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Tapani 2.17 Patch

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Uploaded by Dermotron - 02-03-12
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Tapani Patch 2.17

This patch has not received proper beta testing, I don't have that type of time anymore. So if anyone is courageous enough to try this, please let me know of any problems. I have done some basic holiday testing, and it seems ok.

Changes from 2.16.2 are:
The "ads" shown when launching the game are now gone. I think we have seen the "let's kick racism..." screen enough by now.
Contracts has been tuned, now it is (for instance) possible to offer even lower salaries...
Youth player development has been tuned, instead of blooming pretty much instantly, now youngsters can take years to develop. This probably needs some further tuning - let me know what you think! So, watch your players for anomalies when it comes to player development and retirement.
Player search: the names of players in search results are slightly brighter the higher average attributes they have. (Actually this is present already in 2.16.2, but guess nobody did notice...)
Backported calculation of transfer funds from the 3.x series. For instance, if you sell a player and the clubs finances are good, you are guaranteed some transfer funds (~25% of the sale).
Backported player search filters from 3.x series

Installation Instructions:

1. Install the game
2. Install the SI Games Official Patch v3.9.68
3. Download from the link above and extract the file to the CM Data Directory (C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data).
4. Run the patcher and apply the changes you wish to make for the game.
5. Enable Compatibility
6. You can play this patch with any Data Update. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Technical Support.


If you have patch 2.16.2, apply cmpatcher-2.16.2 first and select uninstall. Then use this new patcher.

As is usual with the v2.x patches, this patch works only with a database that works with the plain 3.9.68 game. The 2.x series do not modify league structures.

Technical Support

If you are having trouble installing the game for any reason, please contact our Technical Support team by posting here.

Please report a Dead Link here