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Tapani 2.18 Patch

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Uploaded by Dermotron - 02-03-12
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TapaniPatch 2.18

Patch 2.18 is available from: cmpatcher-2.18.exe


0. You need the 3.9.68 version of CM 01/02 (the executable, you can indeed use a data update!). If you have an earler TapaniPatch or ZozoaUpdate, Uninstall them -- or reinstall the game.

1. Apply the patcher, cmpatcher-2.18.exe

2. Recommended but not strictly necessary: update your player database, by installing the latest of either the ODB or SIM data updates. Do NOT use the Tapanified versions with this patch!

3. Play

The goal with the 2.xx-series of patches is to provide most of the changes in the TapaniPatches without risking game stability. There is a 3.xx series too where more, and more experimental changes, are done.

See the patches forum for a rough list of changes by these patches. For those who are familiar with the earlier 2.17 patch, the changes from 2.17 are:

Problems with your installation should be in the Tech Support Forum.
Any major general problems with this patch can be discussed here, or in the patches forum.

Thanks goes to Alan, fodster, slivie, Kaizeler, topofthekopf and GoofyZ for testing this patch before release.


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