiedenbrück

Werder Bremen (A):

Florian Kohlfeldt - manager, second name: Kohfeldt
Mirko Votava - ass.manager
Frank Bender - youth coach/youth team manager
Sven Hübscher - youth coach/U17 team manager
Tobias Duffner - player/youth coach
Marco Grote - youth coach/U19 team manager

Marco Kaffenberger
Dennis Rosin
Idrissa Touré
Boubacar Barry

Julian Dudda - Dreieich
Artur Piperkov - free
Torben Rehfeldt - Aalen

Wolfsburg (A):

Stadion West - change name: AOK Stadion, 5200 capacity, 1700 seats, under soil heating

Pablo Thiam - DoF
Ton Lokhoff - ass.manager
Nilas Klinger -> Niklas
Murat Saglam - second nation Germany

Nico Pellatz
Dominik Franke
Marcel Stutter

Gergely Bobal - Honved
Alexander Brunst - Magdeburg + raise CA a bit and remove -1
Noah Korczowski - Mainz II
Sebastian Stolze - 1 year loan to Regensburg + raise CA

Ingolstadt II:

ESV-Stadion - 11400 capacity, 3035 seats, under soil heating

1860 Munchen (A):

Wolfgang Schellenberg - manager + prefered formation 4-3-3 attacking + good youngsters
Ivica Erceg - Karlsruhe youth coach
Stefan Schober - move to coach + good youngsters
Radoman Grbovic - free
Harald Huber - 1860 Munchen GK coach
Stephan Rainer - physio
Sebastian Weber - delete
Christine Forster - delete

Nicolas Andermatt - 1860 Munchen
Christoph Daferner - SC Freiburg (A)
Vladimir Kovac - Wehen + correct DOB 29.04.1991
Matthias Leitner - free
Jimmy Marton - Nöttingen
Kevin Pino Tellez - Uerdingen

VfB Stuttgart (A):

GAZi-Stadion auf der Waldau - 11468 capacity, 2271 seats

Caniggia Ginola Elva -> Caniggia Elva

Halk Galstyan + second nation Greece

Niklas Bolten - free
Felix Lohkemper - Magdeburg + remove -1
Tobias Rathgeb - retired, youth coach/U19 team ass.manager
Gratas Sirgedas - free/delete
Daniel Vier - Stadtallendorf

Hannover 96 (A):

Eilenriedstadion - 2500 capacity

Mike Barten - manager
Pascal Borel - GK coach
Steve Cherundolo - youth coach + favorite club Hannover 96 + good youngsters
Christoph Dabrowski - youth coach
Mete Kaan Demir - second nation Germany

Henrik Ernst

Maurice Hirsch - Stuttgarter Kickers
Roman Prokoph - 1.FC Koln (A) + change to F RC
Vladimir Rankovic - Rostock
Niklas Teichgräber - Germania Egestorf + remove -1

Bielefeld II:

Change stadium: Bezirkssportanlage Rußheide, Bielefeld, 12000 capacity

Rene Müller - manager + first name: René

Rion Latifaj

Braunschweig II:

B-Stadion - change name: Eintracht-Stadion (B-Platz); 1500 capacity

Eric Veiga - second nation Portugal

Henning Bürger - manager + prefered formation 4-5-1

Deniz Dogan - player/ass.manager, retirement next season

Mohammad Baghdadi - Bristol Rovers
Andrei Blejdea - Clinceni
Armend Kabashi - free
Gyamfi Kyeremeh - Oldham

Dresden II - delete

Düsseldorf II:

Paul-Janes-Stadion - 8698 capacity, 3748 seats

Taskin Aksoy - manager

Max Schijns + second nation Germany
Jannick Schneider + first name Jannik
Leroy Kwadwo + second nation Ghana
Tim Krafft

Ross Archibald - Bentleigh Greens + second nation England
Hendrik Lohmar - Viktoria Koln

Greuther Fürth II:

Change stadium to the same as the first team

Alexandros Kartalis
Christian Derflinger + remove -1
Stefan Maderer
Ilker Yüksel

Kaiserslautern (A):

Change stadium to the same as the first team

Hans Werner Moser - manager

Arthur Ekallé

Karlsruhe II:

Wildparkstadion 2 - change name: Wildparkstadion, Platz 2

Rainer Krieg - free

Nurnberg (A):

Change stadium to the same as the first team

Reiner Geyer - manager

Helmut Rahner - delete
Alois Reinhardt - delete
Jochen Gruber - delete

Nikola Vasilj
Johannes Kreidl
David Domej + remove -1

Ivan Knezevic - Bayreuth + second nation Germany
Tyrone McCargo - delete
Julian Wießmeier - Ried

St. Pauli (A):

change stadium to Edmund-Plambeck-Sportpark; change its name to Edmund-Plambeck-Stadion; 5068 capacity, 1320 seats

Joachim Philipkowski - manager

Union Berlin II - delete

Rostock (A):


Guilherme Lima - Wismar
Sosuke Kimura - free
David Mihajlovic - Neustrelitz


10-10-17, 04:14 PM

all transfers in Germany thread +
Raif Husic + remove -1
Robert Müller
Thorsten Schulz
Sascha Traut

Gerrit Wegkamp - remove -1
Daniel Stanese - second nation Romania instead USA

https://www.transfermarkt.com/matthias-layer/profil/spieler/434730 decent PA
https://www.transfermarkt.com/antonios-papadopoulos/profil/spieler/482573 -1 PA
https://www.transfermarkt.com/rico-preissinger/profil/spieler/206411 -1 PA, former Germany U16 and U17 international
https://www.transfermarkt.com/sebastian-vasiliadis/profil/spieler/333516 -1 PA

all transfers mentioned in Germany thread +
Michael Klauß - 1.FC Koln (A)
Robert Lechleiter - delete (retired in 2016)
Felix Nierichlo - Ulm
Daniel Queiroz Serejo - delete (club not in DB)
Martin Toshev - Septemvri
Fabian Weiß - delete (club not in DB)


Semi-pro -> Professional

all transfers mentioned previously +
Thilo Leugers

all transfers mentioned in Germany thread +
https://www.transfermarkt.com/martin-wagner/profil/spieler/31119 captain
https://www.transfermarkt.com/benjamin-girth/profil/spieler/151111 star player, top scorer of the previous Regionalliga Nord season

Nino Beukert - delete (club not in DB)
Theo Vogelsang - free
Kristian Westerveld - Cloppenburg


all transfers mentioned in Germany thread +
Timmy Thiele

all mentioned in Germany thread +
https://www.transfermarkt.com/rene-eckardt/profil/spieler/56552 star player, captain
https://www.transfermarkt.com/maximilian-schlegel/profil/spieler/283825 decent PA
https://www.transfermarkt.com/maximilian-wolfram/profil/spieler/224503 decent PA
https://www.transfermarkt.com/davud-tuma/profil/spieler/253369 decent PA
https://www.transfermarkt.com/florian-dietz/profil/spieler/283871 PA -1

all transfers mentioned in Germany thread +
Maxim Banaskiewicz - delete (club not in DB)
Tom Geißler - retired

1860 Munchen:

Change stadium to Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße

Robert Reisinger - chairman (German, 15.01.1964)
Daniel Bierofka - manager
Oliver Beer - ass.manager
Harald Huber - GK coach
Jürgen Wittmann - youngsters

Delete Gerhard Poschner
Matthias Imhof - move to (A) team
Vitor Pereira - free
Alexandre Allegre - Allegro, free
Kurt Kowarz - free (IRL he's a GK coach of Philippines national team)

Markus Ziereis
Sebastian Koch
Benjamin Kindsvater
Timo Gebhart
Aaron Berzel
Hendrik Bonmann
Daniel Wein
Phillipp Steinhart
Nicolas Andermatt

Marin Pongracic - Red Bull Salzburg
Ohis Felix Uduokhai - Wolfsburg
Killian Jakob - Augsburg
Krisztián Simon - Ujpest
Jan Zimmermann - Frankfurt
Moritz Heinrich - Munster
Amilton - Desp. Aves
Karim Matmour - Adelaide Utd
Ribamar - Atletico Para
Fanol Perdedaj - free
Kai Bülow - Karlsruhe
Stefan Ortega - Bielefeld
Christian Gytkjaer - Lech Poznan
Stefan Mugosa - Sheriff
Filip Stojkovic - Red Star
Romuald Lacazette - Darmstadt
Florian Neuhaus - M'gladbach
Michael Liendl - Twente
Stefan Aigner - Colorado
Maximilian Wittek - Greuther Furth
Daylon Claasen - Bidvest
Frank Boya - Mouscron-Peruwelz
Sebastian Boenisch - free
Daniel Adlung - free
Ivica Olic - delete (retired in 2017)
Lumor, Levent Aycicek, Abdoulaye Ba, Victor Andrade, Marnon Busch - return from loan

Wiktor Beska - delete (club not in DB)
Hadi Mortada - Fortuna Koln
Christian Müller - free

Jonas Struß - Gera
Aloy Ihenacho - Oberhausen
Mario Erb - Uerdingen

Robert Schick - FSV Frankfurt

German free players research:

