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New 27-05, 13:24
Also, you may find your answer here:
New 27-05, 13:23
Where did you get stuck exactly?
New 27-05, 13:02
someone can help me? i just can't install cm0102 on windows 10
New 27-05, 11:53
Nature around the town is great as well. Hills and woods. When I first got there for studies, I felt like I was going on a 5 year holiday.
New 27-05, 11:52
Yup, Vrijthof is nice. Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein is even nicer though. That's all terrace under trees, a bit smaller and surrounded by old buildings.
New 27-05, 11:50
Maastricht! I love that place. Especially the grand square. Vrijthoff, right?
New 27-05, 11:48
Netherlands as well. I'm in sunny Maastricht.
New 27-05, 11:48
@Kullman: a nationalist party that's pro-EU? That's an interesting combination. Though I guess it makes sense. Staying in EU is best for most countries, so wanting to leave should even be against nationalist ideals.
New 27-05, 11:47
where you from Asthereal?
New 27-05, 11:46
I dislike politics in general, but mostly because I feel most politicians are only there for the greater glory of themselves, rather than try to govern our country as best they can.
New 27-05, 11:39
I hate politics, the bankers own the politicians Worldwide - its like WWE, all parties are all friends, they just laugh at how much they can tax us and get away with before we revolt
New 27-05, 11:36
It's not a europhobe party, by the way
New 27-05, 11:35
I voted a left wing nationalist party
New 27-05, 11:22
Ah fellow Dutchman. Yeah looks like a lot of us have seen the "light".
New 27-05, 11:12
Dutchies are finally coming to their senses that shouting about how bad Muslims are isn't an answer to our problems
New 27-05, 11:11
The right extremist wing has lost
New 27-05, 11:11
New 27-05, 11:04
AJ, where do you live?
New 27-05, 11:00
quite satisfied with the results
New 27-05, 11:00
I voted as I have for ages
New 27-05, 10:59
I'm almost proud of our voters.
New 27-05, 10:59
PVV 4 to 0, I mean.
New 27-05, 10:59
PVV goes from 4 to 9 seats. Forum loses 40% of votes compared to march elections. Very very good news here in NL.
New 27-05, 10:58
Fun to see that both main Socialists and Liberals parties won the most
New 27-05, 10:50
NL results are a lot more hopeful. Pro-EU parties win, except for Forum, but they lost 40% of votes compared to last elections, so still a very positive result.
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