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Tapani 2.21.1 Patch

Uploaded by Tapani - 02-11-15
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Patch 2.21 can now be downloaded

What is this?

It is an inofficial patch, providing tweaks and bugfixes to your CM. Read more about the changes below.


1. Install CM 01/02.
2. Update it to 3.9.68 using SI games last official patch (you can get that from here).
3. Download, and run patcher-2.21.exe

And let the speed below x5 unless you know what that setting does :-)
If you want another window size than 800x600 read below.

Recommended additional steps

To get the latest players, teams and transfers you can update your game database. The October 2015 data update (latest at the time of writing) can be downloaded from here.

The 2.21 patcher allows you to increase the window size from the old 800x600 to something nicer (1280x800 is recommended).
If you do, you also need a larger background and larger menubar.

Sample files for 1280x800 can be downloaded from here.
Install them by placing the RGN file and the two MBR files inside your Data directory.

There are many background packs available for several resolution here at the Graphics section.

What does this 2.21 patcher do?

It changes many things in the game, mostly bugfixes and other small improvements. An effort has been made to keep the core game unchanged.

The highlight changes of the inofficial patch are:

The changes from 2.20 patch are

With this patch, the game has been tested 1000s of season and shown that it will run 100+ seasons without serious errors.

Queries in relation to the patch


Unlike some of the other patchers, this one has been a team effort.

Especially thanks should go to Saturn who has not only posted detailed information what needs to
be changed, but also provided with assembly or bytecode snippets that could be easily used. His contribution
has been fenomenal.

milo has been constantly providing feedback and doing testing. His summaries of changes and bugs
from other threads has been invaluable

Rudi-Assauer has been running 100s if not 1000s of seasons of tests providing detailed feedback of
any issues encountered.

xeno has also been actively providing feedback of items to be fixed, spotting some very subtle bugs.

There are of course many others who have been helping out with testing and comments: And1, canteiro67, cdewar19, fairedinkum, Fiestita, lucasdm, Ratio, samsami, Coys, djole2mcloud, Jesus and possibly others I have forgotten...

Happy gaming!