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New 17-09, 07:35
Coys - Yesterday for those who have membership (but do not have season tix). Next week I think for season ticket holder who also have away membership (that's me). I pm'd you so let me know if you want me to pick you up any I'll be going back for it
New 17-09, 05:39
Write anything negative about the club anymore
New 17-09, 05:38
That's why I don't wt
New 17-09, 05:38
Yeah CF I'm trolling for voicing my opinions
New 16-09, 23:26
Redders, when do swans tickets go on sale for cardiff?
New 16-09, 22:46
Got sound on in game settings?
New 16-09, 21:58
Please help after installing last version tapani patch the game has no sound
New 16-09, 21:22
Last Man Standing - those that haven't picked for this round please do so -
New 16-09, 21:04
No, what you do is trolling. I'm defending the recent performances of our goalkeeper, as I also play goal and understand the benefits of a stable pair of DCs
New 16-09, 20:14
Do you criticize United? That's called trolling in this place
New 16-09, 19:40
People don't realize that without a solid understanding of what the defenders in front of you are going to do and how they're going to react, it makes being a keeper extra hard.
New 16-09, 19:37
He's still a damn good keeper... hard without a solid, dependable pair of DCs in front of you though
New 16-09, 17:58
don't think anyone will be calling for him unless he starts getting his form back
New 16-09, 17:09
just protecting his price for when RM come calling again
New 16-09, 17:08
New 16-09, 17:02
De Gea stays at Utd then
New 16-09, 16:06
A shootout with 2 update legends this evening in Wesley and Haller