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March 2018 Data Update

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Uploaded by Dermotron - 31-03-18
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March 2018 Data Update

Changes since October 2017:

* All transfer and squad list data available on now in the database
-- this means all clubs within a league system on the above site have all the players that were at the club a week after the transfer window closed (16.02.2018)
-- All the values on the above site have also been used to generate World Reputation and wages for all players (wages are obviously adjusted to suit CM0102, not real life wages)
-- All contracts are the same as the above site
-- Other additions include correct first and second nationalities, date of births, caps and goals & squad numbers
* Reserve sides has increased to 79
* nearly half a million Player Histories added to the database
* new default 343 tactic added
* International Caps and Goals added for current top 75 nations
* Scouting Forum updated
* 1000's of players with attributes added
* Managers of main leagues playing correct formations
* Current Reputation of main leagues updated to have correct players selected

We'd normally list which leagues have been partially or fully updated but I think that tends to put people off. In terms of squad lists updated, every playable league has been updated plus many that aren't even playable

Installation Instructions and Technical Support

You will need to install the SI Games Official Patch - v3.9.68 in order for the update to run without errors. Then do the following:


What a Data Update changes

This update is compatible with Tapani's 2.21 Patch but only if you start in 2015. Nobody creates 3.12 versions anymore.

This is NOT compatible with any saturn patch (he may well make one in the proceeding weeks)

Tips for Downloading from Sendspace

Technical Support

If you have read the above and are still having trouble installing the game, please contact our Technical Support team by posting here:

Facebook Group

Those of you who followed us on Facebook were the first to hear about the exact release time of the October 2018 Update! Join our group to be informed of all the latest Update Team news:


If you have any comments or feedback about the March 2018 Data Update, please post them in the Scouting Forum > Choose Country > Post your suggestions

Any other comments or suggestions please post here -

Thanks to all the forum members who have posted transfer news, feedback, suggestions and contributions in helping our part in Keeping the Game Alive! The feedback before release was awesome.

Please report a Dead Link here




This database is owned by and the creators grant no-one permission to profit from it's content.
Stating parts of Database Regulations 1997 as permission to profit from this database will not tolerated.
There are approximately 11.3 million unique fields within the database. Significant change is seen as 25% or more by the previous regulation. That is over 2.8m changes to this database to be deemed 'significant change'.
We can easily map our database versus any database that is being sold as some well else's if there is doubt or suspicion.
Any revenues made from selling this database without permission of it's owners will be owed in their entirety to This will include pursuing past revenues, as previously stated, we can map our databases versus any other and prove the data was being profited from without the creators permission.