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New 24-05, 08:10
And if you switch to a different CM folder, you need to select that .exe first before loading the save
New 24-05, 08:10
Also you need to select the right .exe in options before loading a save game
New 24-05, 08:09
What do you need to edit?
New 24-05, 07:57
Yup. Interestingly it’ll work on certain saves and not others. Seems an editor can’t edit what I need it to anyway
New 24-05, 07:38
Jay, are you running it as Admin?
New 24-05, 01:59
Anyone able to help me with using GK editor? Getting a run time error
New 23-05, 23:29
Here's my latest Gol de Cuba update. I hope you enjoy
New 23-05, 23:29
Quiet this evening!
New 23-05, 16:04
it's insane
New 23-05, 16:04
and also really surprised how awfully April 25 are doing
New 23-05, 16:03
I'm actually pretty surprised how well I'm doing
New 23-05, 15:59
New 23-05, 15:58
New 23-05, 15:56
sure Ray I can try it! Though I've actually never used a 4-4-2!
New 23-05, 15:52
Word of advice: in the lower leagues I tend to go Direct passing as my players aren't fit to play tiki-taka
New 23-05, 15:51
New 23-05, 15:48
New 23-05, 15:48
not this month I need to test a little first
New 23-05, 15:41
If you want to use it this month, you'll need to amend your submission drk
New 23-05, 15:38
cheers mate I have my UML tactic all sorted
New 23-05, 15:34
I have...many thanks.
New 23-05, 15:22
Check ur inbox trunky and drk
New 23-05, 15:21
I love a good 4-4-2 I must admit
New 23-05, 15:06
Mr. Copy Cat
New 23-05, 15:06
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