Mimoun Azaouagh - unknown
Benjamin Barg - unknown
Mike Baumann - delete (club not in DB)
Dominik Bergdorf - delete (club not in DB)
Matthias Deumelandt - delete (club not in DB)
Baldo Di Gregorio - delete (club not in DB)
Maik Ebersbach - Bautzen
Christian Eggert - delete (club not in DB)
Christian Eigler - delete (retired in 2015)
Marc Fingas - delete (club not in DB)
Benjamin Fuss - delete (club not in DB)
Gabriel Gallus - delete (club not in DB)
Emre Geneli - delete (club not in DB)
Gianni Gotthardt - delete (club not in DB)
Bernd Grotlüschen - delete (club not in DB)
Dominik Groß - delete (unknown club since 2014)
Fabian Götze - delete (retired in 2015)
Andy Hebler - delete (club not in DB)
Thomas Hübener - delete (retired in 2016)
Daniel Jais - delete (club not in DB)
Juri Judt - delete (club not in DB)
Cihan Kaptan - unknown
Patrick Kirsch - delete (unknown club since 2015)
Peer Kluge - delete (retired in 2016)
Kevin Knödler - delete (club not in DB)
Björn Kopplin - Hobro
Jurij Krause - delete (unknown club since 2013)
Fabian Künnemann - delete (unknown club since 2015)
Christopher Lemke - delete (club not in DB)
Daniel Leugner - delete (club not in DB)
Julian Loose - delete (club not in DB)
Philip Malinowski - delete (club not in DB)
Daniel Masuch - delete (club not in DB)
Nico Matern - delete (club not in DB)
Patrick Milchraum - delete (club not in DB)
Florian Mohr - delete (free since 2015)
Jürgen Mössmer - delete (club not in DB)
Robin Neupert - delete (club not in DB)
Max Oberschmidt - delete (club not in DB)
Matthias Pahlow - delete (unknown club since 2008)
Sebastian Piotrowski - delete (club not in DB)
Shervin Radjabali-Fardi - delete (free since 2015)
Joel Reinholz - delete (unknown club since 2015)
Felix Ruml - delete (club not in DB)
Paul Röwer - delete (club not in DB)
Thomas Scheuring - delete (club not in DB)
Benedikt Schmid - delete (club not in DB)
Daniel Schommer - retired
Robin Schröder - delete (career break since 2016)
Markus Smarzoch - Neumarkt
Manuel Stiefel - delete (club not in DB)
Philipp Stiller - delete (club not in DB)
Paul Thomik - Heimstetten
Piotr Trochowski - delete (retired in 2016)
Jens Truckenbrod - delete (retired in 2016)
Dario Vujicevic - free + second nation Croatia instead Serbia
Michael Wiemann - delete (club not in DB)
Fabian Wilhemsen - retired
Marco Wölfel - delete (club not in DB)
Yannick Öttl - free + second name: Oettl

Austrian free players research:

Nizar Ben Nasra - delete (club not in DB)
Denis Berger - delete (club not in DB)
Thomas Dau - delete (club not in DB)
György Garics - Imolese
Marco Köfler - Lafnitz
Bernhard Luxbacher - Wiener SK
Stefan Maierhofer - Mattersburg
Luca Mayr-Fälten - delete (club not in DB)
Yasin Pehlivan - Spartak Trnava
Jürgen Prutsch - delete (club not in DB)
Amadou Rabihou - delete (retired in 2016)
Thomas Weber - delete (club not in DB)

Swiss free players research:

Allmir Ademi - delete (unknown club since 2015)
Gianluca Hossmann - delete (club not in DB)
Artian Kastrati - free + remove -1 + second nation Kosovo instead Albania
Orhan Mustafi - Rapperswil
Michael Siegfried - Aarau

Austrian Bundesliga staff research:


Add Ernst Baumeister manager (Austrian, 22.01.1957, prefered formation 4-5-1)

Damir Buric - Greuther Furth manager
Richard Trenkwalder - delete
Norbert Plihal - delete
Georg Heu - free
Simon Manzoni - free


Add Klaus Schmidt manager (Austrian, 21.10.1967, prefered formation 4-5-1)
Add Thomas Hickersberger ass.manager

Austria Wien:

Add Sebastian Hahn ass.manager (German, 18.12.1975)
Add Egbert Zimmermann coach/ass.manager (German, 19.02.1962)

Andreas Ogris - Austria Wien II manager
Robert Sara - Austria Wien II ass.manager
Roman Mählich - Wiener Neustadt manager


Add Oliver Glasner manager
Add Michael Angerschmid ass.manager

Martin Hiden - Admira Wacker II manager


Markus Böcskör - just a player
Michael Pucher -> Martin Pucher, DOB 22.02.1956, change to chairman

Rapid Wien:

Add Michael Krammer chairman (Austrian, 17.08.1960)
Add Fredy Bickel DoF
Add Goran Djuricin manager (Austrian, 16.10.1974, prefered formation 4-5-1, former Austria U18, U19 and U20 ass.manager)
Add Martin Bernhard ass.manager (Austrian, 03.10.1971, good youngsters)
Add Anton Beretzki fitness coach

Rudolf Edlinger - delete
Robert Lugscheider - delete
Dritan Baholli - free
Raimund Hedl - free
Carsten Jancker - Horn manager

Red Bull Salzburg:

René Aufhauser - change to ass.manager
Add Marco Rose manager (German, 11.09.1976, prefered formation 4-4-2, won UEFA Youth League with Salzburg last season, so he should be good)
Add Rene Maric coach/ass.manager (Austrian, 04.09.1992, good youngsters)
Add Alexander Zickler coach/ass.manager (12 caps and 2 goals for Germany, 28.02.1974, good man management and youngsters, favorite clubs Dresden, FC Bayern and Red Bull Salzburg)
Add Christof Elser fitness coach (German, 08.04.1961, former Hoffenheim fitness coach)
Add Alexander Schmidt youth coach/U18 manager
Add Christopher Vivell scout

Giorgios Esplandatkoulos - delete
Óscar García - Saint-Etienne manager
Klaus Luisser - Frankfurt fitness coach
Heinz Arzberger - Liefering GK coach
Eddie Gustafsson - U18 team GK coach, move to Liefering
Leo Lainer - free
Ernst Tanner - head of youth, delete because there's not enough place
Delete all physios

St. Pölten:

Add Markus Schupp DoF
Add Oliver Lederer manager
Add Markus Schopp ass.manager

Jochen Fallmann - free

Sturm Graz:

Günther Neukirchner - change to youth coach + 20 loyalty + favorite club Sturm Graz
Add Günther Kreissl DoF
Add Thomas Kristl ass.manager
Add Imre Szabics coach/ass.manager (Hungarian 36/13, 22.03.1981, favorite clubs Ferencváros and Sturm Graz, high adaptability and loyalty)
Add Stefan Loch GK coach (Austrian, 30.06.1982, good youngsters)

Roland Gorlupp - delete, duplicate of Roland Goriupp
Josef Flicker - delete
Markus Schopp - St. Pölten ass.manager
Kazimierz Sidorczuk - free
Arnold Wetl - move to Sturm Graz II, U15 team manager


Add Robert Ibertsberger ass.manager
Manfred Nastl - U18 team DoF, maybe change to DoF

Austrian Erste Liga staff research:

Thomas Weissenböck - Ried head of youth/youth coach
Zaza Revishvili - delete
Hans Kleer - First Vienna manager
Stefan Rapp - Kapfenberg manager
Vlado Cvjetkovic - Ried U18 GK coach/youth GK coach
Gerhard Schweitzer - Vöcklamarkt DoF
Stefan Reiter - delete
Franz Schiemer - Ried general manager
Johann Wilminger - delete
Kasper Plattner - delete
Oliver Prudlo - free
Andreas Schrott - delete
Walter De Vora - free
Simon Egger - delete
Peter Hlinka - retired, Wiener Neustadt ass.manager
Andreas Schicker - Wiener Neustadt DoF
Christian Stoff - delete (club not in DB)

Austrian free staff research:

Michael Baur - delete (club not in DB)
Klaus Doppler - delete (club not in DB)
Ernst Dospel - maybe delete, free for 7 years
Rolf Fringer - free, second nation Switzerland
Heinz Fuchsbichler - free (Liechtenstein U21 manager)
Herbert Gager - Mannsdorf manager
Roland Goriupp - Sturm Graz II GK coach
Werner Gregoritsch - free (Austria U21 manager)
Josef Hickersberger - delete (retired)
Roland Hofer - delete (club not in DB)
Roland Kirchler - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Walter Knaller - Rapid Wien U19 manager, add him as am youth coach
Tomica Kocijan - delete (club not in DB)
Otto Konrad - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Friedl Koncilia - delete
Enrico Kulovits - delete (club not in DB)
Radan Lukic - maybe delete, free for 3 years
Andreas Moriggl - delete (club not in DB)
Jürgen Patocka - delete (club not in DB)
Manfred Rottensteiner - delete
Walter Schachner - maybe delete, free manager for 5 years
Peter Schöttel - free (Austria U19 manager)
Martin Stranzl - M'gladbach U19 ass.manager, add him as a coach in M'gladbach (A)
Michael Streiter - delete (club not in DB)
Christian Stumpf - delete (club not in DB)
Alfred Tatar - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Manfred Unger - delete (club not in DB)
Heribert Weber - maybe delete, free for 7 years

Real Super League teams staff research:


Marco Walker - ass.manager/fitness coach

Add Marco Streller DoF (Swiss 37/12, 18.06.1981, favorite club Basel, high loyalty)
Add Raphael Wicky manager (Swiss 75/1, 26.04.1977, favorite clubs Basel and HSV, high loyalty, good man management and youngsters)
Add Massimo Lombardo coach/ass.manager (Swiss 15/0 /Italian, 09.01.1973, prefered formation 4-5-1, favorite club Sion and HSV, former Switzerland U15 and U16 manager)
Add Massimo Colomba GK coach (Swiss/Italian, 24.01.1977, also Switzerland U21 GK coach)
Add Werner Leuthard fitness coach + should be very good
Add Bernard Challandes scout
Add Thomas Häberli scout/talent manager

Adrian Knup - delete
Jörg Stiel - U18 team GK coach, move to Basel II
Alexander Frei - first name: Alex, U15 team manager move to Basel II
Urs Fischer - free
Romain Crevoisier - free
Thomas Grüter - free
Arjan Peco - Basel II manager
Thorsten Bathelt - delete


Johann Vogel - U18 team manager, move to Grasshoppers II

Add Murat Yakin manager
Add Riccardo Proietti fitness coach

Peter Widmer - delete
Zoltan Kadar - Zurich ass.manager
Thomas Binggeli - Anderlecht coach/ass.manager
Patrick Foletti - free (Switzerland U17 GK coach IRL)
Stefan Huber - delete, without club for 9 years
Boris Smiljanic - Schaffhausen manager


Romain Charton - can't find him, delete
David García - as above
Damien Roduit - as above
Marc Hottiger - delete, managing amateur team
Léonard Thurre - delete


