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New 22-03, 08:26
New 22-03, 08:15
New 22-03, 06:01
I <3 <3 <3 this all
New 22-03, 06:00
Africa has a lot of issues to deal with in terms of women... stuff like this is fantastic. Watch... football is going to play a major role in transforming the status/situation of women in Africa.
New 22-03, 05:55
New 22-03, 05:48 that's a good read too though the title is kinda misleading... it uses that to get into a summary of developments in domestic leagues across Africa and regional competitions...
New 22-03, 05:46
oh hey now this is some cool news... La Liga made a partnership deal to sponsor/support the Nigerian Women's League
New 22-03, 05:42
uh oh... I just discovered something that could be a dangerous timesink for me...
New 21-03, 19:25
oh hey sweet Ray
New 21-03, 19:25
they have a couple songs I like but that's it
New 21-03, 19:25
Craig well they were my gateway to Jack Parow and Polisiekar etc but... they're *okay* but I'm not really that keen on them
New 21-03, 19:24
Hmm, I see now that I got an invite to go to the Dutch women's qualifier game against NI April 6th
New 21-03, 19:23
and Die Antwoord?
New 21-03, 19:15
New 21-03, 19:15
I've picked up a bit of how Afrikaans works from listening to Fokofpolisiekar and Jack Parow
New 21-03, 19:15
I've just messaged my friend at the KNVB
New 21-03, 19:15
It's decent
New 21-03, 19:14
New 21-03, 19:14
I know that's not right but w/e
New 21-03, 19:14
wow that's actually slang talk
New 21-03, 19:13
ik heb nie geleer nie
New 21-03, 19:13
New 21-03, 19:13
dat is ontzettend cool dat je nederlands kunt lezen, waar heb je dat geleerd?
New 21-03, 19:13
I know English, German, Icelandic and some Swedish... I can read Dutch and Afrikaans well enough to get the gist
New 21-03, 19:13
yeah it's not hard
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