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New 19-11, 22:41
Dutch snatch a late draw and win the group
New 19-11, 22:26
Den - Ire
New 19-11, 22:01
I can't help you at all with DTL
New 19-11, 22:01
It goes.... toiling away in the office....
New 19-11, 21:49
hey CF, hows it goes, well i can't seem to get latest squads of any teams by the save game posted probably need an updated one to check out and find some player
New 19-11, 21:44
Only 14 total members online atm.... so maybe?
New 19-11, 21:20
Evening guys, any Dream Team League player around ?
New 19-11, 20:24
It's all the in-game database editing..... that always has the potential to cause problems
New 19-11, 20:15
Vipers dead season you only have the 1 back dated u have a month back..2 months back etc?
New 19-11, 18:22
Which one right EXE
New 19-11, 18:21
You're not using the right EXE probably.
New 19-11, 18:12
But still same
New 19-11, 18:10
I try many times dowland new folder.. delete old data
New 19-11, 18:10
Unable to find the GERMAN_FIRST_DIVISION Index'
New 19-11, 18:09
I have a problem :/
New 19-11, 17:48
I was enjoying not playing any games
New 19-11, 17:48
New 19-11, 17:37
New 19-11, 17:27
It's looking as though we'll have to replay the season.
New 19-11, 17:27
Tried to revert the changes I made in getting jacobclear/Spectral in the squad but again, no joy
New 19-11, 17:24
Ran the repair option from GK Editor, no joy.
New 19-11, 17:23
It's not looking good though. Just fired it up and no matter what, it crashes without progressing. Tried resigning, tried going on holiday. No joy.
New 19-11, 17:19
It has been quiet lately, is everyone that worried about the Vipers save
New 19-11, 13:36
Got to keep positive.
New 19-11, 13:36
Aware of that, he might want to strike a deal before then.
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