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Challenge 14 - Three Lions

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Uploaded by Craig Forrest - 25-09-15
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Challenge 14 - Three Lions

- You are in charge of England for 3 WC qualifications AND 3 EC qualifications (and the tournaments themselves if you qualify)
- You are allowed to call up only the players playing in English First Division (Championship) and below
- If a player you had called up gets transferred to the EPL or any other league in the world, you have to remove him from your squad
- As soon as the team is no longer physically located in the Championship you have to stop using their players, i.e. if a player's team is still in Championship before the game updates in June, you're allowed to use him
- You have to use YOUR OWN 442 flat tactic, to prove the WC can be won using this formation

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Installation Instructions
1) Download the zipped file on to your computer.
2) Open the zipped file and extract the .sav into your 'Championship Manager 01-02' folder which is usually found in 'C Drive' > 'Program Files'.
3) Load CM 01-02 and click 'Restore Saved Games' and you should now see the saved game available for you to start the challenge.

Good luck!