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Uploaded by JohnLocke - 07-09-14
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Last Updated: 13/09/2014

Re-publishing a collection of my tools from 'Flex 2', some of these have been updated - most haven't. I'll be updating this file as I add new tools / features and fix problems I've found in some of those that are missing at present (Flex Editor, JLPatch).

I'll write some manuals at some point... probably.

*WARNING* the tools don't all ask 'are you sure?' before saving - I'll fix that - but until I do please bear that in mind. Please back up your data/exe/save before using any of these tools.

Big On-Off Switch - has been updated, some playable competitions that were missing have been added.
Manager Editor - is an improved version of 'Deed Poll' (which I realised didn't actually save half of the things it was supposed to), you can now edit: names, ca/pa, hr/cr/wr, and club's confidence in you (if you're employed).


Tools in Collection

Big On-Off Switch
Clever Contract Start Year Tool
Colour Adjuster
Data Errors
EEC Editor
Fix Non-Keepers
Flex Editor
Go Home
Local Clubs
Manager Editor
Miracle Cure
More Colours
Nationality Converter
No Gods
No Mortals
Patch Creator
Regen Cheat
Rolling Contracts
Shortlist Convertor
Speed Adjuster
Stadium Limits
Staff History Extractor
Time Machine
Tower of Babel
Wage and Value Dropper