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Competition Renaming Patch v1.4

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Uploaded by Dermotron - 24-10-16
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Version 1.41 now available

Everything should now be fully updated for the October 2016 update. Changes made from the previous version are listed below.

1. Have the October 2016 update files already in your Data folder.
2. Download Rename from above.
3. Unzip the files.
4. Copy cm0102.exe into your main Championship Manager folder, overwriting the cm0102.exe file already there.
5. Copy the rest (club_comp.dat, euro.cfg,, nation.dat, nation_comp.dat and staff_comp.dat) into the Data folder in your main Championship Manager folder, overwriting the files already there.

The new names are again fully compatible with Tapani 2.21.1. Follow the instructions above and then simply patch the cm0102.exe as you normally would. To ensure compatibility I left the Welsh names untouched.

A note of warning regarding the Netherlands name change. The euro.cfg, nat_club.dat and nation.dat files are based on the October 2016 data, which has some new countries added to it. If you use these files on other data sets, eg the .68 database or databases newer than the October 2016 release, the game will crash upon loading. The cm0102.exe, club_comp.dat, nation_comp.dat and staff_comp.dat files are still fine to use (they contain all the rest of the award/competition renaming). You can see how to change Holland to the Netherlands manually here if you wish to. Thanks to xeno for alerting me to this.

A complete list of changes (v1.0 - 1.41 inclusive) can be found below. Anything not mentioned hasn't been renamed.

That's all I intend to do until next season (bar there being a big mistake in there somewhere). The only minor things I've noticed are a couple of news items:
1. Managers are given the "Rinus Michels Award" award in the Netherlands. I thought about removing the Award part from the name, but seeing just Rinus Michels instead made it look a bit bare.
2. For the Pichichi and other top goalscorer awards that now have a name, the news item will say "xxx has been named the Pichichi Trophy for the 2015/16 season", which looks slightly odd but isn't anything major.

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