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New 23-02, 16:36
sent to Ray ;fd
New 23-02, 15:11
time to up my tac hah
New 23-02, 15:11
New 23-02, 13:56
cool, just in time for the weekend
New 23-02, 13:56
New 23-02, 13:56
thx Ray, how ya feeling today?
New 23-02, 12:10
New 23-02, 11:10
Fully aware I can download what I need but if anyone has them all saved and can just put them all on a pen drive for me it would be much appreciated and as confirmed I would happily pay for time taken to do this and all postage and packaging and whatever
New 23-02, 11:06
Gentlemen. need to ask a HUGE favor? Anyone willing to put champ mangers on a pen drive for me at a price? Basically I am being lazy. If it fits champ man 93 up to 01/02? Totally understand if no one wants too but I am willing to pay
New 23-02, 10:51
Morning all, long time no see, hope everyone is well
New 23-02, 10:27
another 2 pieces of DTL Jigsaw in place..
New 22-02, 23:15
Out competed by ÷stersunds FK at home is a shame even whilst not playing the best team
New 22-02, 23:15
Guess Troopz and DT won't be too satisfied
New 22-02, 23:12
You call dis competin?!
New 22-02, 23:08
But can't deny the win
New 22-02, 23:08
Tbf a non-motivated big team playing with their reserves at an empty stadium
New 22-02, 23:07
they really are a miss-matched team
New 22-02, 23:07
ostersunds can go out with at least a win over abig side away...
New 22-02, 23:00
Arsenal is such a joke
New 22-02, 23:00
New 22-02, 22:59
must be something you've written before and it has been auto-filled
New 22-02, 22:56
my computer filled in when I wrote True...
New 22-02, 22:56
New 22-02, 22:56
True that evesham!
New 22-02, 22:54
2nd after Iwobi
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