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New 22-03, 21:16
2 hours for Christmas time
New 22-03, 20:18
New 22-03, 20:17
its been updated, here's the thread update
New 22-03, 19:53
been out a couple of day
New 22-03, 19:53
Can anybody explain why Nicks patcher?
New 22-03, 19:35
Im back in the game Mofos. been a while
New 22-03, 19:30
Try running the game as admin mate
New 22-03, 19:29
Thought you liked the lot on here causing some stir!
New 22-03, 19:28
Does anybody know what this error is? comp_stats.CPP 1664 - Got this after 16 years holidaying with Nicks patcher
New 22-03, 19:28
Enjoy the peace and quiet now he is asleep
New 22-03, 19:25
Some read back in the SB archives btw...
New 22-03, 19:24
I guess if the update is somewhat accurate everyone in Real Madrid except Vinicius and Isco will have about 50 CA so maybe I will find a new team...
New 22-03, 19:24
Are you playing as spurs alright Coys?
New 22-03, 19:06
Not a Saturn patch, no. Download Nick's patcher instead
New 22-03, 19:04
Hi there, Just wondering will be the patched version also dropping tonight ?
New 22-03, 19:00
Anyway, who is everybody going to be when the update drops tonight?
New 22-03, 18:50
I don't ask questions anymore....
New 22-03, 18:46
Don't get me even started on that...
New 22-03, 18:40
What the fuck have i just read back on
New 22-03, 18:32
He was afraid you had misunderstood
New 22-03, 18:32
It was more about killing time until the update is out
New 22-03, 18:32
Jacob wanted me to tell you that his remark wasn't in reference to his (small) role in the update team
New 22-03, 18:32
Did you read back in chat?
New 22-03, 18:31
New 22-03, 17:44
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