Add Pierluigi Tami manager
Add Walter Samuel ass.manager

Paolo Tramezzani - Sion manager + second nation Albania
Antonio Esposito - maybe delete, without club for 4 years


Add Patrick Rahmen ass.manager
Christian Schmidt - fitness coach
Selver Hodzic - delete, managing amateur team
Erwald Isaak - can't find him, delete


Add Paolo Tramezzani manager
Add Sébastien Fournier ass.manager

Peter Zeidler - Sochaux manager
Patrick Savoy - can't find him, delete
Leonardo Karlen - as above
Pierre-Marie Pitter - as above
Gio Ruberti - Sion II ass.manager

St. Gallen:

Add Giorgo Contini manager + first name: Giorgio
Add Harry Körner fitness coach
Add Marco Otero youth coach/head of youth + first name: Marcos and second nation Spain

Joe Zinnbauer - free
Daniel Tarone - free
Erich Hürzeler - free (Switzerland U17 GK coach IRL)
Roger Wagner - free/delete


Eric-Pi Zürcher - change to fitness coach + first name: Eric-Pierre

Delete Kurt Veder and both physios
Mauro Lustrinelli - free (IRL Switzerland U18 manager)

Young Boys:

Adolf Hütter - first name: Adi
Harald Gämperle - change to ass.manager
Christoph Spycher - change to DoF

Add Stefan Knutti GK coach
Add Erich Hänzi youth coach

Paolo Collaviti - delete
Joël Magnin - Young Boys II manager
Fredy Bickel - Rapid Wien DoF
Erminio Piserchia - free


Petar Alexandrov - DOB 07.12.1962
Zivorad Filic - second nation Switzerland

Add Zoltan Kadar ass.manager

Sven Hotz - delete
Dominik Baumgartner - can't find him, delete
Martin Brunner - delete, managing amateur team
Ludovic Magnin - Zurich II manager
Erich Hänzi - Young Boys youth coach
Ad van den Bergh - delete

Real Challenge League teams:


Lorenzo Bucchi - retired, Aarau GK coach

Add Sven Christ DoF
Add Marinko Jurendic manager + second nation Switzerland

Peter Kappeler - delete
Reto Bolli - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Marco Schällibaum - free
Raimondo Ponte - free


Marco Grassi - delete
Giuseppe Scienza - free

Neuchâtel Xamax:

Add Michel Decastel manager
Add Stephane Henchoz ass.manager + second nation Germany instead England


Add Urs Meier manager
Add Daniel Hasler ass.manager

Add Boris Smiljanic manager

Murat Yakin - Grasshoppers manager


Add Meho Kodro manager

Anthony Braizat - Yverdon manager
Jean-Luc Ducret - delete
Yves Galamberti - delete
Sergei Utchakov - delete
Jean-Claude Giovanola - delete
Sean Connelly - unknown


Add Konrad Fünfstück manager

Erdal Keser - free
Martin Rueda - free


Dario Zuffi - change to ass.manager
Sven Christ - Aarau head of youth


Add Pascal Zuberbühler GK coach
Marc Hodel - free/delete


Add Thomas Stickroth ass.manager
Add Christian Kolodziej fitness coach

Daniel Hasler - Rapperswil ass.manager
Benjamin Fischer - delete

Reserve teams:

Basel II:
Arjan Peco - manager

Zurich II:
Ludovic Magnin - manager

Sion II:
Maurizio Jacobacci - manager + second nation Italy
Gio Ruberti - ass.manager
Christian Zermatten - coach/ass.manager

Young Boys II:
Joël Magnin - manager

Grasshoppers II:
Hakan Yakin - manager

St. Gallen II:
Dorjee Tsawa - manager

Swiss free staff research:

Jean-Michel Aeby - Étoile Carouge manager
Claude Christen - delete (club not in DB)
Thierry Cotting - Servette technical director, add him as a DoF
Ivan Dal Santo - Luzern U18 manager, add him as a Luzern II youth coach
André Egli - Luzern head of youth, add him as an youth coach, first name: Andy
Sébastien Fournier - Sion technical director, add him as an DoF
Heinz Hermann - maybe delete, free for 4 years
Daniel Jeandupeux - maybe delete, free for 5 years
Darije Kalezic - Wellington Phoenix manager
Ahmed Mohamed - Barbados national team manager + second nation Somalia
Davide Morandi - maybe delete, free for 5 years
Philippe Niederhauser - delete
Blaise Nkufo - owner of an academy in Cameroon, you can delete him or make him very good youth coach
Philippe Perret - delete (club not in DB)
Charles Roessli - delete (can't find any info)
Alain Vernier - delete
Roger Wehrli - delete

Austrian stadiums research:

Austria Wien - change stadium to Ernst Happel; 48000 capacity, all seated
LASK - add stadium: TGW Arena, Linz, 6009 capacity, 5061 seats, under soil heating
Cashpoint Arena -> CASHPOINT-Arena (better looking); 4300 seats, under soil heating
UPC-Arena -> Merkur Arena; 16364 capacity, 15322 seats
Red Bull Arena (Salzburg) -> RedBull-Arena Salzburg (better looking); 30188 capacity, 26800 seats
Lavanttal-Arena - 7300 capacity, 3000 seats,
NV Arena - add under soil heating
Pappelstadion - 15700 capacity, 5700 seats
Allianz Stadion - 28345 capacity, 19742 seats

Reichshofsstadion - 9000 capacity, 2200 seats, under soil heating
Linzer Gugl - add under soil heating
Leopold-Stroh-Stadion - change name: FAC-Platz
Stadion Hartberg - change name: Profertil Arena Hartberg; 4500 capacity, 1350 seats
Franz-Fekete-Stadion - 10000 capacity, 3100 seats
Keine Sorgen Arena - 7600 capacity
Tivoli-Neu - change name: Tivoli Stadion Tirol; 16005 capacity, 15400 seats
Alpenstadion - change name: Gernot Langes Stadion; 5500 capacity
Stadion Wiener Neustadt - change name: Teddybären- und Plüsch-Stadion; 7700 capacity, 3384 seats
Liefering - change stadium to Untersberg-Arena; change its name to DAS.GOLDBERG Stadion, 4190 capacity, 2300 seats, under soil heating


10-10-17, 04:17 PM
Bundesliga star players, captains and prospects:

1.FC Köln: T. Horn, Hector, Heintz (Lehmann captain) (talents Klünter, Heintz, Bittencourt, Mere, J. Horn, Guirassy, Özcan, Queirós, Nartey, Handwerker)
Augsburg: Hitz, Baier, Hinteregger/Finnbogason (Baier captain) (talents Córdova, Danso, Jakob, Thommy, Richter, Framberger, Friedrich)
Dortmund: Sokratis, Reus, Aubameyang (Schmelzer captain) (talents Toljan, Weigl, Pulisic, Dahoud, Zagadou, Isak, Beste, Larsen, Reimann, Sancho, Fritsch)
FC Bayern: Neuer, Hummels, Lewandowski (Neuer captain) (talents Früchtl, Friedl, Benko, Dorsch, Götze, Süle, Coman, Tolisso, Kimmich, Tillman)
Frankfurt: Hradecky, Abraham, Haller (Meier captain) (talents Salcedo, Gacinovic, Cetin, Willems, Haller, Jovic, Stendera, Barkok, Wolf, Dadashov, Regäsel)
Hannover 96: Tschauner, Sané, Harnik (Prib captain, Tschauner vice-captain) (talents Anton, Karaman, Sarenren Bazee)
HSV: Mathenia, Papadopoulos, Müller (Sakai captain) (talents Pollersbeck, Arp, Jung, Walace, van Drongelen, Janjicic, Ito, Knöll, Köhlert, Behounek)
Hertha BSC: Jarstein, Weiser, Plattenhardt (Ibisevic captain) (talents Weiser, Stark, Rekik, Duda, Selke, Mittelstädt, Klinsmann, Torunarigha, Kurt, Baak, Kade, Maier, Dárdai, Lazaro)
Hofffenheim: Baumann, Demirbay, Wagner (Polanski captain) (talents Demirbay, Geiger, Amiri, Hoogma, Ochs, Passlack, Akpoguma, Kobel, Hack)
Leverkusen: Leno, Tah, Bellarabi (L. Bender captain) (talents Tah, Heinrichs, Brandt, Retsos, Bailey, Jedvaj, Havertz, Schreck, Akkaynak)
M'gladbach: Sommer, Stindl, Raffael (Stindl captain) (talents Elvedi, Zakaria, Cuisance, Benes, Oxford, Doucouré, Simakala, Villalba, Nicolas)
Mainz: Adler, Bell, Muto (Bungert captain) (talents Diallo, Gbamin, Zentner, Serdar, Quaison, Hack, Müller, Holtmann, Huth, Sverko, Baku)
RB Leipzig: Keita, Forsberg, Werner (Orban captain) (talents Keita, Werner, Klostermann, Upamecano, Augustin, Sabitzer, Poulsen, Laimer, Bernardo, Mvogo, Konaté, Köhn, Kühn, Abouchabaka, Majetschak, Senkbeil, Ludewig)
SC Freiburg: Schwolow, Günter, Höfler (Schuster captain) (talents Söyüncü, Lienhart, Kleindienst, Kempf, Kapustka, Kent, Koch, Meffert, Sierro and Tempelmann)
Schalke 04: Fährmann, Goretzka, Nastasic (Höwedes should be a star instead him, but he's on loan to Juventus) (Fährmann captain) (talents Kehrer, Goretzka, Harit, Meyer, Nübel, McKennie, Reese)
VfB Stuttgart: Zieler, Aogo, Terodde (Gentner captain) (talents Baumgartl, Pavard, Donis, Brekalo, Burnic, Onguene, Ailton, Ofori, Ascacibar, Akolo)
Werder Bremen: Junuzovic, Kruse, Bartels (Junuzovic captain, Kruse vice-captain) (talents Bauer, Veljkovic, Augustinsson, M. and J. Eggestein, Garcia, Zetterer, Plogmann, Verlaat, Zhang Yuning, Schmidt, Mbom)
Wolfsburg: Gómez, Camacho, Didavi (Gómez captain) (talents Uduokhai, Origi, Dimata, Bazoer, Stefaniak, Itter, Menzel, Rexhbecaj, Hinds, Osimhen, Möbius, Franke)

