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New 22-01, 21:22
New 22-01, 21:03
that's kind of funny..... guess it's time to delete him now
New 22-01, 20:46
Well they put him in the database as a free transfer
New 22-01, 20:16
no.... I haven't downloaded an update in a couple of years
New 22-01, 19:48
You didn't know?
New 22-01, 19:48
New 22-01, 19:33
wait.... we actually added a trialist with a tiny chance of actually becoming a contracted player to the DB?
New 22-01, 19:31
Disrespectful of him really after we took the decency to acknowledge him as a football player and put him in our beloved game
New 22-01, 19:25
over quicker than 100m sprint
New 22-01, 19:08
that was a short career
New 22-01, 18:38
Don't tell jacob!
New 22-01, 18:34
Jacob will be devastated!
New 22-01, 18:31
Usain Bolt "retires" from football
New 22-01, 17:33
she also probably knows you well enough by now to not question your behaviour....
New 22-01, 17:21
Well within your rights, she doesn't have a case.
New 22-01, 17:16
i wonder what my wife will think
New 22-01, 17:15
and let the other anthem as well
New 22-01, 17:15
does it sound fair enough to you that I sing the national anthem before every match
New 22-01, 17:15
if i qualify for the world cup with my NT
New 22-01, 15:31
moreso if that player had the record transfer of said team
New 22-01, 15:31
I cannot recall such a crazy turn of events for a new signing before
New 22-01, 15:16
weather here is fucking cold and snowy..... moreso than normal
New 22-01, 13:52
weather seemed ok as well
New 22-01, 13:43
Yeah it's awful.
New 22-01, 13:42
sure man, but honestly, just thinking about it kinda freaks me out....
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