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New 18-12, 13:07
Bugger it. I'm off. Cya lads
New 18-12, 13:05
There'd be a part of the board that would want that
New 18-12, 13:03
Bet Fergie would like to come back and sort the ship out
New 18-12, 12:57
Moyes as new manager? lol
New 18-12, 12:55
He's becoming the "sacked" one!
New 18-12, 12:43
the special one has lost his touch
New 18-12, 12:20
New 18-12, 12:15
Bit surprised... they might as well have done it yesterday?
New 18-12, 12:07
Man U fans to Mourinho.... Sacked in the morning ! You got sacked in the morning. Sacked in the morning ! You got sacked in the morning.... Sh*t Brendan Rodgers! You're just a.... Oh, are we not doing the second verse?
New 18-12, 11:59
New 18-12, 11:59
Not Zidane. Conte played plenty of attacking g
New 18-12, 11:59
New 18-12, 11:59
New 18-12, 11:59
I think Zidane or they could break bank for Poch. Not sure if Conte will bring the attacking football I think they will want next manager to bring in (as I assume they do want to appease fans)
New 18-12, 11:57
he's not much younger than Fergie
New 18-12, 11:56
Wenger would be great too. Is he still energetic enough?
New 18-12, 11:56
Sadly for them
New 18-12, 11:56
The best manager in the world is at Man C
New 18-12, 11:55
Rodgers is pretty short in the betting too. Character.
New 18-12, 11:54
Spalleti is nearly gone, maybe he's worth a shout
New 18-12, 11:54
my christmas has been ruined
New 18-12, 11:54
Wenger is 5th fav with some bookies
New 18-12, 11:53
They'll sign Conte
New 18-12, 11:53
If they're smart, theul
New 18-12, 11:53
Zidane wouldn't go there imo. Juve or PSG or nowhere for him
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