2.Bundesliga star players, captains and prospects:

Ingolstadt: Matip (captain), Cohen, Lezcano; talents Sekine and Neumann
Darmstadt: Sulu (captain), Großkreutz, Altintop; talents Platte, Mehlem, Zehnder and Gaines
Braunschweig: Reichel (captain), Fejzic, Boland/Valsvik; talents Abdullahi, Samson, Canbaz and Becker
Union Berlin: Kreilach, Leistner, Uchida/F.Kroos (captain); talents Maloney, Taz, Kahraman, Mesenhöler and Hartel
Dresden: Hauptmann, Hartmann (captain), Ballas/Heise/Duljevic; talents Hauptmann, Seguin, Schubert, Löwe and Kusej
Heidenheim: Griesbeck, Schnatterer (captain), Feick; talents Skarke and Lankford
St. Pauli: Buchtmann, Bouhaddouz, Sobiech/Nehrig (captain); talents Neudecker, Zander and Dudziak
Greuther Furth: Megyeri (captain), Omladic, Caligiuri; talents Sontheimer, Wittek, Green and Raum
Bochum: Bastians (captain), Sam/Losilla, Hoogland; talents Bapoh, Saglam, Janelt, Hemmerich and Pavlidis
Sandhausen: Kister/Daghfous, Linsmayer/Höler, Wooten; talents Karacic and Wright; Kulovits captain
Dusseldorf: Usami/Schmitz, Hennings, Rensing; talents Iyoha, Bormuth, Gül and Lovren; Fink captain
Nurnberg: Behrens (captain), Möhwald, Margreitter/Ewerton; talents Möhwald, Bredlow, Teuchert, Mühl, Löwen, Kerk, Erras and Kammerbauer
Kaiserslautern: Moritz, Albaek, Halfar (captain)/Correia; talents Kastaneer, Grill, Abu Hanna and Fechner
Aue: Männel (captain), Tiffert/Nazarov, Köpke; talents Köpke, Cacutalua, Ferati and Rapp
Bielefeld: Ortega/Schütz, Klos, Börner (captain); talents Putaro, Staude and Gaye
Duisburg: Schnellhardt/Flekken, Bomheuer/Nauber, Stoppelkamp; talents Schnellhardt, Fröde and Engin; Wolze captain
Kiel: Drexler (3.Liga top assists last season alongside Lorenz), Kronholm, Czichos (captain); talents Awuku (Germany U17 international), Sen, Conde, Seydel and Kinsombi
Regensburg: Pentke (captain), Grüttner/Nandzik, Knoll/George; talents Gimber and Sorensen

Real 3.Liga star players, captains and prospects:

Wurzburg: Hesl, Neumann (captain), Göbel; talents Göbel and Bytyqi
Karlsruhe: Pisot/Hofmann, Fink, Stroh-Engel; talents Aydogan, Bader, Zawada, Camoglu, Amamoo, Muslija and Vujinovic; Bülow captain
Magdeburg: Beck (3.Liga top scorer last season), Hammann, Weil/Türpitz; talents Heynke and Niemeyer (the second one is also a regular first team starter); Sowislo captain
Zwickau: König (3.Liga second scorer last season), Brinkies, Wachsmuth (captain)/Frick/Könnecke; talents Brinkies, Schröter (regular first team starter), Eisele and Wagner
Osnabruck: Gersbeck, Dercho, Bickel; talents S. Tigges, Gersbeck, Iyoha and Zorba; Savran captain
Wehen: Schäffler, Andrist/Mockenhaupt, Lorenz; talents Andrich, Reddemann, Diawusie, Lorch, P. Müller and Schweers; Blacha captain
Chemnitz: Frahn, Endres (captain)/Kunz, Aydin/Trinks; talent Aydin
Munster: Rizzi, Grimaldi, Schweers; talents Schweers, Körber, Warschewski (the biggest 3.Liga talent, Germany U20 international), Heinrich and Rinderknecht (Grimaldi captain, Rizzi vice-captain)
Großaspach: Leist, Gehring, Gyau; talent Broll; Hägele captain
Aalen: Welzmüller, Morys/Traut, Bernhardt (captain)/Geyer; talents Vasiliadis, Papadopoulos and Preißinger
Lotte: Dej, Pires-Rodrigues, Fernandez/Freiberger; Wendel captain
Halle: Sliskovic/Kleineheismann, Röser, Fennell (captain); talent Schnitzler
Erfurt: Möckel (captain), Laurito, Klewin; talent Bergmann
Rostock: Hüsing (captain), Wannenwetsch/Bischoff, Alibaz; talents Gründemann, Owusu, Holthaus, Nadeau, Eisele, Föll and Fehr
Fortuna Koln: Dahmani (captain)/Andersen, Pazurek, Kegel
Paderborn: Strohdiek (captain)/Krauße, Michel, Wassey; talents Boeder and Karimani + improve Srbeny, he's banging in goals and he's current leader assist scorer in 3.Liga alongside Bigalke
Meppen: Girth, Leugers, Vidovic/Granatowski; Wagner captain
Unterhaching: Hain (Regionalliga Bayern top scorer last season and current leader scorer in 3.Liga), Bigalke (top assists in Regionalliga Bayern and 19 goals last season), Dombrowka; talents Porath, Kiomourtzoglou and Mantl; Welzmüller captain
Jena: Eckardt (captain)/Pannewitz, Starke, Thiele; talent Dietz


10-10-17, 04:50 PM
Niko can you edit your posts based on the save game e.g. Dayot Upamecano already has Guinea-Bissau 2nd nationality

10-10-17, 04:55 PM
I was doing feedback before the save game was released, but I'll look at it. :)

10-10-17, 05:04 PM
OK, this will be the last part of my feedback, now about Poland.

Norbert Misiak - retired

Improve these players:

Igor Angulo - 11 goals and 1 assist in 10 matches, the most goals in the league so far, star player and captain of Gornik
Carlos Lopez - (12.06 one) 7 goals and 1 assist in 10 matches, star player of Wisla
Aleksandar Kolev - star player of Sandecja
Rafal Kurzawa - 10 assists in 10 matches, scored the most assists in the league so far, star player of Gornik
Damian Kadzior - capped to Poland national team, star player of Gornik
Maciej Makuszewski - star player of Lech
Bartosz Rymaniak
Maciej Sadlok
Mario Situm
Jakub Swierczok - 5 goals and 2 assists in 10 matches, star player of Zaglebie
Lukasz Wolsztynski
Tomasz Loska
Jaroslaw Jach - wanted by Lazio and Zenit this summer, star player of Zaglebie

Recent Poland U21 call-ups:

GK: Bartłomiej Drągowski, Kamil Grabara, Tomasz Loska
Def: Jakub Bartosz, Jan Bednarek, Paweł Bochniewicz, Patryk Dziczek, Robert Gumny, Krystian Miś, Paweł Stolarski, Mateusz Wieteska
Mid: Maciej Ambrosiewicz, Kamil Jóźwiak, Bartosz Kapustka, David Kopacz, Konrad Michalak, Jakub Piotrowski, Damian Rasak, Sebastian Szymański, Szymon Żurkowski
Att: Dawid Kownacki, Karol Świderski, Paweł Tomczyk, Oskar Zawada

10-10-17, 05:07 PM
I dont know if it is been said but LFC is starting in the uefa cup.....we are in the CL this year ;)

10-10-17, 05:34 PM
I dont know if it is been said but LFC is starting in the uefa cup.....we are in the CL this year ;)

I think one English team must miss out in CM0102 unless you for example put the 5th club as CL winners, then there will be 5 clubs. But when the update come there will be a Euro config so you can update that in the order you want and leave out the club from England you don't want there ;)

10-10-17, 05:39 PM

Conrad Balatoni (Ayr Utd) should be Falkirk
Rohan Ferguson (Motherwell) season long loan to Airdrie
Willis Furtado (Stenhousemuir) should be Airdrie
John Herron (No club) should be Raith Rovers
Ross Draper (ICT) should be Ross County
Josh Meekings (ICT) should be Dundee
Botti Biabi (Swansea City) loan deal with Hamilton Academical (Jan 2018)
Harry Lewis (Southampton) season long loan deal with Dundee United

Lee McCulloch/Peter Leven: remove as management team at Kilmarnock (job currently vacant)
Paul Hartley: add as manager of Falkirk

10-10-17, 05:59 PM
I think one English team must miss out in CM0102 unless you for example put the 5th club as CL winners, then there will be 5 clubs. But when the update come there will be a Euro config so you can update that in the order you want and leave out the club from England you don't want there ;)

Should be united that is not one of the teams, since they qualified through Uefa cup... ;)

10-10-17, 06:18 PM
Nikolayov you're the real MVP here. My post is gonna seem of no interest and be lost in the middle of all yours. I chose the wrong timing to send it haha.

