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Tapani 3.12 Patch

Uploaded by Dermotron - 02-03-12
Author Author Tapani, SIM Team, ODB Team, Zozoa, Ratio
File Size File Size 1.31 MB
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* Please be aware this requires a specific database to work unlike the Tapani 2.xx patches which can be applied to any database


0. Make sure you have latest official patch, v3.9.68, and no other patches applied. Reinstall the game, if necessary.
1. Before you patch, start the game and disable background changes and preferrably set it to windowed mode. If you do not plan to test the new interface, this step is not necessary. It will work in fullscreen too, but I recommend trying it out in windowed.
2. Copy all files to your Data folder, overwriting the files there. If you are on Vista / Win7, make sure you have the permissions to do so.
3. Run cmpatcher-3.12.exe inside the Data folder. Set the year to 2010.
4. Play!

What's new?

There are two categories of changes, bugfixes and new features.

Gameplay changes:

Bug fixes:

Beware that the new interface is addictive, and once you get used to it, you will not be able to go back to the ordinary game. You have been warned.

Known bugs

The new interface has problems with changing backgrounds (since the original backgrounds are not compatible)
The new interface has problems with network games (don't use it when playing online)


Most issues should be posted in the technical support section.

If you do experience crashes you believe are caused by this patch, you can post them here. Please mention what leagues you are running and which database you used.

Additional credits

* ODB and SIM teams made the data updates
* Zozoa changed several rules in different leagues, and adjsuted the structure of several leagues
* Cantoner and Slivie assisted in Tapanifying the databases (SIM and ODB versions, respectively)
* Ratio for correcting the teams in Italian leagues (ODB version)


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