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New 20-04, 14:26
well, decent game - not enough goals though...
New 20-04, 13:36
We don't have wings to fly, nevertheless it's our goal.
New 20-04, 13:01
Nice finish by Foden.
New 20-04, 13:01
Would watch the game but just found out that the pay TV at the accommodation doesn't have BEIN included
New 20-04, 12:58
Phil Foden?!?!
New 20-04, 12:52
Clear penalty for City not given there. Shocking
New 20-04, 12:06
Liverpools remaining games are like Halifax, Accrington, Bristol city and Doncaster rovers
New 20-04, 12:03
network game anyone?
New 20-04, 11:57
Not because you’re a City fan?
New 20-04, 11:53
I'll watch the game just because you said that Felix
New 20-04, 11:52
I am still very confident Liverpool will win the league, unfortunately
New 20-04, 11:51
Today will be the day that man city chokes away from the league
New 20-04, 11:31
New 20-04, 11:26
Was gonna say “same again pls Spurs” but they actually lost the other day
New 20-04, 10:55
expect City to bring down the hammer today and make me some mulah...
New 20-04, 10:39
morning jacob and all
New 20-04, 09:23
Morning everyone!
New 19-04, 23:30
place these to github bitbucket like servers ? where ppl can always find the source as well can contribute
New 19-04, 21:27
on the topic of file sharing - use google drive