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Hey lads,

I had some time to play during Christmas so I took some time to work on a 4-4-2 classic formation (NWW).

I always wanted to create a 442 formation (classic, i.e., Gk-DR-DC-DC-DL ML-MC-MC-MR ST-ST) that worked in 0102. I am a huge fan of Arrigo Sacchi's Milan, a team that dominated European football using a classic 442 formation. Until now, I could never really do it satisfactorily: either the strikers would perform poorly, or the team would concede too many goals, etc...

After many tries I have finally nailed it. Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, I present to you a four four fucking two that works:


Team instructions:

The basic idea is to have the wingers cut inside and let the full backs explore the width. The centre backs also move up slightly to create a triangle with the defensive minded MC when building up:

The left sided striker holds up the ball and links up with the midfield, while the right sided darts forward and plays off the shoulder of the opposing centre backs.

The MCL is a box to box kind of player (Gerrard, Scholes...) and the MCR the defensive minded one (Keane, Vieira).

The mentality is always NORMAL unless my team concedes a goal and is looking to hit back immediately, in that case I switch to ATTACKING. But I find that NORMAL mentality works best with this formation.

When we're one or two nil up, I normally change to:

And change the tackling to NORMAL as well. Even when playing at home I always do this change and still manage to score more and generally keep it tight at the back.

The tactic is a lot of fun to use. The strikers perform remarkably well, their set up is the following:

ST (left)
This is the Dennis Bergkamp role

hold up ball, try through balls, free role (if the player has the attributes for it, if not, better forget about free role.)

ST (right)
This is your Thierry Henry role.

run with ball and forward runs

Even though the strikers are overlaid in the with ball screens I find that the match commentary often states "ST (left) passes ahead to ST (right)" probably because of the forward runs instruction. I was surprised with how well the strikers perform in this tactic, for instance, playing with Glasgow Rangers Joe Garner managed to maintain a goal per game performance throughout the season! That's Joe Garner! Do you know who Joe Garner is? Neither do I.

The full backs are essential in this formation, if you manage to get a hold of a couple of pacey lads they will deliver assist after assist for your strikers.

Other player instructions:

hold up ball, mixed passing, no pressing, easy tackling

Run with ball, forward runs, cross ball, pressing, easy tackling

no pressing, normal tackling

MC (right)
Hold up ball, mixed passing (switch to short if the passing ratio is poor), no forward runs, hard tackling.

MC (left)
Forward runs, hold up ball, mixed passing (switch to short if the passing ratio is poor)

Jordan Rossiter (Glasgow Rangers) played wonderfully in this role, as did Nurin Sahin (Dortmund) and Mowatt (Leeds).

Forward runs, run with ball, try through balls

ST (left)
hold up ball, try through balls, free role (if the player has the attributes for it, if not, better forget about free role.)

ST (right)
run with ball and forward runs


everyone on normal except:

DCs: go forward

Full-backs: stay back

everyone on normal except:

1 winger (the fastest) go forward.

I find this set-piece set up provides a lot of variety to your corners (you'll notice an increase in short corners).

I experimented with Dortmund, Rangers, and Leeds United (2016 October update) and had good results with all of them.


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