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New 24-05, 11:43
Litterally will float over the Atlantic and attach itself to the USA
New 24-05, 11:43
The UK will leave the EU by force then
New 24-05, 11:16
Imagine if we end up with Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Now there's a recipe for disaster...
New 24-05, 10:49
they don't want you to win money so I'd go against them ha ha
New 24-05, 10:47
I'm embarrassingly apolitical, so need the bookies to guide me
New 24-05, 10:43
nothing for the bookies to go on really apart from a gut feeling and doing the odds to suit their balance book as and when
New 24-05, 10:43
no point looking at odds in Politics, we'd have remained and Hillary Clinton would have been president if the bookies were right
New 24-05, 10:41
The guy who has been found to have clearly lied repeatedly in the run-up to Brexit vote
New 24-05, 10:41
Boris Johnson was clear favourite the other night...
New 24-05, 10:37
A no deal Brexit almost looks certain
New 24-05, 10:37
And looking at the favourites to get the job
New 24-05, 10:36
Which was inevitable
New 24-05, 10:36
So Theresa May gone after June 7th
New 24-05, 10:01
Almost weekend
New 24-05, 07:50
New 24-05, 06:52
It's the start of a bank holiday weekendddddddddddd!
New 23-05, 21:55
ya could say that lol
New 23-05, 21:51
hehe a veteran then now you must be
New 23-05, 21:49
i was only 10 first cm game i played
New 23-05, 21:47
i played cm italia back then came out a year or 2 after cm93 i think
New 23-05, 21:42
back when I was 17 I mean
New 23-05, 21:42
the first team I ever managed on it, Derby in the 1st Division
New 23-05, 21:40
what team are you managing evesham?
New 23-05, 21:32
Yeah, I'm OK now I just had to drop back to the October update. Thanks for the reply though.
New 23-05, 21:23
13 shots to 2 and lost 2-0 on CM93, champmanned existed back then!
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