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New 17-08, 12:24
Having problem downloading tapani cmpatcher 2.21.1 zip file and it's saying there's a virus detected has this been updated or not?
New 17-08, 11:50
That's a bit long for an aesthetically pleasing sticker, but sure.
New 17-08, 11:37
And "the data update comes out when the update team think it is ready"
New 17-08, 11:08
We should change the top image of the website to include a "sticker" saying Run As Admin.
New 17-08, 09:42
Run as administrator
New 17-08, 09:26
Hello Ive downloaded CM0102, it runs but when I try to start a game it says that I dont have enought memory. I have plenty left. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
New 17-08, 08:39
New 17-08, 07:25
friend sory,i need update for today ...have news?thanks
New 17-08, 07:24
hi boys
New 16-08, 22:37
I see a "this is fine" meme in my head now
New 16-08, 22:30
Apparently Barca have 2 draws and 4 losses in their last 6 competitive games without Messi
New 16-08, 22:22
Weird he played instead of Busquets. I would have sent them both out, behind a creative "10
New 16-08, 22:21
Defending midfielder, yeah that isn't the most glamorous position.
New 16-08, 22:00
de Jong was pretty anonymous I'd say - played instead of Busquets
New 16-08, 21:59
They should change their motto to "Messi es el club"
New 16-08, 21:58
How did Frenkie de Jong play, by the way?
New 16-08, 21:57
I guess it's no Messi no party
New 16-08, 21:57
Whoops. Just one shot on goal for Barca. ONE. That's a poor performance.
New 16-08, 21:55
Barcelona bottom of La liga then
New 16-08, 21:54
What a ledge
New 16-08, 21:52
Holy sweet banana boom boom ! Arduiz with a scissorkick winner on his first touch of the game !
New 16-08, 21:41
Something with football not being interesting to the females...
New 16-08, 21:30
indeed I am
New 16-08, 21:30
Assuming you're a sir.
New 16-08, 21:30
Hello sir.
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