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New 23-06, 03:34
The way Argentina is playing, beating Nigeria might just be as hard as winning the WC
New 22-06, 23:09
New 22-06, 23:05
But draw or loss and Argentina won't pass Nigeria so they must win anyway
New 22-06, 23:05
If Iceland win (yeah right) and Argentina win too, it will be a matter of goal difference between them two
New 22-06, 23:05
If Croatia beat Iceland, a win for Argentina is enough
New 22-06, 23:00
Don't they have to win by a few goals? or a win good enough? Nigeria dangerous and surely will score against that shite Argie defence?!
New 22-06, 22:58
How hard can it be to beat Nigera though... Argentina are through
New 22-06, 22:49
Or one last comedy of errors
New 22-06, 22:37
yup do orr die
New 22-06, 22:32
Argentina with a life line with Nigeria win
New 22-06, 21:45
I thought Switzerland was playing tonight but actually it was Kosovo, how weird!
New 22-06, 21:07
What u mean info? You don't think Ola Toivonen and Marcus Berg will have a field day against Germany?
New 22-06, 21:07
Serbia robbed on a penalty there, albeit Switzerland deserved the win
New 22-06, 21:05
anyway. Counting on Germans tomorrow to rile Sweden up
New 22-06, 21:03
some went because of names, not form. Blaszczykowski, Grosicki, Krychowiak, Milik, Piszczek... Most of them either didn't play due to curing injuries or were benched.
New 22-06, 21:00
expect us to lose on Sunday too.
New 22-06, 21:00
you mean vs Senegal? Expected so. ;d
New 22-06, 21:00
New 22-06, 20:59
Bad result for you infoooooo
New 22-06, 20:58
I'd say so
New 22-06, 20:57
good. ;d
New 22-06, 20:57
massive table changer there - Swiss surely through now?
New 22-06, 20:51
down with that sort of thing
New 22-06, 20:51
New 22-06, 20:50
love a tactical foul
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