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Uploaded by Dermotron - 03-11-18
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As this patches requires reading before installation, the Download button only re-directs to the correct thread

New update, new patch.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback on +v5, and on the +6 beta. Special thanks to Dermotron for helping me out with the national teams' competition histories too.

What is this?
This is a patch which combines the most recent release from the Update team with the latest discoveries from the Patches forum. It incorporates the October 2018 update, Tapani's 2.22 patch, the latest renaming patch, and other smaller things from the Patches forum like the restructuring of certain leagues.

In short, it's a patch that is designed to make the game as realistic as possible for 2018.

Here are the changes from v5 to v6:

A complete list of changes from Tapani 2.22 to +v6 (known issues included at the end):

What do I need to play?
You will need a new Data folder and a new cm0102.exe file to play. Please read the rest of this post fully.

Data folder:
The following Data folder must be used:+v6 Data. The data here is 99% based on the update team's October 2018 release, so full credit to them. In order for the data to be compatible with the new cm0102.exe, some alterations had to be made, which means that the above Data folder is essential. No other Data folder will be compatible with this patch, only the one linked above. Delete the Data folder in your Championship Manager folder and extract/unzip the new Data folder from +v6 Copy and paste that Data folder into your Championship Manager folder.

In addition to this, you will need the city.dat file from the October 2018 update. Download the October 2018 update from here and copy and paste the city.dat file from that into the Data folder in your Championship Manager folder. (The reason for this extra step is give the update team a better reflection of how many people use their work. Previously some people might've just waited for the +v6/5/4 patch to come out and not download their update at all. This way everyone downloads their release too, giving the update team a better idea of how many people appreciate their work.)

Now you just need a new cm0102.exe.

Your game needs to have been updated to version 3.9.68. You can check what version you're currently using by starting a game and looking to the top left hand corner. If it doesn't say 3.9.68 (or 3.9.68T), you'll need to update your game. Download the official 3.9.68 patch from here and run it. The vast majority of updates and patches are built for 3.9.68 so updating to this version is essential.

Next, a little background for people new to this forum. The new cm0102.exe you'll be playing with will be 95% based on the last patch released by a coding guru from these parts named Tapani, patch 2.22.

In his patches, Tapani allowed users to select a few options:

  • Game start year: Allows users to set the season the game will begin in. For this patch this option is locked to 2018.
  • Game speed: The speed at which the game displays things to you, most notably the match day commentary and how quickly the game continues when you're holidaying. Set it to x200 and the game will fly by. Note that this is not the same as increasing the game's processing (loading) speed. Users can choose speeds of x0.5, default, x2, x4, x6, x8, x20 or x200.
  • Idle sensitivity: This prevents the game from using your computer's full processing power when it doesn't need to. For example if you're just looking at a player in your squad screen, the game isn't processing much information and so doesn't need to use a lot of power. Previously the game would just use full power regardless, but with this enabled it will prevent that. This in turn will stop your computer from overheating, causing unneccessary wear and tear to your device. Users can choose options for both desktop or laptop computers.
  • Window: This changes the resolution at which cm0102 is displayed, with widescreen modes now being an option. Users can choose from resolutions of 720x480, 800x600 (default), 1024x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1366x768 or 1400x900. If you're not sure which to pick, just stick with the default 800x600.
  • Disable unprotected contracts: This will prevent contracts from becoming unprotected. A feature which looked like it could be a prominent thing IRL in 2002 when the game was released, but very rarely occurs today. People can choose to undo this feature if desired, but if they enjoy it and are used to it in-game then they can request for it to not be disabled.
  • Coloured attributes: Players attributes are coloured on a sliding scale of red (20) to grey (1) scale. An example can be seen here.
  • Hide non-public bids: A human manager will always be alerted to AI bids for players on their shortlist, regardless of whether an AI team makes that bid public or not. With this turned on, AI clubs can now quietly sign players who are on your shortlist without you receiving any alerts about their bids in your News feed.
  • Development / benchmark mode: Allowed users to run several instances of cm0102 to test tactics. This feature is broken in 2.22 so it is locked to No for this patch.

Most users will be surprised to learn of the existence of Tapani's 2.22 patch (or to give it its full title: 2.22-wip0): it's his 2.21.1 patch with a small (3-5%) processing speed optimization. It was posted in the Programming forum some time ago.

I'm a bit uneasy about making public something he had posted privately. But, given the calibre of his previous work I felt it was better to make use of it rather than let it sit idle.

Unfortunately, Tapani's 2.22 will not be compatible with the new data folder we'll be using above. Therefore, people are going to have to request an exe via the form below if they want to play with their preferred Tapani options. I will then create the exe with Tapani 2.22 and modify it so it will be compatible with the new data. The exes will be created by using a program called Flex, released by a user named JohnLocke a few years ago. Without his work the creation of multiple exes like this would be impossible, so big credit to him. His tools make creating patches so much easier for everyone.

Before filling the form out for your new desired exe, check post #2 to see if it has already been uploaded. If it has not been, then fill out the form below with the options you want and post it in this thread. As mentioned earlier, this exe is only for 2018 and the development / benchmark mode no longer works, so those options have been omitted. A final option that you can request this year regards the values in the game. If you wish to have realistic 2018/19 figures, say Yes for the New values option. If not, say No. The new values look like this:

Requesting an exe:

Requests will probably be met with dwindling enthusiasm so be sure to get yours in early. Again, make sure that your desired exe hasn't already been requested by checking post #2. If you are comfortable with using Flex, then you can create an exe yourself by jumping to the Flex users part below. If you're unfamiliar with Flex then simply ignore the previous line and proceed to the exe request form directly below.

Game speed:
Idle sensitivity:
Disable unprotected contracts:
Coloured attributes:
Hide non-public bids:
New values:

Once the new cm0102.exe you desire is available, download and extract/unzip it. Delete the cm0102.exe in your Championship Manager folder and copy and paste the new cm0102.exe into your Championship Manager folder. If you have the new Data folder (and the city.dat file from the latest update) then you are ready to play. Nothing more needs to be downloaded: to reiterate, the Tapani patch, renaming patch and latest updates are all already incorporated into the Data folder and exes in this thread.