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New 18-03, 23:07
More players needed for latest Arcade Tournament here -
New 18-03, 22:29
New 18-03, 22:22
New 18-03, 22:04
Good to see Chelsea dropping points for you Coysy
New 18-03, 21:50
New 18-03, 21:48
Cam F, you created 2 Basaula Lemba in V.Guimar„es Team
New 18-03, 21:43
come to think of it I believe it was the color settings that did it for me. 16 bit mode works but any higher and it won't open in windowed mode. Not sure why!
New 18-03, 21:42
Blackberry: are you running the game as admin? Also try enabling "compatibility mode" by right clicking the exe and opening settings. I run on Win XP service pack 3 and 16 bit colour.
New 18-03, 20:45
Hi all, can somebody tell me what to do, I am not able to play the game in windowed mode, just got another laptop with directx 12 on it
New 18-03, 20:44
cheers Cam
New 18-03, 20:19
generalsmuts - full 0001 game, no cd required with 93 db set as the db, enjoy -
New 18-03, 20:09
not here for 0102 tho
New 18-03, 20:08
and even me
New 18-03, 19:53
There are currently 7148 users online. 20 members and 7128 guests -
New 18-03, 19:47
id love the play the old champ manager italia from the period when all the great players were in italy,
New 18-03, 18:45
General Smuts - See here and thank CAM later
New 18-03, 17:54
Would love 93-94 though as that was the first year I started watching Leicester at Filbert Street
New 18-03, 17:54
Think I've found a 98-99 one to try
New 18-03, 17:31
im sure there is a working link of that somewhere, i tried it recently. you should find it in one of the posts somewhere
New 18-03, 17:11
I had a look through there Mohsin but most look like the downloads have expired. I've posted in the CM3 thread in case someone has that one. Looks the most viewed one
New 18-03, 17:00
there should be one in data updates section generalsmuts -
New 18-03, 16:57
Is the update release happening today as scheduled?
New 18-03, 16:47
Anyone got any databases from the 90's available? Ideally 1994/95 or 1993/94?
New 18-03, 16:39
Poka which version of CM are you using? ODB?
New 18-03, 16:31
sorry im no expert in network games
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