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Tapani 2.20.1 Patch

Uploaded by Tapani - 14-02-15
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the new version of my patch is available

It's a little less than I hoped to include in a new patch, but getting side-tracked too much by work, life, and stuff.. better to release something than just let it rot on my HD.

The changes from patch 2.19 are:
Bugfix: removal of duplicate teams from some cups (W.C)
Bugfix: In case of teams missing from W.C, fill it up with some semi-random/semi-decent African/Asian/S.A teams
Fix: Russian D1 relegation fix
Fix: Russian league promotions from several regional divisions
Feature: add player positions to player condition screen (tactics view)
Fix: three relegations between serie A and B
Feature: allow all UEFA nations play i Euro Ch. Qual
Feature: Player search, allow all players in clubs to be found
Fix: revert some changes in training code
Fix: allow 9 subs in Serie A
Fix: confederation cup and copa americana are now played every four years
Fix: FIFA Club World champs are played every year
Fix: Team selection to African Nations, Asian Club Champ, Asian Cup Asian Nations, Merconorte, Confederation Cup, WC African Cup, WC Asian Cup, WC CONCANAF Cup and WC Oceania Cup competitions improved (used to be random, now better teams have greater chance to enter)
Bugfix: Start new game potential crash fixed
Feature: In club view, players positions are slightly grayer for unfit players
Fix: Move FA Trophy final to Wembley
Feature: More informative error dialogs

Knock yourselves out :-)