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New 19-07, 04:41
no need to virtual clonedrive if you use windows 10
New 19-07, 04:17
what do i do once i download the iso file? also how do I play the lussenhoff version. thanks
New 18-07, 22:10
Email verification may take couple of hours to get to you and check junk/spam folder - but I've just verified you
New 18-07, 22:10
MAC - check MAC thread in Tech Suppert section
New 18-07, 21:44
hi all, Im new here and want to play on a mac...any help as I'm being asked to sign up but I've been waiting on an email verification
New 18-07, 21:21
New 18-07, 21:21
yes, the other option is burn the iso to a blank cd but virtual clone drive will do the job just fne
New 18-07, 21:17
do i need 'Virtual clonedrive' for this too work? was watching a tutorial how to download on youtube?
New 18-07, 21:16
Working now, thanks Dermotron
New 18-07, 21:13
barfly, did CMUpdater do what you wanted?
New 18-07, 21:12
try now Chabbert
New 18-07, 21:11
shouldn't be asking for card details???
New 18-07, 21:07
oh just noticed its downloading now! 290MB
New 18-07, 21:07
thank you! i've just gone to download ... and its asking for card details? is this correct??
New 18-07, 21:06
Hi Team, still awaiting email to activate account
New 18-07, 21:05
thanks Dermo
New 18-07, 21:05
I've validated your account
New 18-07, 20:59
How long does it take to recieve a email confirmation??
New 18-07, 20:58
New 18-07, 20:58
how long does it take to receive me activation email?.
New 18-07, 20:58
i have tried running it from the data folder but it didnt work. i'll try the CMupdater as well then thanks
New 18-07, 20:56
CMUpdater also has that function (in Data Updates section)
New 18-07, 20:56
you need to run it from within the data folder I do believe (and run as admin of course)
New 18-07, 20:51
hi all i was wondering if anyone has managed to get the release all players program to work in the downloads section?
New 18-07, 20:51
Check MAC thread in Tech Support section
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