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New 16-08, 15:44
I may do one of them soon Ray see how good I am at tactics lol
New 16-08, 15:33
andreasbaader: post your tactic up in here:
New 16-08, 15:30
administrators, please me send me private message to get me how to make it
New 16-08, 15:29
hey dude, I want you test my tactical formation, how can I do it ?
New 16-08, 14:30
Erk, are you looking for inspiration in my office mate?
New 16-08, 12:45
And they still rekt Arsenal
New 16-08, 12:45
KDB didn't even start last weekend for Man C
New 16-08, 12:37
not sure how bad yet, but they don't lack options for cover
New 16-08, 12:36
see KDB could be out a while
New 16-08, 12:26
New 16-08, 12:02
Hmm anyone read that interview Burnley chairman Garlick gave to the BBC about the effects of the Brexit on the English football system?
New 16-08, 11:59
don't forget to pick your Misfit as well DW
New 16-08, 11:54
I'm enjoying it, only one I'm properly following right now
New 16-08, 11:51
New update out for Leamington, we don't seem to have many followers at the moment though. Is the story not good enough?
New 16-08, 11:50
sooo, La Liga games to be played in the US maybe already this season....
New 16-08, 11:37
they have guns. So I think their intention is clear
New 16-08, 11:36
they are gonna put it then aren't they ?
New 16-08, 11:36
Nobody wins when a car hits an elk
New 16-08, 11:36
I had to slam my brakes on the other night on way home from work at 1am. Big elk middle of the main road. Off i went on it's way.
New 16-08, 11:35
Not sure, possibly hit by a car
New 16-08, 11:35
what happened to it ?
New 16-08, 11:17
morning. coffee and sitting watching 2 guys trying to find an injured elk in the forest behind my house
New 16-08, 10:42
Morning all :coffee:
New 16-08, 08:28
cool thx
New 16-08, 08:25
Will download now and store it
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