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New 26-04, 08:43
Final day at work and then off for a full week
New 26-04, 08:41
Time for more coffee
New 26-04, 08:41
Crap, he was online 7 hours ago
New 26-04, 08:39
Did you save the changes made in the editor?
New 26-04, 08:39
New 26-04, 01:30
New 26-04, 01:26
am i doing something abviously wrong. it worked ok when on old windows 7 laptop
New 26-04, 01:24
i am just installing the game from the download here then just running as normal. all works ok game wise but any editor changes i make dont happen in the game
New 26-04, 01:21
the editor that comes with the game. and yes i am running it as admin too
New 26-04, 01:20
which editor?
New 26-04, 01:20
run as adminstrator when loading up editor
New 26-04, 01:19
so why are my changes not loading when i start a new game? thanks if anyone could help. much appreciated
New 26-04, 01:18
hi can anyone help i am running windows 10. but when i have installed the game. it runns ok and loads ok. i then try to make changes in the editor like stadium sixe or player ratings. But any changes i make to not take affect to a new game i then set up.
New 25-04, 21:46
I may try this but I always struggle with new installs and end up not being able to access older versions
New 25-04, 21:33
Are those two regional cups that you can't enter in with the same team?
New 25-04, 21:33
I need some explanation on the Irish Munster and the Irish Leinster Cup
New 25-04, 21:32
Dermo or Erk? You here?
New 25-04, 16:06
Good luck with that, boss
New 25-04, 15:54
New 25-04, 12:22
Draft is on dw now
New 25-04, 11:14
hi pyro
New 25-04, 10:56
Morning pyro
New 25-04, 10:53
morning all
New 25-04, 10:36
hi jacob
New 25-04, 10:23
Morning Eve
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