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New 24-08, 21:50
Liverpool defensively looks less solid than last season. Could be fun season, but too much betting influence in sport nowadays ruins it for me
New 24-08, 21:50
in the end
New 24-08, 21:50
my bet is still on City lifting it up
New 24-08, 21:49
New 24-08, 21:46
100% sure so
New 24-08, 21:38
liverpool will win the league
New 24-08, 21:34
Gutted we he gave away a goal. Could have battered them today. Top of the league though
New 24-08, 21:34
i do not like napoli
New 24-08, 20:46
second leg*
New 24-08, 20:45
Meanhile on my CM save. Arsenal was 5-1 down against Milan in the european cup but won the second led 5-0
New 24-08, 20:45
Yeah Zidane should resign
New 24-08, 20:42
well, Real Madrid is also a shit hole now.
New 24-08, 20:31
VAR or no VAR, refs make scandalous decisions anyway
New 24-08, 20:30
the same way VAR is used in England
New 24-08, 20:30
Why have VAR if you don't use it?
New 24-08, 20:30
Meanwhile Napoli gets a very strange penalty. VAR don't rule it out. What a joke
New 24-08, 20:30
New 24-08, 20:26
Stop trolling info0! 1 point against Wolves and Crystal Palace is no disgrace!
New 24-08, 20:22
New 24-08, 20:10
it's not even a laughing matter anymore. Memechester United is a thing
New 24-08, 20:09
Man Utd on best form ever. win draw loss. Unpredictable. If you bet, you win big.
New 24-08, 19:28
Arsenal are just shit Steve... wait till spurs play them. Guaranteed 3 points
New 24-08, 19:27
Easy 3 points
New 24-08, 19:25
Tell you what, Liverpool look DECENT
New 24-08, 18:50
Should be enjoyable
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