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CMPatcher (v2.08)

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Uploaded by Dermotron - 06-09-19
Author Author Nick+Co
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*** UPDATE ***

* Fix hidden attributes option to work with all CPUs and Emulation (Wine, Exadata, etc)
* Fix Scoreboard patch alignment (in Misc Patches)
* More patches for 3.9.65 (In Misc Patches)
* fairedinkum's patches (AllowInstantSquadStatusBiddingReset, EPLFixtureFixes, SaturnPatchUpdateEuroBidHostsFor2019, SaturnPatchUpdateWCHostsFor2019)
* Reorder Club Name Tool (To list teams in alphabetical order in the league tables before games any games are played - untested!)
* First cut of "Super Keepers" patch
* Option to replace Tactics with a different Tactics pack
* Will change your player name to a pink colour if playing with restricting tactics and scouters (so screenshots prove you are playing with restrictions)
* Addded AlwaysRegenToNewGoodCountry and PauseOnMinorInjury patches to Misc Patches
* Image converter now supports .hsr as an extension (History Image Files)

* Fixed issue with Leap Year dates (meaning some DoBs were off by one). Thanks again MrFoo!
* Added playable China league (swaps out S.Korea)

* Better Image Error Handling for Mr.Foo.
* Better Patching (Handles /* */ to a degree)

* Support multiple resolutions (Beta: Not fully tested)
* Auto-fix Euros Crash when setting year to 2019
* Updated "Saturn Patches" to "Misc Patches" and added a few bits

* Fixes currency inflation patch

* Idle Sensitivity now also works on transfer screen
* Ctrl+Shift+N to clear options
* More 7 Subs fixes
* Image Converter can now go RGN->PNG/BMP/JPG
* Experimental changes to make exe portable
* 3.9.60 patches added to Saturn patches
* NoCD for Cm00/01
* Year Changer coded for CM00/01

It also has a tools section with things like a patch applier that can apply .patch files from things like Flex 2 or patch files made with "fc /b cm0102_original.exe cm0102_patched.exe > newpatch.patch"

An unfinished scouter, based on CM Scout, but allows you to view and sort by the "intrinsic" skills value (can load compressed and uncompressed saves)

Also there is a little officials.dat patcher for patching up referees as per recent discussions on getting too many red cards from recent updates:

The RGN Image Converter:

Obviously, all the credit for this should really go to Tapani, JohnLocke, Saturn, etc who have come up with all these great patches!

I really just made this for myself, so it's a little untested but seems to work well enough. I started a game with all leagues (inc conference, etc), max db, starting in 2018 and it played for a good few seasons with no errors.

1. Install a fresh CM0102 from the ISO
2. Apply the 3.9.68 patch
3. Copy over any updated Data Updates
4. Use the CM0102 Patcher to configure the exe how you like