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New 13-12, 23:53
wouldn't want to meet this team for sure
New 13-12, 23:52
New 13-12, 23:52 - this is how you play Pro Clubs
New 13-12, 23:44
but anyways there are much more important things in life to care about =]
New 13-12, 23:44
feel the sales to drop massively in next few years. People hate this cunt with passion and for good reasons.
New 13-12, 23:43
he is rude and ill behaved to have any function in any company. He would have been fired in any USA/EU game company if he responded like that . Guess Japanese are indeed "different." Sometimes in positive sense and this time, in very negative. I can
New 13-12, 23:42
help in game development. Indeed, brilliant idea. Have KONAMI checked how he replies to CUSTOMERS at all? With this move they just proven, no, they don't give jack shit about it.
New 13-12, 23:41
ever since he was appointed the game got worse and started to stray from original vision they had. Now they go back in circle to Arcade fest route with massive scripting online (FIFA is kids play in that regard ttrust me). Now he gets called to Tokyo to
New 13-12, 23:40
I will definiely not praise him for his work on PES series in recent years. He is terrible brand manager for all I care.
New 13-12, 23:39
no, it's more than that "D
New 13-12, 23:34
he's moving to Tokyo so he should die in a pond?
New 13-12, 23:29
New 13-12, 23:27
Bhatti go die in pond.
New 13-12, 23:27 - right, this means I won't post anything PES related ever again in near future
New 13-12, 23:26
New 13-12, 23:26
running the editor as admin worked flawlessly
New 13-12, 23:25
cool, I'll give it a try. Trying to update some Brazilian players that are much better in real life
New 13-12, 23:24
i've never used editors really but graeme kelly save game editor supposed to be good (in downloads)
New 13-12, 23:23
run everything in cm as admin
New 13-12, 23:23
should I update the DB or the .sav file? Or it does not matter?
New 13-12, 23:22
the weird thing is that that I can see the changes when I reopen the DB file on explorer
New 13-12, 23:21
CM yes, Explorer maybe not
New 13-12, 23:21
you running it as admin?
New 13-12, 23:20
I tried CM Explorer, but looks like the game is not recognizing the changes
New 13-12, 23:19
Hey guys. Any recommendation of editor? I'm using Tapani patch with october data update
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