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New 18-06, 00:23
Charlton with some very interesting statements regarding Lee Bowyer contract situation
New 18-06, 00:22
CF - Raptors parade situation a bit worrying?
New 17-06, 21:20
Setting up guests outside Europe would be difficult..... but there are solutions to every problem
New 17-06, 21:00
Yeah of course, would be more focused on the guest and real life goings on
New 17-06, 20:58
Would probably have to be broader than just CM, include real footy and stuff
New 17-06, 20:56
Dermo, as long as you stay away from dialect words, we'll be fine. Irish as an accent isn't that hard to follow.
New 17-06, 20:56
The more I think about it, the better the idea sounds. At first I thought: that's hard. Videogames are a visual medium. But this particular game is very much text based.
New 17-06, 20:55
But yes I'd get involved
New 17-06, 20:55
I mumble in a thick Irish accent, ideal material
New 17-06, 20:40
That's not a terrible idea, you know....
New 17-06, 20:28
I would listen to it, and then decide whether I would want to listen to it again for episode 2.
New 17-06, 20:23
Champ man 01/02 podcast. 1-2 hosts with a new guest each week. Discuss.
New 17-06, 20:13
New 17-06, 20:12
Sure. Can't guarantee I have a proper answer, but I'll have a look.
New 17-06, 20:12
cool, ill pm you with a question ok ?
New 17-06, 20:10
A little bit, yes. I recently bought one.
New 17-06, 20:01
Hi Asthereal, u know a lil bit about asus laptops right ?
New 17-06, 19:54
This new one gets extremely poor reviews, but I have to say I actually liked it a lot. I felt it was a lot tighter and more coherent than Apocalypse.
New 17-06, 19:53
Yeah that's the new X-Men thing. I can imagine wanting to have the franchise end with Logan though. That one was amazing.
New 17-06, 19:43
The series ended for me with that one
New 17-06, 19:43
Never watched any of them after Logan
New 17-06, 19:42
Is that the X-men movie?
New 17-06, 19:34
(Probably not, since box office results show almost no one went to see it so far.)
New 17-06, 19:34
Anyway, since I don't have a life, I went to see Dark Phoenix last night. Anyone here seen it yet?
New 17-06, 19:33
Yup, those two.
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