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Uploaded by Dermotron - 05-04-19
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As this patches requires reading before installation, the Download button only re-directs to the correct thread

New update, new patch, new limit on the amount of exes you can request for the first week.

First off, a big thanks to MadScientist for creating the database files for this patch. This patch would'nt have been out for another week without his help, so all credit to him for expediting the process. Thanks also to Derm, Andrea71, bruebous and jacobclear for their help, and to all those who gave feedback in the v6+ March 2019 BETA thread too.

What is this?
This is a patch which combines the most recent release from the Update team with the latest discoveries from the Patches forum. It incorporates the March 2019 update, Tapani's 2.22 patch, the latest renaming patch, and other smaller things from the Patches forum like the restructuring of certain leagues.

In short, it's a patch that is designed to make the game as realistic as possible for 2018/19.

Here are the changes from v6 to v7:

A complete list of changes from Tapani 2.22 to +v7 (known issues included at the end):

What do I need to play?
You will need a new Data folder and a new cm0102.exe file to play. Please read the rest of this post fully.

Data folder:
The following Data folder must be used: +v7 Data. The data here is 99% based on the update team's March 2019 release, so full credit to them. In order for the data to be compatible with the new cm0102.exe, some alterations had to be made, which means that the above Data folder is essential. No other Data folder will be compatible with this patch, only the one linked above. Delete the Data folder in your Championship Manager folder and extract/unzip the new Data folder from +v7 Copy and paste that Data folder into your Championship Manager folder.

In addition to this, you will need the city.dat file from the March 2019 update. Download the March 2019 update from here and copy and paste the city.dat file from that into the Data folder in your Championship Manager folder. (The reason for this extra step is give the update team a better reflection of how many people use their work. Previously some people might've just waited for the +v7/6/5 patch to come out and not download their update at all. This way everyone downloads their release too, giving the update team a better idea of how many people appreciate their work.)

Installation - Read the first and second posts of this thread