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March 2020 Data Update

Uploaded by Dermotron - 22-03-20
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March 2020 Data Update

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Since the October 2019 Data Update we haven't changed a huge amount in terms of anything new. This is very much a data update. And it's a fine one at that. There are 1000's of changes since the last data update in relation to transfers, attributes, contracts, clubs, staff and so on.

As always it's the feedback that helps the most. We look at the database a bit differently than those playing it so it's always great to hear the stuff we missed. Thanks to those who posted in the preview save game thread and throughout the year in the scouting forum. If anyone wants to get involved in helping out drop me a private message

Note: this isn't compatible with a saturn patch (they are usually out a week or two after the Data Update


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This database is owned by and the creators grant no-one permission to profit from it's content. Stating parts of Database Regulations 1997 as permission to profit from this database will not tolerated.
There are approximately 11.3 million unique fields within the database. Significant change is seen as 25% or more by the previous regulation. That is over 2.8m changes to this database to be deemed 'significant change'. We can easily map our database versus any database that is being sold as some well else's if there is doubt or suspicion. Any revenues made from selling this database without permission of it's owners will be owed in their entirety to This will include pursuing past revenues, as previously stated, we can map our databases versus any other and prove the data was being profited from without the creators permission.