10-10-17, 06:24 PM
A few things, mostly Irish duplicates and some erroneously awarded England caps (looks like England C caps):

Athlone Town:
Cormac Raferty / Cormac Raftery Duplicate
Dery Hernandez Duplicate (one a nickname of Frederico Ferreira Bonfim Hernandez)
Ryan Gaffney Duplicate
Kirils Grigorov / Kirils Grigorovs Duplicate, now at FK Mohelnice (not in save game)
Igor Labuts / Igors Labuts Duplicate + give one year ban?
Dragos Sfrijan Give one year ban?
Christophe Rodrigues Silva / Christophe Rodrigues-Silva Duplicate

Ismahil Akinade Jumping, Pace, Stamina & Strength 15+
Dean Casey On loan to Cabinteely (note: Dan Casey isn't a duplicate)
Lorcan Fitzgerald Improve Set Pieces to 15

Peter Cherrie Duplicate

Derry City:
Josh Daniels / Joshua Daniels Duplicate

Hunky Dory's Park Hunky Dorys Park (not sure if this should just be United Park, always called that on Soccer Republic)

Brian Gartland Increase Heading & Jumping to 16+

Finn Harps:
B.J. Banda / BJ Banda Duplicate
Ciarán Coll / Ciaran Coll Duplicate
Seán Houston / Sean Houston Duplicate
Lee McCarron / Tommy McCarron Duplicate (Tommy Lee McCarron I think)

Ciaran Bolger Duplicate
Ashley Hunter Duplicate
Jack Sowerby Duplicate

Market's Field Markets Field
Bastien Héry / Bastien Hery Duplicate
Colm Walsh-O'Loghlen / Colm Walsh-O'Loghren Duplicate

Haverty / Noel Haverty Duplicate

Shamrock Rovers:
Damien Duff New Coach: 02/03/1979, 100 caps/8 goals, good Motivating/WWY

Daniel Kearns / Danny Kearns Duplicate

St. Pat's:
Chris Fagan Christy Fagan

Serge Aurier Remove French second nationality (game might have auto-awarded him it)
Juan Foyth Estudiantes (LP) --> Tottenham, 5 year contract (Determination ~15)
Tom Glover Only on loan at Central Coast from Tottenham
Connor Ogilvie Only on loan at Gilligham from Tottenham (two year contract with Spurs)
Anton Walkes Only on loan at Atlanta Utd from Tottenham (two year contract with Spurs)
Drissa Diallo New Scout: 04/01/1973, Guinea/French (7/0)
Steffen Freund Coach --> No Club (now just a TV pundit)
Nathan Gardiner New Coach: English, Fitness Coach
Toni Jiménez International Caps/Goals: 3/0
John McDermott New Coach (not Harrogate JM): Head of all youth at Tottenham so excellent WWY
Teemu Tainio New Scout: 27/11/1979, Finnish (64/6), Spurs as Liked Club
General: Regarded as one of the best coached teams in the league, maybe give existing coaches' stats a boost?

Joe / Joseph Manley Duplicate

Seb Brown (Sutton) Remove England caps
Seán Dillon (Montrose) Remove Ireland cap
Fabio (Declan O'Brien) Glenavon --> Verona (IRL) as Player-Manager
Fraser Franks (Stevenage) Remove England cap
Ricky Holmes (Charlton) Remove England cap
Stephen Hunt No Club --> Retired
Connor Jennings (Tranmere) Remove England cap
Louis John (Sutton) Remove England cap
Ryan Mason (Hull) Add Fractured Skull injury?
Tyrone Mears Change nationality to Jamaica/England with 1 cap for Jamaica
Guillermo Ochoa No Club --> Standard Liège
Marc Roberts (Birmingham) Remove England caps
Dayle Southwell (Wycombe) Remove England cap
Sean St. Ledger Sean St Ledger
Dan Sweeney (Barnet) Remove England cap
Blair Turgott (Stevenage) Remove England cap
Nelson Vivas No Club --> Def. y Justica (Manager)
Dan Wishart (Forest Green) Remove England caps


Vivas only sacked recently. Names are transfermarkt only

10-10-17, 07:46 PM
http://answers.opencv.org/m/default/media/images/flags/tr.gif?v=6 October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [4]

Turkish 2. Division Category A

Can Demir Aktav (contract till June 2020 (e.g. 2004 in game) at Konyaspor) loan to Adana Demirspor)
Batuhan Isciler (Adana Demirspor) loan from Bucaspor
Create Canpolat Çelik (made his debut in a cup tie) 5 yc CA 72 PA 112 Technique 12 Flair 11 Heading 12 Jumping 11
Cancel defender Hasan Kaya’s (Adana Demirspor dob 15/8/1997) loan to Ankara Demirspor
Create Özgür Ortaç (Adana Demirspor) CA 79 PA -1 made his debut at the age of 16
Marking 11 Tackling 11 Heading 13 Jumping 11 Influence 12
Create striker Uğurcan İkikardeş 5 yc (made his debut in cup tie) CA 70 PA 110
Berat Demirbuga (Adana Demirspor) > unattached
Metehan Özcatal (Adana Demirspor) > unattached
Ömer Can Tamursoylu (Adana Demirspor) > unattached
Create Ahmet Can Arık (made his debut past season/rotation player) CA 72 PA 112 Influence 12 Heading 13 Jumping 12
Alaaddin Okumus loan to Ankaragücü cancelled > loan to Hacettepe from Genclerbirligi
Striker Hasan Kaya (Ankaragücü dob 10/11/1995) loan to Ankara Demirspor
Create Akçan Deniz Sayar (Balikesirspor/made his debut for the senior squad last season & scored also) CA 71 PA 111 Longshots 11 Passing 11
Asil Kaan Yilmaz (unattached) > Balikesirspor 2 yc
Emre Akkas (unattached) > Balikesirspor 1 yc
Ibrahim Icuz > Balikesirspor 1 yc
Steve Beleck (Fiorentina R) > Balikesirspor 2 yc
Oguz Yilmaz (unattached dob 1/1/1993) > Balikesirspor 2 yc first team starter CA ~100 Marking 13 Tackling 12 Heading 13 Jumping 13 Consistency 15
Create striker Rahmi Anıl Başaran (Balikesirspor) 2 yc CA 74 PA 124 Finishing 13 Heading 11
Saban Tükenmez (unattached) > Balikesirspor 2 yc
Sertaç Çam (Bandirmaspor) > Bugsasspor 2 yc
Maikel Daniel Costa (Bandirmaspor) > Centro Sportivo Alagoano
David Deniz Kılınç 1st nat Switzerland (born in Switzerland) 2nd should be Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Emre Güngör (Bandirmapor) > unattached
Ali Serin (Bandirmaspor) > Karacabey 2 yc
Ali Türkan (unattached) > Bandirmaspor
Create att. midf. Hüseyin Pala 3 yc (made his debut in cup tie/rotation player) CA 60 PA 90 Longshots 11 Anticipation 11 Free kicks 11 Heading 11 fav. club Bandirmaspor
Create Mehmet Gülmez 4 yc (Bandirmaspor/played in several games this season/bench player) CA 70 PA 100 Finishing 10 Heading 12 Jumping 12
Enes Güler (Boluspor) > unattached
Create GK Cengizhan Sarli (Boluspor/made his debut in cup tie this season) CA 65 PA 100 Handling 10 fav. club: Gölcükspor
Create leftback Hakan Özkan 1 yc (Boluspor/made already his debut past season) CA 69 PA 99 Tackling 12 Heading 10
Create Kutay Aydin CA 70 PA 110 1 yc (Boluspor/former Turkey U17 player/made several app. for senior squad) 70 PA 110 Influence 12 Heading 10 Finishing 11 Anticipation 10 Strength 12 Positioning 10 Technique 11
Create Mustafa Coşkun 2 yc (Boluspor/played in cup tie games) 73 PA 103 Finishing 10 Heading 12 Jumping 11
Create Emre Adiloglu 5 yc (Boluspor/played in cup tie game) CA 70 PA 100 Finishing 10 fav. club Bayrampasa
Create Berat Delihasan 4 yc (Çaykur Rizespor/ made his debut in cup tie) CA 75 PA 115 Tackling 12 Passing 10
Create Firatcan Üzüm (Eskisehirspor benchplayer/made his debut in cup tie) CA 80 PA 120 Flair 12 Passing 11 Determination 14 Workrate 14 Movement 13 Crossing 12 Decisions 12 Technique 12
Create Ibrahim Halil Öner (Eskisehirspor benchplayer/played in the league and cup tie) CA 90 PA 110 Finishing 11 Movement 12
Create Mehmet Özcan (Eskisehirspor/ made his debut in cup tie) CA 70 PA 100 Finishing 11
Create Mevlüt Çelik (Eskisehirspor/ made his debut in cup tie) CA 75 PA 105 Marking 11 Tackling 12
Furgan Polat (unattached) > Eskisehirspor 1 yc

Turkish 2. Division Category B

Serkan Baloglu 1st nat Azerbaijan (playing for AZ U21) 2nd should be Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Ilter Ayyildiz (Amed Sportif) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Ibrahim Bayram (Nazilli Bld.) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Erkut Tekinsoy (Sariyer) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Cem Tosun (Darica Genclerbirligi) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Cengiz Biçer (Kastamonuspor 1966) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Mehmet Durmus (1461 Trabzon) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play)
Atilla Erel (Manisaspor on loan at B. Petrolspor) 2nd nationality Turkey (otherwise he would not be eligible to play) contract till 2019
Mirlan Murzaev (AFJET Afyonspor) > unattached
Chibuzor Nwogbo (UTAS Usakspor) > unattached
Delete Türkeri Haluk (Aydinspor in db) duplicate (the one with only German nationality)


Ümraniyespor play their games in Ümraniye Belediyesi Ilçe stadium (Reserve stadium Atatürk Olimpiyat)
Y. Malatyaspor new stadium: Yeni Malatya Stadyumu capacity: 27.044 (all seater) under soil heating City: Malatya (Reserve stadium: Malatya Inönü)


Offside Trap
10-10-17, 08:34 PM
Peterborough Utd's ground is no longer called London Road, its now Abax Stadium

Also, Posh Striker, and new signing, Ricky Miller, starts with a 6 game ban after biting in his last game for Dover last season

11-10-17, 01:29 AM
Italian SERIE A
Take off "forward" as role of SPINAZZOLA (Atalanta)
Improve (very much) DI FRANCESCO's offensive skills, he's a good player (Bologna)
Improve just a little more PETKOVIC (Bologna)
Takk off "defensor" as role of KESSIE (Milan)
Add attacking midflieder as role of BORINI (Milan)
Let down (a little bit) PRAET's skills (Sampdoria)

Italian Serie B
Add GILARDINO to Spezia
(a little bit) IMPROTA's offensive skills (Bari)
HAN's offensive skills (Perugia), he's the surprise of Serie B!
(a little bit) CAPONE's skills (Perscara)
(a little bit) FAVILLI (Ascoli)
(a little bit) CASTALDO (Avellino)
(a little bit) BISOLI (Brescia)
(a little bit) CAPUTO (Empoli)

European teams:
BOATENG isn't more to Las Palmas. His new team is EINTRACHT FRANKFURT
Improve MAXIMILIANO GOMEZ's skills. He's a good stricker! (Celta Vigo)
Set pieces: improve to 14 for Harry KANE (Totthenam)
Add FORWARD as other role of ARNAUTOVIC (West Ham)
Add defensive midfielder as other role of MEUNIER (PSG)


11-10-17, 08:17 AM
My computer has been down so have not had the chance to have a look at it. I can take a look at the Danish league this evening if needed? Is this the deadline today?

