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September 2012 Data Update

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September 2012 Data Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Download here ^^^^)

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Changes since March

* 1000's of transfers of worldwide tranfers
* Scouting Forum updated
* England completely updated
* English lower leagues major overhaul
* German Bundesliga 1 & 2 completely updated
* Italy completely updated
* France completely updated
* Spain Primera & Segunda Division's updated
* Portugal completely updated
* Russia completely updated
* Poland completely updated
* Croatia completely updated
* Denmark completely updated
* Finland completely updated
* Holland completely updated
* Scotland completely updated
* Australia completely updated
* Israel completely updated
* J-League 1 completely updated
* Brazil Serie A updated
* Argentine Primera and Segunda Division's transfers updated
* Formations updated for managers of Worlds top clubs
* 1000's of retired players deleted
* 100's of the worlds best young talents and emerging players added
* 100's of Team Kit's updated
* Some new colors added
* Histories updated for 1000's of players

Installation Instructions and Technical Support

You will need to install the SI Games Official Patch - v3.9.68 in order for the update to run without errors. Then do the following:


This update is compatible with all of Tapani's 2.** series of patches, the lastest being the 2.19 patch. Simply follow the instrcutions above and then apply the 2.19 patch .

*** NOTE *** The Tapani 2.19 Patch (and all 2.** series patches) will not start in 2011, starting in 2011 will cause your game to crash. Start in 2010

As you may be aware, Tapani has not been around for a while so until he is there will NOT be a 3.12 Tapanified database of this update available until approx. Nov/Dec

If you have read the above and are still having trouble installing the game, please contact our Technical Support team by posting here: Technical Support

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Thanks to all the forum members who have posted transfer news, feedback, suggestions and contributions in helping our part in Keeping the Game Alive!

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