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New 21-06, 00:17
how cool would that be if he did just that
New 20-06, 23:26
Or be head strong and lead Stoke back to premier league
New 20-06, 23:24
Go abroad, get head back into the game and play for burundi internationally
New 20-06, 23:22
Needs a reset tbh
New 20-06, 23:21
Cheers dude
New 20-06, 23:03
hi Zan, nice start to your story
New 20-06, 23:02
maybe he's been amsterdam before?
New 20-06, 22:53
Anything would be best for him after last few seasons
New 20-06, 22:52
We don't pay much
New 20-06, 22:49
Because he's piss poor in PL and wants a payday in a 'easier' league?
New 20-06, 22:41
Why would he want to come to Holland?
New 20-06, 22:41
Feyenoord and PSV interested in Berahino it seems
New 20-06, 22:25
Noooo Trunky got me
New 20-06, 22:18
i like a bit of fun
New 20-06, 22:03
your hooked on the games shadow hehe
New 20-06, 21:59
CMCZ world cup game will be updated soon
New 20-06, 21:53
cheers mate
New 20-06, 21:53
If only the keeper is wibwobbed, you don't got them
New 20-06, 21:52
If everyone is wibwobbed you got them
New 20-06, 21:52
load the standard 442
New 20-06, 21:52
how can i tell if i got the harder AI tactics, got so many versions now hehe
New 20-06, 21:52
hahaha Evesham
New 20-06, 21:51
if the brown envelope is big enough
New 20-06, 21:51
lol no
New 20-06, 21:51
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