11-10-17, 08:35 AM
hey guys amazing work as always.

just a suggestion as I think the stats for Syria's National Team players should be upgraded especially for Omar Al-Soma, Omar Khribin, Ibrahim Alma GK and Mahmoud al Mawas after their amazing world cup qualification campaign.


11-10-17, 10:03 AM
My computer has been down so have not had the chance to have a look at it. I can take a look at the Danish league this evening if needed? Is this the deadline today?

Looks like it mate - but post anything you have in the Denmark scouting section


11-10-17, 10:42 AM

I am writing about Besiktas...

I hope it will be helpful

-Adriano is also playing RB in this season.
-Caner can play also AML. Set pieces can be better.
-Gokhan Gonul's Crossing can be better Acceleration, Agility Pace can be less
-Tosic's Agility and Pace can be better Crossing can be less
-Mitrovic can be homesick
-Veli Kavlak is DMC and also he is still injuried (shoulder)
-Tolgay can play DMC. Passing and Dribling can be better.
-Atiba Tackling, Passing, Bravery, Balance can be better. Technique can be less.
-Oguzhan Ozyakup Long Shot and Passing can be better.
-Quaresma Crossing can be better, Set Pieces can be less
-Babel Crossing and Teamwork can be better
-Negredo Finishing can be less
-Cenk Tosun Finishing, Long shots, Passing, Work Rate can be better Set Pieces can be less


11-10-17, 11:37 AM
Paolo Dybala for Juventus role is not SC or FC, but attacing forward, but this role is AMC and two forward. :)

Andrea Barzagli is DC, but this player play DC, but Alegri positive ot position Barzagli for DC,R.

11-10-17, 11:40 AM
Paolo Dybala for Juventus role is not SC or FC, but attacing forward, but this role is AMC and two forward. :)


11-10-17, 11:43 AM
Dibala plays not as a pure striker but behind the assailant.

11-10-17, 01:04 PM

There are two Aaron McGowans
There are two Steven Olds
There are two Andy Flemings
There are two Ben Hedleys
Adam McGurk needs transfering in from Cambridge
Niall Maher needs adding (18 year old goalkeeper), currently on loan at Halesowen

Squad Numbers
Steven Old = 5
Vadaine Oliver = 9
Adam Campbell = 10
Alex Kenyon = 4
Mitchell Lund = 17
Patrick Brough = 3
Ben Hedley = 25
Max Muller = 22
Callum Lang = 29

Position Changes
Steven Old = DC
Patrick Brough = D / ML
Max Muller = D / DMC
Steven Yawson = AM / FRC
Tyler Brownsword = DC
Andy Fleming = MC
Kevin Ellison = AM / FLC
Adam Campbell = AM / FRC
Rhys Turner = SC
Reece Deakin = AML
Luke Jordan = AMR

Nationality Changes
Reece Deakin = English

Non-Playing Staff Should Be As Follows
Chairman = Peter McGuigan
Directors = Graham Howse, Rod Taylor, David Brockbank, Mike Hinchfliffe
John McMahon = Scout

Lemos, McDougle & Dixon are no longer at the club and need to be removed completey

General Info
Training Ground should be made worse than adequate
The clubs finances should be poor

I haven't seen the away kit on the game but it should be white background with black text.


11-10-17, 02:54 PM

Nathaniel Mendez-Laing - Improve - Teamwork, Dribbling, Work Rate, Finishing, Long shots, off the ball, Crossing, Creativity - One of Cardiff standout performers this season so far. Has scored 4 in 11. Works his socks off for the team as well as being a creative outlet.

Joe Ralls - One of the first names on the team sheet this season, Warnock fave. Works his socks off in CM - Decent passing, High work rate, tackling and marking could be increased slightly. As well as finishing. Chips in with a few every season.

Loic Damour - Increase Strength, work rate, stamina, tackling - More of a MC than DM - Box to box player.

Craig Noone - Now at Bolton

Calum Paterson - Primarily a RB/RM not FRC (Maybe hide the FRC)- Yes he has played there in the past (Before joining hearts) but not sure he has played that position in a while. Highly rated, could do with an all round boost - especially if he comes back in the sort of form he was displaying prior to his injury.

Ibrahim Meite - Tall and Rangy striker with good pace. Also has a good scoring record (albeit in the lower leagues) - Improve Pace, Acceleration, Strength

Omar Bogle - At wigan ingame, Should be at Cardiff.

Rhys Healey - Improve Finishing, Teamwork and off the ball - highly rated by Warnock prior to his injury which should keep him out till roughly november/december.

Create - Cameron Coxe (born 18th December 1998) - Welsh - Played for Wales from U17 through to U21 - RB - Overlapping right-back who is always keen to get forward, but also a highly effective performer defensively, is quick and causes problems for the opposition with strong runs and crosses.

Create - Mark Harris (Born December 29th 1998) - Right Winger - Welsh - Played for Wales U17 through to U21 - Not seen much of the lad but he has already made a couple of appearances for Cardiff last season - debut v Fulham in FA Cup loss - Creative and exciting winger with a keen eye for goal is the only description I can give.

Create - Rhys Abbruzzese (Born March 23rd 1998) - Left Back - Welsh - Again he has represented Wales from U17- regarded to be a very competent, tenacious left-back who is particularly adept at one on one situations.

Create - Connor Young (Born 28th September 1998) - Central Defender - Welsh - Good in the air, Confident in possession, Good positioning, Good tackling. (Son of former Cardiff fave Scott a former defender)

Tom Burridge - Delete - Not in U23, U18 or Full Squad according to Cardiff City website - cannot find anything with regards to current club

Theo Wharton - Now with York City - 1 year contract

Jordan Blaise - Released - Club unknown (Delete or free contract)


Stuart O'Keefe (at Portsmouth until end of 2017–18 season)
Matty Kennedy (at Portsmouth until end of 2017–18 season)
Declan John (at Rangers until end of 2017–18 season)
Ibrahim Meité (at Crawley Town until January 2018)
Ben Wilson (at Oldham Athletic until 4 January 2018)


Dejan Lovren - Lower Tackling, Positioning, Marking - Quite how he has managed to blag a new 100k p.w contract i have no clue. He is utterly clueless on how to defend!

Ben Woodburn - Improve his determination, Off the ball, strength (slightly) and Creativity.

Roberto Firmino - Improve Determination, Creativity, Teamwork

Other than the above everything else looks quite good with my 2 fave teams to play with.

Will have another look at others when i get a few mins more spare.


11-10-17, 04:43 PM

Boubacar Kamara play as defensive midfielder most of the time but he can play central back and right back

the administrative director is no more gunter jacob but jacques-henri Eyraud

that's all for me, thx for your work


11-10-17, 05:39 PM
Grant holt is at Kings Lynn and Mikel Merinos stats should almost mirror Ronaldinho’s from the original 01/02 game 😂

11-10-17, 06:25 PM
Forgot to say, Dennis Geiger from Hoffenheim needs improving - he's a very talented playmaker and often played as a starter in the last few matches and he played really good on them. Great passing and always on point with his interceptions/vision. His playing style is similar to Verratti but with less dribbling.


11-10-17, 06:30 PM
http://answers.opencv.org/m/default/media/images/flags/tr.gif?v=6 October 2017 Data Update Preview Save Turkey Review [5]

