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New 20-04, 15:05
me too...what?
New 20-04, 14:58
And I'm happy that you decided to stay mate
New 20-04, 14:58
Cheers trunky
New 20-04, 14:52
done Ray
New 20-04, 11:52
New 20-04, 11:34
cool, be done in 5
New 20-04, 11:30
Well I want to get UML setup this weekend and post stuff Sunday so we can kick it off
New 20-04, 11:29
New 20-04, 11:29
you must be physchic Ray, I was just selecting it
New 20-04, 11:13
Mob mentality
New 20-04, 11:13
Those chants are embarrassing
New 20-04, 11:13
Jesus yeah
New 20-04, 11:07
Same as my lot with the Ramsey chants
New 20-04, 11:06
Yeah I bet actual Arsenal fans are embarrassed by them
New 20-04, 11:04
New 20-04, 11:02
There's probably more non arsenal fans than arsenal fans watching it
New 20-04, 11:02
Nou celebrities
New 20-04, 11:02
They must be rolling in it?
New 20-04, 10:59
They'll find something else to complain about. It's all a show for the camera anyway.
New 20-04, 10:46
Guess Arsenal fan TV won't be as fun next season
New 20-04, 10:34
Pride for the badge
New 20-04, 10:34
The Dutch are great for homegrown talent
New 20-04, 10:33
And that's purely down to spending
New 20-04, 10:33
3 teams? It must be the same in England . City, Chelsea and utd
New 20-04, 10:31
Only Ajax, PSV and Feyenood can
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