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New 21-06, 23:02
Haha I forgot i even added it
New 21-06, 22:58
New 21-06, 22:26
gratz on your vcash croatia win shadow
New 21-06, 22:26
New 21-06, 22:22
dont forget to eat drink and sleep
New 21-06, 22:21
you will get sucked into this be careful
New 21-06, 22:21
New 21-06, 22:04
no worries, enjoy
New 21-06, 22:03
I've just downloaded 01/02, so I'm looking forward to giving that a go - cheers for the help mate!
New 21-06, 22:02
hehe theres only 1 game u might find a few diff sites on google about it
New 21-06, 22:01
Didn't even realise they were diff games lol
New 21-06, 22:00
Cheers. I've had a look around in there but it seems to be 03/04 rather than CM4 itself.
New 21-06, 21:59
there's only a few threads here
New 21-06, 21:56
Lads, quick question. Looking some info for CM4 - can anyone link me to something re CM4?
New 21-06, 21:50
imagine 48 countries and san marino in it
New 21-06, 21:18
Quality of the tournament is weak, but because the big countries fail to impress, the upcoming rounds will be more exciting. There are more countries with a chance of winning the title. (Mexico, Croatia)
New 21-06, 21:11
France not impressive at all either tbf
New 21-06, 21:11
has the makings of an open game
New 21-06, 21:10
If Argentina manage to get the 2nd position, we have France - Argentian in the next round
New 21-06, 21:04
They clearly spiked Croatia's half time water
New 21-06, 21:03
New 21-06, 21:02
I knew they were gonna fix it... Just didn't know how they'd do it.
New 21-06, 21:01
Russia to win it
New 21-06, 20:59
And Higuain is yet to perform in a game that is important
New 21-06, 20:59
Lieke Mertens, also the most sexiest
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