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New 24-08, 18:41
I will admit i thought we may struggle today but Arsenal are nothing special again on the evidence of this 52 mins
New 24-08, 18:40
Auba was offside there
New 24-08, 18:40
Even without VAR that was the most blatant foul. With VAR there was 0% chance he would get away
New 24-08, 18:40
Aubameyang is a joke too but Luiz killed the game
New 24-08, 18:38
Luiz :facepalm:
New 24-08, 18:37
Thanks for turning up Arsenal PS you can keep Pepe
New 24-08, 18:36
Did Luiz think he would get away with that?
New 24-08, 18:28
Judging by replay looks a possible stamp, but nothing conclusive (Sokratis) I think it was.
New 24-08, 18:26
ah ok, thanks TOTK! Just shows how confusing it is for everyone
New 24-08, 18:19
Either a stamp or kick.. something like that
New 24-08, 18:18
anybody know WTF that VAR review was about? i'm backing us to finish off the goonies
New 24-08, 18:12
New 24-08, 17:47
Albeit some teams are luckier than others
New 24-08, 17:45
We can't influence a ref's decision, just like we can't influence VAR decisions
New 24-08, 17:44
ALL teams get lucky.
New 24-08, 17:44
How is it true?
New 24-08, 17:40
Changing subjects don't make it less true though mate
New 24-08, 17:32
almost 1-0
New 24-08, 17:20
Swings and roundabouts. Can't criticise one teams fortune, while neglecting to remember another teams fortune.
New 24-08, 17:19
All teams get a bit of luck.. How much did Utd get in the Fergie era... Remember the man city game that produced the infamous "Fergie time"..
New 24-08, 17:18
Lets talk Man City then.. How many teams just go there, roll over and take it without lube?
New 24-08, 17:16
And many keepers literally giving goals away at anfield too. But I'm not allowed to say that cos then Im obsessed
New 24-08, 17:16
I know mate but liverpool got several clear offside goals allowed, several dodgy penalties etc. There's no denying that
New 24-08, 17:14
Arsenal will have a proper go today. Auba needs to bang himself on Matip and outpace him
New 24-08, 17:12
Last season there wasn't much VAR use.
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