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New 23-04, 13:55
Ditto Ray, you've no inbox space free
New 23-04, 12:04
only 1 winner in Salah, unbelievable season
New 23-04, 10:11
well deserved praise for Salah - also says a lot about managers role, seing him and kdb going from unused to being mavericks
New 23-04, 09:11
Van Persie scores the second goal in the Cup Final:
New 22-04, 23:25
Mo Salah - Player of the Year -
New 22-04, 23:22
GFRay - I tried messaging you but says your inbox is full and you need to clear some space!
New 22-04, 23:01
So Chelsea - Wolfsburg 1:3, and Man City - Lyon 0:0 ... bleh
New 22-04, 22:15
Napoli were the better side actually so totally deserved
New 22-04, 22:02
Thumping 'eader! Glad they won and at least Juve may have a challenge this year
New 22-04, 21:47
yeah great header
New 22-04, 21:44
New 22-04, 21:44
New 22-04, 21:40
wow 89th minute goal from Napoli, well deserved, title race alive
New 22-04, 20:34
decent game Juve v Napoli, Napoli looking good especially Insigne
New 22-04, 20:34
yay i made it to round 2
New 22-04, 20:01
Trunk - your prediction was way off - I doidn't watch game but sounded a massacre?
New 22-04, 19:47
nice friendly vs you also
New 22-04, 19:38
Cheers evesham
New 22-04, 19:38
Awesome work on the UML reboot Ray, can't wait to get started
New 22-04, 17:36
Time to spin up the old ChampMan VM again! woot woot!
New 22-04, 17:35
Afternoon from the US!!