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New 14-11, 21:06
buonasera, dove inserisco le tattiche scaricate??
New 14-11, 18:29
not sure when winter italy transfer window is, soz
New 14-11, 18:29
ok thanks ill try it out
New 14-11, 18:18
Do you, by any chance, know by heart what the winter transfer window in Italy is? I might sell a guy but I need time to get a replacement.
New 14-11, 18:17
By law it should take 5 years, but in the game it's a bit differenlt I believe. The Uruguayans in Sevilla CF become SPanish after a year already.
New 14-11, 18:16
Not sure. It never happens in the Netherlands, but in Spain it does. Might only work for South American players though. Not sure about others.
New 14-11, 17:58
guys if I sign a non-eu youth player and put him in the reserves, will he eventually get second nationality of the eu country even if you dont play him and his work permit runs out? and how many years will it take if so? thanks