Delete Ömer Kara (Elazigspor)
Delete Ozan Tahtaisleyen (BB Erzurumspor/same as Mehmet Ozan Tahtaisleyen) duplicate
Erhan Celenk (unattached) > BB Erzurumspor 2 yc (should be a star player)
Lower CR (20 points?) Sergey Kislyak (Gaziantepspor), he is ineligible.
Create Erdal Ahmet Özdemir 2 yc (Gaziantepspor/ benchplayer who made his app. in several games) CA 70 PA 100 Finishing 10 Heading 11 Jumping 12 fav. club Gaziantepspor
Create Gökhan Çamur 2 yc (Gaziantepspor first XI) CA 90 PA 110 Influence 13 Heading 5 Jumping 7 Longshots 12 Dribbling 12 Technique 12 fav. club Gaziantepspor
Create 2nd GK Selçuk Özcan (Gaziantepspor) CA 70-75 PA 100 Handling 11 Anticipation 9 (Adnan Karabulut should be 1st GK, Musa Emre Yakar 3rd GK)
Fatih Durna should be a CM 15 /AMC 20 (in save game GK)
Ahmet Kesim made a permanent move to Gazisehir Gaziantep FK 2 yc
Gürcan Gözüm (unattached) > Gazisehir Gaziantep FK 2 yc
Çaglar Birinci (Karsiyaka in db) > Giresunspor 1 yc
Create Erol Can Akdag (Giresunspor/rotationplayer) CA 75 PA 110 Tackling 12 Marking 10 Passing 10
Jones Carioca (Deportivo Maldonado) > Giresunspor 1 yc (should be a benchplayer)
Create Berkay Görmez 2 yc (Altinordu/made his debut in cup tie/Turkey U17 player) CA 75 PA 125 Influence 11 Heading 8 Jumping 8 Passing 14 Technique 13 Determination 12
Serhat Hürriyet (Istanbulspor) > unattached
Wellington (Istanbulspor) duplicate > delete the one who is permanently assigned to Istanbulspor
Decrease CR (10-20 points) Umut Yavas (Istanbulspor), he’s ineligible
Okan Koçuk (unattached in db) should be at Bursaspor 3 yc and loan to Istanbulspor
Upgrade Handling 13 & Anticipation 13
Sait Öner (Altay) > Istanbulspor 5 yc decent potential (rotationplayer/PA 125)
Kagan Miray Bagis’s (Manisaspor) loan to BB Bodrumspor ended/cancelled
Constantin Bakaki (unattached in db) > Manisaspor 2 yc (benchplayer)
Create Ömer Bugdayci (Manisaspor benchplayer, made already his debut) CA 70 PA 100 Crossing 12 Finishing 10 Movement 10
Create Asim Hamzaçebi (Manisaspor bench/rotationplayer made already his debut) CA 65 PA 100 Finishing 10
Create 3rd GK Deniz Çörtlen Handling 10 Anticipation 8 CA 60 PA 100
Ramazan Özcan (Samsunspor player with loan to Genclerbirligi in db) should be player of Darica Gençlerbirliği 3 yc (do not mix him up with the GK at Leverkusen)
Mehmet Emin Aba (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü Bld. 2 yc
Hakan Albayrak dob 17/9/1993 (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Lokman Atakol (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Burcag Basel (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Delete Alper Bayraktar (Sanliurfaspor in db) duplicate > same player as Alper Hamdi Bayraktar, transfer the latter to > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Delete GK Mehmet Bayram (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Delete Dogan Cankurtaran (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Delete Vahit Ciftci (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Mehmet Dogan (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sancaktepe Bld. 1 yc
Mehmet Eksik (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Tolgahan Erbay permanent move to Sanliurfaspor 2 yc (delete loan)
Ömer Faruk Ermec (loan to Sanliurfaspor in db) > loan to Sanliurfa Karaköprü from AFJET Afyon
Fehmi Karakecili (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 2 yc
Metehan Özlü (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Delete Ugur Özvardar (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Gökhan Sahin (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Mehmet Sayan (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Bilal Seflek (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Mehmet Tasci (Sanliurfaspor) duplicate delete the one with position DLC, add DC to the one who’s DL (name is correctly spelled and suggest to upgrade his CA 90-100/CR accordingly since he’s a first XI starter).
Alican Tez (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Ali Tokat (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Karacabey 1 yc
Vjekoslav Tomic (Sanliurfaspor in db) > unattached
Delete Kemal Tosun (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Ahmet Buğrahan Tuncay (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 1 yc
Delete Ferhat Uysal (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Yeldar Yamac (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Sanliurfa Karaköprü 2 yc
Delete Emre Yavuz (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Reha Yayli (Sanliurfaspor in db) > Karacabey 1 yc
Delete Murat Yildiz (Sanliurfaspor in db)
Abdülkadir Akyildiz (Altay) > Sanliurfaspor 2 yc
Ibrahim Demir (unattached) > Sanliurfaspor 2 yc
Ömer Kahveci (Gümüshanespor in db) > Sanliurfaspor 2 yc

TFF 1. Lig squads (transfers) are now pretty much covered.

Cihan Güneş (Sultanbeyli Bld. ) > Edirnespor


11-10-17, 10:32 PM
Romania part 1

Dinamo Bucuresti:

Nicolae Badea -> Ionel Danciulescu - Chairman
Javier Reyes -> no longer Dinamo's coach; he joined Romania national staff

Antonio Ghomsi from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Free player
Vlad Oleanu from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Voluntari (loan)
Dan Nistor from Dinamo Bucuresti -> CFR Cluj
Antun Palic from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Free player
Victor Obinnaa from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Cape Town City (never played for Dinamo Bucuresti)
Patrick Petre from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Sepsi OSK (loan)
Jeremy Bokila from Akhisar -> Dinamo Bucuresti (loan)
Thaer Bawab from Dinamo Bucuresti -> Concordia Chiajna

Astra Giurgiu:

Danut Coman - Astra Giurgiu - chairman
Geraldo Alves - Astra Giurgiu - retired
Damien Boudjemaa - Astra Giurgiu - Free player
Mateo Poljak - Astra Giurgiu - Free player
Daniel Niculae - Astra Giurgiu - Academica Rapid Bucuresti (4th League)
Anatole Abang - New York Red Bulls - Astra Giurgiu (loan)
Marquinhos - from - Toledo - Astra Giurgiu

ACS Poli Timisoara:

Rufino - from - Poli Timisoara - Selangor
Cristian Scutaru - from - Poli Timisoara -to UTA Arad
Miguel - from - Poli Timisoara - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)
Miguel Bianconi - from - Mogi Mirim - Poli Timisoara
Ivan Ćurjurić - from - Nea Salamina - Poli Timisoara

FC Botosani:

Esteban Ciaccheri - from - Rangers de Talca - FC Botosani (loan)
Andrei Dumitraș - from - Viitorul Constanta - FC Botosani

CFR Cluj:
Financially - Fair (probably Secure)

Tomislav Gomelt - from - CFR Cluj- Rijeka
Dino Špehar - from - CFR Cluj- to Concordia Chiajna
Kévin Boli - from - Viitorul Constanta - CFR Cluj

Concordia Chiajna:

Milano Koenders - from - Concordia Chiajna - Free Agent
Ousmane N'Doye - from - Concordia Chiajna - Ceteate Deva
Josip Zeba - from - Concordia Chiajna - Free Agent
Adrian Cristea - from - Concordia Chiajna - Free Agent
Claudiu Bumba - from - Free Agent- Concordia Chiajna
Manassé Enza-Yamissi - from - Free Agent- Concordia Chiajna
Andrei Marc - from Turkey Şanlıurfaspor - Concordia Chiajna

CSU Craiova:

Rambé - from - CSU Craiova - 1º Agosto
Alexandre Barthe - from - CSU Craiova - CSKA Sofia
Sergiu Jurj - from CSU Craiova - Olimpia Satu Mare (loan)
Hrvoje Spahija - from - Voluntari - CSU Craiova
Alexandru Mitriță - from Pescara - CSU Craiova (loan)

CSMS Iasi:

Eugen Trică - CSMS Iasi - Assistant Manager
Salim Cissé - from - Olhanense - CSMS Iasi

Gaz Metan Medias:

Marius Constantin - from - Viitorul Constanta - Gaz Metan Medias
Onanga Itoua - from - Gaz Metan Medias - Alki Oroklini
Ionuț Neagu - from Free agent - Gaz Metan Medias
Bojan Golubović - from CSM Politehnica Iași - Gaz Metan Medias
Nikola Stojanović - from Serbia OFK Beograd - Gaz Metan Medias
Emmerik De Vriese - from Cyprus Ermis Aradippou - Gaz Metan Medias

Juventus Bucuresti:

Pedro Mingote - to Free agent
Alexandru Benga - from Cyprus Ermis Aradippou - Juventus Bucuresti
Andrei Lungu - from Israel Hapoel Nir Ramat HaSharon - Juventus Bucuresti

Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe OSK:

Constantin Grecu - from Free agent - Sepsi OSK
Victoraș Astafei - from Malaysia Selangor - Sepsi OSK
István Fülöp - on loan from Hungary Diósgyőr


Bogdan Planić - from - Vojvodina - FCSB
Ionuț Larie - from - CFR Cluj - FCSB

Viitorul Constanta:

Aurelian Chițu - usually plays striker

FC Voluntari:

Claudiu Niculescu - manager
Costin Curelea - to Free agent
Feiz Shamsin - to Tripoli (never played for Voluntari)


11-10-17, 10:33 PM
Romania part 2

Duplicated players:
Diogo salomao - Dinamo Bucuresti
Paulo Vincius - CFR Cluj
Ibrahima Balde - CFR Cluj
Jo Santos - CSMS Iasi

Other Romanian transfers need to be rectified:
Adrian Popa - from Ripesnia - Reading (never played for Ripensia)
Răzvan Marin from - Free agent - Standard Liege 9 caps 1 goal, indespensable for national team
Dorin Rotariu 4 caps
Cristian Săpunaru not retired from international level
Romeo Surdu from - Milsami Orhei - RWD Molenbeek
Chris Serban - Whitecaps FC 2

Ilie Balaci - Al-Suwaiq Club - manager
Cristian Dulca - Luceafărul Oradea - manager
George Ogăraru - Jong Ajax - assistant manager
Constantin Gâlcă - Al Fayha FC - manager
Dan Alexa - Dunărea Călărași - manager
Victor Pițurcă - Free manager
Ilie Stan - Foolad F.C. - assistant manager
Dorinel Munteanu - CSMȘ Reșița (technical director)

Underrated players that need a slight boost:
Sergiu Hanca
Paul Anton
Ciprian Deac (now 12 caps with 1 goal)
Denis Alibec
Cristian Ganea (4 caps) - at least 15 at long shots - brilliant free kick taker, can play defensive central midfielder
Ciprian Tătărușanu 48 caps
Claudiu Keșerü 22 caps 6 goals
Florin Andone 19 caps 1 goal
Andrei Radu (Inter - Avellino - loan) - full name Ionuț Andrei Radu

