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New 24-09, 20:49
ODB legends!
New 24-09, 20:48
Some players there though
New 24-09, 20:44
These FIFA awards are cringetastic
New 24-09, 20:43
saw some of your FB posts CF. You thought it was a false warning and went to the pub?!
New 24-09, 20:42
How the feck isn't Salah in best XI in this FIFA awards for last season - they better be giving him best player trophy instead!
New 24-09, 19:41
ouch, your house ok CF?
New 24-09, 16:31
Ya.... We're fine... and zero deaths apparently, although there's a few people in the hospital
New 24-09, 15:51
woah dude, that looks real bad. Everything cool?
New 24-09, 15:46
HOLY dingdong are you ok
New 24-09, 15:35
New 24-09, 15:35
Been out of touch for a couple of days thanks to this....
New 24-09, 15:33
Hey fellas
New 24-09, 14:30
You guys should watch "The World's End". Most epic pub crawl ever.
New 24-09, 13:52
I did the circle line before as well thats tough
New 24-09, 13:28
I did the Monopoly Pub Crawl for my 23rd birthday. Long time ago now! Hell of a day from what I can remember!!
New 24-09, 12:57
Trunk - Circle line bar crawl? - belter that is!
New 24-09, 12:14
Will do Ray. Haven't used editor. No
New 24-09, 12:13
was in london doing a pub back late yesterday, absolutely fucked now, cant handle it like i used to!
New 24-09, 11:37
lol Mark why worry looking forward to Conor Mcgregor in 2 weeks and Furys fight in december
New 24-09, 11:31
'twas the last blowout before moving house though so just wanted enjoy ourselves
New 24-09, 11:31
I've no idea what I spent, kept using my card all day
New 24-09, 11:20
too be fair AJ, I'd have rather seen you fight
New 24-09, 11:08
DW: post it in the saturn v4 patch thread with a link to your save game. Perhaps saturn can fix it for you.
New 24-09, 11:08
Mark - good atmos? Cou[ple of undercards were ok as well. Get stung for expenisve beer/food?
New 24-09, 11:07
Used editor at all?
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