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New 16-07, 00:05
New 15-07, 23:21
Yah - looks like I lost by a point
New 15-07, 22:31
I won
New 15-07, 22:31
No he didn’t
New 15-07, 22:14
New 15-07, 21:59
New 15-07, 20:50
Dark horse
New 15-07, 20:22
Redders steals the fantasy footy on the final day of the tournament!!
New 15-07, 19:16
...that's ridiculous
New 15-07, 19:13
New 15-07, 19:13
Good luck with any of that shit this time
New 15-07, 19:12
My cousin toured Italia 90 in a camper van
New 15-07, 19:10
London and Glasgow are paired. That group will be easy peasy. Base yourself in the midlands, get a car with your buddies. St Petersburg and Copenhagen, not so much
New 15-07, 19:10
Fuck the fans
New 15-07, 19:09
You can't get from Rome to Azerbaijan directly.
New 15-07, 19:09
Well, they've paired Rome with Baku in the groups
New 15-07, 19:09
"it's a pan-European tournament"
New 15-07, 19:09
Euro 2020 is an absolute humdinger when it comes to this
New 15-07, 19:09
And they make a hash of things
New 15-07, 19:08
The thing is, they have this idea that everything should be a certain way
New 15-07, 19:04
if one can argue 32 is too many for the men's comp, it's without question too many at the moment for the women
New 15-07, 19:03
16 isn't enough anymore, but 32 is too many
New 15-07, 19:03
I like it for the WWC for a number of reasons...
New 15-07, 19:03
but it led to dead rubbers
New 15-07, 19:03
Top two from groups of six went into four groups of three
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