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New 18-09, 17:15
New 18-09, 17:14
They are starting to find their way here again. The people that only come here for the update
New 18-09, 16:42
Yeah, Portuguese window isn't even closed yet.
New 18-09, 16:40
takes time.... and not all the windows shut at the same time either
New 18-09, 16:39
The window might shut.... but then the team of volunteers has to make every transfer and adjust the teams, players, etc....
New 18-09, 16:36
I thought it might be sooner as the window shut earlier but that's ok - cheers
New 18-09, 16:34
October 43rd
New 18-09, 16:31
No date confirmed but usually in October.
New 18-09, 16:29
Hey, when's the next update looking likely peeps?
New 18-09, 16:15
hey...theres a cm twitter page...
New 18-09, 15:43
Ah yes. That was me. Just saw Weatherston on the guys screenshot. And playing in Scotland. 2 and 2 together!! I did correct myself pretty quickly to be fair!
New 18-09, 15:25
Way to go Ebz.... tagging the wrong person....
New 18-09, 15:14
It was just dweatherston11 wondering who managed it as he was tagged into a message referring to Peter Weatherson, wrong player
New 18-09, 15:06
Who was looking for details on the twitter account yesterday. I can only see Mark's reply saying it's most likely me in charge of it.
New 18-09, 11:49
New update posted for Leamington this morning too, could we have salvaged our season?
New 18-09, 11:03
New 18-09, 11:02
New 18-09, 11:02
Not for a long time, dweatherston! Haven't been following the thread for a while now.
New 18-09, 11:02
Probably in October, usually always released by then though the team normally put out a preview save first.
New 18-09, 11:01
whens the latest update out please
New 18-09, 10:43
productive morning for me, alphabet game about to be updated... have you updated first post on their Mark?
New 18-09, 10:43
pffft. bet he misses CM
New 18-09, 10:33
Yeah, he's got himself a life now, hasn't he? How dare he leave us behind
New 18-09, 10:20
Jesus is settled in Sydney now, with his missus, a job, a house and hateful internet!
New 18-09, 00:59
Last Man Standing - 5 of us left - choose your team please! -
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