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New 26-03, 22:53
Got loads of other stuff going on
New 26-03, 22:53
That's cool AMC
New 26-03, 22:46
Sorry for Switzerland but great comeback from the Danes
New 26-03, 22:43
great result for you dermo
New 26-03, 22:43
and a mad game between Norway and Sweden!
New 26-03, 22:43
that's epic for us. To still finish 3rd
New 26-03, 22:42
Denmark's comeback
New 26-03, 22:35
ok mate, won't be for a while yet though, got an idea for the next one but was thinking of doing about 10 seasons of this and this is only season 5 starting
New 26-03, 22:31
As I want to draft my own team
New 26-03, 22:31
I do however want back in the moment you decide to restart the whole thing
New 26-03, 22:31
No that's fine
New 26-03, 22:31
no free spots either mate, can add you to the waiting list if you want
New 26-03, 22:30
correct mate, you resigned and Spectral took over
New 26-03, 22:27
I'm not in CML right?
New 26-03, 22:26
AMC, remind me plz
New 26-03, 22:15
New CML save up, and P2P and buy back windows now open
New 26-03, 22:10
Which game should I watch?
New 26-03, 21:56
hands up
New 26-03, 21:56
who needs a better commetary, detailed and short
New 26-03, 21:40
New 26-03, 21:40
but Denmark play a shit anyway
New 26-03, 21:13
...if only there was some kind of technology invented....
New 26-03, 21:12
Arghh.. the Swiss gets away with a clear arm touch in the area
New 26-03, 20:54
I know
New 26-03, 20:35
will have to wait for saturn, if he come's back
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