Players that need to be created due to impressive performances:
Valentin Cojocaru - Apollon Limassol, age 22, Romanian, Goalkeeper (tall promising keeper)
Alexandru Ioniță - Astra Giurgiu, age 22, Romanian, Attacking midfielder / Winger (centre), 1 cap - very promising
Mihai Bălașa - FCSB, age 22, Romanian, Defender (centre), 1 cap - very promising, excellent free-kick taker, played for: 2012–2013 Viitorul Constanța 23 (1) 2013–2017 Roma 0(0) 2014–2016→ Crotone (loan) 53 (2)2016–2017→ Trapani (loan)
Valentin Costache - Dinamo Bucuresti, age 19, winger/attacking midefielder (right), Romanian
Daniel Popa - Dinamo Bucuresti, currently at FC Botosani on loan, age 23 striker, Romanian
Edward Iordanescu - Astra Giurgiu - manager, Romanian
Claudiu Belu-Iordache - Astra Giurgiu - age 23, Romanian, right back
Silviu Balaure - Astra Giurgiu - age 21, Romanian, winger/attacking midefielder (left), Romanian
Vlad Mihalcea - FCSB, currently at Poli Timisoara on loan, age 18, Romanian, Att. midfielder (centre) very promising
Benjamin Kuku - FC Botosani, age 22, Nigerian, striker
Laurențiu Buș - FC Botosani, age 30, Romanian, striker (played for Hapoel Ramat HaSharon before)
Alberto Cobrea - FC Botosani, age 26, Romanian, goalkeeper (captain)
Yasim Hamed - CFR Cluj, age 17, Romanian and Suadanese, midlefielder
Alexandru Păun - CFR Cluj, age 22, Romanian, winger
Nicușor Bancu - CSU Craiova, age 25, Romanian, midfielder (left), 1 cap
Cristian Bărbuț - CSU Craiova, age 22, Romanian, midfielder (right)
Marko Momčilović - FCSB, age 30, Serbian, left/centre back
Dennis Man - FCSB, age 19, Romanian, Att midfielder/Forward (centre) - very promising
Ovidiu Popescu- FCSB, age 23, Romanian, Midfielder / Right back
Cătălin Golofca - FCSB, age 27, Romanian, Forward / Attacking midfielder (Left/Right)
Vlad Achim - FCSB, age 28, Romanian, Midfielder (centre)
Carlo Casap - Viitorul Constanța, age 18, Romanian, Midfielder (centre)
Ionuț Vînă - Viitorul Constanța, age 22, Romanian, Forward (centre)
Árpád Tordai - Viitorul Constanța, age 20, Romanian, Goalkeeper
George Țucudean - Viitorul Constanța, age 26, Romanian, Forward (centre), 1 cap
Alexandru Cicâldău - Viitorul Constanța, age 20, Romanian, Midfielder (left/centre), promising talent
Andrei Burlacu - CSU Craiova, age 20, Romanian, forward (left, right, centre), great long shooter
Robert Răducanu - Concordia Chiajna, age 21, striker


11-10-17, 10:33 PM
Looking forward to this update :clap:

In the latest updates Sergi Roberto of Barcelona has consistently been in the mix for European defender of the year... He is a good player but I think we can all agree that this is not too realistic. I would suggest lowering some of his defensive stats like maybe positioning...
Cristiano Ronaldo still has 20 for dribbling :confused: not the strongest part of his game these days

Andrea Belotti of Torino should be their star-man. He is their captain - influence at least 14

Vejle - Ole Bisp Rasmussen is a free agent. Steffen Kielstrup has retired.

11-10-17, 10:41 PM
Players that need to be created due to impressive performances:
Valentin Cojocaru - Apollon Limassol, age 22, Romanian, Goalkeeper (tall promising keeper)
Alexandru Ioniță - Astra Giurgiu, age 22, Romanian, Attacking midfielder / Winger (centre), 1 cap - very promising
Mihai Bălașa - FCSB, age 22, Romanian, Defender (centre), 1 cap - very promising, excellent free-kick taker, played for: 2012–2013 Viitorul Constanța 23 (1) 2013–2017 Roma 0(0) 2014–2016→ Crotone (loan) 53 (2)2016–2017→ Trapani (loan)
Valentin Costache - Dinamo Bucuresti, age 19, winger/attacking midefielder (right), Romanian
Daniel Popa - Dinamo Bucuresti, currently at FC Botosani on loan, age 23 striker, Romanian
Edward Iordanescu - Astra Giurgiu - manager, Romanian
Claudiu Belu-Iordache - Astra Giurgiu - age 23, Romanian, right back
Silviu Balaure - Astra Giurgiu - age 21, Romanian, winger/attacking midefielder (left), Romanian
Vlad Mihalcea - FCSB, currently at Poli Timisoara on loan, age 18, Romanian, Att. midfielder (centre) very promising
Benjamin Kuku - FC Botosani, age 22, Nigerian, striker
Laurențiu Buș - FC Botosani, age 30, Romanian, striker (played for Hapoel Ramat HaSharon before)
Alberto Cobrea - FC Botosani, age 26, Romanian, goalkeeper (captain)
Yasim Hamed - CFR Cluj, age 17, Romanian and Suadanese, midlefielder
Alexandru Păun - CFR Cluj, age 22, Romanian, winger
Nicușor Bancu - CSU Craiova, age 25, Romanian, midfielder (left), 1 cap
Cristian Bărbuț - CSU Craiova, age 22, Romanian, midfielder (right)
Marko Momčilović - FCSB, age 30, Serbian, left/centre back
Dennis Man - FCSB, age 19, Romanian, Att midfielder/Forward (centre) - very promising
Ovidiu Popescu- FCSB, age 23, Romanian, Midfielder / Right back
Cătălin Golofca - FCSB, age 27, Romanian, Forward / Attacking midfielder (Left/Right)
Vlad Achim - FCSB, age 28, Romanian, Midfielder (centre)
Carlo Casap - Viitorul Constanța, age 18, Romanian, Midfielder (centre)
Ionuț Vînă - Viitorul Constanța, age 22, Romanian, Forward (centre)
Árpád Tordai - Viitorul Constanța, age 20, Romanian, Goalkeeper
George Țucudean - Viitorul Constanța, age 26, Romanian, Forward (centre), 1 cap
Alexandru Cicâldău - Viitorul Constanța, age 20, Romanian, Midfielder (left/centre), promising talent
Andrei Burlacu - CSU Craiova, age 20, Romanian, forward (left, right, centre), great long shooter
Robert Răducanu - Concordia Chiajna, age 21, striker

Most of them are already in DB (but don't seem to load in the game)

12-10-17, 07:29 AM
Kaka to leave Orlando at the end of the season.


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12-10-17, 09:37 AM
good job

Arjen Robben,Mohamed Diame ,Radja Nainggolan,Vasili Berezutski
all retired international football

Arda Turan back in turkish team
Maxi Pereira,Porto wrong history
Ander Capa ,transfer 1.07.2018->Athletic Bilbao
Marlos,Shakhtar 2 caps in Ukrainian national team

Fabian Delph can play in left back

Premier League-some transfers are missing,
Chris Wood,Danny Drinkwater,Nakhi Wells,Juan Foyth etc.
Fabian Delph can play in left back

Double players
Willy Caballero,Kamil Glik,Josh Maja,Jonny/Jonathan Howson etc

Athletic Bilbao& Real Sociedad
Athletic-Aymeric Laporte should have basque citizenship;Gorka Guruzeta,Unai Nunez,Asier Benito,Jon Rojo,Jesus Areso,Hodei Oleaga,Andoni Lopez
Real Sociedad-Ander Saenz,Andoni Gorosabel,Eneko Jauregi,Martín Merquelanz,Iker Olaizola
all young players was born in basque country

12-10-17, 09:47 AM
Radja Nainggolan did not retire.

( in french : https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Radja-nainggolan-dement-avoir-pris-sa-retraite-internationale/828682 )

12-10-17, 10:57 AM
Apologies if this is late but I've just realised that Morecambe's squad is missing Elliot Osborne who is currently on loan from Fleetwood until January. He is squad number 21.

12-10-17, 04:59 PM
Stanislav Lobotka - Celta B - Improve all skills based on LINK LOBOTKA (https://sofifa.com/player/216435)

Milan Skriniar - Inter Milano - Improve all skills based on LINK SKRINIAR (https://sofifa.com/player/232363), he is far more better than his current numbers in the save game. You can comapre him to Alessandro Bastoni from Inter (on loan at Atalanta) LINK BASTONI (https://sofifa.com/player/237383). Skriniar is now better, Bastoni has more potential for the future, since he is younger.

Albert Rusnak - Real Salt Lake City - Improve all skills based on LINK RUSNAK (https://sofifa.com/player/210423)

Dario Benedetto - Boca Juniors - Improve all skills based on LINK DARIO (https://sofifa.com/player/215061) - he is now in Argentina national team for his performances

Mauro Icardi - nice numbers in this save game :clap: thanks

12-10-17, 07:33 PM
Domagoj Vida will come to Besiktas

12-10-17, 10:45 PM
Partick thistle

Add paul mcginn


Kassarate - now free
R Clark - now free
D McCallum - now free
Mark brown - now retired
Nade - duplicate
Mclaughlin - duplicate
Ross lyden - now at clydebank
Add dimitrios froxylias

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12-10-17, 10:46 PM
I think it should raise the level of Neymar and Asensio.
I also think that it should greatly increase the transfer value of Diego Costa and mainly Mbappe for 100 million euros.
It should raise money from the top clubs in Europe as well.

13-10-17, 08:47 AM
On Liverpool.
Firmino determination of 9 is harsh and should be higher for a player of his effort and caliber and without being great in the air, 11 is low, 14-15 is more likely is he does win flicks, but not as many as he should cause he,s not the bravest.
Henderson Liverpool and England captain with such low technique also seems very harsh, starts in game at 12 and only rises to 14 and determination of 15 when he is Liverpool's most determined player is too low. I'd say determination of 18-20 and technique of 16-17 is fair. I think there are some keepers in game given better technique tan Henderson lol. Agreed, Joe Gomez has pace and jumping of around 11/12. Both should be closer to 16/17.
Origi pace should be 18-20 as thats his main attribute, but starts around 13 in game and rises to around 16.
Wilson is a AML in game and mainly plays on the right for the reserves, but definitely needs a bump in stats, as his ability and potential seems massive. Don't know why he isn't given more first team action in real life. Quality youngster.
Another youngster that IMO needs a bump is Ryan Kent, as he was very sort after for loan due to his skill, dribbling, work rate and explosive pace. Great prospect.
Ovie Ejaria, still a raw talent, but the young lad is tall, technically excellent and has great balance, rarely loses the ball, reminds of young Dembele (spurs).
Karius speaks very good english. He used to be at man city as a youngster, s probably needs to be added.

13-10-17, 08:48 AM
Cavani??? Where is he??? Tell me, please :confused::confused::confused:


13-10-17, 08:53 AM
He's on holidays

13-10-17, 09:43 AM
Why do you want Cavani ??
You have Ben Arfa, the best player in the world :boom: :heh:

13-10-17, 10:33 AM
Thanks to all who have given feedback, excellent as always :ok: :hail:

Any outstanding information and changes can be added to the correct nation thread(s) here http://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=38

Alas, this thread been open 3 days longer than intended and given the amount of data to input we need to close this and get everything completed if we are to hit the 22nd as a release date

22-10-17, 11:27 AM
The Data Update has been delayed until 29/10/17 due to the volume of work to complete