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New 13-11, 17:21
zero issues for me
New 13-11, 16:51
Cleared your caches? Hard refresh?
New 13-11, 16:47
same for me, pop ups when I click on anything.
New 13-11, 16:35
spam issues still here. Not on ipad, but on my phone and computer still happening
New 13-11, 15:30
cloud atlas remount iso
New 13-11, 14:45
Random one - game was fine yesterday and tried to play today and giving me the 'insert disk' error - any ideas?#
New 13-11, 14:45
Hi all!
New 13-11, 14:22
my spam issues have gone... thanks Mark
New 13-11, 14:18
Yeah that should do it.
New 13-11, 14:10
I had problems on my iphone but sorted now after clearing my history and website data
New 13-11, 14:08
Could be caching issue though - will hard refresh and keep trying
New 13-11, 14:06
Two different internet points (as phone isn't on WiFi)
New 13-11, 14:06
My phone and chrome at work - all still just endless pop ups
New 13-11, 14:02
Still? What you using mate? All good for me now.
New 13-11, 14:00
Still ridiculous spam
New 13-11, 13:59
This site is unusable
New 13-11, 13:33
The reign of the spam is over
New 13-11, 13:07
I can see the threads now thanks for your help
New 13-11, 13:06
Mark has activated your account manually. Should be able to download stuff now.
New 13-11, 13:05
mail doesn't come as this is how long it takes to estimate
New 13-11, 13:05
All OK now with the spam links appearing on the site? We've taken steps to resolve it today and can't seem to replicate them now, so hoping all is OK?
New 13-11, 13:04
Your account wasn't activated. Done it for you now.
New 13-11, 12:59
New 13-11, 12:59
ı cant look patch
New 13-11, 12:58
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