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New 22-10, 15:01
someone can help me please
New 22-10, 15:01
stop running when load the game databasde why
New 22-10, 15:00
do not work with the nem update
New 22-10, 15:00
hy friend i need help
New 22-10, 12:54
Paulinho from Leverkusen OFC
New 22-10, 12:53
Nice to see upgraded Luka Hovic and Paulinho - they deserved it
New 22-10, 12:01
New 22-10, 10:28
Biggest game of the season in my Swansea story against league leaders Man Utd. Win this and we could go on and win the league for the first ever time -
New 22-10, 09:16
Saturn will release all being well in next 2 weeks or so
New 22-10, 09:16
It won't. saturn will have to make a new patch to make it compatible, it usually follows within a week or two.
New 22-10, 09:09
when will it works with saturn patch v5?
New 22-10, 09:04
Morning all! Great to see the data update got released last night
New 22-10, 01:08
Grealish not really tearing it up this season is he?
New 22-10, 01:03
glad to see Luis Advincula's pace updated after watching his youtube video where he literally flew from his own half to tackle that striker. only i was hoping that Jack Grealish would be updated
New 22-10, 00:28
New 22-10, 00:08
well done lads, its my wifes birthday today so i wished her happy birthday and said "you upstairs now and i'll be up soon" but secretly im downloading the update and could possibly be at it all me all the names in the book if u want
New 22-10, 00:05
tks for the excellent work
New 22-10, 00:04
Always the same thing causes issues, fucking player histories
New 22-10, 00:04
You legends. Thanks for cheering me up and making my day
New 22-10, 00:04
New 22-10, 00:01
Dermo is like Jim White - loves a late "deadline day" deal - Well done to you and all the Update Team
New 21-10, 23:58
Two minutes before Midnight, top work!
New 21-10, 23:57
New 21-10, 23:57
4 minutes inside the 21/10/18 "deadline"
New 21-10, 23:49
1288 online! At least 1000 of which won't be seen again until March next year when the next update come out!
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